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    What SearchMyVideo.com does:

    On SearchMyVideo.com you can search for and display specific content within a Youtube©  video. You can search any video in our public archives.  You can also search ANY public Youtube video of your choice.  You do not have to own the video.  Your video searches are automatically saved to your /My Videos tab so that you can easily return and continue searching later.  You can also keep your video searches private or make them public.  You can also perform other functions such as email a video search to friends and colleagues.  Other tools are also available.

    We Search Video Subtitles, i.e., Closed Captions [CC]:

    The SearchMyVideo.com search algorithms locate Youtube video content based on captions (also referred to as subtitles). Most Youtube videos have captions enabled by default.  If not, and you own the video, just go to your Youtube account, and load the video into the editor. Locate the section named “Language, subtitles, and closed captions (CC)” and set the captions language to English and then save the video.

    If you do not own the video you can browse to the video on Youtube and leave a comment, asking the owner to enable English Captions/Subtitles so that the video can be searched by SearchMyVideo.com.  When SearchMyVideo.com displays search results for a video, those results are linked directly into the video timeline.  Cool!

    Try SearchMyVideo.com and see how much time you can save!!