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SearchThisVideo: 3 out of 10 – Episode 1 Full Gameplay & Ending | Free playable sitcom Game

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daytime on the beach
look at them enjoying their novelties
and their relative safety yeah sure
i could be one of them i could enjoy
safety too but i'm not
i'm me they say nothing is more
dangerous than a tiger shack
they call them the people killers leg
the terror of the open water
i call them surfing buddies
i don't know i thought it was a cool
announcement trailer yeah it was
something all right
uh that wasn't a tiger shark that was a
great white yeah i changed it to a tiger
shark in the script
everyone uses great whites we need to
stand out well i'm not changing my art
you fix your script kevin tiger sharks
aren't even as dangerous as great whites
oh you can train them to run contraband
though wait really joan
look it's still a shark that's the
important thing all right
circle up everyone as you all know
we announced surfing with sharks today
reception has been
wonderful the internet loves it that's
totally not true but it's good for
morale to tell you that
now i know it's been a rough few weeks
for you all
we faced hard deadlines crashing builds
technical downtime
and javier exploded too don't forget
about javier his desk
has been covered in blood all week look
i'm sure he's fine
also this meeting isn't about javier
that's actually what i wanted to talk to
you all about
javier huh yeah a week is a long time
without an animator
so i'm happy to introduce to you all
midge our new animator so javier's not
coming back
explosions will do that that bastard
still owes me 10 bucks
okay look everyone it's company policy
not to talk about javier anymore midge
is the new javier
everyone say hello hi midge hi uh
i thought this was for an interview this
is shovelwork studios right
midge here comes highly recommended
anything javier could do
i'm sure she could handle just make her
feel welcomed
any questions yeah what do we do about
all the people outside

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people what people i don't know
a crowd of people just showed up a few
minutes ago god damn it why does this
always happen to us
well don't make eye contact and maybe
they'll go away i don't know
kevin you deal with it and make sure
midge is all set up
back to work everyone well i guess it's
been a few months
i wonder what they want this time last
time it was because our game didn't have
a sewer level
uh yeah i'm not changing my mind on that
one not every game needs a sewer level
guess i'll see how good the noise
cancelling is on my headphones
all right well midge uh i'm not sure
what jeb wants me to do with you
i'm not even on the art team just so you
i wasn't kidding i was told by the
recruiter that this was literally
supposed to be an interview well
we work quick sub i'd say rush pylon any
ideas on how to handle the fans outside
uh bribery can't afford that they sure
don't look like
fans out there i mean they wouldn't keep
coming by every few months if they
weren't passionate about
our games look midge why don't you uh
go meet your coworkers while pylon and i
brainstorm you'll probably be working a
lot with viper so be sure to say hello
to him
oh uh all right
come back once you've said hello to a
few people
my name is pylon did you know that the
latest build is always hooked up to the
you could try it out anytime
look i can't promise i'll remember your
name but
that's okay i've got a lot of thinking
going on up here about
boss things why don't you go say hi to
some of your teammates
huh i've never seen a game studio with a
dumb waiter
big design ideas an end
huh hi there are you one of the
developers here
no i'm timothy 3000 automated office
i'm here to help you with all your needs

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hi i'm joan i've been working in the
industry since the 90s but
i've only been here a few years i'm
i've apparently been working here for 10
i really thought it would be harder to
get this job oh dear no
you haven't read much about our studio
have you not really no
well you'll learn we have a bit of a
oh okay
good morning new england welcome to the
dice bag bringing you film
okay this guy didn't really explode
did he did that actually happen
i'm viper you can call me viper i'm the
best there isn't what i do
and i don't suffer incompetent fools are
incompetent hi viper i'm midge and
no i don't think so i'll be the judge of
look if you're gonna fill in javier
shoes and animating my masterpieces
then you need to prove to me you know
what you're doing okay
a good pose is crucial to properly
showing off my work
i have a lot of action figures mostly
from my favorite game
sweaty blood show me you know how to
make badass poses by posing them
this is bloody chuck look at all that
detail that's how you know it's a good
design okay
bloody chuck is the sturdy hero of the
game he keeps his pouches shut with
phillips head screws
he keeps books in all those pouches he's
a scholar warrior
that's important in season four
hey anatomy isn't important in character
art looking
cool is important look at me
free tip articulation is very important
in character art

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well i guess you'll improve not many
animators can keep up with me
so i shouldn't have been surprised
you know bloody chuck from sweaty blood
has a lot of enemies
but baron von brow blood is his arch
hi midge welcome to the studio first
don't listen to anything kevin tells you
he's a lying heartless bastard second
we don't have the budget for a new
computer so you'll have to use javier
i guess that makes sense it's still
covered in blood
but you can worry about that later oh
all right
hi i'm ben uh look no offense
uh midge was it i'm trying to get some
stuff done
that's quite a crowd i wonder if this
happens often too
the store looks like it just goes to a
supply closet
this looks like the audio room they may
be recording in there
there's a note here warning sally is
feisty today
huh i wonder which one sally is
hey cool a mitt 32c graphing gaming
been years since i saw one of these
hi there i'm back so can we talk about
the last animator
oh javier right so should i be worried
about what happened to him
oh no spontaneous combustion just
happens sometimes
animators just do that you know it's the
can i have his chair what no that's
going to be midge's chair i don't think
people just explode
there's no time for dwelling on the past
we need to think of a way to deal with
those people outside why should she get
the good chair
i've been here much longer can't you
just go talk to them
talking never solves anything oh maybe
we can camouflage
the studio or hire a velociraptor look
just gonna go ask them what they want

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

wow this is a big crowd where did you
all come from
oh a developer this is the new england
chapter of the global internet fandom
this is what we do we're a mobile fan
really shovelworks studios has their own
fan club
of course not we're a generic group we
go where we're needed
today was slo and linda loves sharks
it's true
so you're fans of sharks
yes absolutely at least today did you
really think you could pass off a great
white as a
tiger shark great whites have pointy
heads i mean seriously
how's the game industry lost all reason
hey everyone what do we want
yes fix the shark oh want to buy a
t-shirt it's 100
cotton um no not really
your loss look you think you can get
away with
everything well you got a choice either
fix that shark
or cancel the game
cancel the game we can't do that it's
just starting to come together
maybe you could just fix the shark no it
must be a tiger shark
tigers are cool yeah canceling things
would totally compromise our vision
hey what they're right it's a great
white not a tiger shark and it's a cool
shirt okay so tell me about this game ah
you're intrigued excellent you know your
endless runner games
right those mobile titles where you
always race to the right and tap to jump
over things and and try and last as long
as you can
yeah so it's like that it's an endless
but the twist is wait for it
there's an end that's it you're making
an endless runner
with an end i call it an end full runner
or maybe just andy runner well whatever
the community is
ultimately who decides a new subgenre's
name we just have to make the game no
one realized they wanted
i love making games no one wants so
yeah i'm not so sure i'm the best fit
for this place
it seems a bit intense oh you'll get
used to it
everyone here is great with the
exception of viper
and all of the engineers and the boss
and the tiger shark and the occasional
spontaneous combustion of animators but
it's great also look we need you midge
this game this is gonna be a hit but
only if we have a good animator
that's why javier was so important
what's in the fridge free soda
guys they're getting restless out there
i don't think they're gonna leave on
their own this time right
how do you calm down a crowd of fans
well everyone gets angry when they're
could we try feeding them there's
granola in the kitchenette but

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

that's not gonna go very far i have a
lot of ketchup we can make ketchup
granola stew
seriously that's revolting not if you
had salsa
salsa will give it body okay okay
ketchup and salsa does anyone know how
to cook
oh i do does anyone except for pylon
know how to cook i can do it team i can
do it
okay look why don't both of you handle
this what
okay stop the show pylon what's with the
tentacles oh that's just sally she's
here add some pepper
are things normally like this around
some days get really weird
more salsa
here use this salsa
if only we had something tangy let's add
this coffee
take this
ooh do something with this
if only we had something tangy let's add
this coffee
granola will make it chucky style

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

excellent if i do say so myself that
works suey chef midge let it never be
said we present
spicy granola stew
ah oh how does it taste
yeah i'm not tasting that oh me neither
i think it's pretty good
and we could serve reggie potato chips
on the side that's a good idea everyone
loves veggie potato chips
okay time to serve up some guests let's
do this
come on it wasn't that bad okay that
that was a terrible idea let me add him
i'll chase him off
or you could change the shark
oh no what's going on meter stopping two
out of ten what happened
what made it drop hey where are the news
terrible game studio tries to poison
upset me that's not true at all yeah
they're not our fans
if we fix the shark will you stop being
mad we'll always be mad
what what your game isn't as good as
winter three
pylon we're out of options you don't
what i think you mean right we have no
we need to ask the engineers for help
[ __ ] quit go to the supply closet and
get it in turn a what
an intern we keep them in the supply
closet francine has the key
oh what do i do what do i do
no i can't do that
can you tell kevin to keep it down
already uh sure
can you unlock the supply closet i need
to get something
sure knock yourself out
i can't wait to tell folks about my time
as an intern
i hope they feed you in turn hello
i'm really really excited to be here

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

the intern good work mitch oh hello
uh hi there intern i'm midge why do we
need them again
to convince the lead engineer to help us
the programming department only
communicates by handwritten requests
delivered via dumb waiter with an
do i get to work on the game now uh sure
look mitch we need to get them to the
dumb waiter
right okay a dumb waiter do you really
think the lead engineer can talk some
sense into the crowd
oh no no no that's not safe no one is
allowed to talk to the engineers here
they've got barrel but the lead engineer
has other means to solve our problems
you'll see or you could just change the
shark what
be reasonable midge mayday mayday we got
that's the last time you poison anyone
with your food
or your game if you won't fix the shark
we will
we don't need to fight them we just need
to get the intern to the opposite door
oh no they're everywhere
fix your game and this will all be over
oh no i wasn't expecting a boss fight
ouch that hurts ow
he's enraged that makes him immune to
concentrate fire now
wow stop that
he's enraged focus on staying away from
he's out of wrath now's the time to hit

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

all right you dweebs you're embarrassing
me go
get the payload to the target i'll show
you how you deal with a crowd
they're all years viper
quick to the dumbwaiter time for you to
earn that paycheck
you don't get intern wait he's the
we've done this before midge send him
down pylon
the door it's not gonna hold what do we
do hold on
give them time the lead engineer will do
something just wait
come on do something
holy crap someone leaked costume photos
for the racer chase movie adaptation
they got rid of chase's unibrow they
can't do that
that's chaser's defining traits how dare
they who do they think they are all
chapters mobilized this is a code
foxtrot condition
omega pack it up folks let's go racer
chase needs us
we will avenge this privacy they know
how important unibrows are
they're heading out see the lead
engineer always finds a way
hey hey someone like news about the new
razer chase movie
ah the old distraction trick clever the
lead engineer did that
the lead engineer works in mysterious
ways oh my god
what happened to him quick call for help
it's fine
they just have a lot of bones down there
how is that fine how is
any of this fine we said what whatever
we need something from the engineers
ghouls just keep sending them to us
we're low right now but we'll get
another shipment eventually buy a poker
we use them as chips look i could see
past the thing with the animator and
your fan club and the thing growing in
the kitchen
and even the fact that this is
apparently the worst game studio in
but this is too much this is where i
check out
i'm out of here midge wait
wait a second what see that counter up
there yeah what about it
that's tied to an algorithm that takes
into account focus testing mock reviews
a b
results and a hundred other factors in
order to create a predictor of our
expected score it's just three out of
ten that's terrible it is
we've never had any of our games score
above 3 out of 10
but not anymore not with this project
this project is different i thought
review scores didn't matter anymore
they matter to the people i went to high
school with
i will show them this game will be a hit
ah but it needs a good animator to tie
it all together midge
well you'll have to find someone else

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

midge just
wait so just saying this is all the
tiger shark's fault
wait really well why don't we just
change the shark
look i can't do this these people are
there's something growing in the
refrigerator and there is some sort of
ritual involving interns and who knows
what's going on with their basement
you know that's not what we want to hear
miss potter you had a role
and we had an agreement yeah well that
agreement didn't mention half the crap
going on in there your job was a simple
the director will be disappointed but
not surprised what does that mean
we've been assembling a file on you miss
your interests go far beyond animation
some of those extracurricular activities
you partake in
those come with long prison sentences i
don't know what you're talking about i'm
our file is quite interesting photos
documents your local police department
would find it fascinating
is this blackmail this is a friendly
you know what we're capable of this is
bigger than you and me ms potter
go join them gain their trust work with
but remember they must never make a good
game they don't need me for that
i don't think you understand this is the
most important job you've ever had
if they make a good game it will be the
of everything

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