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    SearchMyVideo.com is a free service that allows you to search and locate content within any compatible Youtube® video of your choice!  Now you can locate and watch what you need to watch without wasting time – imagine that!

    SearchMyVideo.com is currently in Beta.  You can search your video using the form below.  Some functions are not fully operational yet with updates coming regularly.  Thanks for joining us is this project!

    Training guides are perfect examples.  Locate what you need to learn quickly and move on.  You can also search videos from our growing archives and contribute your videos!  However, you must be registered before you can search a video.  To register simply complete the form below and verify your account.  Once you log in just select a category and enter your Youtube® video link and select the Fetch Video button.  To learn more about this service and specific video requirements please see the About page.

    Step 1: Fetch Your Video