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    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Review | Destructoid Reviews

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    In today's review, we're checking out 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim from the folks over at Vanillaware and Atlus! Is this kaiju robot tactical adventure worth a trip?


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    1. The battle gameplay looks boring AF. Im gonna pass as the previous vanillaware titles were better like odin sphere and dragons crown. Wonder if the next game will be more action than some visual novel bore fest.

    2. My main worry about the game was the combat and it seems like my worries were right. Just looks really simplistic and bland. Compared to the combat of something like fire emblem it really pales in comparison in both presentation and depth.

      But I didn’t know the story and the combat was separated, which I find really interesting. The story sounds pretty good so I’ll pick this up down the road some time.

    3. Honestly, seems disappointing. I love Vanillaware but full price for what's essentially a visual novel with a lite strategy combat mini game? No English voice acting on top of that which is a shame, because they usually have pretty good dubbing.

    4. Reminds me of the ps2 game “Evangelions”. Same gameplay but in 3D. The fights also had 3D animation of the attacks whenever you got close enough and attacked or got attacked.

    5. I still can't believe muramasa hasn't been brought over to the PS4 yet. Every other vanillaware game ( not including princess crown obviously)
      has been and it's a glaring omission. Also this game looks great it's just not the kind of game I would pay full price for.

    6. how can they make the story and characters look so damn good… but make the gameplay basically lines and circles? i'm very conflicted here
      seems like a game i'm better off "watching" someone else run through.

    7. 8.5/10 anyone know a channel with honest reviews? I mean i don't really need it, the game looks super simple and very minimal that what you see in this video is what you get and that is it.

      This is the type of stuff i play on my phone or on steam from the indie catagory fo 15 bucks.

      This is a $60 game that has a file size of 4.27GB. 4GB game for 60 bucks.

      Just go play "Earth Defense Force 5" or whatever the newest one is.

    8. Just bought this game and regretted it. It is super boring as fuck. It has way too much dialogue and crappy gameplay. I bought it thinking it was gonna be action but in reality it's some space robot chess. Just a stupid overpriced piece of garbage.

    9. Why they decided to make a kaiju game in a hand drawn artstyle that makes it absolutely impossible to display the action is beyond me. Yeah they can't draw giant animated mech sprites fighting hundreds of kaiju so why didn't they just change it?
      13 Sentinels is great but it shouldn't have been a video game because it simply doesn't work as one

    10. Secondaries complaining about the combat system.
      You have no idea how Vanillaware works.
      Go play Among Us or whatever new shitty game is trending nowadays.


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