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    what is going on everybody is your boy

    oj nelly

    back with another one something a little

    different today we have crossfire

    x the beta the game that i knew nothing

    about just saw on a twitch ad and here i


    playing the game so to be honest didn't

    hear anything about it i'm gonna assume

    they made some games before in the past

    because they have a classic mode

    and a modern mode um you know the

    gameplay today will mostly be from the

    modern mode but i'll be able to show you

    a lot of things with this game and uh we

    can go ahead and start

    with the loadouts here so we have

    the five pick system here you have your

    red dot and your acog

    and then quite a bit of weapons in the

    beta now i like i said i don't know

    nothing about this game so they could

    have every weapon that's going to be in

    the game

    at launch right here oh another thing i

    want to say free to play

    so you have the at15 afghan right there

    and i i don't know i use that and the m4

    they're both pretty good

    um all you have is a glock where d going

    here i don't know why they listed it so

    many times

    and then you have your knives and you

    have grenade and smoke and also forgot

    to show the xbc axe it looks pretty cool

    that's what you get for playing the beta

    so the beta is available june 25th

    through the 28th so

    if you have xbox one hop on download

    downloading so this is uh

    five classes for you to set up check out

    the slide for all you get to do is use

    the one

    scope and underscore grenade on there


    we're gonna swap over to your profile

    this is what's kind of unique about the

    game i guess you have this

    system where you're putting skill points

    in different little sections you have

    attacking assault survival

    so i was trying to figure out how to

    like add it to the other systems

    i mean first of all you can't even

    actually click on the plus so hopefully

    they fix that or the minus you have to

    get a weird angle on it and it'll

    randomly highlight so you see the

    triangles moving around it's adding

    points uh

    other places so i don't know why some of

    the stuff is zero percent maybe they'll

    add that in the game but as you see for

    attacking your ammo increase

    and then you have for survival the hp

    increases or recovers while out of

    combat so this is where i figure out how

    you can move it around it's easier


    left and right to actually add points

    into each one

    and as you subtract it'll kind of put

    them in the other

    areas so you know i would i like the um

    the two three three set up with how many

    skill points i got i assume you get

    a point every time you level up which

    you know it's pretty cool

    uh it's a cool idea i mean you have to

    see how it works out especially if they

    add in other things like eight ounce

    high speed increase like i already know


    that that's nasty we all like our ads

    speed if you're a fps controller guy

    so with that there's that we'll move

    over to settings not anything really to

    write home about we have a little bit of

    brightness you have

    some settings here for controller preset

    layout they only have one layout right

    now which is default

    well i noticed looking at this i never

    press the left bumper right bumper

    because it says use left over right

    bumper for your ability

    i don't know what that is uh for your

    used skill so

    i didn't check that out i'll be sure to

    check that out you know if you guys

    enjoy the video we can always make

    another video on this i'll be able to

    check that out maybe show you

    more of the classic gameplay which is

    kind of like a little bit like cs on

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    and uh i don't really know the sprays

    that well but yeah

    not much from the settings again this is

    where you get the axe from the beta test


    download it's free again this will be a

    free to play game so here's the classic


    it was dumb but black widow like widow

    black window yeah

    um that was basically dust

    dust two um i'll show you some gameplay

    of that at the end and you'll understand


    so we hop into the modern playlist here


    tower not sure what it stands for but

    basically it's like domination

    in stages so here's a little loading


    kind of tells you about the tower the

    gameplay you can't really read it it

    goes by pretty quick

    but basically you see these points right

    here you're gonna cap a amd

    and i wasn't paying attention to the

    scoreboard at the top with the points


    it's kind of small so i mean that's a

    critique there i just noticed that after

    you holding a and b for a little bit of

    time you get to go down to c

    so as you see the scoreboard's up there

    and i'm going i'm just checking out the

    atf here just seeing the recoil

    basically no recoil

    so i guess you have to get those bars to

    a certain spot and then you go down

    to objective c as you saw in the loading

    screen so

    we're just gonna hop on with some

    gameplay here and as you can see right

    off the bat the gameplay it's you know

    it's outdated

    um the graphics aren't there it looks

    like old cs

    kind of uh and then it's on xbox the fps

    is 60. actually if you hit

    the scoreboard button which is that left

    button on your xbox next to the

    middle button it shows the frames um

    they hang right around

    59.60 when i was looking at it which you

    might be able to see later and i'm just

    out here

    riding these kids so this is the attack

    ability so i hit recovering here you do

    not have

    uh your hp does not recover on its own

    so that was one of the things with

    getting the hp recovery from

    that system and as you can see here you

    could just crowd strafe people

    um that's kind of the way if you want to

    be sweaty in this game just

    stand cross standing craft snakecraft's

    probably not gonna hit you so i'm still

    recovering hp

    and that is with right over on the

    keypad that's how you get some of those

    abilities and i'll show you one that is

    kinda okay

    kind of annoying and they need to fix

    some things about it so here um

    this is where i go offense which i was

    hoping to give the ammo but it doesn't

    give me fire rate i only have six

    bullets so i felt like an idiot doing


    but um you do run out of ammo pretty

    quick in this game if you're staying

    alive you're not going so i'm not ammo

    here you switch to the eagle the devil

    is pretty good

    box pretty good too as you'll see a

    little bit so it's up on the d-pad

    to drop your weapon you just run over

    another weapon just like uh

    cs or velour whatever you now this is

    where it gets a little crazy so this is

    their spawn

    there is literally nothing to stop spawn

    traps you can just sit in their spawn

    just like that and

    it's funny where you can do this so

    effectively because they're just

    spawning right in front of you there's

    nothing they can do

    and as i as you saw at the beginning

    when i spawned in like you're really

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    at the beginning of the spawn

    you can be changing your class you're

    dead there's no

    before you spawn timer no so definitely

    switch that up because you cannot

    release the game like this which is

    absolutely ridiculous and i

    die first time there as you can see

    actually i'm going to go switch to the


    which surprisingly is very good and look

    i'm getting shot from my spawn so uh

    definitely something to work out um this

    map is pretty decent

    uh i think it works for the game mode

    night you have a very

    linear or uh parallel type setup here

    everything's the same on both sides you

    have the upstairs for b flag and the

    downsides with a flag

    and uh you know you have a lot like long

    line of sights

    it's not a short fire you can really you

    can really get some range

    another thing is are the movement

    movements are all right like again

    you'll if you play the game you know

    it's just it's not

    modern it's not really um what it is for

    the times but you know perhaps the

    developers i don't know what kind of

    money they're working with

    the game was fun just running around

    slaying people like i i have to say that

    to be honest so i want to show you guys

    here i'm going to head back up the beaks

    i haven't seen you guys capping anything

    i've been just you know

    slaying out here need to come back and

    help the team now so

    we're going to see here is when you get

    on the flag you get that b

    it'll drop down to show that you're

    capping it and then you'll see when i

    run away here it's gonna go away so i'm

    not i'm not getting

    towards cabin yet now i found this

    speaking of the spawn track

    look at this you have m4 ar sniper any

    anything you sit here you are

    beaming you're beaming from that


    so yeah it's uh definitely definitely a

    work in progress i don't know when the

    game comes out

    again it is free so i mean i'll probably

    try it out and see this deal you just

    talk to so this is what i want to show

    you what is this

    this is don't one

    like the shield i mean if they focus you

    they can break your shield and you just

    drop it when you're

    look at this i get a uzi and a shield

    you're not

    killing me bro you're not killing me

    you're not killing any like good

    player it's just i don't know i mean i

    do end up dying with it

    but look at this i just walk in there

    spawn i have a shield

    you know you're a little exposed you

    gotta reload um see it looks like when

    they shoot it

    that the s would break out but

    apparently not um

    like i said it takes a pretty uh a lot

    of shots to break the shield and then

    you're screwed

    run out of ammo here i'm just trying to

    get away now

    again you can uh drop this up on your

    d-pad and grab a gun if you run out of

    ammo because again

    you're killing people you're running out

    real quick we run in here with the


    trying to work on the same thing so now

    if you want to take a look at the

    scoreboard up top

    the orange bar we're the orange team so

    that is getting pretty cool and i'm

    gonna pay attention and see

    when the round is going to kind of flip

    to going down so you take these

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    passes it automatically makes me down

    there anyway oh

    so with the acog scopes they i feel like

    they definitely add they might add a

    little recoil but

    there's not much recoil in this game in

    the classic mode you can't aim down

    sight so

    kind of like on that cs5 but you can

    still like run around i don't know how


    i didn't play enough to know like how

    much it hits your recoil

    and all that kind of thing or how

    crowded crouching is better so here you


    this is what i was talking about you got

    55 seconds so yeah it was a minute

    i guess i don't know i i don't know what

    made see as you see we're not even to

    one of those hash marks in the


    but we were holding onto a and b for a



    and i don't know if the other team can

    sit here and cap a and b if that'll


    towards the end you know because you

    can't come back up so i die here

    and this is where i figure out that you

    have to change your loadout

    well actually i didn't figure it out

    that just happened i changed my loadout

    that got rid of my thing and someone's

    camping to zip fire so i get killed

    anyway i spawned at the bottom uh no one

    else will be up top i think after that

    timer i don't know if it spawns you down


    or maybe just waits to die i don't know

    if it forces you down there i didn't

    test that

    so this is just uh again it's parallel

    linear whatever you want to say

    it's the same both ways i don't know if

    that stairwell right here on the right

    is on both sides though i think

    it might not be to be honest but

    and that's one of the show there you can

    break the radio it takes a lot of shots

    look at this thing like i'm listening to

    no matter what shred

    back in their spawn same deal you can

    just roast people in this phone

    so as you see at the bottom left i think

    that has to do with those skill points

    we're looking at

    earlier once you spend all your skill


    i don't think you get it back so i don't

    know how the regen works exactly but

    remember i did click that

    once or maybe twice so i don't know if

    that means every time i'm alive i get

    two regents

    i didn't see myself regening and i

    didn't click it

    so i did just regen right there

    yeah maybe that's how it works i'm gonna

    i'm gonna just assume that's how it


    and i'm gonna get beat right here uh you

    can take out your


    get rid of that ride show and here's the

    round mvp nice cool little screen

    nothing special nothing special

    but that's it i went 46 and six

    absolutely dominated the competition

    um yes like i have i do come from car i

    play fps on controller so

    uh you know that is what it is so it was

    a lot of fun though like i said it was a

    lot of fun

    and here is some of the classic

    and then like i gamepl it's kind of like

    cs but you can run around and shoot

    um obviously you aim down sight with the

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    sniper you run faster with knife you run

    so slow with this oh not gonna lie

    and uh you know there's this is

    literally like dusting here if you look

    to the right there's the arches it's

    kind of like coming through

    midday and then

    don't buy anything though so that's

    where it's like you just get a load out

    at the beginning

    every round i don't know get a nice

    little up shot there for you boys

    phase in the chat phase in the chat no

    but seriously um

    i did have a good time playing uh i

    wasn't as good at the classic because i


    you know i was used to running around

    like i just like popped off from those

    other kids so that was fun

    it was it's still pretty cool because as

    you see here like you missed a sniper

    shot you just put the block

    and see i don't look at this you're not

    doing this in

    cs like i'm just straight shooting them

    like it's call of duty so

    you came down sight so i i don't know

    what the recoil is like if you guys

    enjoy this video maybe we can get more

    in depth on this and you know i can

    start shooting walls and see what the

    patterns are like

    um based off using some of the guns

    under the scar didn't really have much

    recoil like the m4 the af

    atf afghan or whatever did not have much

    recoil at all

    oh i just want to see this but this is

    their spawn just like that

    and look through this window right the

    mid it's

    very very similar i guess can't go wrong

    with copying right

    so yeah that is going to do it i hope

    you guys enjoyed the gameplay again

    this is going to be a free-to-play game

    and the beta is available right now this

    weekend june 25th through the 28th

    is not an ad sure if you want to sponsor

    me go ahead

    um again it was pretty fun definitely

    could need some improvement

    if you guys liked this video i could

    show you some more of the classic

    gameplay and we can get in depth on it

    anyway thanks for tuning in drop a like

    if you liked it drop a dislike if you

    didn't like it

    subscribe if you'd like and check out my

    twitch twitch.tv slash oj

    nelly peace

    Crossfire X New Gameplay Walkthrough Crossfire X New Gameplay Crossfire X New Walkthrough Croaafire X Gameplay Walkthrough Crossfire X Trailer ...


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