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    7th Sector – 100% Walkthrough Guide

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    AchievementSquad #7thSector #Walkthrough 7TH Sector - 100% Walkthrough Guide Welcome to the 7th Sector, set in a mysterious cyberpunk world. Immerse ...


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    Comment (36)

    1. Thanks so much for this. I would literally have given up on this game otherwise. Some of the puzzles are so obtuse. That plus the physics puzzle where you need to carry those boxes, are perfect examples of a dev having played the game so much, they lose sight of the fact that players won't have a clue for half of the things in the game.

    2. Is there a way to make the background less blurry. Like the music part where the 4 digit code appears in the mirror, I couldn't make out what it said. It looked like 6962 but it ended up being 8981.

    3. I just finished play through one thanks to you and I’m ready for the second. Should I completely start a new game or can I reload the first level and just do everything this time?

    4. I didn’t get captured after freeing the people near the 2:12:20 mark. I had a completely different thing okay out where a big mech was chasing me in a hallway and I had to hide in lockers and pull levers numbered 1-5

    5. I can't get even past the stupid gramophone. I already pressed play on track 4 one hundred times, the light blinks and stops, it never turns off the room. What the hell am I supposed to do?

    6. Great guide, thank you, it helped!
      By the way, transformator puzzle at 51:38 is the easiest, not tricky at all. Just got to calculate total and divide by 2 !
      2 x X + 2 x Y + 2 x Z = Total => X + Y + Z = Total /2

    7. Great guide but you only need to complete the game ONCE while finding the Phantoms and HDDs but WITHOUT ACTIVATING ANY TRANSFORMERS, get the first 2 endings. Then use chapter select to activate the transformers in chapters:1,5,7,7,9,12,17,21,29,40 (you don't need to finish the level, as soon as you're done activating a transformer you can load to the next chapter). Then load chapter 45 (where you wake up as a human 2:40:55) and proceed to get the last HDD and the 2 other endings like shown in the video.

    8. 33:20 There is not necessary for a third can at all, for the elevator to go there is an info label inside the elevator '> 15kg' , that is, we have enough weight – 1 can (2.1kg) inside from the very beginning, 1 robot ball (6.2kg) and 2 cans (2×2.1kg=4.2kg) we put inside and the car (3.5kg) itself. Total 16kg – which good enough for moving further.
      Good job – your guide is very, very helpful!

    9. Thanks for this. I wouldn't have finished this game by FAR without a guide. It's a fairly brilliant game one of the best puzzlers of the last 10 years.. really cool, dystopian, dark environments, absolutely stunning rendering and the puzzles for the most part aren't easy at all, a real challenge. But that's my biggest complaint. Far too many puzzle solutions were so difficult to figure out and random, and the environment gave you zero clues on what to do, that it became incredibly frustrating. Some solutions still make no sense even after finding them on this guide… without which, some would have taken hours to figure out. ("how much free space is there"… and when as a flying-bot you have to enter those weird shapes… NOTHING told you what order they should be entered in. WTF.) Overall it's still a great game.

    10. I'm still stuck on one thing: what combination of factors do I need to get the last HDD device in Chapter 47? One of the comments below says: "(while on a current/saved game) where you have activated none of the transformers, use chapter select to activate the transformers in chapters:1,5,7,7,9,12,17,21,29,40. Then load chapter 45 (where you wake up as a human 2:40:55) and proceed to get the last HDD." Is that it? Do I also need to hide again from the search/red lights in order to get that last device?

    11. Okay, no, what is up with the puzzle at 25:50? How does ANY of that make sense? "The symbols correspond  the lines and dots". HOW!? The bottom symbols are in a different order, and there's no indication which Morse code sequence goes where!

    12. Question. Is there a way to turn on subtitles in this game? Whenever there are voices I just can never understand what they're saying. I know the radio puzzle was in french I surmised, but even the English is hard to comprehend.
      Couldn't find this info either in the game or elsewhere.

    13. Great walkthrough and helpfully detailed, but I still don't understand the puzzle at 1:29:35 … How do you know the combination order? Also you mentioned you believe the order is red, green, blue and yellow, but it doesn't seem to be the order you selected here. Plus, there are 5 digits to select, and I also noticed a dark blue one at the very beginning of this level when you open the round door… And there's also a pink one. Maybe I'm missing something. I'm so confused. This game can be really frustrating sometimes :'v

    14. Hello! I am recently starting out and I have a quick question. I started the game and did those puzzles where you recommended to not solve on your 1st play through. I was wondering if it’s worth it just to start over or just continue and it will take me a bit longer to get all of the achievements. Thanks! (Btw I am going for all secrets/achievements)

    15. Very drawn to this game having completed inside and limbo recently but some of these sections are annoying af.
      Overloading those fans in the ventilation level had me stumped.
      Thanks for taking my pain away.

    16. 51:00 the best place to farm 100 deaths for the "suicide" achievement. if you die to the pistons, the game will keep spawning you right before the previous trap with the light.
      there's no need to push any buttons etc,if you dont move the ball the light will kill you every time.

    17. I've just got my 4 ending through your playthrough! thanks.
      I haven't got the achievement for the HDDs though and I can't understand why.
      Also, I've seen that they are 12 in total..?

    18. 2:13:03 How comes i did not get the following part of 3 minutes of gameplay?? My guy got a safe elevator that brought him directly to the "running from big robot and hide in lockers" part. In many walkthroughs i see that part, but i cant play it! WTF?


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