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    SearchThisVideo: Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Vector Pizza from Sketch (HD)

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    hi everyone this is dom designs here

    back with a new adobe illustrator

    tutorial video

    in today's video i will show you how to

    take a sketch i made of a slice of pizza

    and turn it into a beautiful and vibrant

    vector illustration

    in adobe illustrator if you're new to

    the channel and you're interested in

    adobe illustrator drawing tutorials and

    process videos then please consider

    subscribing to my channel

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    an upload


    so let's dig into this illustrator


    firstly i try to always start planning

    out my drawings by creating some rough


    here you'll see me draw out that slice

    of pizza on a piece of paper with a



    i then took a picture with my phone and

    transferred it to my computer

    then place the image using the placement

    option which is command shift p

    on your keyboard on an empty 1920x1080p

    canvas in adobe illustrator our next

    step is to turn this image into a


    by double clicking on the layers panel

    icon it will open up a box

    where you will be given the option to

    turn on the template mode

    this automatically dims down our image

    by 50

    and it also locks it down i'll then

    create a new layer and name it artwork

    this is where the outline of our pizza

    will be

    using a dark red color as our outline at

    a 10 points thickness we will draw our

    outline of the pizza

    let's trace out our image using the pen

    tool p on your keyboard

    don't be afraid to go back and restart

    or fix your curves along the way


    using this method you will notice we

    have a lot of overlapping lines

    we will take care of those in a little

    bit what i'd like to do next is to taper

    in some lines using one of my favorite


    the width tool the width tool can be

    found on your panel to the left

    or you can just use shift w on your


    by clicking and dragging you can see

    that i can make the end of the stroke

    thinner or thicker so i'll go ahead and

    do all the lines i think would need


    now that we're done with that let's

    clean up and get rid of all the lines we

    don't need

    by using the shape builder we can also

    select strokes

    so holding down the option key on your

    keyboard we will be able to delete the

    strokes we don't want

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    also let's remove the round cap on some

    of these strokes as well

    so let's do this exact process for the

    crust of our pizza


    awesome now that we have the base of the

    pizza completed

    let's add some color to it let's create

    a new layer and name it color

    so what we want is to add color to our

    illustration below the outline layer

    so what i'll do is select the outline

    and copy and paste it in back i'll then

    go to the layers panel and drag that

    little red square on our artwork layer

    down to the color layer since our

    original drawing was composed of lines


    we would need to separate the pizza into

    shapes so let's take out our handy shape

    builder tool to help us out

    i'll select the whole illustration on

    our color layer and go to our shape



    let's click on the crust and the middle

    part of the pizza

    now this will separate our shapes into

    two we can then select them and remove

    the stroke

    and add some fill using our dom designs

    master color palette

    let's give the cheese a nice saturated

    yellow and the crust

    a brownish tone turning off our color

    layer so that we can see our template

    let's draw our toppings

    to make things more organized i'll

    create a third layer on top and name it



    so for the color of the pepperoni i do a

    copy and paste in back of the original

    stroke and invert the stroke to fill

    now let's give this a nice red color now

    let's add some details to it

    let's do a copy and paste in front of

    the color

    then i'll drag a third copy holding

    option on a keyboard

    using the shape builder tool let's

    delete the parts that we don't want


    and then create our shadow

    i like to use a darker red and then

    bring down the opacity

    this allows my drawing to be evenly


    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    our object panel go down to path

    and then offset path let's bring the

    offset down a little

    and click on ok next we will bring down

    the stroke width

    as you can see we have a shape that fits

    into our pepperoni

    i'll then cut it in half and taper off

    the strokes


    i'll finish this off by adding a few

    more details


    next i'll add extra toppings to the





    now we will add some shadows to our


    on our color layer using the pen tool

    i'll draw out where i want the shadow to




    then using the shape builder tool we

    will select all and delete the shapes

    that we don't need

    i'll do the same process for the

    remainder of our pizza














    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00















    awesome this looks tasty

    finally we will complete our

    illustration by adding the bubble with

    the heart icon






    and to end things off let's add a nice

    background and shadow underneath

    the pizza


    and there you have it how to take your

    pencil sketch of a pizza and turn it

    into a vector illustration in adobe


    i hope you enjoyed the video and let me

    know if my tutorial was helpful for you

    thank you and see you next time everyone

    How to turn a thumbnail pencil sketch into a clean flat design vector logo graphic in Adobe Illustrator CC. You will learn how to create a beautiful simple flat design slice of pizza.

    This video is easy and quick to learn for beginners and intermediate graphic designers looking to improve their skills in Adobe Illustrator CC using some of my tips and tricks.

    You will learn step by step how to import a sketch into Illustrator. Then set it as a template. We will then create the main outlines using the pen tool, shape builder tool, curvature tool, pathfinder when merging as well as how I choose my colours and gradients with my custom colour palette.

    BTW!! If you like the colour palette I have been using in my videos. I am happy to announce you can now purchase it on my Etsy shot for less than a cup of coffee. This will take all the headaches of having to test out a bunch of colours to see which ones work! Check out the link!


    #sketchtovector #vectorlogotutorial #adobeillustratortutorial

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