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    15 Tips and Tricks in Google Docs for Beginners AND Power Users

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    My top 15 Tips and Trick in Google Docs! Make sure you watch the video all the way to the end, as I'm adding two bonus tips I'm often asked about.

    The timestamps below will help you find specific sections in the video and allow you to re-watch a tip or share it more easily with others. Make sure to let me know your favorite tip in the comments and if I have missed any tips do let me know as I might feature them in a following video!

    0:00 Intro
    0:15 Why these 15 tips and tricks?
    0:30 Voice Typing
    1:26 Adding Fonts to Google Docs
    2:03 Insert and Edit an image in Google Docs
    2:55 Insert and Link(Update) a Drawing

    3:56 All about Collaboration and Sharing files
    4:31 Leaving a Direct comment to notify someone of a change
    5:12 Email Collaborators instead of re-sharing the files!
    5:45 Page settings, Change the paper size, margins and paper color

    6:25 Header Styles, using and adjusting them to match formatting
    7:20 Use the Explore button to research, Cite, and insert images.
    9:10 Using and creating your own Templates (Uploading a template when in G Suite)

    10:10 Save time and Auto replace text. Create shortcuts that get replaced by blocks of text as soon as your type space or press return.

    11:05 Download your Document as a different file type
    11:30 Email your document to a non Google user.
    12:06 Add functionality with AppsScript and do more!

    Bonus Tips and tricks:
    Bonus - 12:43 Use the spell and grammar check
    Bonus - 13:06 Insert a Video into your Google Doc (Workaround)

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    Comment (47)

    1. Hey bro, one question:
      1. How can I add the diapositives on the left side on Google docs with Images? So to me the heading outline appear only in text, so it's so much easy with image diapositives (as PowerPoint). I don't know if I'm explaining myself.

    2. Greetings,
      I have a question regarding tip number 5. on sharing.

      i would like to give out one link to students which CANNOT be editet, and one to teachers which CAN be edited. However these links appears to be the same. how do I tell the difference on the link?

    3. My favorite tool is Templates in g-mail. I write similar emails to clients often. I can store paragraph clauses in the Templates section which saves me time and keeps my messages accurate when stipulating terms and payments, etc.

    4. Hey sir, thanks for making such a helpful video. It helped me a lot and pretty sure many more students like me!
      I did have one doubt though… Can the creator of a google docs file know if another person copied text from their file? Would be glad to hear your response 😀

    5. Hi Sethi, thanks for your great videos on teaching. I have a specific question, hope it been a question of many. When you open an attached pdf file in google docs, you find the images missing. Any particular add-on that can bring the images in the right position in the Google Docs. Thanks again.

    6. I'm new to Google docs, I'm disable, and trying to use the free apps to create proposals for a company that I'm creating, but I don't see the type that I need, so I'm creating my own, I'm trying to put my company information in one side and the customers information on the other side at the same level, side by side, is it a way to do this, so both will appear on the top of the page before I start specifying the job that I'm performing,


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