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SearchThisVideo: A Short Hike is The Best Game in 2019 So Far (REVIEW)

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hello everybody my name is qubits and as
you might know I like games that are
bright and stylized have nature inspired
aesthetics and are super cute and also
bethesda games so when I saw the trailer
for a short hike several months ago I
knew I had to get my hands on this game
when it came out to steam despite my
excitement what I didn't see coming
was that after my second playthrough a
short hike has now become my favorite
game of 2019 at least so far but let me
explain I give it that distinction for
very subjective reasons the entire time
I was playing the game I just couldn't
stop smiling I truly can't remember the
last time I had that experience while
playing a video game and although the
game itself is short it has a lot of
things going for it this is a game about
exploring nature making friends
overcoming obstacles and clearing your
head so in other words it says wholesome
is pumpkin pie with a smile on its face
and also we need more flying and
climbing and whatever in games okay
after playing breath of the wild I just
feel like I need this in every single
game I play I don't care if your game is
underwater at parkour subnautica needs
parkour the next Elder Scrolls needs
jetpacks make it happen people it
doesn't need a reason it's just awesome
it's just objectively awesome some
people say that on a hike it's not about
how fast you finish but about the things
you experienced along the way and that
is exactly what this game is all about
this game earns your curiosity in a
short hike you play a bird named Claire
who is trying to climb to the top of a
mountain in order to get cell phone
reception so that she can find out if
her mother is okay in order to get to
the top of the mountain you'll need to
collect enough feathers around the game
world and from the characters you
encounter by exploring each different
area on the way up with these feathers
you can climb for longer fly higher and
run faster so basically these feathers
kind of act as a stamina bar in the game
they're actually tons of feathers to
find by exploring
toreen or completing side quests for
different characters having such a high
number of these feathers in the game
means that no one person's journey will
be exactly the same in my opinion
especially after finishing my second
playthrough I really recommend you take
your time in exploring the island
because so many of the things you're
able to find are definitely worth
for example in my second playthrough I
realized that I had missed a fishing and
tennis minigame along with some really
funny conclusions - quest lines on that
note one of my favorite parts of the
game are the really cute animals you
meet on your scent so many of them are
brimming with personality and several of
them have pretty humorous dialogue where
sit kid crime innate for the weak of
heart most people don't have what it

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takes um it's not really that bad so
anyway you want to join the climbers
Club sure great we got our third member
third just another drop in the hundreds
worldwide there little poses and
animations are so adorable as well
honestly this game has a great wholesome
sense of humor that was constantly
making me giggle and always made me glad
that I decided to chat with minor
characters and I have to say movement is
as smooth and fluid as melted butter
it's just ridiculous fun to jump fly and
run around all the extremely beautiful
landscapes I often found myself
lingering just for the sake of enjoying
the ambience of each different area I
came across something up this game's
style evoked memories of my first time
playing spyro the dragon and Pokemon a
short hike has such great environmental
design and aside from it being retro
style eye candy it has a really smooth
and cinematic camera paired well with
creative ways to lead you to unique
locations and important items without
the need for any quest markers beyond
the art being adorable this game's music
is literally everything I love about
video game music
it's so upbeat if each track is really
well suited for the area where it's
played I love the way the music swells
as you glide along and the way the track
shifts smoothly between each area its
mood is very bright and yet still laced
with an emotional gravity which meshes
very well with how this game feels and
coincidentally I've been listening to
the soundtrack on a loop while writing
this review I just I just want to give
the sheet music a hug look I know this
is way more gooey and sappy than I
normally get reviewing a game okay but
this freaking game is gooey and sappy
and adorable and just lovely this game
is like a fresh breeze mixed with a
comforting hug it's short but sweet
don't get me wrong I definitely wish
this game was longer ensure it doesn't
present any groundbreaking video game
technology but it's really well polished
and I'd happily pay twice the asking
price for just half a dozen more hours
of flapping around the mountain finding
more feathers however it does have a
great pacing to it it told the story it
wanted to tell and it delivers an
experience that sticks with you and just
to be honest a short hike is a perfect
example of a game that had a really
reasonable scope it is actually
completed from indeed a triple-a title
sometimes developers choose more
ambitious goals than they're capable of
fulfilling bigger worlds than they're
capable of filling out mechanics they're
not capable of polishing so even though
a short hike is somewhat minimalist it
accomplishes everything it sets out to

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

do and does it well and I respect that
so much in the current state of video
games so for like seven dollars which is
the asking price of the game on Steam
right now I thought it was worth it
especially since this game embodies so
much of my favorite kind of aesthetic
definitely worth more than a movie
ticket but since this is a short game
and one that relies heavily on your
ability to connect to the setting in the
tone it might not be for everyone
however if you love this cute
you enjoy games with a lot of
exploration and wholesome storytelling
you'll probably have an excellent
several hours playing this game I wanted
to cover this game since it isn't
exactly mainstream and I really do want
to see more indie games like this I also
really appreciate the fact that this
game is a simple concept executed really
well and the end product is really
from my point of view given that it's
about as indie as indie can get ndv
Frank I appreciate shorter games that
actually effectively execute what they
set out to do rather than overreaching
or stuffing in repetitive content just
for the sake of increasing average game
I'll take deliberate game design any day
over a game that isn't polished and
fails to nail its core design mechanics
well even if it is longer if you enjoy
this review and want to see more
consider subscribing and hitting that
Bell I recently reviewed another indie
game that I thought was really good
called the long dark and you can check
out that review on screen and if you
want to see further playthroughs of
indie games check out my twitch channel
that's where I experienced all of these
games first before reviewing them and
where I share a lot of my initial ideas
and lastly if you really liked this
video consider going over to patreon and
supporting me there special thanks to
all of my patrons thank you guys so so
much for your incredible generosity and
enabling me to produce videos like this
with that said thank you all for
watching and I'll see you in the next

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Comment (0)

  1. Just finished this game and its absolutely fantastic. It took about an hour to complete but i felt more satisfied and fulfilled compared to completing a lot of other games that took far longer. More games like this need to be developed

  2. Flying maybe, but parkour is annoying if you have to jump around like a monkey and fall to your death if you land an inch too short, having to restart over and over and over!

  3. A shame a game like this doesn't add anything …. Might be nice, but they end up being forgettable.
    Even for the price, it feels like it would be a waste of my time.. Can't really compare this to the original Pokemon, which is to me, the best new world you could be thrown into with lots of wholesome mechanics and a great adventure.

  4. I bought this because it stood out in the Indie World Nintendo Direct. It looks like a lot of fun so I gave it a try. I loved the experience! It's such a fluent and enjoyable game!

  5. sorry but I can't recognize why people love that game.
    In these kind of graphics why someone should to explore nature, or make friends? It's not an online game.
    And even the characters are not controlled by A.I. they talk same thang everytime you star new. Programmed friends or what?
    Sorry, I definitely can't get it, but when I see such thang goes up and someone says its the best game of 2019^^, then I can imagine that I should develope a game too and do it better.
    If life is so easy, okay, let's do it.

  6. Its maybe a bit late to buy it,but a friend recommended this to me and I just bought it because it was on sale for just 4 euros. And yeah…I completed it on the same evening with all feathers and everything. It is a great game and one of my favorite games so far.

  7. theres just something about this game, isn't there?? i really wish it were endless, that the characters dialogues went on forever and there were a reason to stay in this world a little bit longer… all while appreciating how short and sweet it is

  8. This is the only game where my inner completionist came in handy, I finished everything in the game in my first playthrough by just exploring everything and talking to everyone, I was paranoid that the game might end when I reached the top(i just really dumb) so I put I off so that I can finish everything else, but I have I say it was worth it. When I reached the top after finishing everything and having a heartfelt conversation with mom the slow glide to the bottom felt liberating, slowly looking at everything I experienced while climbing the mountain while gliding down was a feeling that I'll never forget. This game truly made me feel like I was truly living in that world and that I was my own character and the people living there were actual people with real personalities, stories, and goals. This is one of the best games I've played this year and anyone who played this masterpiece would agree.
    tl;dr: Amazing world, Lively characters, heartwarming story, and a beautiful soundtrack A truly wonderful short indie game that I would recommend to anyone 10/10


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