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    3 OUT OF 10 Gameplay Walkthrough – Episodes 1-5 (Full Series)

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    What I use to record gameplay https://e.lga.to/tetraninja Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1NYsK7D Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/tetraninja Facebook Fan Page: ...


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    Comment (19)

    1. Holy shit man, it's been a while since I watched your videos (like yours, the RadBrad's and Sidestrafe), I still remember when you first started your mass effect playthroughs and your Destiny 1 run

      Watched both of them over and over again, they were bloody great! Glad to know the quality of your videos has only gotten better over time man

      Also holy crap I didn't realize you were also Canadian (and an Ontarian to boot)

    2. Hi Nic…I was hoping u can try out "Raji: An ancient epic". It is out on nintendo switch. It is based on Indian mythology..kind of. Would be cool to see it here..✌️


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