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SearchThisVideo: 22 minutes of Raiders of the Broken Planet gameplay

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hello Tom Phillips Aloha Chris Pratt

Raiders of the broken planet isn't a

great name for a video game so why

should I care

graders on the broken planet sounds like

Raiders of the Lost Ark which is

possibly one of the greatest films of

all time I know but it just sounds a bit

on the generic side does it come I don't


all right anyway but you seem to think

it's quite interesting why did you think

that the name asides I played it back at

Gamescom which is about a month ago now

but it stuck in my memory is a game that

I really stood out for me I played it on

the idea Xbox downed alongside lots of

other indie games yeah it's not just

Xbox one though its PC ps4 as well right

that is right yes and it's out a little

late this year and it stood out for me

well firstly because it looks really

nice for a little indie game it looks

very very pretty but also it did

something that I hadn't really seen

before in terms of gameplay it's a

tactical shooter third-person shooter at

times it's also sort of a stealth action

game and it blends the two together very

well so you're never doing too much of

one thing at a time

it keeps you thinking definitely and

while the AI isn't that smart actually

trying to deal with all of that make

your way around the levels deal with

some quite nasty bosses at the same time

yeah it definitely stood out for me is

something that had maybe seemed like it

so we're gonna find this interesting

because of the developers that are

making it as well right yes so it's been

made by Mercury steam who people will

know as the developers of castlevania

lords of Shadow and lords of Shadow - I

actually saw Brantly an interview at

some point because this game has been in

the works since before at least loads of

the loads of shadows - is that right and

and there might even be like a few ideas

that never made it into that game that

they end up using here yeah those games

were really good and they have their

fans and hopefully some of them will

check out this game - I mean it's very

different it's a different genre pretty

much everything like that this guy I'm

not immediately seeing any of the

choruses yeah it's not

there isn't that much gothic to it it's

sort of I guess fairly generic

post-apocalyptic great star there by the

way can I just can I just point out I

was a really really strong this is the

first time I play the game and I know

getting a hang of that you are you

because I you know I do games and

jumping is quite you very rarely see

that I don't like your SATA Chris Pratt

I I was capturing this myself and I felt

particularly stressed about trying to

paint the game in a good light which I

think I did there's lots of cutscenes as

well and there's sort of four Raider

characters and they all have quite

amusing accents there's quite an

interesting sounding Russian guy quite a

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

interesting turning Australian and yeah

they all have some banter it's um it's

see what I think the kind of cutscenes

that you enjoy despite them not

necessarily being yes yeah incredible I

think so oh yeah you know I would

describe it as a fun double a game so

this is the stealth action stuff you're

talking about yeah so you have to sort

of sneak around corners and such like to

UM take down enemies without them seeing

you beforehand and then once you get

into the combat it turns into more of an

action game yes however you can't just

like spray-and-pray you have to fire and

conserve your bullets and then when you

need more ammo you need to take down

those enemies again through stealth so

yes you can take out enemies at a

distance using guns and such sorts like

so um like how many bullets do you have

at the moment is that even to me you can

see I don't think I have any right now

this is the introduction also at the is

showing me the stealth mechanics face

furnace and then it's like oh but you

can shoot but also if you want to do

that you have to do some stuff at the

same time you can't just oh yeah oh I

think you might have one bullet

oh yeah 33 yeah right that's interesting

so yeah it's sort of a surprise from

time playing the Xbox indie stuff

it's nice it is definite sort of like

overtones of Metal Gear in there maybe

and and I really like the aesthetic as

well I to say I think like okay this is

the first time I play the game so I'm

not like wait it's fine

um but yeah it was it was a very nice

surprise amongst a lot of games on the

ident idea xbox dan that I've seen with

yeah we've seen a whole lot of as well

with it being games come as well there

is a lot of yeah this was something new

that I saw that stuck in my memory

all right cool well if you want to see

and what we're gonna let the rest this

gameplay player I think it's about 20

minutes and I think on your gamer beside

it as well we've got like a feature

going along about doing a little bit

more yeah that's what this one is and

develop their esteem yeah I promise you

I do get better as the gameplay goes on

you were [ __ ] up the boss fight Liam

no don't you thanks very much for

watching and we will see you next time

debate well use your Alice meter to

monitor its activity in your body and

learn how to remain undetected

where did you go where the [ __ ] did you


is that a blood-stained

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


look it doesn't matter what you think

you know about che we need her on our

team she's a fighter who can make a


Constantine our intel says che is

captured by v council expedition near

ruins of Kish they were searching for

local relics those relics are a valuable

legacy of the old world never mind the

fact that they are made from what you

Earthlings call gold bad news is dr.

Guzman leads expedition now they are

relics and she is prisoner hang on a sec

if this Sheeler is as good as you say

she is how come she let herself get

caught by a gang of cyber pricks hmm so

stay fightin marry something stinks here

maybe it's not so much the mission maybe

it's more your synthetic [ __ ] in it

cut the chatter we have work to do


we're approaching our target

have had a good hunt today

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

our instruments are picking up something


I have site will you be vaporized good

thing I made a will

I've got Guzman's frequency she's

torturing the prisoner her dumped market

I need silence to read this for mine

this yo

give up sweetheart your pathetic friends

we'll never make it in time

watch the bridge hostile detected

recalibrating target acquisition sensors

there's very little elephant in the

shells reserves


Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

trading fire on target

on the bridge

unit moving to one


thank you Miss Emma weapon

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

well done

anymore opens your mind to

the Lord she'd be into me requesting

redundant target confirmation

hostile contacts on the beholder sensors

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00


under way

the shuttle you won't be able to revive

for a while


it's over dude that thing is history now

please on the other side looks like

someone is here to rescue your evening

give me a moment while I see to them

don't worry I'll be back real soon man

well I knew this meat bag wasn't just

anybody you want her to come and get her

I need the reinforcements

send them towards the interrogation area

is ready to continue

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00



to make


I'm detecting activity near bike be

careful the radar reveals an approaching

prison ship I think they're trying to

transfer the target watch your step

We take a look at the next game from the creators of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It's called Raiders of the Broken Planet and Eurogamer's Tom Phillips thinks it might be worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. interesting.. thanks for the peek. might check it out 🙂 besides im a bit bias with characters with my hair style lol blue Mohawk & wishing i could just take ppl out with the same badassery as the character haha some need it…

  2. What a bunch of negative nannies lol. Remember the golden rule. Also, these guys make money for their opinions alone. Don't ruin a potentially good game, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED IT YET. Y'all are like YELP. Also lemme know when y'all make a living gaming. It's paradise! Trust me…

  3. x ray vision, horrible gunsounds, gears of War cover system, the voice actors are … wtf, respawning ???, the Music sux asssss!!! you hit a Guy and it beeps ??? wtf who came up with this shit?



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