1 SHOT EVERY BOSS! 1 Billion Damage Devastator Guide // Outriders Worldslayer (Damage Glitch)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20yo guys what is up moxie here in our outriders video and today we're going over one of the most busted things that i've ever seen in outriders this is how to break the damage cap with a single skill uh if you don't believe me watch this clip your base damage is just what my fully procked phaser beam just hit all right that was a billion that was a billion on screen that was a billion on screen i wasn't recording [Music] i'm just gonna do that no no no leave just so yeah um we are able to break the damage cap in outriders with boulder dash it's hitting over 2 billion damage and uh i'm not entirely sure what's going on with it but i want to give you guys my skill tree and my gear and just kind of let you know how this is working so that you if you want to try it for yourself can give it a go hope you guys enjoy the video if you do be sure to drop a like comment and subscribe and that guys let's get right into it so i've now done a ton of testing and i can recreate this damage every single time it one shots the final boss and all the bosses every single time one shots elites and there's three things that you need to be able to do this amounts of damage the first thing is you need to spec in the pax node at terms of engagement now this reads 60 of the damage helped by kinetic skills is stored and added to your next kinetic skill this effect resets every time you release your stored damage note i put out an earthquake build that was doing millions hundreds of millions of damage with earthquake using the exact same node but this is for seismic skills and it's only 30 percent of your story damage and this is for um kinetic skills and it's 60 so it would go to reason that if we could get our kinetic skills hitting even harder than an earthquake or just as hard then we could do even crazier things because we could be able to store all that damage and that's exactly what terms of engagement is doing it is storing the damage that you're dealing now in order to increase the damage of your boulder dash you want it to hit as hard as you can possibly get at base you're going to need damage multipliers now the best damage multipliers you can get are things like the seismic set which is going to give you a 50 damage increase against bleeding enemies mods like euthanizer which are going to give you more damage against toxic enemies um and mods like tainted blood or violent compound that'll just give you more damage you just want more damage uh base damage for boulder dash a lot of these damage multipliers no that's the second conditional thing that you need so to to summarize you need that pax node and you need damage multipliers seismic set captain hunter tainted blood all those kind of things and the last thing that you need is to be off host to be able to do this now this is where this becomes more of a bug now on host this skill and this build still works extremely well uh boulder dash is still hitting like 160 million it's absurd but it breaks when you're off host and the way that it breaks is it never stops storing your damage every time that you're going to be doing your boulder dash it's going to store and now i'm showing you on screen is that you can visually see in the tool tip right here that for example my boulder dash was at base damage displaying 300 million damage so if you're off host when you're transitioning through the levels while you're playing the game it is going to stack basically as far as i can tell to infinite amounts of damage so much so that you will start hitting negative amounts of damage your damage numbers will no longer display and you will one shot every single thing in the game with boulder dash and gravity leap also works for terms of engagement i've seen my gravity leaps hit up of upwards of 400 million damage uh with nothing and this genuinely breaks the game now because this isn't totally working as intended this video is formatted differently than a full build video uh because this is probably subject to change but if you want to try it out i'm gonna show you the rest of the gear that i'm using just real quickly i'm using a voodoo matchmaker with fortress and mages rage to stack up the most damage i can possibly get for any anomaly build you're gonna want a weapon with fortress and mages raids it's just so much damage for your abilities super important and then i'm using a deathscape with toxic omen and fortress omen is going to apply bleed um note that my uh boulder dash doesn't bleed enemies right now it's not a seismic skill it won't bleed things so the fact that it doesn't i need a way to proc bleed and i'm using omen to make sure that i'm procking bleed and toxic the two multipliers for my thing plus fortress and then i'm using the seismic helmet note i've got a ton of wasted mod slots here it doesn't really matter because you're infinitely stacking damage so i've got boulder dash reducing the cooldown euthanizer arms an anomaly for more anomaly power earth's legacy is for earthquake i'm not using earthquake captain hunter for more damage against elites tainted blood more damage against bleeding enemies primal knuckle duster for more boulder dash base damage brilliant compound for more damage against toxic enemies despair is going to give me a double multiplier of my damage basically so despair is really nice here you're definitely going to want despair and gravity leap blood boost power assimilation and then i've got primal chain every enemy damaged by this skill increases its damage by 10 for five seconds stacks up to five times you're really gonna want this mod uh to start to get to the crazy numbers because it helps you stack it really really fast i've got phantom dash and then i've got second quake note if i was really optimizing this build uh because it stores the damage of any of your kinetic skills i would want to try to start fitting in a damage mod for gravity leap and get two gravity leaps if you're fully mid maxing this i would get two gravity leaps and have your cooldown but i'm not mid max yet and we're still one shotting the final boss um note that this still does one shot not one shot but it'll it'll two to three shot most bosses in your base game so it's still crazy damage if you're just playing your own host like if you're if you're not off host but when you're when you are off host is where like the crazy damage really starts to stack and lastly just real quick for my skill tree uh once again this isn't really optimized uh this increases my seismic skills base damage by 50 i just really wanted to show you guys that like you don't need like a super optimized setup for this to basically break the game um and yeah guys that's it um boulder dash is currently the hardest hitting skill in the entire game yeah i hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did i really do appreciate you dropping a like and comment and hey maybe even subscribe i'll catch you on the next one guys take care peaceWatch at: 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  1. Only thing about these builds is clearing, I just like wiping screens, I don't think you can do that with boulder dash so what you gain in bossing you lose just clearing to the boss.

  2. 2 weeks later and this hasn’t been fixed. I recreated this by accident and was completely shocked when I saw my damage numbers.


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