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    10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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    A massive thanks to Ubisoft for providing early access & sponsoring this video! More Info: https://ubi.li/kp14Q After gaining early access to Valhalla, we've ...


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    Comment (37)

    1. Mans watching this when I play on the hardest difficulty, this looks too easy. Also, climbing over the walls the the only way to do it really..I just run past all the ads and get to the objectives

    2. It looks like you're a berserker, not an assassin.

      It seems the execs at Ubisoft can't admit that they were wrong to throw out their franchise along with the new engine with Origins and every AC game since.

    3. luckey you and ur frend started this game earler now its tons of buggs in it and they dont fix it lekethe arrow problem 12 hunter arrows 5 predator 20 light playing nm but every thing have been easy in the game so far one of the sister got buffed she was a hard but the stacking of stones is the worst in this game and the 3-4 sec clip you have endure killing a higher lvl target I wish i never buyed the game and this is the last tittle a buy from ubisoft adn thats from one guy that loves vinking sagas and building/raiding red dead online cp and ac valhalla is more like beta state we pay full price.

    4. Thank you for this video. I watched another “before you buy” on this game but they showed the same stuff over and over making me less interested. Your video showed MUCH more variety of things you can do in this game

    5. love the game but I feel it's more of a hack and slash with assasination other than assassins doing what is needed to get the job done definitely not something that feels like assassins creed but works I guess.


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