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SearchThisVideo: [1] Madden NFL 20 – QB1 Career Mode Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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I'm gonna put it to you simply I want
you to be our starting quarterback and
I'm talking from day one if you work
hard you focus and you commit you're not
only going to graduate here with a
four-year degree we're gonna win a
national championship together

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I want to thank everyone showing up
today it's because of all you guys that
I'm even in this position right now
look guys I just want to thank my
teammates especially my old line without
them this opportunity wouldn't be
possible hey don't forget to thank your
mom never forget to thank your mom might
tell me where you gonna be signing
actually why I'm hiding in here well I
know you'll make the right choice and if
you need any advice I'm always here
okay cool
thanks ma'am yeah anytime actually I've
been meeting to run into you hello hello
is it gone okay okay
with $15 starting quarterback house
they're turning to a kid who's never
taking the snap in college not one look
their game plan isn't complicated drop
back scannin bro we're not sure the new
king could do any of these things I
think that's a little harshly four years
ago is five-star record they had high
hopes for this dude I doesn't say
something right there what happened to
Metro coach you wanted to see me VIN I
wanted you to be the first to know that
Marcus Washington he committed last
and he's coming here what that doesn't
make any sense
you said I was gonna be the starter he's
the number one recruit in the country
son there's no guarantees in college
I'm sorry I'm not going anywhere

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bring him in I'll win the job just wait
if you're the coach how do you let five
star talent waste away on the bench for
this long better question is if you're a
young five-star recruit why do you stay
when it comes to this plate because he's
got something to prove it's a who to
that coaching staff and having the same
group of guys just put the last four
years telling him what you're not good
enough take this
alright gentlemen my coach and I always
say second you step off this bus
you're on a business trip we got a lot
of work to do so let's get to it
oh you asked me you're the guy to get it
IDs glad you noticed
hey boy game day baby game day whoa whoa
whoa the event staff is around the
corner you see hey babe going in there
uh this is for players and coaches only
I'm here to play Clemson what the Tigers
yeah you okay what's your name
that's me there's you yeah I know who
you are but boy I'm the quarterback
what yeah excuse me you're the

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quarterback right yeah don't look so
it's my job to know the roster I'm
Taylor Bennett I'm working the sidelines
tonight okay cool
nice to meet you do you mind if I ask
you a few questions okay okay I'm just
gonna record them all right so we all
know your situation tonight but we
really don't know much about you as a
quarterback how would you describe your
style of play
oh well oh man hey what's something I
like to keep the defense guessing you
know if there's a lane I'll find it and
go okay now how about your personality
or better yet how would your teammates
describe you tell my teammates describe
yeah how are you intent cutthroat a
great leader a jokester give me
something you know what I'm kind of a
film junkie I like to lead by example in
that way so people would joke that I was
like a mini-me of the coach okay yo se
lo hey for a second oh yeah wait hold up
your hasn't voted right hey I'm coming
fight a war next year look out for me oh
I will okay
all right listen you ready right yeah me
yeah cuz one International Championship
means everything to me
all right I made a promise to my brother
and since I can't throw the bar to
myself we need to be on the same page
fill me I got you man yeah sure
set ready can't you stop me trip
we go sixty out walk

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we go you go 80
50 plate sign down
66 birth
boneset eighty Gator
let's go now 18 gator ready ready 70
ready up ready ready
if your
see trip
easiest pitch and catch and you do that
tonight and move on all right I just
talked to coach and it's just ongoing
with a simplified game plan for you
tonight what do you think
well his thinking is we keep it simple
you don't get overwhelmed and then we
rely on the defense to do their part
look coach just wants to put him in the
best position to succeed no this ain't
high school ball man are just the
semi-finals if we go out there and
simplify they're gonna destroy us this
is Creek is he right right
agreed Cochise to wake up I'm ready for

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

this forget about him
listen I don't care how much you played
you're a leader on this team leaders
sometimes they have to do what's right
even if they don't like it got it coach
yeah well outside it's a rare Texas
snowstorm but we are indoors here at
AT&T Stadium in Arlington and tonight
it's the first of our college football
playoff semifinal matchups as we'll see
the Clemson Tigers taking on the
Oklahoma Sooners
what's up bro good luck tonight Thanks
hey man don't listen to the critics you
got all the talent in the world just go
out there and put on the show Thanks
means a lot all right man hit me up when
you get to the lead yeah
for the right to play for a national
championship next Monday night in Santa
Clara we
away from Arlington in the national
playoff semifinal
not a bad return here he gets it out to
the 25-yard line
a first collegiate snap forthcoming for
him as the Sooners have it first and 10
they will let him throw here on the very
first play quick slant caught by straits
and he takes us up to the 40 yard line
before being corralled good start
offensively 15 yards of the game's
initial play that's the first pass at
Isiah streets is caught in his career by
somebody other than Marcus Washington
and you talked about this quarterback
change and the impact on this offense
certainly it has a huge effect on these
wide receivers the good thing though
when you've got a guy like Isaiah
you've got reliable
than the best receivers in the country
now this one de was running back out of
the backfield that he's dropped just
before the line to game for yard pickup
leaves him with third and long Oklahoma
such a proud football tradition seeking
their eighth national title they were
winners three times way back in the 50s
back-to-back champs and the seventies
and independent titles in 85
and in the year 2000 but they haven't
wanted since defense had a chance to get
off the field here the opening drive

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couldn't do I know that we're going to
these meetings with coaches and
sometimes maybe we
often 10 defense in this case one
capitalized and the others you said had
a chance get off the field and didn't
get it done seven yards the pickup on
the pitch and catch
Oklahoma remembers so many years this
was a running football program to the
wishbone offense as she think about all
the great running backs to come through
Norman that in recent memory things have
changed success has been found through
the air and they've been efficient this
season top ten in the country and
completion percentage and total passing
yards they looked at
escaping the pressure right he's got
Mason complain and they'll get this down
to the 10th but another nice game that's
now 30 yards between those last two
plays okay Meza great at math I just
looked over at our statistician Marvin
and he said to me five for five to get
things started here in this opening
drive that's pretty good that is pretty
good now what do you do
on the touchdown pass now the Sooners
have taken the early lead so that drives
certainly a confidence builder for an
inexperienced quarterback and a
confidence builder for the coaching
staff as well because now they're seeing
that they can work with what's out there
in addition they feel good about the
game plan that they set up in advance
the offense for Oklahoma back out there
on the field off the play fake he'll
look to throw a flag comes hit his hat
what falls incomplete
let's see you this is hard clearly
wasn't outside of the tackle box
there's your penalty until toughening
that penalty a loss
on the offense for the Sooners set to
take over again they go play action here

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

on first down
sad line throw hauled in by streets and
he takes us beyond the 35 before going
out of bounds the gain of 11 to kick-off
the drive it's a quick first down when
prepping for this semifinal matchup we
went back and saw all the tape on Isaiah
streets throughout the year and no
matter who you talk with around the game
they say Isaiah streets what's so
impressive his loud running ability so
much discipline so much precision on the
cuts not only that but you sit down with
him and you find out what an impressive
young man he is for the amount of talent
that he has and all the stars and
accolades by his name incredibly
grounded just a remarkable young man
wide open as streets and they're going
to have this across midfield and inside
the 45 got 25 yards they're on the catch
and run they go back-to-back games and
it shouldn't be a surprise who they were
throwing the ball to he's the best guy
yeah we knew the thing would get him
involved early they're doubling down on
getting him involved early don't be
surprised if come right back to him
again definitely propensity to be able
to stop it man defensively that hurts
they get him out of his rhythm
they had him hemmed in but somehow he
was able to tuck it away and get away
for a game and I will throw on first
down there but it's incomplete but one
thing that I've liked defensively is
that they've shown them a lot of
different looks here in the first half
they come after them they've sat back I
think that's what you need to do to keep
it off that's guessing and they
certainly have kept
that's why they haven't had much success
on the scoreboard they'll get nine there
as it sets them up better for third down
you can see the time and effort and
thought that they put into their passing
game because it was evident right there
it looks like a simple pitching catch
but you and I both know there
and down inside of 15 he goes that
effective ten yards there takes us back
to first down
that's quite a spot there for his first
carry of the game but obviously that
plenty of faith that have been met no
question about in here all the fresh
legs having to push forward pick up that
first and no pitch there and they don't
chance either as he's brought down
behind the line of scrimmage
maybe just a slight detour on what's
been a strong Drive here second and 11
second and 11
he lost the football it's going the
other way it's a footrace he's at the 50
30 20 then he scores a touchdown

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

they give some kudos to the defensive
coordinator I think here
they'll come out throwing here on first
and told me out loud incomplete
that's Mason
he scored touchdown not a whole lot to
recap on that drive just one play 75
yards to the house yeah it's a long way
to go and remember rarely is it a
straight line 75 yards to get out a
little extra in there so whatever the
final number
deserve seat on the bench a little
oxygen if he wants it as well
60 outlaw
now a play fake here on first down
sliding out of the pocket
so we reach halftime that it's the
Sooners without Marcus Washington
it could just want to check in with you
what you feel about the first half let's
do it in second half a No
I didn't got a play better you're gonna
have to go just gotta get back down gun
st. pages these guys get back out and
get after that's right that's all you
can do just make sure you relax second
half is gonna be fine
that would take a glance at the offense
as they work their way back out for
their first possession of the second
half they'll come out
a child so much of this offense the last
few years centering around the
combination of Marcus Washington and

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

Isaiah streets street saying
Washington's like a second brother to
him then of course many know the story
Isaiah's older brother Ezekiel
tremendous athlete in his own right but
lost too soon the leukemia a year ago
next week at the age of twenty and that
is really a gut-wrenching story as you
you look back to their high school days
right here in Texas just outside of
Houston Zeke was the star quarterback
before your start
passing yards Isaiah and you're younger
he was the receiver the two of them told
recruiters you know we're a package deal
so if you're coming to get us
you're getting both of us and Zeke
actually recruited by both of these
teams playing here tonight and the two
had dreams of playing for a national
championship together and now I sail
attached ants to fulfill at least part
of that dream and past midfield just a
yard or two shy of 40 15 yards on the
first down so much made about the fact
that we got a quarterback who's never
seen the field in the college football
game but he go back to his high school
days he's played in front of crowds
maybe not quite this size but it wasn't
abnormal for them to have 15 20,000
people in the stands at his high school
games and the numbers from his senior
year as a predator impressive led his
team to a 14 and OH record threw for
close to forty seven hundred yards 37
touchdowns just four interceptions and
he also chipped in 11 rushing touchdowns
to boot so it's not as if this guy
doesn't know what he's doing out there
under Center 16 yards of first down they
like going and having the sneaky catches
to be taken down pressure gets there
back at the 39-yard line I think that's
an example of how the game speed is
different than in practice does in
practice flash who gets to them again so
a recap real quick
he had the touchdown and now comes into
the sack here no doubt about it he's
having himself a game
they'll set up to throw and the crossing
route complain it's Mason and he'll get
a dent on the plate of the 37 now the
offense going to use the first two their
timeouts and as the two teams talk it
over on their respective sidelines we
take a break I guess they figure they
got to start taking some chances here's
a big one in this third quarter as he'll
go for it on fourth down he'll let it go
deep for Street and this is
first and goal and defensively all they
can do is shake their heads not only did
they allow the conversion but a big play
as well obviously they're not they want
to be right now on the scoreboard
he's here
touchdown Sooners yard touchdown run his

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

guys have made this a one score game now
the breath
have to look back in the big call to go
for it on fourth down yeah that's set up
everything in the end result the short
touchdown run
correct miss I don't think every coach
would have gone for it back there you
and I both know every coach would not
have gone for it back there so that's
short a little bit of faith actually
showing a lot of faith in his team and
it was
with 18 later
they'll try and start this drive in the
buying Tigers land and he'll give it up
a little shy of the 15 they'll spot him
down at the 14 yard line they'll get
made on the scramble there it'll be
second in a couple
on EA Sports as we are set to bring you
the homestretch here the fourth quarter
and not much to speak of call it a
one-yard gain up to the 15 they can
muster only a yard there and they'll be
left with a third and very short and the
bits are stuff that one up in a big way
that to the next level field take care
of that first
stand out as he's up to his 17 yard line
plan for the chaos that was third and
short it was
do something actually confusion
defensible natural why they were in that
set yeah I'll say you should have a few
nice gain 221 yards I tell you what that
doesn't look like the throw of a guy
who's never played college football and
yeah you think about it part of the
reason you have to remember he's run the
scout team in practice for four years
and that Scout team has had to go up
against their own first stringers on the
defensive side so he has practiced for
all four of those years against one of
the best defenses in the country he
seems to be ready for this opportunity
he'll have it past midfield almost at
the 40 before they take it down again
they're 21 yards tell you what he's been
able to put the ball in some tight spots
all game long that throw no different
Betsie type of the throne I think he
looks at it as I can do it so it's not
that big of a deal to me I'm a key
that's back-to-back plays of over 20
yards and that last reception puts him
over 150 yards now on the game Charles
and now it's not just execution it's not

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

just performance it's a mental aspect
this going on because right now they
can't get rid of it he's taken down the
edge how about the giblet man who's the
defensive coordinator he's not just
bringing pressure he's bringing the
it's twice now twice I can check and
that is that workout the child he's been
off the disruptive in his usual recovery
receivers knives rushed in the passer as
well 19 yards to pick up their move the
same question all the time why do we see
the windows are title everything's more
condensed it has to be quicker and
you've got to deliver the ball on time
your biggest worry clock is tipped in
the air because that happens then it's
fair game for the defense
touchdown Silver's julienned in the
second touchdown the night that his guys
are just an extra quarter way now for
taking the lead of this game they were
able to push him backwards on first down
but this time he forces his way in what
if he went back to the huddle and said
the situation for them offensively as
follows down on the scoreboard that time
a huge factor they need a good 35 yards
to get in range for a winner is a common
stock goes down it'll be dropped after a
gain of about six across the 30 to the
31 a gain of six there on first
I don't know that those medium 5s yard
games are gonna do it right now probably
should have dropped it right yeah that
way you saved more time on the clock but
I know receivers they'll think they can
catch it and break attack gonna turn
into a big game now the offense going to
use the first of their timeouts as
they'll talk it over here before one
will be an important third down
here complained to his tight in and he's
gonna have the first down at about the
38 they called his number again it's his
six catch they had a first down first
dead now but the clock continues to move
there's a throw that's taken in out of
the backfield it's a game at seven and
it'll bring out the second down
he's back to throw and this is Simpson
with a catch and he's out of bounds just
before the midfield stripe at the 49 for
yards the pit count for still that's

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

what they need right now get the first
down get out of bounds stop the clock
just play it smart to understanding the
situation making the plays necessary and
making sure that clock stops it
crusher there is it's intercepted at the
it's gonna hurt big-time you're in the
two-minute drill trying to get your guys
down the field and it's looking like
they're gonna go up just short as this
is definitely not his best throw and
it'll wind up being intercepted they'll
run on first down boom and they will
only muster a yard here to the 38 and
now a second timeout called for by the
defense as he'll stop it with just over
40 seconds to go in the game they'll
keep it on the ground no gold he's gonna
have to protect the football and take
his lumps here at this stage of the game
as they stand behind the line
and they will take a knee here
and how about this Finnish able to take
a knee run out the clock and close this
game out by one point come in every
coach we talked to they all said to sail
all waters one by one point that got
tested in this one yep and that cliche
rings true a single penny separates this
so on the strength of two touchdown
passes in the first college start for
their senior quarterback the Oklahoma
Sooners are moving on to play for a
national title on January the 7th
I'm really proud of you thank you sir
how's the gutsy performance out there
tonight it took us to a national
championship but nobody and I mean
nobody expected you to and what it's
worth I'm really glad you stayed four
years ago thanks coach thank you
baby we go to the chip one more gaming
we got this family
oh yeah football is my life man but you

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

got to stay grounded what's important so
I got a little surprise for you thank
you oh absolutely
is that magenta fuchsia what color is
that okay I'll bet even probably good at
a off the board ah yeah Emily has the
best games okay if you two unicorn would
you want it's mean to be purple or pink
well hmm well these are both tough but
good options I think I'm gonna have to
go with purple you know you don't pick
from the options given all right the
game is in the name off the board an ass
bleep I had a unicorn I'd have a Mane
that matches his horn silver I'd go with
onyx onyx okay told you she's a pro hey
how are you hey taught at words huh
Emily's dad hi can I talk to you for
she's too shy to ask but Emily wanted to
know if you could do something for her
from the national championship game yeah
of course anything she wanted you to
throw three touchdowns three I thought I
said four before touchdown
oh is that okay
well four touchdowns is a lot yeah but
how can you turn down this face look at
that but I'll see what I can do don't
don't worry he'll do it thank you thank
you very much it's good to see you again
succeeds it's nice to meet you you did
all right
we're days away from the national
championship game and there is one big
question on everyone's mind can
lightning strike twice last week we saw
a quarterback with no gameday experience
lead us team to victory in a college
football playoff semifinal kyle is this
good enough to win a championship I'm
not at all that's a but hold on I don't
think it has to be and this one say what
I mean
there is so much town on that team on
both sides of the ball manage the game
don't make the big mistake I think they
have a real shot
I do Kyle we don't like managers of the

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

game here disable very boring just like
your shirt I feel you but I disagree the
team has a ton of talent but they're
gonna need to do to make some plays
they're not gonna win at the hand the
ball off 50 times it'd be nice you Peter
shraeger you think he'll rise to the
challenge I do as long as the pressure
doesn't get to there for real he's about
to feel that pressure listen there's a
lot of weight on this dude shoulders
right now he wins this game he punches
his ticket to the NFL he loses in we'll
see I guess and then if you're a coach
how do you handle them what do you say
to a kid that has so much to lose on
that field hey can I talk to you a
are you sure coach
you know I know it's hard to shut out
all the noise it's a lot of pressure the
only thing that we can control is what's
right in front of us and what's right in
front of us is a game of football same
rules as always so you gotta take a step
back all right you got to breathe it in
you find a way to appreciate this moment
this it's time with your teammates
taking the crowd man you do that and
everything gets real quiet
all right so breathe take it in trust me
I know what I'm talking about I got you
coffee yeah thanks yeah
we crown a champion tonight here at
Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara for the
college football playoff national
championship game as we'll see the Texas
Longhorns taking on the Oklahoma Sooners

I guess I'm gonna be a superstar.


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