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SearchThisVideo: Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Announced! …Wait, Really??

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hey everyone Derek here with a quick

news update on something completely

unexpected Alex Kidd in miracle world is

getting a remake in the form of miracle

world DX this was announced during IGN's

summer of gaming 20/20 presentation and

it is a new visual style for Alex Kidd

featuring new levels new game modes and

alternative boss battles which are all

based on the classic Master System game

they have a trailer up that will be

linking to but yeah talk about an out of

nowhere announcement now we don't have a

release date yet but this is just a

simple announcement trailer and it is

something to see it's very reminiscent

of the monster boy remake in the fact

that you can switch back and forth but

it's not going for that hand-drawn art

style this is definitely more advanced

pixel look and honestly it looks really

good now I've never played Alex Kidd

myself so I have no idea how this

compares to the original or exactly what

it's going to be like so I guess it's

sort of this brand new a game for me to

experience now and that is kind of

exciting in its own way but yeah what do

you guys think of this surprise

announcement of Alex Kidd in miracle

world DX

let us know in the comments and of

course be sure to subscribe to

GameXplain for more on sega and other

things gaming as well until next time


During IGN's Summer of Gaming Event, a Sega surprise was shown off, Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX! Watch the trailer here: ...


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  1. I always thought Alex was a reject Link when I was younger. Never once touched a single Alex game before. Unfortunately I only heard of the lad from Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing.

  2. I played Alex kidd on the master system back in the day, and I can tell ya that this new remastered version looks far better than the classic version and still the old one was fun.

  3. Underwater graphics look a bit too murky, I know the water still felt vibrant and colourful in the original. Otherwise I think this art style looks fantastic and will hopefully serve this old series well! Definitely curious about this project.

  4. First, Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon's Trap got a remake, now, Alex Kidd in Miracle World's getting a remake? What other Sega games are we going to see get a remake? Phantasy Star? Puyo Puyo? Has Sakura Taisen/Sakura Wars ever been remade?

  5. I hope Alex Kidd is a lot more tougher now (I never played it though but I saw videos and I saw him dying in one hit ever time, still he could wreck cars in one hit)

  6. I cannot believe the commentator of this video has never played Alex Kidd.

    To the commentator of this video Alex Kidd In Miracle World is available RIGHT NOW (and has been for a while now) to buy in The SEGA VINTAGE COLLECTION for PSN and Xbox LIve. Go and get it.

  7. Think about it, if Sega could make all the big titles like this one, I could imagine already me playing Comic zone, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Gunstar heroes remake versions with advance pixel art. super awosme.


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