• About SearchMyVideo

    Stop Wasting Time!

    You wouldn’t read a book without searching it’s contents!  Then why watch a video without searching it too?  Video learning can be a time-consuming process.  You know the information is in there – somewhere – so where to begin?  SearchMyVideo.com can help!

    It’s Easy to Use!

    Just enter your YouTube® video link using the form on our home page.  You can then perform a keyword search on it’s contents!  If the keyword is found you can link directly to that location in the video!  Easy-Peasy!  As long as the video has closed captions enabled you can search it with SearchMyVideo.com!  You can enable closed captions from your YouTube account without uploading a new video.  You can also ask other video owners to enable closed captions so that their videos can be searched on SearchMyVideo.com too.  Just leave a comment in their video.

    Build Your Video Search Archive!

    Your searched videos are kept private in your own My Videos tab where you can browse, search and manage them as your own video archive.  Plus, you don’t have to own the video to search it and add it to your archive.  All you need is the YouTube® video link.  From your My Videos tab you can also share any of your videos by making them public.  Videos in the Public category can be searched and watched by other SearchMyVideo.com users.  You can also email SearchMyVideo.comvideo links to your friends and colleagues.