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    1. Introduction, Financial Terms and Concepts

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    MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013
    View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13
    Instructor: Peter Kempthorne, Choongbum Lee, Vasily Strela, Jake Xia

    In the first lecture of this course, the instructors introduce key terms and concepts related to financial products, markets, and quantitative analysis.

    License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
    More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms
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    2. 25:50 He is saying that government has the control on the setting the interest rate, but in the US the federal reserve is rather that decides it not the US government. The chair of the fed is appointed by the president only.

    3. I have been searching for beginner and intermediate courses on economics and finance, and to be honest quality content is rare as a rocking horse poo. As a CS grad student, I did not have a problem like this for topics in CS, EE, Math or Physics. I have come to the conclusion that you are almost the only top-tier higher education institution supporting the openness and accessibility of knowledge to this extent, and I appreciate all the effort you put in this way.

      You have played a decisive role in the success of many students from all over the world <3

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    5. Uh, ,no Einstein, the government does not determine interest rates: The Federal Reserve determines interest rates and the Federal Reserve is a private corporation.

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