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SearchThisVideo: 3ds max 2022 Modeling Tutorial | Way Quicker Than Before!!

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Watch video at 00:00
hello it's aga from arvis artists
today i decided to check out how much
3ds max 2022 updates speed up the
to have a comparison i modeled the same
i've shown in one of my previous videos
okay let's check it it's my first time
with this method so i'm really curious
how it goes let's see
in the file i have a plan and a section
of the interior we'll be modeling
this time i start from creating a box in
this corner
i have snaps on so i can snap to the
let's convert it to the table poly
by clicking one on the keyboard i'm in
the vertex selection
snap them to the bottom of the window as
this is the lowest part here
and now we'll start working with this
new magical smart extrude option
so the only thing i'm doing here is
selecting polygons
holding shift and moving the mouse
there is not too much to talk about here
simple steps
i'm selecting poly moving with shift and
snapping to the correct vertex
now we don't have to bridge the police
we just select a poly and move it
forward with shift
here we go and let's continue with the
same method
now let's say we made a mistake and we
wanted a slightly different division
not a problem let me show you the easy
we can select poly move it down with
and we have a hallway of side scout now
we can select a poly again
and use smart extrude and snap to the
and next to bridge the police the same
as we've done before
you can see that everything works great
let's continue
i need to say that this is a pretty cool
option i know that some of you have
commented on my previous video about the
3ds max 2022 update
that this option is a copy from sketchup
but for 3ds max users it's an awesome
it's similar to a light mix in vray you
can say that this is a copy
from corona but it doesn't really matter
for vr users as they were happy
to finally get the biggest advantage of
corona in their favorite render engine
the same here it's better to get it now

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

than never
isn't it
by the way at this moment i don't really
model too much
but for 3d modelers this option needs to
such a time saver
ok let's build the last part of the wall
beautiful we're done with the base now
let's use the by angle option to select
all top police
great and now with shift move it up to
the top
part of the balcony window and then
again to the highest level of the
great now we need to do window and door
and this will be a true time saver let
me show you
let's turn off the buy angle option
select polygons
and with shift move it forward and we
have a balcony door opening
the same here and we have window opening
and again
the balcony door opens
that's it so simple and fast we don't
have to delete
use connect and bridge options etc
it's done all needed openings in around
30 seconds
awesome okay now let's do the ceiling
maybe select top police again and let's
delete them
i track up we'll see if the connection
are needed
maybe not so let's select border and i
use the cap option
great it's done let's apply the chamfer
modifier and let's see if this is enough
i apply a modifier let's change it to
smooth chamfers only
we can adjust some values
i hide the plan as it's not needed now
it looks good so i won't be worried
about connections on the ceiling
and it's basically it much faster there
is one more thing i would like to show
i go back a couple of steps so it's
easier for you to understand what is
going on
instead of using boolean we can easily

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00
make a different shape holes from the
level of the editable poly
so we can attach the object to the
editable poly
move the polygon wave shift to connect
them and
then select another poly and move with
shift to
cut this object out cool isn't it
the same if you would like doors here we
can create a box with the correct
attach to the main object
move the polygons with shift to connect
the objects
and again move the polygon forward with
shape to create a hole
i really like this smart extrude feature
it really speed ups the workflow let me
know in the comments
your thoughts and if you like this
method of modeling
thanks for watching also don't forget to
like this video if you found this
share it subscribe and do all these
wonderful things
see you guys in the next video

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  1. I really like to watch You. You talk smart and seem to be perfect girl. But I can't understand using 3dsmax for interior modeling (except building complicated furnitures which is something different for me). As an Interior Designer I can make this model 3 times faster in SU (today same as 5years ago), also rendering with Vray will give me very similar effects. I can stand archaic of Autocad because complexity of all layouts for interior project… but why doing this ? Can You tell me some significant differences ?

  2. nice video. im have question. when i import fbx from revit 2018 in 3dsmax 2017 its get imported quad surfaces, but when i import in 3dsmax 2020 model surfaces get triangulated.

  3. I wonder why at this point 3ds Max can't implement a modelling system like sketchup (draw on surface/push/pull/extrude)? That would make the workflow sooo much faster for archviz. Patent reasons?

  4. Hi, How are you? I'm a SketchUp user but right now I want to learn 3ds max If you have any suggestions for me so that kindly reply to me I will wait for your response? Remember I'm looking 3ds max 3d full modeling course.

  5. I don't understand, why do you manually extrude face by face when you could easily just extrude the lines you have visibly displayed in the viewport, and just use that as the model? It would be just as clean and take 1/3 of the time.

  6. Great tutorial to show the new 3ds max tools. Your videos are incredibly clear, professional and concise. Have you tried to use Revit data for the building modelling? This would be quicker and you can fine tune the details in 3ds max by converting the mesh to polys.

  7. can you pleas lower the contrast betwen you and the background and lower the music a little or use music without bass on it thank you and may all the good luck be with you

  8. 3ds max trying to catch up with ketchup standards, that tells a lot of how outdated 3dsmax software is. And it still falls short in this specific procedure. You still need zillion operations to do perform what sketchup does in just two clicks.


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