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    SearchThisVideo: 5 Tips and Tricks For Dragon Quest Builders

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    good day guys at cj the cheese DJ here
    and today I'm just doing a short video
    on some tips and tricks that I've just
    you know found by playing dragon quest
    buildings so a couple of these are
    obviously more useful than the others
    but you know they're actually I think
    they're pretty useful and I thought
    don't just share them with you guys
    alrighty so the first one is that seeds
    of lifes that the town people give you
    after completing quests and stuff and
    then and just finding them to actually
    restore your health to full they were
    fully restore health so these guys are
    really effective when you're just
    bursting them against monsters and
    you're trying to kill them and say
    bosses or whatever and you're just
    trying to get past them the seeds of
    life so will actually restore your
    health to full so we'll get hit by slime
    here so you see we're at 68 health
    obviously this isn't a very fun with a
    bald boss but 67 health and you can see
    a little gap in there but if we take a
    seed of life voila a health goes back up
    to the maximum plus it gets an extra 5
    so yeah that's my first tip the second
    tip is that you should always carry
    these things with you these Camaro wings
    now these guys are invaluable pretty
    much is what these guys will do is
    they'll they'll teleport you back to
    your home base so they're like they're
    like very vital and essential so
    beginning game if you just head over in
    the westerly direction there's a whole
    heap of Camaros you can get from there
    and they'll actually they'll actually
    give you chimera ones and you need five
    of them to be able to craft these guys
    chimera wings and this teleports you
    straight back to your base and it's
    really useful especially when you get to
    those higher level places and you're in
    a pickle with all the other monsters the
    third tip is that you should make sure
    every room that you decide to build has
    a light source in it now
    I don't know about you guys but I spent
    a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out
    why this bloody room wouldn't complete
    itself for a quest and I was like what
    am I doing wrong what am I doing wrong
    it took me a good 10 minutes to realize
    crap I forgot to put a torch in so don't
    forget to add light sources to any room
    that you build as it won't be completed
    you build a room as you can see every
    room here has a light source of it and
    they are essential
    alrighty my fourth tip is that you
    should not as soon as you can build this
    gigantic chest as soon as you're able to
    this guy is also invaluable and he can
    store a whole heap of items in it as you
    can see here and now the actual the
    really good thing about this chest is
    once you're you can see at the bottom my
    inventory slots are not full there's
    still space for items but if you fill
    that up and you get new items it
    actually gets transported to that chest
    as well as this while you're out in the
    field you can actually go into the items
    menu and you can withdraw all the items
    that you have in there any of the items
    food whatever you've got stored in you
    you can also get your equipment in case
    you run out of equipment so it's

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    actually really vital that you have one
    of these chests and build them as soon
    as you can and make sure to stock up
    with food equipment just in case your
    equipment breaks or you run out of food
    and you need food in a pitch this guy
    will have you sorted and you can take it
    out as soon as you want a final tip for
    this video is that you should not forget
    to when demolishing or building or
    anything like that don't forget that you
    can hold l1 and r1 and to actually look
    up and look down so you can see I'm
    hitting these two top blocks instead of
    having to jump and you know waste time
    take more time you can actually just
    look up and hit oops don't hit a philip
    order and you can actually just demolish
    the things above you
    same as jumping you can get even higher
    you can hit four blocks four blocks high
    once you do that as well as this if you
    stand in the middle of a block you'll
    actually hit the two blocks on each side
    so you can see this one here if we stand
    in the middle of that block right there
    BAM we'll hit both for the blocks
    alrighty guys hopefully you guys found
    these tips useful and I'm gonna help you
    in some way that'll be it for today's
    video thank you very much guys for
    watching and I will see you in the next
    video don't forget to Like and subscribe
    if you enjoyed yourself and thanks guys
    I will see you later

    Hi everyone today I'll be showing you 5 tips and tricks I found in dragon quest builders!!! Hope you all enjoy!! Check out my other Dragon Quest videos!!! How to ...


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    1. I'm surprised you didn't have a 6th tip that explained that you have to download the game before you play it. Terrible video. Apparently you don't read anything the NPCs tell you.


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