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    [4K60] Cyber Shadow – 100% Completion / All Story Scenes

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    0:00 Intro 2:45 Chapter 1 11:35 Chapter 2 - Disposal Facility 24:17 Chapter 3 - Mekacity Ruins 40:28 Chapter 4 - Reactor 59:05 Chapter 5 - Research Lab ...


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    Comment (31)

    1. If for any reason, you're looking for a game to do next, I'd really like you to try Ogre Tale. I have not played it yet, so it's not a recommandation. I just value your opinion.

    2. So, enjoying this footage.

      I love that he is going in on this so aggressively.

      I'm playing this game with hesitation while this dude is going all "LEROY JENKINS!!!" in this game barely using any specials. LMAO

      I can dig it.


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