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    15 Functions in Google Sheets You NEED to know!

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    Google SHEETS is incredibly powerful. Are you using these functions to save time, get work done and be more productive? Here are 15 functions in Google Sheets you need to know!

    0:00 Intro
    0:25 Why these functions?
    0:41 SUM()
    1:08 The info window of Functions
    1:28 SUMIF() Set conditions for your function
    2:35 Joining strings or text together using these three functions.

    2:55 CONCATENATE()
    3:55 JOIN()
    4:54 TEXTJOIN()

    5:30 COUNT() Count how many numeric values there are in the selected range
    6:14 COUNTA() Count the number of values (All values)
    6:47 COUNTIF() Set conditions before counting the number of values
    7:21 AVERAGE() Whats the average of the selected range?

    7:52 TODAY() Whats the date today? Interactive and updated automatically.
    8:35 DATE() Use a date using a set format.
    9:23 Find out the difference in days between today and a set date in the past or future.

    9:55 VLOOKUP() Use this to find specific information from a larger dataset.
    11:20 SPARKLINE() The number one function needed for a quick visual chart within a cell.
    11:58 GOOGLETRANSLATE() Translate any language into another, automatically!
    12:37 GoogleTranslate to automatically create flashcards in Google Slides (Link: https://youtu.be/4J8WJDTjA9Y)

    14:04 CHAR() Use a Unicode Character incells. This is great when creating Bullet points and lists. List of all characters: http://www.unicode.org/charts/

    15:46 UNIQUE() Get an overview of all unique results
    16:15 RANDBETWEEN() Get a random number to use in class

    Let me know in the comment section which of these is your favorite and when you use it the most? How are you implementing the use of Google Sheets in the classroom and what are tips and tricks when using sheets? Let me know!

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    Comment (40)

    1. hello mister professor like human being . i have a question . i dont know if this is possible but .. who knows . I ll use an example to explain myself , I put A1 a name and a value | xxxx xxxxx 5000 | if its possible i need google sheets to take only the number from A1 negativate it and put it to A2 like -5000. is this possible ?

    2. I have columns with the heading Grade Earned CR Potential CR and GPA Points. Is there a function to get the GPA points to pop into that column after the Grade Earned has been entered?

    3. Great vid mate. can you help me? I added a color selection ccolumn, in there I want the customer to be able to select a color and quantity from 1-6. its for my vinyl and decal sales

    4. I discovered vlookup recently and I love it.
      Sparkline looks super useful!
      And I don't know how to use the ampersand operator, but it looks like what I was looking for. Going to search for more info right now.

    5. Please some buddy help me i want to make one formula i have 1 digit if it is less than 1.5 it is considered as 1 if it is greater than 1.5 considered as 2 what formulas should I use?

    6. Hi,

      Thanks for the great video.

      I have 2 Google sheets files using the same template[which means the column names are same in both of them]. But they contain different records/data. How do I find the difference between them in an easy, quick way?

      Attaching a sample file[which is in MS Excel]for clarity.


    7. My favorite function that was not mentioned here is =Query(). This function lets you use Query Language (kinda like SQL, if not exactly like SQL). That may seem a little scary at first if you don't know what SQL is, but it's actually pretty simple! You can basically create pivot tables by using this function and then leverage that in other functions. A simple example of how you can manipulate a table of data by using the Query function: Let's say you have 3 columns of data and you want to represent the data in another sheet but without column B, for example (that would look like this: =Query(A1:C, "Select A,C"). Or maybe you want to show columns in a different order; A,C,B, and order them by C and maybe filter out any cells that have a value of 1 in Column B. This last example would look like this: =Query(A1:C, "Select A,C,B Where B !=1 Order By C"). If you take a little bit of time to learn the syntax for this function, it goes a long way!

    8. It's a very helpful tutorial. I am now taking the next step but I'm just stuck on a certain formula. how can I hide the columns that depend on a cell value? For example, I made a calendar from January to December and the first cell is a data validation of months. If I choose January, I want the rest of the months to be hidden. Is it possible? Thanks for this tutorial.

    9. What if I want my checklist to just be red boxes and if I complete one it turns a different color like green. Also on top of that if goes to a separate formula where I have a percentage setup because there’s 203 cards I need to collect but so far I only have 30 boxes checked. Please let me know!

    10. Hi, really useful video (thank you!) – I'm trying to create a formula to get data to pull from through from one sheet/tab to another. Any ideas on how I can achieve this? I keep getting a #VALUE error message. thanks

    11. can you show us/me how I can create a vlook up or a formula where I can enter a zip code in a cell and the cell next to it can produce the appropriate town and state? thanks

    12. I have researched how to make numbers round but I cannot figure out how to make them automatically round if that makes sense. I have a google sheet made for payroll and want it to automatically round ALL numbers to the nearest penny. Does anyone know how I could give a command to every cell to do this?


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