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    A Hat In Time Review | The Completionist

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    A Hat in Time is a wonderfully charming and successful Kickstarter game that follows a girl with a big top-hat.

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    3D platfotmers have made a comeback in 2017. Developed by Gears for Breakfast, A Hat in Time is a platformer that starter out on Kickstarter and has made it way across PC and now consoles. Now when you hear "Kickstarter game" you think of delays, unfinished projects, but you're wrong here! There we delays, some development hell, but the extra time they took only made this game more polished and charming that it already is. Collect the Time Pieces, meet interesting characters, and stitch new hats! With lead art by Jenna Brown, this makes for one "cute-as-heck" game.

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    So what do you think of my A Hat in Time review? And Happy New Year everyone!

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    A Hat In Time Review | The Completionist

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    Comment (34)

    1. With the DLC and active mod community this game has more to offer than initially presented. You could argue that the bass game is still rather short but with the inclusion of these aforementioned elements I believe it has become a mute point.

    2. Some of the problems he mentioned are solved in the DLC.
      Too short? DLC adds two whole new levels as well as Death Wish.
      Not enough coins to get all the slot items? There's more coins in the DLC levels, so you'll end up being able to get everything.

    3. Lots of respect for the mafia guy in the intro. Not only he managed to get to a spaceship in what's probably sideral space without a vehicle or a space suit, but he also managed to speak in the void and punch through a glass which being that large, i can only assume it's a particular glass capable of resisting hits from space junk and small meteorites.

    4. A Hat in Time was just freaking great. For me, it's definitely better than Yooka Laylee for one reason only.
      The design is more focused in its level design. Yooka Laylee tried really hard to build big worlds, which is fine, but a platformer is basically a big, themed jungle gym for the user to play on… and it totally did that.

    5. This game is the best, especially with the Nyakuza Metro DLC and the Seal the Deal DLC, I love it so much, and I'm extremely glad it's getting the attention it deserves.

    6. I feel criticising the game over it's length is a bit unfair considering it's an indie game without the cash to make it as long as other more funded games.

    7. I know this has been said to death already on this video and Jirard most likely already knows about it as I'm sure tons of people told him but I'd absolutely love to see him recomplete this game with all of the DLCs that have been released especially due to it being on the Switch now With all of the DLCs

    8. I finally got around to this game today, but after 5 hours on steam it crashed with a "Out of Video Memory" error. No one ever mentions that the game is unstable as hell. I'm just hoping the refund goes through because that is frustrating.


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