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  • About SearchMyVideo.com


    SearchMyVideo.com is a value-added free service website owned, developed and operated by a team of application engineers with over 20 years of combined experience in training and educational help systems.

    Difficulties Facing Self-Trained Users

    Software users are by trade “hands-on” individuals and many, idea-driven entrepreneurs, who will not hesitate to embark on self-training missions to quickly seek the knowledge needed to succeed professionally and individually. However, the difficulty facing today’s self-trainers is the overabundance of information available. Many seek videos to quickly gain a better understanding but are hesitant to embark on hours long videos without knowing if that video holds the answers to their questions.

    How SearchMyVideo Works

    SearchMyVideo.com provides free value-added content and features not readily available. The website provides self-trainers the ability to quickly search for and watch content within a self-training video. Self-trainers can easily select, search and watch the same video multiple times over in a shorter amount of time than those attempting to watch the same video without a value-added search feature. This allows the viewer to learn quickly while at the same time introducing more opportunities for presenting well placed and targeted marketing content for products the user is learning about. TO BE CLEAR: SearchMyVideo.com exists for the sole purpose of presenting value-added content for existing publicly available videos. We give full credit to each video’s owner and channel. Thank You!

    Easy as One, Two, Three!


    Locate a video!

    SearchMyVideo.com has over 8,000 training guide videos to choose from arranged in easy to access categories: Activism, Earth, Education, Gaming, How To/Style, Music, People, Pets, Sports, Technology, and Travel.  The Gaming category also has an additional game title index to quickly locate gaming videos.


    Search your video!

    Selecting a video takes you to the video search page where you can perform a Quick Search or Full Search by entering keywords.  A search of the video’s English Subtitle Text is performed, and keyword matches are quickly listed in the order they appear in the video. 


    Watch your video!

    When you locate a keyword match, selecting it will begin playing the video where the keyword is mentioned!  Time stamps are also displayed in the search results.  They allow you to quickly begin watching the video at regular intervals, making it easy to move seamlessly through the video from start to finish.