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    ACT 6. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard/Classic) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 64

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    A remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden for the Nintendo 3DS.
    On the continent of Valentia lived a pair of sibling gods, Mila and Duma. These two gods fought a savage war over their conflicting ideals, before finally forging a pact to divide the continent into two. Afterwards, two nations–Rigel and Zofia–were formed around these gods. In the coming millennia, the continent ushered in an age of peace. However, in the current era, war threatens to engulf Valentia once again and only two youths–Alm and Celica–hold the power to stop it.

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    Comment (31)

    1. Ghast is really trying die here, that place is no joke (well, the first time, at least.)

      Go pass Level 5 of Thabes fresh from Duma, and you'll probably be forced to play Echoes like it's Metal Gear (No problem since you have Liquid Cobra!)

      Good luck, but you're Ghast…

    2. yeah act 6 pulls off the baboo gloves, hope you are ready to grind a bit cos you will get fucked up >:) (also place ur bets guys, will ghast find astra luna or sol in thabes first try)

    3. While I loved that we get to see grown-up Alm and Celica on the title screen once we beat the game, I kind of miss having the kids there. Also, the music on the title screen gets me so much that I have to get into game quickly or I might cry…

    4. I feel like chapter 6 was kind of a missed opportunity. They could have easily added some dialogue talking about the dragons attacking you and about how you must stop Grima.

    5. Ah the post-game dungeon, also known to some as Hell. For what it is, it's a fine post-game but what brings it down is the lack of a proper reward and the reward you do get isn't all that worth it after completing this.

    6. At first I didn't realize you were the same guy that did that big Celica retrospective video. I appreciated that. Even though I've only played the original Gaiden (plus Path of Radiance), Celica was wicked fun to play as. Would've been great if she'd been among the 8-bit babes from my youth like Peach and Samus, but at least now Celica's getting recognition.


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