ALL-IN-ONE TUTORIAL Planet Coaster Console PS5 /4 / XBOX One /X (reUp)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hey everyone and welcome to anall-in-one tutorial for planet coasterconsole editionthis is recorded on the playstation butit works the same way on your xbox justyou know take the other buttons but i dosay thatuh throughout the entire tutorial whichbuttons to use um the tutorial willcontain five partsterrain coaster builder pathing buildingand nature and tipsWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40and you can skip through them i willmake a little bit like the skippingmarks down there you can use them or ifyou want to watch all of these videossolely you can do so because i havelinked them as welli've got each episode also in a soulvideo so if you want to watch thatgo ahead and do it but now enjoy thistutorial have funand let me know if you have any morequestions about planet coaster consoleWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00editionput it down in the comments down belowbut enjoy the tutoriallet's just first talk about the basicsof terraforming in this gameso the first thing you have to note isthat this game features a voxel basedterraforming optionthat means you can push and pull theterrain to your likingin a full 3d space environment you arenot tucked to any kind of grids orWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20whateverin order to go and enter the terrainmode you can see in the lowerarea of your screen you have these whitetabs and thefurthest to the right is the terraineditor you go with your r1key on your xbox controller or the dashbutton on the top right which is the rbkeyor the rb dash button on your xboxcontroller you're gonna open it overWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40hereum if you're there just press x on yourplaystation or a on your xbox controllerand you're going to open the menu as youcan see on the right hand side we have acouple of controlsthese controls help you to guide throughhow you want to build so let's go firstof all through these things here insculpting so sculpting is the freesculpt modewhere you can sculpt the terrain to yourliking you have the pull toolWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00which i'm gonna quickly show youbasically does what you expected to doitpulls out the um wonderful terrain hereas you can see this is the intensity isnot quite well so you can see down herethere's an intensityslider i'm gonna pull this one all theright to the backto the right side now just increase thisa little bit and now if i pull againjust by pressing x on my keyboard orWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20actually oh wellyou know i'm pressing very hard this iswhy my controller is about to die out ireally hope it survives today'stutorial before i need to recharge it umthis is pretty easy if we swipe oneto the right over here you can see thereis a pull tool a push tool and you'regonna expect that this does exactly whatit sayswell yes it's gonna push back theterrain but you can see i messedWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40up a little bit the terrain over hereand you want to flatten that again toput onyour building your pathway or whateverthe third option here is flatten theterrainand that's kind of handy you just go tothe level that you want and as you cansee over here i messed up i want to fillin that gap againso i'm going to go to the outside wherethe level is exactly the height i wantWatch at: 02:40 / 03:00to have itand once you're here you press a but youhold a downand then you move your stick slowlyabove it and you can seei'm going to flatten that all back youknow and if you just go slowly over ityou're going to fix the issue uh thatyou just createdimportant notice you may also see thatthe ground is changing color a littleWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20bitthis is something we are going to talkabout once we have talked aboutall the different tools but there is anoptionto make sure that you're painting in theexact kind of surface uhtexture that you want um so keep that inmind don't bedon't be surprised that it does do thechange now if we go further tothe tools though we have the next thingis flattened to surface it kind of worksWatch at: 03:20 / 03:40the same way as you've just seen withthe flattento foundation but as the surface meansit kind of includesinformation about the slope of theterrain so let's saywe are down here and we press again youcan see there is no difference happeningthat's basically because the foundationover here is perfectly flatso it's a perfect uh 90 degree zero toWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00however you call it but it's there's noinformation about a slope so it's notgoing to change if we move slowly overhere thoughand we take this information here let mejust quickly show you there's a kind ofa heavy slope in hereif i hold down now the a button or the xbutton depending on whichconsole you are on and i move this tothe sideyou can see it's basically sculptingWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20from the exact surfaceum tilt information that it got soif i'm just going to pull that all outlet me just see so there you can see itjust completely perfectly took theinformation and pulled it overin that way you can create tilledsurfaces if you wantso you can actually move that down andwe basically create like a niceconnection here of the mountainWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40uh just making sure that that nicelittle area soyou know that's pretty simple prettyhandy you can see how i do thisreal quick over here it's not that bigof a deal it's actually really easy onceyou get the hang of itum for me the hardest part to be honestis just like a very nice controlwith the mini stick because i'm not usedto it i'm more like a pc gamer so iWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00think you guys are more console arrowsum so you you're way more used to thatif we go further to the rightthe next tool is chisel and chisel iskind of cool when when you want to makesure that your build is a little bitmorei don't know adjustable um and then justgets a bit morecharacter so you say your chisel isbasically the same as you have in clayWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20and clay tools and stuff or if you areworking with rock at homewhatever why you would do this um youknow if you're a stone mason or what youknow what it is butthe chisel basically does what youexpect it to do you can chiselthe terrain a little bit by pressingdown it again takes the information ofthe slope you are inand you can chisel the terrain to yourWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40liking i kind of often use this toto make sure that i get a bit more roughuh landscapingand if i want to make the roughness alittle bit more precise one thing tonote also if you zoom in and outum the size of the tool stays the sameso that's kind of cool because then youcanyou can get in and get a bit morecreative once you get it more closeand you can sculpt this terrain a bitWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00more precise so as i go in you can seeit doesn't really have that big of aneffect because now the mini stickrelative to the zoom level is obviouslya lot easier so if i'mall the way out you know the mini-stickmovement as you can see isquite heavy and if you go all the way inthe same minimini stick movement is just like a verysubtle application of movementWatch at: 06:00 / 06:20and that that way you can you can dosome very very detailed stuff soit's really cool what you can do andbasically in no time it's it's not thatbig of a dealnow let's talk about the next tool thisis the smooze optionand the smooth option um is one tool ithink you might use the most becausethat is kind of the little glueWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40that makes your stuff look good in theend and makes things well as the toolsays smooth together so i left open thislower side over hereas you can see that's not really niceyou know there's a little edge down herewhich we want to get rid ofand you can do this with a smooth tooljust press down and slide over it youcan see it starts to create to blend inthe twoum areas here a little bit nicer so itWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00kind of creates like a smoothtransition between both sides obviouslyyou don't always want that because ifyou want tomake a rock facade or something look abit more rough like it is over hereyou're not going to use that i'm goingto show you some techniques how youcreate stuff like i did over herein no time basically um that's it andthen there's the last tool which to beWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20honest is thethe sole tool i'm not gonna reallyrecommend to you guys because i findthisit's a very handy thing for super casualplayers but if you are watching thistutorialto become a bit better in doing somerealistic terrain or the terrain makingto your likingthen you would potentially avoid thattool so what this does is a roughen tooland it kind of automatically roughensthe terrain for you let's see if i canWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40do something cool about here well it'snot cool but you can seeit kind of creates a bit of cellulite touh the terrainif you will it just malforms um theterrain in a veryrandom way and just to show you thatit's random we're gonna do it againand you see it's not the same patternit's just the stronger you press themore malforming happensWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00um and it's not you know sometimes itpushes sometimes it pullsif you are lazy and you want to createlike a rough areathis is maybe the way you go but i againi don't want to reallyrecommend that okay so before we go intothe next um tab over here which then isthe paintingi'm going to show you a little bit moreof an easy way to navigate through thisbecause like all this clicking to theWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20left and right is prettypretty unhandy if you if you ask me umit's not really the fastest way and thisis where the radial menu comes into playagain so what you doyou just press the y button on your xboxcontroller or theuh the the triangle on your playstationcontroller hold it down and this opensthis oneWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40wonderful circular module and you cansee this is all your tools in one placeyouso let's see we want to have to flattenthe foundation nowand there you go we have to flatten thefoundation and i want to flattenback my terrain because i messed it upover here one thing you will notice nowthis isa little bit of pain of the ass becauseit's it's quite a large area i have toflatten now this is gonna get a bit timeWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00intensive but now there is thiswonderful option to changethe size and the intensity of this brushtoolon the go and this is by holding downeither the x button onyour xbox controller or the um thesquare button on your playstationcontroller and excuse me i'm alwayslooking between my two controllers hereWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20to give you the right infohold it down and you can see to thebottom right of the screen there is aninfo what you can doso by sliding your mini stick to theleft and right you decrease and increasethe size which is pretty easy tospot visually on the screen so we aregoing to make that like go all the wayup because we want to have it likereally big and then by moving it up anddown youincrease or decrease the intensity coolWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40bit of information herethis goes way quicker than if you do itwith the navigation buttons because it'sjust a lot moreintuitive and then you can just do itand i've got 100 with this big one nowi'm going to search for my perfect spothere this is where i am and little hintthis inner circle is always theinformation ofwhere the center point is where you getWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00the information fromso let's say i'm gonna i'm gonna hitthis nowon here this will take the informationfrom this upper level as you have justseen and it just easily creates thisplatform for you but we want to havethis lower area here so i'm going toclick next to itand you can see it always drags theinformation from over there and this isnow pretty simple just like drag it alloverWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20and you're going to create this lovelyflat area in no timeso yeah that's basically about thesculpting tools on the go and now you'vealso learnedum how to just easily and quickly adjustthe sizes and the brush sizes and theintensityon the go so you never really have tolook to the right menu if you are in youcan justgo on sculpting with no interruptionsWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40and that's kind of pretty cool i lovehowintuitive they made this now if we uhswitch the next tab which you do withthe dash buttons on top of yourcontrollerrb on xbox or the r1 key andrespectively the um which is that thelb and the um l1 button either can theyjust have the sameWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00descriptives now oh my god this is soannoying anyways you can see we are nowinthe different menu and again same thingover here and this is where it starts tobefun if you hold down the radial menu nowit still gives you an option to changebetween the differentum options here if you want to go but weare going to just have nowthe paint tool so what you can do youWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20can change the different textureand for the sake of this tutorial herei'm gonna go with a little bit of arocky mud over here okay i want to havesome rocky mudum by the way holding down squareor x on xbox controller is opening againthe menu of intensity and size andbefore we go really into making a littlebit of painting herelet me just tell you as a little pro tipWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40because i've played that like quite aloton my wonderful uh computer the lastcouple yearsand i would highly recommend to neverever useintensity 100 for painting because ifyou have like around 60-ish percentmaybeor even lower go like somewhere between50 and 60gives you most likely the best resultsWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00because what happens isit isn't really blending in the fulltexture it's still very strongas you can see um it's quite strong butit just doesn't completely blend it andi'm gonna show you thedifference now i'm gonna push that allup to 100and now if i hold down boom it justcompletelyshatters it and you can see there's likethis little bit of shadow going throughWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20see how it's blend together here that'sthe nicest thing about this and nowlet's change that a little bit backwe're going even even less and i'm gonnause my grass again and i'm gonna makealso the size a little bit smallerand now you can see how this how thisstarts to be in effect nowif i just simply press it again iwouldn't hold it down for too longWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40because just pressing it it just givesyou a bit of a minor applicationand then it starts to look kind of cooljust blends in nicer and we just do itthe same way down herethere you go just pushing that a littlebit downand then you have this nice transitionand that looks kind of coolyou know let's just also get some rockin here um but justlower down the intensity even furtherWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00because i just want to get some rockybitin between so now just doing it likethatand there you go see i just blended thatin nicelyand it's not like super heavy um thislooks kind of natural ii kind of like to go with that it pullsout a little bit too far over here sowhat you can easily do is go back toWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20grassand then just you know start painting alittle bit further in the frontjust to make it blend a little bit lessin so there you go and it looks evenbetter now yeah i quite like this to bea little bit less in the back here aswell and down here solike this and i'm going to show you nowwhat happens if you do the same but justyou know use full intensity i'm gonnaWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40show you in the backlet me zoom out a little bit so i'mgonna use this this side over herejust hold it down and look look how lookhow much of an effect it is even thoughthe sizeis very much smaller so you basicallynever want to do thisnow the beauty is if you unfortunatelyfor whatever reasonhave done this because you didn't payattention to the intensity you haveWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00haven't pulled that up or just happenedby accident you can easily underundo this by holding down square butthen what you dois you don't press actually the ministick but what you do presson your arrow keys you press the leftbutton and this is kind of undo and redoyou do see this actually when you areleaving all the menus and you're holdingWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20down square over hereyou see all the controls now down belowum in the in the bottom part of the uiand you can also redo it in case you sayhuh you know what i still want to keepthat so offoff we go i can redo and undo by justclickingin but beware there's not an infiniteamount of potential you can do itit's around 60 steps you can do and undoWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40so after these 60 steps it's basicallylocked it's kind of like in photoshop orso where there is limited amount ofcash that you have of things whilealmost stuff is quitting because theydon't like the stuff hereum this is how it works and then thelast bit we need to talk aboutis actually the water because the lakehas to be donesomehow as well um and the cool bitWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00about this lakefeature in planet coaster is unlikely inplanet zoo it doesn't work unfortunatelyyou can drag out water volumes prettyeasilyby just going in and i'm gonna lowerdown the intensity and alsomaking sure that this is so you can seei'm with the tool now in the water i'mgonna press x and drag it over hereWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20and you can see automatically the waterextendsto the certain area but let me just tellyou um to make it a bit more simple foryou to understand while i just want tosmooch this a little bit smooth it a bithere so just make these edges a littlebit smoother as you can seethere you go just nice and smooth andWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40what you can also doyou can go flat into the foundation andthen find yourselfthe level where the water starts like ii like to do this to just goright below water level see you can seeactually as soon as thecircle goes above water level this iswhere you don't want to be but here thisis where i want to beso now i'm going to zoom out a littlebit see this is exactlyWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00where it's blending in and then i'm i'mdecreasingthe intensity to minimum and then what ido is just like pressto make uh the water a little bit moreshallow over here can you see you canreally see how that works now and thenwhat you can do also you can do the samein the water but then i want to have thesize a lot lessso we're going to go and searchWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19ourselves from like good leveli think i think it's kind of nice hereand then i'm going to press againand then you have the very shallow likelittle water side effectso see like this and now to make thiseven more perfect i'm going to smooththis all but i want to have like a highintensity smoothingi'm going to do it like so just going toWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40smooth this areaso i have like this lovely little bit ofwater arm over hereand i want to do some painting becausethat's water we do need some sand do wehave some sand actuallylet me see oh is it all in the front ithink it's all in the front rightit's kind of mud okay well we useactually dirt and mud and then we'regonna decide upon that if that's nice ornotWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00so just gonna do some yeah that lookssomewhat likesand i'm gonna go with that that's finesee this is how you do it pretty easilybut this was with an existing area tomake a water bottomit's very easy you just go in here useyouruh push tool you're gonna createyourself a littlelittle hole and then i would alwaysrecommend to use the flattened toWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20foundation tool to just extend that holea little bitso that's what we're doing over here youknow just create that littlelittle area you can already tell this isgoing to be like a little pondyou can close that off in case you don'tneed this and then you go basically hereto the water thing and you can see assoon as you go to thesides of this there is a blue lineWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40appearing here you can see the blue lineand if this blue line appears this meansyou can put in the waterso just let's do this boom there's thewater in in this gameum by the way if you want to get rid ofit just press a y on your xboxcontroller rand the triangle key while you're on thewater you see this little innerwhite button appearing in your littlecursor in the middle just press it andWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00it's gonewater is gone you can choose betweencalm water rough waterstanding water and dirty water um socalm water is the normal oneas you can see over here the rough wateris lookingpretty similar but if we go and lookfrom the sides you can see it's moving alittle bit morei'm gonna use now the calm water againWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20there you can see it's a lot more calmthere's no wavies going on in betweenum and then you have the standing waterwhich is a little bit moredirty and still has the uh watermovement onand then there is the dirty water whichuh has a bit of a different textureit you know there's just a very minordifference in betweenone thing to notice though it isWatch at: 18:20 / 18:40basically a texture in this game it'snot a water volume so if you go belowit's looking the exact same so it'sactually just a little texture andthat's also the reason why you caneasilymanipulate that on the go but yeah youcan see this is this is how easy you doitnow already guys this was the basicsabout terraformingum actually it's pretty simple um incase you still have someWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00some problems with it just test aroundit's actually like playing with clay youknow you can you can just play aroundyou know make your stuff work in and nowum we create like this little hill overhere it's pretty simpleand i always recommend to usedifferent layers so what you can dobuild yourself different layersWatch at: 19:00 / 19:20like that okay so i have three differentlayers now and then what this this isthe one tool you always want to useflatten to foundation make sure you usethis tool as much asyou can um my recommendation is justalways use that to create stuff likethat you know you just go herethis is it and if you want to create alittle bit more of an ovenuh you know natural looking stuffWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40sometimes you can just flick thecontroller flick the mini stick you knowhold it down and just flick it to theright a little bit and not that crazy asif i've done butjust a little bit so it creates thesebit more rough edgesand then what you want to do you go justto the next level just choose yourselffrom yeah let's say we go this is why isaid create yourself from levels let'sWatch at: 19:40 / 20:00go hereand then you do the next level just likethat and then if you want to do a bitmoreyou just go a bit higher there you gocreate the next platformand then we obviously want to go all theway here and i want to let me just givethat little nubsy here i want to go abit higherthere you go create this next higherleveland just flick it over here lovely andWatch at: 20:00 / 20:20then you can just press onceto create like a bit more of a roughstuff like that lies and then what ialways doi go back to the smooth tool but thesmooth tool always wants to have like avery low intensity because you don'twant to destroy the rocky face you justwant to smooth outsome of the rough edges you don't likeso this is what i do over hereWatch at: 20:20 / 20:40so pretty much as that you know it'sit's really simple and then you have itthis is how you you start doing yourstuff and then uh yeah it's already kindof a mountainif you want to do a spike for example asi've done over here for testing purposesand you can easily do it in two ways youknow the firstthing i think is way more easy to do isWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00when you go to thepush tool and uh the pull tool sorry youjustincrease the intensity also to make itmore easy for you and then obviouslystart with the size that you likejust press a to to make it go up andthen once you are on the top againyou just decrease the size ever soslightly you just press againmake sure to always stay in the sameWatch at: 21:00 / 21:20intensity because that helps youto make it um somewhat similar and thenjust do it againand then you know you always decreasethe size there you gonext level and then do it all untiluntil you are at one so you see atthe at the end it's going to be a littlebit more less crazy and then you can doWatch at: 21:20 / 21:40it with one which is giving you thesmallest spikethere you go just gonna create this lastlittle bit and then you've created thisone it's a little bit tilt because ihaven't paid too much attentionso that's the way how you do it or whatyou can also do but i find this always alittle bit more complicatedyou go back again to the push toolincrease the size a little bitlet's go here and then you push it out aWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00little bit until you havea very steep little edge to it and whatyou can do thenum you can basically let me just see umoh this is the only tool we don't havein here so to flatten the surfaceum and you go and search for itself likea very steep anglewhich i think is this one and then whatyou will do just go out zoom out alittle bitWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20and then you can flick it to the righthand side just build that drag that outfrom over hereyou know stuff like that and thenobviously you want to have the otherside and you just move it overand search yourself for like an anglethat you areliking i think this is kind of nice andthen you just drag it down from overhereyou can do this for all the sides likeWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40stuff like hereyou know this is fine this is by the waywhether it's not too easy to make aspike with itthis is the best way to create some nicelittle mountains if you want this iswhat i always used to dowhen i want to create like a volcano-ishmountain or like a bit more of aof a theme park age background for likea snowy peak or something i want to goalways doing like that you know so thisWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00is the easiest way of gettingthe right angles together just searchyourself for the best angleand go with this one and then uh whenyou have thisyou can start basically smoothing thecorners out and then you have this nicelittle rockuh mountain face however you would callit so it's actually pretty easy tomanipulate terrain guys in this gamei'm not gonna lie it's it's very simpleWatch at: 23:00 / 23:20but i want to end this tutorial whichbecame a bit longer than i expected butii got a little bit more into detail ihope you guys appreciate that umi made it as simple as possible i reallyhope this was helpful for youin case you've got any question aboutthe terraforming put it down below inthedescription uh sorry in the commentsection all right soin order to open the coaster menu you'reWatch at: 23:20 / 23:40going to pressthe shoulder buttons on your controllerand then we do navigate over here to thecoasters tabso once you have this opened first youcan see that there are severalblueprints already pre-made for you butum this is not what we want to do wewant to build a customcoaster today to show you actuallycoaster bill we're going to build like aWatch at: 23:40 / 24:00very simple oneso in order to do so you're going topress the right mini stick down on bothxbox option controller it doesn't matteralso if you're on ps4 ps5 or xbox x series or the xbox one itdoesn't really matter just press thebutton downand then you can see this customawesome very nice overview is openingWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20with a differenttype of coasters and you can see thereare all the hoses but you can also gointo standard coasters you can woodencoasters launched causes suspended oneswing coasters are special courses here'sa little note for youthis is the deluxe version i'm runningso in this there's also the classicrides and the magnificentrides included so there are two moreWatch at: 24:20 / 24:40coasters i guess includedum that just as a little note but we aregoing to build avery standard coaster and we are goingto build the kitty coaster todaywhich is not a dragon we are going to dothe where is this littlething there you go it's the vendigolwe're going to build the vendigolum the wendigo is a very easy coasterand in terms of how you can build itWatch at: 24:40 / 25:00and it will be enough to basically buildthis alsobefore we start building i'm going toshow you one setting that i've donein my settings in order so you can builda little bit betteruh your coaster so you go and navigatedown to settings and then if youswipe over to the game options you cansee there are some collision optionsbuilding options and coaster settingsWatch at: 25:00 / 25:20what i have donei have enabled the coaster frictioncontrol the coaster friction controldoes what it says you do have a controlof the friction of the cursor so usuallythe friction is set to onewhich is um you know an attempt to makeit asmuch real-life as possible but in casesome causes have a little bit lessfriction than the game wants it toWatch at: 25:20 / 25:40you can slide it down to make it goeasier through your layout if you havethe feeling it is too slow but you don'twant to increase your lift hillyou can use this option to make yourcoaster still make the layout sothen we have the option allow moreinterchangeable coaster cars which ispretty handy because this means you canswitch outthe cars of the coaster in order to haveWatch at: 25:40 / 26:00some more variation in this umyou have the um crash dummy test this isthat you have thatthe crash time is uh seated in your cari have this on you can disable that ifyou don't want to have these things inthereand then you can go all the way down andthere is also another option which isthe disable track limits which i'm goingto turnon here um because that allows you toWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20build a little bit more than the coastertypically would allow you to doum i always like to have it on becausesometimes this helps you by smoothingout stuff that you normally couldn't doand you would need to have aroundbasically what that setting is umthat there are some coasters that can'treally umbend some things more than certainWatch at: 26:20 / 26:40degrees or they don't have you knowum they don't have enough uh whateverpieces that you can intersect or whatnotso there's justa little more freedom for you availablebut yeah in order to place this down youcan use the shoulder buttons torotate actually the um and the coasterstation over here and let me just seewhere's my pathway my pathway is overhereWatch at: 26:40 / 27:00let's just plop this thing down rightover here i think that's nice so we'regoing to start this coast over here icould haveraised it higher or lower but i'm goingto stick to this heightso we are not going to start right overhere with the normal stuff we are goingto start with this tracklike in all other areas of the game youhave several options to hitthe different tools available to you asWatch at: 27:00 / 27:20always on the right hand side you havethe little menuwhich you can guide through with theshoulder buttons you go to settings yougo to the stationor you go to um prefab things that arein the game so um they give you a choiceof different elements that are pre-madefor this specific type of code so youcan seethere are just some variations of halfhelixes and full helixesWatch at: 27:20 / 27:40up and down but we are not going to looktoo much into thisin the settings menu you can turn on theangle snap which allows you to basicallystick always to an angle so that youhave a very nice layout in terms ofalways having the same angles you canhave some height markers so you alwayshave the ideawhere you are actually um i would keepthat to sea level so you always knowWatch at: 27:40 / 28:00exactly on which height you areyou can also have auto tunnel which thatmeans is that you basicallygo into the ground and then itautomatically creates a tunnel for youi would not recommend that because thetunneling is a little bit too aggressivein my opinionit always creates a far too big tunneland you are then having to dig yourselfto make it look a little bit moreWatch at: 28:00 / 28:20you know tight and natural so i wouldactually not do this just go into theground and then carve out your holelater if you need it and then there aresome camera options and there is thecamera option attachedor um let me just go down attach androtateor first person so first person one isactually you're building this on the goas you can see um i like this quite aWatch at: 28:20 / 28:40lot especiallyfor these types of coasters this optionis pretty handyindeed um so i want to saywe are going to start in this you canalways rotate around you knowand if you just flip the left mini stickback to building it always goes back soit's kind of coolum you can you can also zoom out withWatch at: 28:40 / 29:00the lower shoulder buttons as alwaysto just have a look how the layout isbut then flick the left mini stickand you're basically back in this viewnow if you hold downthe wonderful um square or the x buttonon your xbox controllerthis opens the menu for having thebanking and the banking then iscontrolledWatch at: 29:00 / 29:20with the lower shoulder button so youcan tilt it to the right or you can tiltit to the leftby the way this is what um the optionwas with disabled track limits becausenormally this coastercan only bend for like i think 30degrees but without having this umenabled you can also go to 90 degreesbut we are not going to have any kind ofdegrees herewe are going to basically start off withWatch at: 29:20 / 29:40a little dip downnothing crazy and we're just going tomake this whole piece a little bitshorter so we go with five meters okayso we don't want to go into the groundso we just leave it basically at a zeroand then what we dowe just do some banking already you knownot that much 28 degrees is fineand we just turn it a little bit to theright hand side just build a littleWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00nice curve over here so let's have alook how we are relative to the stationum let me just zoom out a little uh welli just thought a little okayso this is how you basically justapproach project okayand now you can basically just build thecoaster as you goum very important note always try to goback to zero degrees with everythingWatch at: 30:00 / 30:20so now let's bring it back to bankingthere's also like a little snap when youhit these buttonsthis game automatically snaps to zerodegrees so there is like a little bit ofa force going on youyou kind of recognize that on yourcontroller there's a lot of vibrationgoing onum and yeah we can also just go a tadbit up now and we also need to bring ituh to the zero degrees in rotation asWatch at: 30:20 / 30:40well so there you goso now we straighten that up and nowwith the arrow keys you can nowchoose the different uh tools you wantto have oryou hold down the key on your keyboardon your controller which is the triangleor the ykey which brings up this wonderful yeahuh dial menu and you can actually nowWatch at: 30:40 / 31:00choose some things you can go into anglesnap on and off which is pretty handyi want to have it off for the moment youcan do autocomplete which we don't neednowyou can quick toggle the auto tunnel oryou can quick toggle the track supportson and offyou don't need that we are actuallyneeding um the do we have actually alift hill as well no we only have thefriction wheel which then acts as a liftWatch at: 31:00 / 31:20hill over hereso that's kind of neat and we are goingto build this and typically this coasteris not as deep so we're going to go withlikeum let's say 23 degrees okayso we're going to quickly build up herejust click click click until you'reat a decent height just always have tolook which height we go foryeah that might even be too highWatch at: 31:20 / 31:40actually so now the next step is how todelete pieceswell you basically put down triangle andthen you delete the recent pieces andi'm gonna go with this heightand bring this down to zero and thenover here you want to change the trackback to the normal trackand we just dip down a little bit youknow not that crazily just30-ish degrees it just would get a bitWatch at: 31:40 / 32:00of banking injust a bit of banking let's say yeahthe 15 degrees turn it to the left andthen we can just get a little bit morebankingyou know flip it a little more straightflip it to the side i think i reallylike this mode in terms of building itumreally on the go you sometimes just haveWatch at: 32:00 / 32:20to zoom outto get a feeling of where you are justdon't you know just don't hit the leftmini stick because as long as you are inthis modeyou can just fly around have a look atwhich uhsituation you are this is like kind ofcrazy we have like kind of straw strongdrop over hereum so we're gonna bring this now back tozero is degreeslet's just flip it all the way aroundWatch at: 32:20 / 32:39and i wanna just get rid of the bankinga little bit herebecause now we are just going to gostraight bring the banking all the wayback to zero degrees and then you go allthe way up slightly just alwaysleverage the the left music a little uhwe shouldn't go too high though but justa little so we get a bit of an airtimehill herei don't want to do it too crazy justWatch at: 32:39 / 33:00like a little bit of a hopand then we can just go up again justhave like a little up and down sectionhere because i want tocurl around my station here just to geta little element forum the people so we're going to curlaround now the stationjust go behind the lift hill then godown have a little helix and bring thislayout already back to the stationWatch at: 33:00 / 33:20so this is what we want to do so we havethis little uphill section therejust get a few forces in so yeah what wedo now and we are just going toshorten the track a little back to 6metersgo a little bit down 12 degrees shouldbe fine we can already curl into thecorner a littleuh let's just enlarge the track a littleWatch at: 33:20 / 33:39bit and thenwhat we will do we just start with thebanking because that's going to be likea long sweeping corecurve here so just tad bit more bankingtad longerlet's have a look how that looks yeahthat's kind of cool now we bring thisback to likezero degrees or we can even just go up alittle bitmaybe like one is degree up so we bringWatch at: 33:39 / 34:00it all the way aroundand over here i'm going to flip it backstraightand also bring the banking already quitea lot soa lot of degrees back so we're here andnow we can straighten up the layoutin all directions like bring it all backjust bring it back to zeroand over here we want to just have alittle look how the layout already nowWatch at: 34:00 / 34:20looks incomparison so yeah we had this littleturn i want to actually bring down ahelix here as well so we have twohelixes behind that stationand then we go back with a little bit ofa bunny hop section like up and downup and down i wonder if we should havegone a little bit higheri think we can actually you know what wedelete this section and we bring alittle bunny hop inWatch at: 34:20 / 34:40like a little hop here because we shoulddefinitely have enough speed to do so solet's bring this already up to zerodegreesstraighten this and now we can justbring this in like a little hop herethere you go go down now we have to makethis a lot lessin terms of going down so yeah this ishow you build the coasterand now the next couple of seconds guysWatch at: 34:40 / 35:00i'll um just make a little speed buildand then i'll show you how you actuallycontinue building the coaster[Music]Watch at: 35:00 / 35:20alrighty we are nearly done with thelayout and as you can see i stopped overhere at a certain situationwhere we do need to connect the coasterback to the stationand this sometimes is a little bit of aWatch at: 35:20 / 35:40finicky thing to doand i'm gonna show you now how you dothis so you can see the coaster isunfinished and we have a little bit ofan issueso what we will do over here we willjust okay i'm gonna show you you're nowout of the whole menu okayso this is the unfinished coaster and ijust figured because some people ii saw online had a little bit of anissue with that so what you do right nowWatch at: 35:40 / 36:00you basically first of all select thecode so you do this i have the littlepoint in the circle so that um hints youthat you have selected the coasterthen you use the shoulder buttons tonavigate to all the way to the right andby the way in case you don't want to goall the way over like thisyou can also just go one to the left andthen you're back at the end so this ishow you do itWatch at: 36:00 / 36:20and then you move one up to edit thecoaster so that brings you into thecoaster builder menuand usually you're just going to go umoops what is that evenyou're just going in and then boom itsnaps back automaticallyfor especially this case scenario i wantto go backand i'm going to change the camerasection back to attachWatch at: 36:20 / 36:40and oops that was a little bit too muchand then you um scroll overbecause then you have a free movementagain so you can either go back hereand wait until you have this bluishlittle bubble popping up and then youcould actually press just a or xbut i want to build from over here fromthe back because that allows youto straighten up the section a littlebit so what you want to doWatch at: 36:40 / 37:00you first of all want to make thisshorter you can do the same you knowcontrols are the same hold downthe square or x on xbox and then you canactually just um use the left mini stickto adjust the lengthor the rotation but we don't need thebanking over here as wellso we're just going to bring this backto zero degrees and thenwe just want to curl that up a littleWatch at: 37:00 / 37:20bit just ever so slightly like 11 degreeishand since we do need um a break here sowe're gonna use theum actually we're gonna use the trimbrakes over here and then umwe can also just bring them down justlikezero and what you do then you navigatewith yourbutton and um you just want to try oopsWatch at: 37:20 / 37:40just gonna here and then basically whatyou can dois now it's automatically snaps as soonas you are close enoughit should definitely automatically snapit's a little bit it's a little bitthere you gonow it automatically connects i don'twant to have this track so i'm going tomove over to the normal trackand then i'm going to hold down x and itWatch at: 37:40 / 38:00automatically creates the connectionbetween these two sectionsi'm going to confirm this by pressing xand now the coaster is builtnow one thing you might answer ask nowis how do you edit certain portions ofthe track because for example this areawould be lovely if we could havethe additional supports over here andthe catwalk because that's the breakWatch at: 38:00 / 38:20section and usually have themso basically you can see when i moveover with the carterit has this little highlight okay soonce you have it you just pressx once and then you have it selected ifyou want to select morejust hold down x and then you can scrollthis thingover the over here you can see prettyeasily and now i'veWatch at: 38:20 / 38:40got select the station and those threepieces if that was a little bit too muchfor youyou just press b once and then you'reback in the selection optionso this is what i'm doing right now i'mgoing to select again hold down x orhold down adepending on the console i want to havethis piece and i want to have this piecethen just release it and now you are infull control of you want to doand i want to go down and say optionalWatch at: 38:40 / 39:00catwalk onboom there you go that's the catwalkit's a little bit too short actually butyou know for the purpose of thistutorialthat should be fine so our coaster isdone you know and before we changesomething about this coaster we firstride it okay all right we're sitting inthe station and we're sitting in the caractually i have set the ghost on testand now what we do isWatch at: 39:00 / 39:20hit play so we can actually have alittle ride on the coaster i disableduh the hut a little quickly here and nowwe are just curling slowly aroundinto the lift hill push tires and nowlet's see if we did a goodjob in building this coaster so it seemsto be thatat least the first portion of the rideseems to work just fine and we are justWatch at: 39:20 / 39:40going to enjoy this littlelittle trip up the hill there we go weare nearly on top and let's have a looknowhow we did build this coaster and ifit's smooth or if it's not smoothand if it even makes the layout becausethis coaster is quite heavy on frictionso let's have a little lookso that seems about fine i can feel theWatch at: 39:40 / 40:00controller rumblelovely it's very gentle over herecurling into that corner is also not tooslowit's very nice just going gentle overthis hill and then it curls down intothislong left hander which is all is veryeasyget a little bit of airtime out of thishere yes itWatch at: 40:00 / 40:20just dips down nicely then it goes backover hereand just into the right hand section thequestion now iswill it make this area over here i'm nottoo certain about this to be honestbecause it's quite slow alreadyum yeah no we won't make it over here sothis is interestingum so the coaster come to a stop in thisWatch at: 40:20 / 40:40area now that's that's quite tricky youknowwe could you know we could change thisin two ways now so there are two ways ofchangingthis coaster survival i'm gonna quicklypause the game hereand then what we do we go out and wejust now figure out what we doso obviously that was intentionalbecause i want to show you somethingfirst so you could either increase theWatch at: 40:40 / 41:00speed ofthe push tires in order to make it pusha little bit further out of the layoutor what you also can do is change thefriction in order to have success we aredoing both first and these two optionsare first of all not done in the coasteritself because you have to go to thesettings of the coaster and then you seeWatch at: 41:00 / 41:20there is the friction multiplierand we go in and we now tune this downto 0.8 so that meansthe coaster is now having basically lessless pushback from the friction thatoccurs on the coasterand therefore is just a little bit moresmoothly in the layout andcontinues having a bit more speed by theWatch at: 41:20 / 41:40factor of 0.8meaning that the amount of force that isslowing down the train is reduced by 20that's how you can basically translatethat so this is done in herebut in case you want to change the speedof the lift hillyou need to go back into the editingmode so as i just told you a few secondsWatch at: 41:40 / 42:00we goago you just go over the coaster andselect the lift hill piece over hereyou just keep on holding and now weslide all the wayuntil we have selected the entire thingover here so i'm gonnai'm gonna just slide all the way up umso that we do have selected everythingcome on there you gojust release the button this is what itWatch at: 42:00 / 42:20is and then you hit the shoulder buttonsonce and you are in this wonderful levelover hereand then oh wait a second is thatactually over here oh it is it's noteven in the settings it's already inhereand then you can see there is the lifthill wheel speedand we can put this up to four metersper second so basically we doubled theWatch at: 42:20 / 42:40speed right nowum which is not that much but this isalso why we change the frictionso these two things are changed now aswe have done uhthese two options there is actually moreyou can do now what we want to do wewant to bring all this way this sectionover here in the back this helixfirst of all i want to bring this alittle bit closer to each other to makeit a bit more tightand then i want to bring it all down aWatch at: 42:40 / 43:00little bit so in order to do sowe're first of all going to change thisbackside section so we are going toslide all the way to select all of thatand then you hold down the square buttonor the x button on yourcontroller and then this menu appearswhere you can actually manuallydrag the coaster around you can see i'mjust going to bring this a little bitcloser nowWatch at: 43:00 / 43:20to this area until over here and alittle bit downwards as wellso that it is all not that steep andthen basically apply thatthis is um pretty easy then you can alsosmooth it a little bit if you willi want to smooth the bank in here and ifyou've chosen the banking you just canpress xto do so again so that kind of tightenit all up a little bitand what i want to do i want toWatch at: 43:20 / 43:40basicallybring this section over here also alittle bit downbecause i think it would actuallybenefit from being a little bit lower soi'm gonnai'm gonna basically choose these threehold down again the button and i'm justslightly dragging that all down so thereyou goand i'm not really i'm not reallyWatch at: 43:40 / 44:00favoring how this bump looks over heresowhat i'm going to do i'm going to slideover these two and then i'm going tohold down againjust lower this down and since i want tosmooth it now i'm going to go to smoothalland i'm going to hit the x button untili'm happywith the um overall smoothing or at thea button by the way on the controller onWatch at: 44:00 / 44:20the xbox so this is how it isand we have this little bit of um extrajiggery-isharea over here in the end um we want toget rid of that so you can see thethe form factor of it is not reallygreat so what we dowe just basically select these threepieces and then we choosethe smooth turn option and we press auntil we are happy with the shaping iWatch at: 44:20 / 44:40think that's kind of niceit always has like a little teardropshape over here it mighttighten up a little bit too much in theend but i think all in allthat looks fairly decent and the onlything we need to change now is thislower section down heresimply because otherwise the peoplewould head bump in so we are going toselectthis over here hold down uh the squareWatch at: 44:40 / 45:00button again lower it all downthere you go that's nice and you know westill want the smoothing again so we doselect these twohit smooth the height because that'swhat we want to do smooth it all outand now it's kind of nice and you canpress b alright so this is donewe have this little bump in here thatlooks not really great so we are goingWatch at: 45:00 / 45:20tofix that as well go in say smooth allthere you go it's all smooth nowyou have this really lovely area andthat's all fineand now you can see we have set thecoaster to testing again i'm gonnahit back the closed and test button i'malways doing that because this kind ofgives me a better feelingthat this might work and then we just goWatch at: 45:20 / 45:40back into theum camera option here you go and then bypressing downthe square button and down on the arrowkeys you gottaactivate the play mode again as we haveover hereand i want to speed up the game evenjust so we make it a little bit quickerto this positionum you make it down you know hold downsquare and thenWatch at: 45:40 / 46:00um you can change the speed when you hitupinstead of down and then you increase ordecrease the speedso now we're going through the layoutremember we have changed the frictionremember we have changed the speed overthere from the push tiresso all in all the coaster seems to be alittle bit faster which is kind of goodum it gets a tiny bit more of airtimeWatch at: 46:00 / 46:20over here which is also very nice forthe peoplejust go over this crest then we go tothe right hand side it seems to haveenough speed for me this timeso we go around go into this helix it'salreadyslowing down a little bit it has somedecent speed and then just to be securewe still have a little bit of braking inthe backand boom off we go back into the stationWatch at: 46:20 / 46:40so this is the coastervery simple i just saw that i messed upthis uh the brakes while i was editingthislet me just quickly fix this guys um allrightthey are back in so this is already whatwe've done with the coaster guys it'spretty simple the coaster is built asyou can seethe tools are super simple to use onceyou just figured it outWatch at: 46:40 / 47:00um the layout obviously is um yeah notthe best i ever madebut you definitely get the idea i guessand just to make sure that this tutorialhas a nice little ending we're justgoing to go to the terrain editor inorderto make terrain you can actually followmy uh tutorial idid last time so yesterday there wasanother tutorial only for landscapingWatch at: 47:00 / 47:20in case you haven't seen that yetbecause this is a series of fivetutorials in totalyou can just jump to the info buttonthat is popping up to your top rightalways in the video and go back to thisvideoum in terms of making sure that you guyshave leveraged the best out of theterrain tools as well and yeah i'm justgoing to quickly use that over here soWatch at: 47:20 / 47:40you guyscan see that the coaster is not poppinginto the terrain anymoreso gonna use that here and we're alsogoing to use this obviously in this airspacebecause that's where the coaster wouldhit the ground uh the worstand then what i like to do always withthe painting this for me as a partlyalsoa thing that we should do in thistutorial i'm going to use theWatch at: 47:40 / 48:00dirt section and i'm also making surethat the size isamong the the closest to basically thesmallest you can do so four metersmaybe even going to three meters downincrease the intensity a little bit andthenwhat you can do is basically go belowall the pillarsand just press down a little bit so ityou it looks like a little bit of a usedWatch at: 48:00 / 48:20groundand that kind of gives you this littleextra bit of realismoff the coaster you know just follow thesupportsand then after a while that looksalready a lot more realistic solet's just already jump into it you knowby findingthe path section down below here in ourlittle tabs it is the secondWatch at: 48:20 / 48:40last tab in the navigation tabs downthere in your menujust going to press x to open it andwhat it brings up is the wonderful pathmenu to the right hand side in order tomake this awonderful tutorial we are going to moveall the way away from the builds i'vedone to show you on a blank space orlet's say on a green canvas hahahahow are you going to proceed so first ofWatch at: 48:40 / 49:00all let's go through all the optionsbecause um that's always very helpful sothe highest option over here is thechoice of the texture it's basicallyonly changing the texture ofthat path you're using in planet coasterthere areseveral normal textures and then youhave some natural pathwhich is basically only having theWatch at: 49:00 / 49:20ground and then somecurves around that make you you knowhave the feeling of a natural path andthen you have some concrete stuff and soonum just quite a few textures we're goingto go with this one for the tutorialand by pressing a you can build thisprettyeasily now what you also want to do youalso want to doWatch at: 49:20 / 49:40different width and different lengthscool bit as always you can use theradial menu to adjust some things soover here you can seeyou can select the grid you can anglesnap on offyou can flatten the terrain whilebuilding the in the path or you canenable curved slopes but all theseoptions will beimportant later let's just focus on thesimple settingsWatch at: 49:40 / 50:00so first of all you can adjust thelength of your paththis is pretty simple you can see thisis how long an every individual pathpiece is pretty simple right um if youjust adjust that back you're back at thenormal piecethen there is the option of a widthwhich makes sense this is how wideyour path shall be you can see i'madjusting that and youWatch at: 50:00 / 50:20adjust the width of the pass it's prettyeasy prettypretty simple to do and then down hereyou see the angle snap well angle snapis i'm just going to build another pieceum if the angle snap is turned on youcan see you are having increments inwhich you are changingthe rotation of your path one veryimportant bit aboutthis is when you build this on screenWatch at: 50:20 / 50:40you will notice that the controller ministick will follow the natural wayof the rotation so it's not that youalways have to put to the left hand sideif i put the mini stick to the left handsidethis is basically the maximum i can gotobecause now i need to drag it down likenow i'm dragging downbecause you always follow the line onWatch at: 50:40 / 51:00your screen which i found superintuitive but maybe some people willnotice that this doesn't work as youwould think if you want to gowith like um you know the normal frontway you justtry to move behind the path and then youcan go leftand right obviously oh like vice versayou know what i meanum so that's how you do and then inWatch at: 51:00 / 51:20terms of making bridges and stuff youcan increase the height by holding downthe square button as you can see overhere and then you see this little menupopping upwhere you use the left mini stick to sayup and down there are two differentum types of increments that you can usefor going upit's the one slope over here you can seewithout having steps actually inWatch at: 51:20 / 51:40and the one steeper one which is meantfor havingstairs and then you can see there's alsoanother little button down thereit's the r3 change the height which iskind of nice as wellyou can just uh press on here and thenit's changing the height of the pieceand i'm just gonnai'm just gonna build a new piece of pathbecause that's gonnaWatch at: 51:40 / 52:00show you exactly what you mean if you bythe way i wanna detach it from here youjust goover and then just press oops um just goback to the paththere you go you have a new incrementand if you hold down r3 now you can seei have this little piece of path and ican move it all the way up and downlike a side to side like a rollercoaster no yeah that's that's how you doWatch at: 52:00 / 52:20it up and down pretty simpleand then you can drag it but if you goclose enough to another piece of path itautomaticallyconnects to it which is kind of nice umand that should be exactlythe way how it works so pretty simpleyou know now you can just adjust thewidth andum just create like a pretty simple pathfor your likings you canWatch at: 52:20 / 52:40just follow building that and it's it'sthat simple you know that's how youthat's how you build the path okay sobefore i show you morethere are a few more options you gottahave to keep in mind so first of allpeople always ask for plazas you knowthere are two ways of making plazaspretty simplyso we go back into the path menu and weWatch at: 52:40 / 53:00are going tobuild a generic piece again like thatwhat you will do now before you build aplazayou define in which direction you wantto build thislet's say i want to make a 45 degreeplazai'm gonna go here and put this to 45degreesand then i rotate this 45 degrees ipressonce confirm the path build now it's setWatch at: 53:00 / 53:20to 45 degrees what i do thenhold down the radial menu it's y on yourxbox controller or triangle on yourps4 or ps5 it doesn't matter and thenyou go to the top left this is selectgrid what that does if you move over thepathit just opens this grid for you andthat's kind of handyWatch at: 53:20 / 53:40because this allows you to build thepath exactly on this gridyou press a once or x once depending onwhich console you're on and then youjust drag over and you can buildpretty easily like that you know there'sjust that little convenient bit ofbuild you can now follow the grid andbuild a plazaWatch at: 53:40 / 54:00it's that simple and there are a fewthings youshould consider doing and i'm going tobuild like a little bit of a zigzagplaza hereto show that to you so let's say we wantto have a plazalike this okay so this is how you do itlet's do a little bit more so we have italways in nine tilesyou know what we just go and do someWatch at: 54:00 / 54:20more nine tiles to this side just inorder to show you a bit how this worksso there you go that's kind of a niceplaza okay so nowthis is very much blocky and boxyif you want to have some more roundedges there is a little trick in thegameactually this is a bug from thepc version that has made its way intoWatch at: 54:20 / 54:40the console version because itbecame a feature by saying so i meanthe concept of this was not meant to bein the game but the computer playersfound out that there's a little bugand this bug works this way you go intoa corner like thiswhat you want to smooth out becauselet's say we don't want to have thishard edge over here which is like 90Watch at: 54:40 / 55:00degreeswe want to have a smooth edge over hereso what you go you just go in here untilyou seethere is this path connecting it opensup this bitokay so you go in and try to connectexactly in this uh center of the cornerthat you want to smooth outyou build one piece and you directlydelete it againby pressing the triangle or y key boomWatch at: 55:00 / 55:20and what you see now the path smoothedout this is a little trick you canalways use you can do the same over herebuild delete it's smoothed out you cando the same over herebuild delete and it's smoothed out isn'tthat simpleisn't that cool you can also do that tothe outer sides just buildand delete it smoothes it automaticallyWatch at: 55:20 / 55:40out builddelete and there you go you can play thesame gameall over you can just always do it butit's important that you have built theplazafor beforehand on a grid that was mymistake by the way istill worked but then you can see thatthe smoothing is a little bit differentover hereum and you can actually do this to allWatch at: 55:40 / 56:00of the sides if neededi'm going to quickly do this so you guyssee it and now it's rounded offbut what if you want to delete somethingin the middle you may ask well it'spretty easy you can see now it'soutlinedand i'm going to just delete this bitand i'm also going to deletethis next bit next to it like there sothese two i deleted and i want to smoothWatch at: 56:00 / 56:20it out again wellactually i can i just go in smooth thatoutsmooth this out oops sometimes thisbreaks the path actually so in this caseit didn't work i can try it again but ithink oh well it worked this timeso it's a little bit finicky you justneed to try around but then you havethis incredible plaza over here look howsimple that was um there's no furtherWatch at: 56:20 / 56:40trick about this this is just how youbuild plazasum with the grid method but obviouslyyou can also build a plazain a slightly different way thereforeyou just increase the widthall the way down all the way up i shouldsay make sure that you deactivate theangle snapand put it completely off you know andthen what you can doWatch at: 56:40 / 57:00with this thing is you can just createsomething likeoops uh something like thisand then it automatically should yeahpast joining onit joins like that and so you have thisroundish thing over hereand you can basically do the same toanother sidejust completely build the same thingWatch at: 57:00 / 57:20over againlike that build the circle again andthen you can connect those two thingspretty simple as that you know and thenyou do the same smoothing trick overhere there you goand just smooth these edges out as longas you wantand as long as the game doesn't breakthe path you can do it on both sidesWatch at: 57:20 / 57:40one thing to consider though the gameautomatically createsone large piece out of it so you can'tthen individually change the textureanymorei'm going to show you quickly if i gonow to a different texture you can'tjust do iton this path easily you just have to goback into the path menu let me justquickly show you there you go and thenWatch at: 57:40 / 58:00you basically choose a different pathand you just can't easily connect tothisum let me just go down here to path joinon sothere is the whole thing and you justalready changed this entire blockbecause that now became one piece ofpathit's not that dramatic to be honest butjust consider that in case you wanted tomake some more intricatepath design you need to keep that inWatch at: 58:00 / 58:20mind that youdo not have individual pieces but justone large plaza now as you can see overherei'm just gonna quickly form this inthere you go so pretty simplethere's not much more you can talk aboutthis this is creating a very shiny plazaover hereum this might be the tad bit quickermethod of those two but to be honestWatch at: 58:20 / 58:40that one might be the more precise oneyou just gotta figure out what you likethe most okay and now the last bit isactually building some stairsand um in order to do some stairs we goback into the path menuand then you just create your own tilei'm gonna i'm gonna changethe width down to a smaller one now soyou can actually build one hereWatch at: 58:40 / 59:00so you're gonna build this one we createthe length toone and then you hold down square andyou can build just there justpretty easily click it down there you goand you can basically do the same godown againone two and i want to have this as aslope this timenope let me just go back and just do aslope there you go it's a little bitWatch at: 59:00 / 59:20less of a tiltand this is how you do that prettysimplenow if you want a different angleyou can just go in between two differentangles just delete this pieceand delete that piece and then itcreates adifferent angle for you can even do itlike this and if it doesn't auto connectyou justWatch at: 59:20 / 59:40increase the length and then just moveit over here and it does auto connectagainsometimes it's actually very easy tokeep the angle snap on so it's alwaysstraightand then you can see it created a littlebit of a different angle for yourstaircaseyou can play around with this just trydifferent angles try differentconnection methodsit always works wonders and this is likeWatch at: 59:40 / 01:00:00a straight slopethis game also allows you to buildcurvedslopes i'm going to show you now howthis looks i'm going to go down into themenu and i'm going to allowthe curved slopes now you drag it up andthen you can actually use the mini stickto just curve the slope it's that simpleyou know it's actuallyreally simple i would recommend thoughWatch at: 01:00:00 / 01:00:20to reallykeep that off as often as you canbecausefrankly speaking this annoys a lot whenyou want to build somestraight stairs it's just reallyannoyingand so therefore i would alwaysrecommend to not do this so we justconnected this path and built somethingvery weird looking over hereWatch at: 01:00:20 / 01:00:40but that's just for the purpose of thetutorial i really hope you guys enjoyedtoday'spath tutorial i know this tool is notthe easiest to masterbut with these little tips if you dofollow these it might justmake you a much more better builder inthis game you can basically buildwhatever you wantwith the pathing tool it just you knowtakes a little bit more time takes aWatch at: 01:00:40 / 01:01:00little bit more effortso yeah just put these few minutes inand you are going to master this reallyquickand i hope you enjoyed today's episoderight let's get started sofirst of all what you want to do is tounderstand the basic concept of buildingso for those of you who have playedalready on the computerthe building is a little bit differentat least from how it's organized in thegame sobasically first of all you gotta go intoWatch at: 01:01:00 / 01:01:20create this is the easiest way of doingitonce you go into create you just go allthe way back you go back by pressing bbutton on your xbox controller or thecircle button on your playstationcontroller and you can goto all and once you're in all you haveall the building materials like everysingle thingum in this browser over here and youWatch at: 01:01:20 / 01:01:40have to understand planetcoaster builds with a dual system theyhave a system that is called the gridsystemand all pieces that are stuck to thegrid is like um having this little gritin the background of the piece if thereis ayou know just a normal piece over herethat has nothing in the background whichis just a full flat white ish backgroundthat's a let's say 360 degreeWatch at: 01:01:40 / 01:02:00manipulatablepiece that's a free-forming piece nowi'm going to show real quickwhat the difference is before we goactually to building the house sowhat i'm going to do is i'm going to godown here so you see the difference i'mgoing to go quickly where we find somegrid pieces and some non-grid pieces soyou can see thiscastle arch the part over here if ipress x now on my playstation controllerWatch at: 01:02:00 / 01:02:20or aon the xbox controller i'm going toselect this and what happens now that'sreally importantyou can see that there is a little bitof a whitearea highlighted that is the grid so atthe moment you only see one square assoon as i pressx again this is basically confirmingthat you want to put it downyou can see the squares kind of emergeWatch at: 01:02:20 / 01:02:40there aremore of the squares appearing so now wehave a grid of six tiles as you can seeand if you now want to move this pieceyou have set it once and you move yourcursor and automaticallybranches out you can see the further youuh kind of build it outyou can see the grid just kind of movedwith it so you have the option also tomake the gridbigger or smaller it's automatically setWatch at: 01:02:40 / 01:03:00to four meters in width and four metersin heighttalking of height you can move pieces upand down by holding downthe circle button on your playstationcontroller or the xkey on or x button i should say on thexbox controllernow then you use your left analog stickto move it up and then you can see it'ssnapping actually by these four metersWatch at: 01:03:00 / 01:03:20soeach time i snap it up once it's goingto go four meters up in heightsame goes for up and down now if you seeto the right hand side over here there'sa little settings menuand if you want to go into the settingsmenu you use your arrow keys as alwaysyou know if you've seen the previoustutorials you know this by nowbut if you go down you can see the gridsize is here and if i do adjust thisWatch at: 01:03:20 / 01:03:40downyou can basically see how this kind ofcreates away taller smaller little grid over hereand you can also adjust the height coolthing about the height is you can go allthe way down to 0.25 metersnow if i move the piece and zoom in alittle bit so you can see it a bitbetteryou can see it snaps only to theselittle grid pieces over here you can goin each directionand that is something we are going toWatch at: 01:03:40 / 01:04:00look at at the very end when we aretalking about some general efficiencytips in buildingif you want to rotate this piece solet's say we want to set thisall the way here to the back of thispiece you use your dash buttonslike r1 l1 rb and lb umon your controller of the xbox and thenyou can see you flick this piecebasically around and then you can justmove itWatch at: 01:04:00 / 01:04:19right to the back of it i'm going topress x again and this is how you do itnow one thing you want to make sure aswell you can change the color of piecesthisworks for several pieces not for all butfor several piecesand if we hit now down as you can seethe top rightthere's this little um icon showing youpressing downum one of your analog keys and if you doWatch at: 01:04:19 / 01:04:40so it basically opens this menu you'regoing to press down the left analog keyanalog stick and then disappears you cansee the little x appearing there youjust have to confirm againand that opens the menu for colors yougot two options you can use the previouscolors which is down here i haven'tplayed today so there's no previouscolor in herebut you can also go and tap once on theWatch at: 01:04:40 / 01:05:00dash button and that opensthe color wheel which is kind of coolit's not actually the color wheel butit'sthe same function um you have the optionto go in here for saturationand brightness and on the right handside youcan actually um slide down this colorcolor slider so to say you can you canchoose a different color i'm going to goWatch at: 01:05:00 / 01:05:19for this little bit of greenish tinthereand then you basically just accept bypressing down the x key or the a keyand it's done if you don't like it youjust press they key on your export controller or thetriangle key on your playstationcontroller and it basically just resetsthe colorit's easy as you go pretty simple if youwant to go out of this menu press bWatch at: 01:05:19 / 01:05:40two times and you're out again if youwanna go all the way out of this menuyou justpress b again and you're back in thepieces menu now we talked a lot aboutthe grid pieces nowwhat about free forming pieces well youcan see next to it there is a box overherea cargo crate and if we select the cargocrateyou can actually see that the cargocrate is also in the same building asWatch at: 01:05:40 / 01:06:00you can see to the top right there'sstill building 12.we're going to talk about the buildingitself in a little but first of alllet's talk about this pieceyou can see i can move it around as iwant there's nothing snappingto the grid which is kind of nice whichis really really niceyou can still rotate the piece byhitting the dash buttons likeone two and it's just gonna rotate by 90Watch at: 01:06:00 / 01:06:19degreeshowever in here you can use again yourwonderful dialradial menu and this is holding downtriangleor the wonderful y key on your xboxcontroller this opens this menu and asyou can see over hereyou have multiple options now to go intoadvanced moveWatch at: 01:06:19 / 01:06:40advanced rotate or move snap move snipis something we're going to talk aboutat the very end this isa new thing that the computer versiondoes not featureand i'm very pissed because it's thebest feature everum this is a little teaser here stickwith me because that's the pro featurenowum it's incredible but we first of allhave to understand the basics ofbuildingnow what does this advanced menu do i'mWatch at: 01:06:40 / 01:07:00gonna show you we open the advanced movefirstand then as you can see there are threearrows appearing with three differentcolors you've got redyou've got blue and you've got greenthese colors will always stay the samered is for the x axis y is for thegreen is for the y axis and blue is forthe z axis so if you're familiar with 3dbuilding or 3d modeling you do know thisWatch at: 01:07:00 / 01:07:19by heart and i don't need toexplain anymore but for those who don'tknow this allows you to move the piececompletely freein the environment but in a precise wayas you can seei'm moving this now completely free if iswitch theaxis over here you can see now i'mmoving it up and down and it stays onlyto this axisand if i'm moving it to the right andWatch at: 01:07:19 / 01:07:40left i want to use the blue oneif i hold down the menu again and you goto advanced rotate you seethe same thing happens but you just getthese circles and the one you're usingis always highlighted so now we have thered oneand if i rotate you can see look at thatit just completely rotates the entirepiececompletely 360 degrees there is no limitWatch at: 01:07:40 / 01:08:00to your creativity given use the dashbuttons to switchbetween the different areas and thenthere you go place it downand the piece is just floating in therejust like that you have no limitationsso you canplace this wherever you want and that ispretty pretty pretty importantnow what happens if you don't want to dothis you haveWatch at: 01:08:00 / 01:08:20you know accidentally press this downyou don't want to have this rotation youwant to do it againwell you can just hold down the squarebutton on the playstation key or the xbutton on your xbox controller hold itdownand then press on the arrow keys to theleft and this is actuallyundo and undo is a feature you reallywant to embrace this is the feature youWatch at: 01:08:20 / 01:08:40need to useso let me just undo twice and you cansee the whole building is gonei say okay well damn i didn't want to dothis i want my building backwell hold down square again and justpress in the other in the oppositedirection just to the rightand you redo your action it's kind ofcoolbecause it lets you do some mistakes itlets you it allows you to do sometesting right you can do some testingWatch at: 01:08:40 / 01:09:00without actually running the danger ofdoing something wrong and you can'treally change itso this is a feature which becomes alittle bit more familiar in games nowbut it hasn't been in for a decadeand it's really something so useful inthe building game like that if you justaccidentally press something down youdidn't want tojust you know learn this by heart justyou know head downWatch at: 01:09:00 / 01:09:20just undo your your action redo undopretty simple it's the most importantthing everalright now let's go all the way out ofall the buildings okay we are now backin the normal menu there's nothing goingon you can seethere's only multi select for meavailable right now now we are out ofthe building okayso what happens now if i do want to putdown a piecelet's just open create again i'm justWatch at: 01:09:20 / 01:09:40going to take a treeso let's let's say we have this tree youknow just want to place this tree nownext tolet's say we want to place this treedown here all right so you can see thistree is now floatingyou just hold down again square justmove it downpretty easily you know and then you canalso rotate it aswe go pretty simple and then you justWatch at: 01:09:40 / 01:10:00place itas you can see there is no building orwhatever opening at the moment this wasjust like placing down the treein the game nothing happened if we goback to these pillars over here you cansee when i move overthere's a little inner circle appearingand if i click on thisby pressing x on your playstationcontroller or a on your xbox controlleryou can seeWatch at: 01:10:00 / 01:10:20there is a building opening to the topright handcorner there is an object now okay solet me just quickly explain to you whata building meansa building is a group of pieces groupedtogetherby one grid piece or by anyselection of pieces why is this usefulwell it'spretty useful because you can move thisWatch at: 01:10:20 / 01:10:40thing at once you see these two pillarsnow you want to move them at oncewell you just do not go into thebuilding you actually stay in here inthe overlayand you choose the advanced move andwhat it does it lets youmanipulate the movement or the umthe positioning of this entire group ofpiecesand i'm going to show you why this isactually really really usefulWatch at: 01:10:40 / 01:11:00now you've seen i put down the tree overthere right sowhat happens if we place down a few moreobjects let's just put down a bit moreof nature over here shall welet's just go to a smaller birch tree wejust put a think that next to it justdown below in the ground here a littlebit as if it was a bushyou know just doing the same over herelike with another oneWatch at: 01:11:00 / 01:11:20okay like that just gonna you know justpull it up a little bit rotate it alittle bit just like that putting thisdownand then let's see what else is in herewhat we can use yeah let's justuse these some flowers in front of ityou know just next to thenext path over here so um that's prettypretty much what we want to doby the way one little um hint over hereWatch at: 01:11:20 / 01:11:40if you do not want to put thatup and down manually the whole time andyou just want to freaking snap it to thegroundbecause you're lazy as i am sometimesyou just go to the menu here to theright hand side move all the way downand then you can see some options overhere they are called align to surfacestick to surface or snap to positionwhat you want to have is a line toWatch at: 01:11:40 / 01:12:00surface let's press onand you can see that this flower pieceover here wait oops i justunfortunately deselected that alwaysaligns to the ground as you can see itjust moves with youthere's no problem about this you canjust you know always likejust go here and press it down whereveryou want it's kind of a bitfinicky when you come to other pieceslike that you can still move it down ifWatch at: 01:12:00 / 01:12:20you wantand then press it but then if you if youjust ununleash it again um it's going to makethis again so just alwayspress it back on and it's pretty easyyou can also do this umi guess but no you can't do it over herei thought the radial menu has it butit'sit's not in here so it's easy if youjust want to align some piecesWatch at: 01:12:20 / 01:12:40over there so now we have done that youknow you can see there's this bit ofnature but now if you want to manipulateone of these things and you can seethere's this little point appearing aswellyou just select this one tree or thisone tree down hereor one flower but let's say you want tomove all of this what happens isyou can't you just need to move it allby once and this is where the buildingWatch at: 01:12:40 / 01:13:00and grouping system comes into playwhat you want to do move somewhere elsewhere you don't have anything selectedhold down your radial menu by pressing yon your xbox controller ortriangle on your playstation controllergo to multi selectand what happens now you get theselection tool what you want to dogo over all these pieces and just pressa and you can see this is niceWatch at: 01:13:00 / 01:13:20this is all the way nice what you dothen you confirm your selection see witheight pieces selected right now goodlet's confirm that boom there you go andnow you have a mixed selection as it'scalledwhat you can do now is you can save itas a blueprint which is one way to do itor you can group the scenery togethernow whatit does and just kind of did this realWatch at: 01:13:20 / 01:13:40quick i'm going to go all the way outnow what we've created is a group andthe group is something different than abuildingif i hit this now you can see it'scalled scenery group 1.if you want you could also rename thisnow to flower arrangement one orwhatevernow the cool bit about this is now as wechoose that and we hit downour radial menu again you can basicallyWatch at: 01:13:40 / 01:14:00duplicate this thingand then you have the same arrangementof trees again and you could if you wantjust place that anywhere you want nextto it so just create a bit more of aof a nice area you know just rotate thisa little herejust into the other direction maybe ohyou know what i just wanna i just wannahave it like this you know justfollowing the same line then let's haveWatch at: 01:14:00 / 01:14:20a look that we can just move oops alittle bit closer so there you goand just a little bit further up becausethe flowers shall be seenthere you go confirm and we've done thisyou know we've put both in it looks kindof nice becauseyeah the threes are not the same heightand this is how you can manipulate thisto a groupgroups are always very handy as you canWatch at: 01:14:20 / 01:14:40see and this is the building over herethe problem about the building is it istucked to the gridand now that means you can only movethis building over here alongside thegridwhich is easy because you can't rotateit in any directionbecause it always has the grid in thebackground while these things which arescenery groupsthey are not tucked to the grid thatWatch at: 01:14:40 / 01:15:00means you could technicallyyou can also move this thing inany direction if you want so we can alsomake these trees nowstand a little bit in the wind so to sayyou know as if it was a little bit morewindy here and we have this like tiltthat's possiblethis is not possible with a buildinggroup so easy to distinguisha scenery group is manipulatable in anyWatch at: 01:15:00 / 01:15:20kind ofaxis and arrangement and direction inthe game while the scenery group isalways only two-dimensional on the twolower axis which goes to y andx i guess these are the x's you haveright so this wasthe theory so to say now let's do thebuild over here we want to build thislittle shelterand we are going to use very easilyWatch at: 01:15:20 / 01:15:40because i'm going to show you nowthe first efficiency technique you wantto have in building in this gamenow what you want to do to make thingseasy for youyou always want to leverage the bestthings and therefore i'm going to pausethe game real quick because the coasteris going to bequite loud at times and the movementmight also be a bit annoyingso first things is you want to have anWatch at: 01:15:40 / 01:16:00idea of where you want to put this sothis is going to beover the back part of our queue so wewant to coverlet's say this this whole area here sowe're moving abovenow okay so this seems to be like for meif i look at it now this seems to belike a six tile arrangementso we want to build six tiles what i donow i'm gonna go to create and this timeWatch at: 01:16:00 / 01:16:20i don't wanna go into the full menui'm gonna go all the way down here tothe left building because ito start my stuff off with a foundationwall and i like to use mesome uh what kind of walls did i usehere it's concrete solet's use you know let's use also theway we did last time we're going to usesome concrete oh no you know what we'reWatch at: 01:16:20 / 01:16:40going to use the lime plaster wall overhere yeah that's fine that doesalso fit in this area so first thingsfirst we have to align this prettyneatlywith our path over here so this is whati'm doing i'm going to do firsti'm going to make sure it's almost thesame angle as my path that looks fineand i'm going to move this a little bitup just to make surei'm i'm kind of safe that it's lining upWatch at: 01:16:40 / 01:17:00perfectly fine yes it isso this is where i want to do it and nowi'm going to move this all the way tothe back so it aligns also withthe edge over here so this is where i'mgoing to put this down and now i'm justgoing to control if it fits also if i dothisyes it perfectly fits awesome look atthat this isthis is easy enough okay so i'm notgoing to build the fullWatch at: 01:17:00 / 01:17:20i'm not going to build the fullfoundation yet i just want to test if itall works and it seems to be finejust a little bit of height differencehere so we can move it a little bitfurther up later onbut that's fine okay so as i've donethis first thinghere this is going to be my blueprintbecause i'm going toleverage the grid for my advantage whati want to doi want to build this full facade of thisWatch at: 01:17:20 / 01:17:40side here firstand then i'm just going to copy itaround all rightso what we're going to do first we aregoing to go tothe columns because we're going to usesome columns in here to make it looksome niceand i want to use um this iron columnhere i think the iron column couldwork pretty neatly indeed um soWatch at: 01:17:40 / 01:18:00what i'm going to do with the oops whati'm going to do with the iron columnfirst of alli want to have this thing snap to it tothe surface because i want to make surethat thisis in the right alignment sothe best thing to use this for is alwaysto find the right angle you want to haveit snap to becauseas soon as you have your um the alignedWatch at: 01:18:00 / 01:18:20to surfacethe piece does align to the same axis asthe wall is and now i'm going to go backin my radial menuand i use the advanced rotate piece asyou can see over here nowit really aligns perfectly with the 90degree angle on this buildand i want to tilt this thing or rotatemy column knifenow by 90 degrees because i want to haveit in the same direction as the fenceWatch at: 01:18:20 / 01:18:40i'm gonna go now to angle snap because idon't want to mess up with manuallyplacing it so what i'm doing is i'm justgoing toyou know rotate it until i'm happy withthe positioning so there you gothis is fine this is where i want tohave my pillar standing in terms ofyou know the just a general rotation nowwhat i'm going to quickly do i move backWatch at: 01:18:40 / 01:19:00to advanced move and i'm moving itright here to the side i want to makesure that this is the the connectionbetween piecesand i'm going to move it all the waydown so it's just having a good heightyou can always check withpeople yeah we can even go a little bitfurther down noise so this is where iwant to have this okayfine so this is that piece and now i'mgoing to build basically from over hereso i'm just going to use some niceWatch at: 01:19:00 / 01:19:20pieces over here i'm going to go intoall building pieces just to givegive me a bit of a better overview andfrom now on it's basically just up toyour creativity what you doyou can use all the pieces available toyou if you wantum i'm gonna do some wood now and tomake it easier you can press yourtriangle or y key to enable some filtersWatch at: 01:19:20 / 01:19:40you go into filters and then you can goand search for some building material asi said i just want to make surethat we want to have let's uncheck themall i want to goand have some wood so what i'm going todo is wood plank with modernuh wood tile it's all fine for me andwood batten is also fine so you can seethen you also get the choice of woodenpieces it's only wooden pieces in hereWatch at: 01:19:40 / 01:20:00now you don't need to worry about if youfind wood or notit's kind of helpful if um you look forsomething very specificyou can always go in here and have thatand i'm going to use thewooden pillar i want to go for fourmeters you know and i'm gonna gowith this one wooden pillar four meterplane so you can see it's aligning veryWatch at: 01:20:00 / 01:20:20nicely over here again so i'm just goingtogo into the auto rotate this time i wantto rotate it in a waythat it fits nicely to this wall sothere you goand then i'm switching back into theadvanced move i'm gonna do it a littlebit faster now guysyou should have understand theunderstood the basic nowso i'm gonna do it all the way here um ithink i want to have like two of themWatch at: 01:20:20 / 01:20:40you know just making one up here and alower one justalign here to the railing and then alsojust connect to the foundation just tomake it look a bit more niceright i'll dig that and now we can justbasically check for some more pieces ithink i'm going to have like a plankover here as wellyou know just aligning nicely i guessthat's fineWatch at: 01:20:40 / 01:21:00go into advanced move i'm just moving itup a littleand then i like this piece quite a lotso let's justmove that a little bit further to theback this is where we want to have ourroof laterand just you know move it a bit more uphere you go and now the question is dowe want to have like a flat roof orwhat do we want to have like a like atilted roof and i think it would beWatch at: 01:21:00 / 01:21:20nice over here to go yeah maybe with aslightlyslightly tilted roof we got to look intothat right nowum so you go and basically you can seeif you want to have like a wooden roofit's going to be in heresee there are some wooden roofs and youknow let's just select one of thesewooden roofsi'm gonna go for like a tilted one justlike a wood tile one meter slope is fineWatch at: 01:21:20 / 01:21:40i guessso let's go in here this time rememberyou're on the grid wires now and justwanna make sure the grid all thelike for whatever i do i always use thesmallest available gridit's it's for me always the easiest togo for and i'm going to use thisexactly this way yeah it can stick overa little bit why not that looks fine tomei'm just going to place it here and nowWatch at: 01:21:40 / 01:22:00i did a little mistake as you can seeum i did this intentionally because nowi want to show you guys a very nicetrick indeedso you can see i have a problem nowbecause this littleplank i put in here before is right inhere and it'squite finicky to select that one as youcan see whenever i pressi kind of select the wrong piece now itWatch at: 01:22:00 / 01:22:20works over here because i found thislittle edgebut let's say you place that perfectlyin here like like soand you always check this you alwaysselectthe roof you know there's one prettysimple techniqueto always get the piece you want so whatyou do basically delete this pieceit's gone now it's way more easy toselect the plank you select the plankWatch at: 01:22:20 / 01:22:40but before you manipulate nowhold down square and undo your lastoption this brings back the roofand you still have selected a piecewhich was underground or underneaththis piece what was in your way soalways delete the piece that's in yourwayselect the piece that you wanted undoyour last actionwhile you having selected the piece youwanted to select and then you can goWatch at: 01:22:40 / 01:23:00back into the advanced moveand basically just you know zoom in alittle to be a bit more precise and thenjustboom there you go we moved it down andthat's itlooks kind of nice doesn't it looksalready pretty decent nowthis is just the basic blueprint of thebuilding we wanted to dothe only thing i just want to quickly dois i think i want to have like a littleWatch at: 01:23:00 / 01:23:20pillar that goes into the middle to havea bit more of a steadysteady look and feel so what i'm goingto do i'm going to select nowthis lower piece here there you go andnow i want to use this piece i want tocopy this piece from over hereand use this again now there's a prettysimple technique and you can nowhold down again your triangle or your yWatch at: 01:23:20 / 01:23:40key brings up the radial menu again andwhat you doyou go now to duplicate an advanced moveyou can also duplicate and move but thatmeans it brings backthe piece to your cursor and you have tomanually place it if you go here it willhappen like thisthat you have the piece but it stays inthe exact same positionand that helps you to build over fromWatch at: 01:23:40 / 01:24:00here it it's like i would recommend toalways go with thatwhat we want to do now we want to rotatethis on the blue axis just to bring itintoexactly the angle that we want to haveit perfect and now i'm gonnai'm gonna move it uh somewhere to themiddle i could have done this a littlebit more nice but whatever it's just forthe sake of tutorial we can justWatch at: 01:24:00 / 01:24:20do it like that let's have a look thatit's not really sticking out too much itcan stick out a little bit to the frontoh you know what no it can't because iwant to make it connect in the middlethere you goplace it here all the way done lovely sowhat i do nowit's pretty simple i um i just look atit if everything you know this is whati'm always doingi'm just looking from all angles ifWatch at: 01:24:20 / 01:24:40that's fine for methat's perfectly fine so what we do nowwe go back into the buildingwe say edit the building and before wedo anything just moveaway from the building so that yourcursor has no littleicon in the middle of the circle justpress down your radial menu go tomulti-selectand then you basically just select allof it okay you selectWatch at: 01:24:40 / 01:25:00all of it and now magic happens confirmthe selection with your right dashbuttonand now hold down your radial menu andwe're going to duplicate and what thisdoes it brings back the samepiece you build and you can just copy itaroundand easily build your building over herelookat how easy that works we can nowWatch at: 01:25:00 / 01:25:20just completely go easy on the buildover hereit is that simple look look i just lookat thatjust look at how simple we build thislittlearea here i mean isn't that beautifulthis is justincredibly easy to do and now youalready built this you can just you knowWatch at: 01:25:20 / 01:25:40just kind of make this work foreverything what you did you see wemessed up a little bit with theroofs to be honest and then there's thefirst thing happening over herethere are few things happening to behonest i'm just i'm just going to showyou this in a bitso first things first you can see thatthe roofs are messed up a little bitwe're going to fix this but you can alsosee that we have the issue now thatthesewooden bars run through the people soWatch at: 01:25:40 / 01:26:00what you want to do nowjust take this piece say move and youmove it all the way outand then you just get rid of the piecesyou don't need so what you don't needover here is you just basically pressb once so you go in and delete this onewe're going to delete this oneand we're going to select this piece aswell and we're going to move this alittle bitbecause it was too high eventually soWatch at: 01:26:00 / 01:26:20what we're going to do we move it oncedownso here you go and then this piece isbasically created to your liking againand so just multi-select it there you gohave everything selectedconfirm and then um whoopsno no we want to move it give me themove there you go and then you move itbackexactly into the position where youWatch at: 01:26:20 / 01:26:40wanted it there you go and from overheresame thing's happening you just copy itover two timesthere you go building is built now we dohave a bit of an issue here because ididn't pay too much attention on thegrid you can seethis is a little bit um off because wedidn'tpay attention to the right axis whichWatch at: 01:26:40 / 01:27:00was my mistake so you need to fill insomething in the edges but that's that'ssimple enoughyou can just move the whole building byjust going outgoing out of the building and what we doover here we just now use the advancedmoveand we just go to the right area andthen we do we move it out a little bitso it's fitting a little bit nicer onthe buildawesome and then we go back to edit andWatch at: 01:27:00 / 01:27:20now in order to make these cornersbetterwe just delete these pieces that are inthe corners because basicallywe can do that better you can do it muchbetter so you can see this is this isnot how it should look but now you cansee the framework frombelow it's looking kind of nice it'slooking pretty good now what you want todo over here you just go back into theWatch at: 01:27:20 / 01:27:40createmenu and then you can see there are somewooden roof tiles that we canuse a little bit better so this is thecorner pieceand we're going to bring that to thesame height as the other piecesjust making sure it's really the sameheight because i don't know if it islet's just change change all of theexcess things i think it's not quitethis is the height we need toWatch at: 01:27:40 / 01:28:00go for all right so over here what youwant to do is just find the right spothere you go build and then yeah we havea little bit of an issue here so wemight drag it allonce more in both directions simplybecause umotherwise this is going to look somewhatweird so i'm gonna just do this and i'mgonna select this pieceand move this once more out becauseWatch at: 01:28:00 / 01:28:20otherwise we wouldn't havebeen able to fit something in the middlei'm going to movethis piece as well surface move it overhere well we can just actually move itagainthere you go and then we do the samewith this piece we just delete thatbecause that's just annoyingand now over here we're just going toyou know duplicate that oneWatch at: 01:28:20 / 01:28:40just rotate bring it back into theposition you want to have it in and thenit alsoremembers what you are going to do soyou can just easilyyou know select and place all the timeso well that'sthat's easy enough you know just justplace these things downas you go um just put it in all thesecorners that you wanted and if you'relazylike i am you can also hold down x andWatch at: 01:28:40 / 01:29:00then you get the multi select and youcan use the add selection tooli'm going to select this and this justconfirmand then what you do is duplicate i havenow the two edge piecesjust rotate them and squeeze them backinto the position you wanted tohave them in lovely and they can goand this is already pretty much what weWatch at: 01:29:00 / 01:29:20wanted to do i mean it's notthe best ever this was just only for thepurpose of the buildingyou can now also you know what we do wejust go now to the oops that was mymistakewe go to the noob dungeons again iwanted to go flat roofsand then we are going to select whateverthis this wooden roofand we're just going to bring this oneWatch at: 01:29:20 / 01:29:40all the way up as wellyou know just placing it somewhat inhere to finish off this buildso come on do it one and the other oneif you zoom init's going to make things a lot easierby the way you know there you goplace this in easy enough and the buildis done what you could easily do now isWatch at: 01:29:40 / 01:30:00as wellbecause you can see the ground is nottouched again um you know there aremultiple ways of fixing this issue nowi quite like to do it always with natureso what i would do now just to show youhow this worksi would go now back into create and iwould say go all the way backthat was maybe one step too far uh goall the way to the leftWatch at: 01:30:00 / 01:30:20select a nature select rocks and thenbasically also clear all the filtersthat you can do by pressing down thisbuttonand then you're back in and you can nowselect some pieces i would always go inand then justyou know just place some rocks down herejust you know untilyou are basically happy with where theyare you know i'm just gonnaWatch at: 01:30:20 / 01:30:40i'm just gonna place a few down here nowso just that it's just a little groundwhatever thingy and then it connects i'mjust gonna go and use these darker onesas wellthere we go that's a nice big one youknow move it upas you go pretty easy you can you canjust manipulate them in a wayyou want just gonna bring that in hereWatch at: 01:30:40 / 01:31:00there just make it look somewhat okayyou know i'm not going to say even goodbut it's it's the way it is you knowit's just liketry to find your way of building but nowwith all the tricks i really hopethat you have a better understanding nowof how it works so there are plenty waysto get to your target but i think thisWatch at: 01:31:00 / 01:31:20wasthis was already pretty useful for thoseof you who had no idea howhow the tutorial or other other you knowtutorialsit's kind of what i'm doing but how theum controls work in general so this isthis is justhow it would look you know um and youhave pretty easily done thisyou know just just build this wonderfulshelter for the people over hereWatch at: 01:31:20 / 01:31:40um there's no you know wizardry involvedit's justsimple building and now i'm going toshow you the last thing that was the onething i was talking aboutso so much let's say you want to build afencethis is going to be nuts guys i tell youthis is the best option everso we go back in here and we do selectourselves nowsome some props down here there are someWatch at: 01:31:40 / 01:32:00fences okay we're gonna grab ourselvesnowthis fence okay and we're gonna bringthis fencedown right here next to also by the wayangle snap should be offso we can do it a bit better and nowwe're going to put thisfence down you know just so that we likeitnext to our wonderful pathway down hereWatch at: 01:32:00 / 01:32:20lovely okay so we are going to use eventhe wonderfulrotation because we want to have it veryprecise all rightso we want to have exactly into theposition where it is there you goand now what you want to do you want tomove this thingexactly in the same increments to makeWatch at: 01:32:20 / 01:32:40it look like very nice rightso it's going to be quite hard if you doit byby your uh let's say i judgment you knowlet's just try to make it like that allright sonoise this is how i did it it's nearlyperfect but what ifyou really really really want to makethat perfect what is when youWatch at: 01:32:40 / 01:33:00really want to have the exact samedistance between all the pieceswhat you could do you could go and usethe grid pieces rightuse the grid pieces and do the gridpieces the problem is the grid piecesonly allow youto make that totally straight but whatif when you have the samedistance on a curve well there issomething in this game now which allowsWatch at: 01:33:00 / 01:33:20you to do soso let us just select this piece rightand we are going to duplicate that fromthe orientation over here and we'regoing to bring thisall the way over to here and now i'mgoing to show you somereally cool magic in this game this isthis again this is the best feature iknow i'm a little bit of a fanboy ofthis featurebut well trust me what you want to doWatch at: 01:33:20 / 01:33:40now you goand have this piece right we select thispiece and from over herei'm going to say i want to duplicate anadvanced move this brings me into thismenuokay so that's that's what we alreadyknow i'm going to go to advanced movethis is that menuwe already know that now what i wouldneed to do now is to move it manuallyor i'm going to use the move snap that'sWatch at: 01:33:40 / 01:34:00brand newand look at what happens now boom thisopens a brand new menuand this is a piece connected or likelet's say a piece relative grid thatalwaysworks with the relative axis of yourpiece and that is insanenow what this means is you can see theWatch at: 01:34:00 / 01:34:20increments and you can actuallyexactly see that this piece over hereis exactly the length of four incrementswell meaning two meters because i putthe snap distanceto um 0.5 we can even go to 0.25 whichmeans itcreates eight increments but let's saywe nowwant to have a distance of two metersWatch at: 01:34:20 / 01:34:40exactly right from the center ofor from the pivot point of this pieceand now what happens if i move this tothe light orright or left it just snaps exactlyexactly to this location so it isreally perfectly fitted into the nextpositionand now the beauty happens you know weWatch at: 01:34:40 / 01:35:00want to slightly rotate this and we cando this we're just going to auto rotatejust go here and now just rotate it everso slightly okayjust this tiny bit of rotation go backintothe advanced move now move itand now what you have to do is basicallytoggle those offWatch at: 01:35:00 / 01:35:20move it exactly so it connects nicelyenoughconfirm and then you do again theum basically you are still in the movingyou go back and snap it onyou know snap the move on there you goand then go back into the incrementspush it over just like that and youstill build this and now this wayWatch at: 01:35:20 / 01:35:40you can build the perfect fence with theperfect incrementlet's say you even want to havesomething in between you don't want togo 2 meters you want to go 4 meters wellthat's no issue at allwe can just press that down here so ihave it once and now i'm going to go andsee this is now having the perfectdistance in between the perfectincrementnow again you can you can just go toWatch at: 01:35:40 / 01:36:00advanced rotate it disables that for asecondjust push that thing down here and thenwe go back to advanced move itautomatically has this snapped onwe can just snap it all over to theother side boom there you goyou could now again manipulate that toyour likings oops i just rotate it inthe wrong way whateveruh it's just to show you then uh toggleWatch at: 01:36:00 / 01:36:20thisoff go into your axis put it in theright step and this is justlike it is ridiculous guys this ishelping youto make the perfect fence for theperfect situation in the perfectincrements in this game and oh boy wouldi love to have this in theuh political pc version because that'sWatch at: 01:36:20 / 01:36:40like this is likea prop precision tool from city skylinesit is the perfect thingand once you get the hang of it you cando some really cool stuff with iti made this work over here just to testthis so these things over here which arefor the break run i haven't done themyet butthis is the exact same thing it has theperfect increment i just rotated thosepieces so the incrementWatch at: 01:36:40 / 01:37:00um always stayed the same over here sothese these these are always in theexact same distance andyou know if you would do this per handthat's really kind of trickybut anyhow guys this has been it for thebuilding tutorial it wasquite long i know um but i really hopeit helped you a lot and i tried toreally make surei go through it as slow as possible butWatch at: 01:37:00 / 01:37:20yet as efficient as possibleso you learned a lot hopefully um let meknow in the comments down below ifthere's anything else you want to learnabout building itselfnow today we're going to talk aboutlandscaping and nature first like notlandscaping in terms of terrain butactuallyhow you use the foliage in the game toyour advantage nowif we go a little bit over here first ofWatch at: 01:37:20 / 01:37:40all it's my testing area so i'm gonnatalk a little bit about the generalsteerings and stuff you knowum we're going to open first of all thecreate menu again and what you want todo hereis just press b once and then you go tothe right hand side to nature then youcan see thisis what nature has to offer for you andwe're going tocheck all first of all and then we justWatch at: 01:37:40 / 01:38:00go a little bit through the menuand you can see there's a variance um oftrees and stuff there are some bouldersthere are some ice boulders there's alot ofa lot of different stuff you canleverage you know um but for those ofyou who know other gamesuh certain games like planet zoo forexample orother kind of park management games oreven cities gardens you are used toWatch at: 01:38:00 / 01:38:20having a very great choice of plants andstuffthis is not really the case in planetcoaster howeverthere is a lot you can do so first ofall before we do thislet me just quickly show you in sceneryyou have a lot of stuffalready for you pre-prepared for thegame so if you're lazy and you don'twant to domore stuff then you know it's necessaryWatch at: 01:38:20 / 01:38:40you can grabthese blueprints over here just go intothe scenery and blueprint tab and thenyou can seethere are loads and loads of prefabthings for youum so for example over here you can seethere's a little bush assetand you can always use that you know useit to your advantageput it down to the ground hold down thesquare buttonWatch at: 01:38:40 / 01:39:00and then you can basically lev uh youknow pull it up or pull it downand then you can even sink it down intothe ground pretty simple stuffyou know you can use it that way but iwould recommend to do it a little bitdifferentlyso let's get started all right we arehere next to the pathway that i've builtand let me just quickly pause the gamefirstof all i don't know for building ialways like to pause the game a littleWatch at: 01:39:00 / 01:39:20bit and we have one issue over herewe do have a little bit of a glimpseinside of the back side of this buildingwhich is not filled and you knowyou don't want to have these peoplecoming over here see the back side ofour house nowwhat you can do is you can use a lot offoliage tohelp you kind of hide these things awayand this is what we're going to do andi'm going to tell you a little bit aboutWatch at: 01:39:20 / 01:39:40naturehow to leverage the best out of itwithout destroying your performance toomuch because that's something you haveto look intoin the console version even more than inthe other versions so what is prettyhandy in this game is tobunch stuff together to basically createlayers so what we're going to dowe just go into the create tab over herewe are alreadyin this menu but what we want to do weWatch at: 01:39:40 / 01:40:00press b once and we start with the treesin the background so what you want to dogo for a very lush tree i'm going tostart with the ash tree over herebecause i want to use that oneso what i'm going to do with the ashtree is i'm going to swipe this thingdownso it is a little bit into the ground soit almost looks like a veryrace and high bush you know the reasonWatch at: 01:40:00 / 01:40:20why i'm doing this is basically tocreate a layer in the background i'mjust gonna pull a little bit to the sideas well so we've got two things and youcan seethere's already quite a little bit of ablock going on so what i do next i'mgonna go to another tree that is a bitless lush i'm gonna use this wonderfuluh beech tree over here becausei like the beach trees quite a lot fortheir uh branches and stuff so they lookWatch at: 01:40:20 / 01:40:40kind of cool and i'm going to rotatethis so we have a little bit more of aof a beach uh tree in the front which isalso blocking a bit more of the backsidegreat that's what we do over here andthen one thing i want to do is i want tohave like another tree in the backgroundto just make sure that there is a lotmore blocked and i'm gonna use thiscypress tree over here so thatWatch at: 01:40:40 / 01:41:00you know i'm mixing now a little bit ofthe styles but since we don't have thatmuch uh stuff in the game anywayswe're gonna need what we're gonna usewhat we haveoffered to us so that's basically whatwe do so i'm going to put this one hereand i'm going to lower this down alittle bit more to the other sideright so this is what i have in thebackground okay cool nowi'm not kind of happy with this how itWatch at: 01:41:00 / 01:41:20is right now because i'm missing alittle bit in the front there'snot really everything i want so firstthings first i'm also going to takemy poplar tree over here because thatone is also pretty talland what i'm going to do with this onei'm going to layer this onebehind the other one so we have like athird layer and i'm going to do a secondone as wellputting that one here and just move it aWatch at: 01:41:20 / 01:41:40little bit downrotate it once it's also important tojust rotate trees and stuffalways because then it doesn't look toorepetitive so that's kind of neatso we have this okay and now we go outof the tree section and we go downinto the bushes because now as we havelayered this a little bit morei want to go a little bit lower in theWatch at: 01:41:40 / 01:42:00different layers and i'm going to usethis one over here this bush is alwayskind of coolbecause it has these different differentkind of patterns and it looks almostlike a little bit dried outso what i like to do is just put that afew times in the ground here just sothat you create a bit of a layer infront and you can evenyou know experiment a little bit withhow deep you move it in i'm gonna moveit a little bit deeperWatch at: 01:42:00 / 01:42:20there you go and now i want to fill thisin with some other stuff and i'm goingto use for it i'm going to usethis scavola here because this one isreally handy you can use thisquite a lot to create some almost grasslooking ground and i'm gonna use thisso it almost just sticks a little bitout i'm gonna zoom in you can see it'snot reallythat much higher it's it's just likeWatch at: 01:42:20 / 01:42:40halfway through we can just gotake it a little bit back there you gothis should be enoughand then what i'm doing is i'm basicallymoving that aroundjust to um you know just create a littlebit of a ground pattern here so thereyou gojust putting all these things down thereyou go andmaybe one more here and rotate this ohWatch at: 01:42:40 / 01:43:00well that was that was not good let'sundo thisokay cool and this is it awesome so i'vecreated thislooks already kind of cool what i'mmissing over here is a rockyou can always use rocks and stuff toyou know spice things up a little biti want to go here with the delicious onei think this fits quite well into ourpark over here and i'm gonna put thisdown right in hereWatch at: 01:43:00 / 01:43:20you know press once and then i'm gonnacopy it and you can always copy it andsink it down in the ground it almostlooks likea different stone then so you don't needto swap all these stones allof a sudden that just takes a little bitof a time and then i'm going to useanother one herelet's just use that one i think that'snice too i'm going to move this into thegroundand i'm going to put this here awesomeWatch at: 01:43:20 / 01:43:40so look at that we have createdthis little batch over here of nature soyou could nowgo on and just do the nature the wholetime as i didwhich would be incredibly time consumingwhat i would recommend to dois basically what you do go to multiselect and thenwe're just basically going to select allof that stuff over hereWatch at: 01:43:40 / 01:44:00right so that's nice and then justcorrect the things you didn't likebecause i for examplehave this uh this fence selected andthesethese rocks over here i don't want tohave as well so let's justunselect these if i can huh they don'treallyit doesn't really work here let me justsee if i canWatch at: 01:44:00 / 01:44:20let me just unselect this one pleaseyeah there you go and i unfortunatelydeselectedone of the trees over there i guesslet's go back to plusand see that we can just plus everythingwe need here oh my god i just uhokay it's a little bit of a think it ishould have done this somewhere elsejustas a little recommendation guys alwaysdo it in a spare place i was a littleWatch at: 01:44:20 / 01:44:40bit too close to what i've already builtanyhow what we will do regroup this as ascenery group and nowas you can see it's pretty much easierfor me to grab this one and what we doover here we justduplicate this thing okay and then whatyou can dois basically use this as a blueprint andi'm going to useexactly this and i'm going to use thishere and i'm moving this backWatch at: 01:44:40 / 01:45:00down into the ground hold down thesquare buttonor the x button on your xbox and thenyou just move it downand you can also alter the heights alittle bit you know i'm just going toput this downthere you go and i'm doing the exactsame stuff again i'm going to herehold this and you can also move thisfrom if you want to do it that waythen you just keep it exactly on theWatch at: 01:45:00 / 01:45:20right position that is also pretty handyyes we want to move that a little bitfurther upthere you go let's just rotate this alittlethere you go right okay so now what youwant to do now you can actually seealready that this looks a little bittoo repetitive right so what you do youbasically go into this buildingyou know just select the building andWatch at: 01:45:20 / 01:45:40then say edit the scenery group and justdelete this treeyou know you just delete it okay so whatyou can do then in the building is justselect some pieces over here you knowjust as i'm doing holding down the keyi've got 18 things that might be alittle bit too muchi'm going to decrease the brush size alittle bit i'm just going touse these pieces awesome and i'm goingWatch at: 01:45:40 / 01:46:00toduplicate this piece as you can seethere's a little bit more of bushes andstuff going oni'm going to rotate this a little andmove it all the way down just to fill inthat gap over here seethat's nice i'm going to do it that wayand then obviously what i don't like isthis stone over here and i want to getrid of this bush tooWatch at: 01:46:00 / 01:46:20right okay so this is kind of neat andnow you canjust basically start to exchange a fewthings i would love to have like alittle bit more of a tree in here iguess buti'm not doing it that way what i do nowis i have got copied this two times andi've got a very nice nature pattern overhere okayso what you can do now and this ispretty simpleyou just go down to the multi selectWatch at: 01:46:20 / 01:46:40tool and i want to recommend to go toadd to selection and then you selectthis onethis one and that one as well and nowyou can merge them together as one groupwhich i want to do so this is now onesingle groupand now you can obviously copy thisgroup againand just use the same group all overWatch at: 01:46:40 / 01:47:00again you know you can just use it hereand then what i do is basically i swapit down or likepush it down into the ground again intoa position i likeand now you can see this looksincredibly repetitive we don't want thatso what we do over here we go intoediting thethis thing and then we just delete a fewthings just justjust go in and delete a few things okayWatch at: 01:47:00 / 01:47:20so this is what we've created i don'tlike these rocks over here as welljust delete some of those just to makeit look a bit differentonce you've done that you edit the groupagainand you go in and put another tree infor example just go back into the treesand look what you like to have over herei think it would be nice to just haveanother birch tree in maybeWatch at: 01:47:20 / 01:47:40you know just put a birch tree is itfloatingno that fit just quite nice and i thinkbecause we are in an environment whereit would fiti'm gonna go and put like a freaking bigoak tree in the back because they arequite nice and quite bushyso we're going to put this one right inthe backhere right okay so don't forget toWatch at: 01:47:40 / 01:48:00always have a look if it all blocksnicely and it really does block nicelycool so you've done that and um yeahwhat i would do nowactually is pretty simple leave thatbuilding and i'm gonna you can guess itduplicate that again now you have athird oneand you can basically create whateveryou want with it in this term i want torotate it a little bit more to finishWatch at: 01:48:00 / 01:48:20this area off a little bitand then hold down the square button toput it into the grounduntil you have a height that you arehappy with there you go come onjust go there maybe a little bit deeperas wella tad bit deeper it should be fine comeon do itdo it nah come on i zoom in a little bitand makingWatch at: 01:48:20 / 01:48:40making things easier there you go andnow you can position thatwherever you want so here we go lovelythat looks nicethis area looks a bit off over here sowhat you can always do obviously whenyou when you just don't like an areajust go in search for one for one itemthat you want to put down so for examplei'm gonna use this panda rosa thing nowover hereWatch at: 01:48:40 / 01:49:00gonna move it into the ground to justhave it sticking down like thisand i wanna have another one just inthis area lovely cool so this is prettymuch what we've done and it looksalready pretty neat however there's onething you need to always do with naturei learned this trick from mike sheetshe's like he's like the god in terms ofmaking nature and stuff look good butWatch at: 01:49:00 / 01:49:20what you always want to goand use is terrain never leave it as itisalways go in and what you do go to thepush toolor the pull tool it doesn't matter lowerthe intensity downas much as you can and let me just dothis quickly like so that's a lotquickerand then do also the intensity so allthe way down that you just have a veryWatch at: 01:49:20 / 01:49:40very small brush something like thatyou know and then you want to go in andin certain areasjust raise the terrain a little bit okayso you can also do that in thebackgroundso just because none of the actual inreal life existing planters and stuffare totally perfectly flat there'salways a little bit of you know aWatch at: 01:49:40 / 01:50:00difference in height andespecially around trees over so alsowhether where the roots areyou basically would even try to go downa little bit you know because thennature has just like sucked up a littlebit of the groundand you know you can always do this inhere like i do right nowjust search yourself some areas and thisis also the reason why we usethese pieces and push them down into theWatch at: 01:50:00 / 01:50:20ground becausethis way you are creating these littlemolds over hereand once you've done that you can justgo into the paintingand then i would always recommend to touse some stuff that you want to use soover here this is all i think it's alldry grass right no it's not dry grass itwas actually the the original grass overhereso what you can do then go also to someWatch at: 01:50:20 / 01:50:40mud and then you canyou know you can also increase theintensity a little bit if you want iwould always go with the smallestavailable size or like a very small sizeat leastand then search yourself some areaswhere you want to put some mudfor example i want to do this below thetrees especiallybecause that's where not so much sunwould come and just paint that a littleWatch at: 01:50:40 / 01:51:00bit you know having some mud over hereand as always as i showed you in thefirst tutorial in case you haven't seenthattry to blend that with some stuff andi'm gonna use toblend this with some darker mud overhere you knowjust making it not all look the exactsameso there you go just having a little bitof a difference in all the texturesWatch at: 01:51:00 / 01:51:20just making it nice and tidy and stuffso there you gothis is already what you wanted to dolook at look at this i mean this looksalready kind of coolyou have like a lot of nature going onbe be neg i'd be next whatnext to the path uh my english is brokenand so from over here you can basicallycopy things butwhat you would love to do now is to makeWatch at: 01:51:20 / 01:51:40this thing in the back appear a bit moredenseand what you can do over here we kind ofrecreate it fromvery low growing stuff up to the treesto the oak tree and what you do nowjust to finish that off you go back intocreateand then go search yourself for somebigger oak trees there are even somebigger ones and you want to put themWatch at: 01:51:40 / 01:52:00all the way here in the back let's justnot raise them too much but they canactually be a little bita little bit higher why not zoom in alittle bit so the roots are just on thegroundnope you can just go up a little bitsorrywhat's happening what is happening thereyou go okay so this is nice and nowyou just push that thing to the backWatch at: 01:52:00 / 01:52:20just put some down you don't even needto gothat close here just make sure to rotatethem every now and thenawesome and then just mix in some othertrees i would also recommend to go forthis one for exampleum this is also kind of nice tree inthis game i think you want to go for thesecond onei think size-wise this is neat yeah andjust put that in the middle you knowWatch at: 01:52:20 / 01:52:40just tojust to create some different depth andthere you gothis is it it almost looks like you havelike a dense forest behindbut what we created is not that pieceeffective efficientuh it is efficient but it's not likedestroying too many pieces it's not thatmany pieces overall wejust increased our overall park by onepercentbut it looks like something really denseWatch at: 01:52:40 / 01:53:00and you can see from the backside it'sactuallyfaked a lot but when you look from thefront it looks super dense and supernice and just imagine youyou pull this uh you know fence all theway through here and then it looksreally coolyou know that looks that looks stella ifyou just take that little area over herewith the fence that looks already prettycoolyeah i'm a big fan of how this looks umWatch at: 01:53:00 / 01:53:20we can also you know what we dowe just take like a guest over herelet's just go and then weselect the camera to just have a lookhow the guests see thisuh let's hide these panels look at thatthis looksthis looks kind of cool that looks cooldoesn't it i mean this is this is whatyou can do in this game it looks reallyWatch at: 01:53:20 / 01:53:40really really decent is there anyonewalking back by the way no it's onlythat dude over here well that's fineyeah so this was already it about thenature and now as i promisedthere will be some general hints nowthat i haven't mentioned in the lastcouple episodes i really hopethat you guys first of all that youenjoyed all the tutorials now this islike the completetutorial now from start to end youWatch at: 01:53:40 / 01:54:00should be capable of basically all thetools nowbut there are a few little things youshould really get used towhile you're building like one thingthat i want to point out again eventhough i said this million timesget used to the radial menu get used tothe fact that it always has a contextualone so you can see for exampleif i go here on the coaster and i'm notWatch at: 01:54:00 / 01:54:20pressing xor a you know respectively which consoleyou're usingjust press triangle or the y key and itopens the contextual menu for exampleover hereyou can go directly into the rightcamera and boom there we are seatedalready into the right camerasame goes obviously for the other onejust over hereWatch at: 01:54:20 / 01:54:40hold down uh oops i should have chosenthat oneand here you can see boom going to rightcamera boom with seating inhow cool is that you can also have thathere with move the station and surfacestuff blah blah blahyou can do the same with like groups forexample you canyou don't even need to select them youcan just directly copy that from overhere as you can seeWatch at: 01:54:40 / 01:55:00i don't even need to go in it's verycontextual i love that it's super coolalso same with the building whoops ijust not clicked on the building this isthe building nowyou can from over here directly justlike duplicate this building for exampleyou can see nowi'm just pulling out the whole buildingit's super simpleand the same obviously always works forwhenever you are in theWatch at: 01:55:00 / 01:55:20editor so for example over here i'm nowin the path editor have the contextualmenu and you can justdirectly snap some things just reallyget used to the tool guysit's absolutely important because thatmakes you a lot moreefficient in your building so the secondmost important thing is definitelymake sure you always remember the theWatch at: 01:55:20 / 01:55:40short keys with the square button or thex button on the xxbox here you can see i'm holding thatdown and you see now to the lower screenyou have got the undo and redo so forexample if i justgo over here you know and then we justundo whatever we've done you can see howhow we step back everything we've doneover here so it's umit you can also press down and just doWatch at: 01:55:40 / 01:56:00all this by the way the nature takes along while untilthe redo and undo has been processed soyou can also justundo and redo i'm just clicking my liveout now so that untilwe have everything built again you cansee now in a while once once this isdoneum you can see that the trees goeverything is done again thenobviously increase or decrease the speedWatch at: 01:56:00 / 01:56:20by pressing upand obviously press play or pause inthis signsand if you want to change the camera youcan also do so by l1 now you can see i'mnow in the freeload camerawhich makes me able to fly around my zooor my zoo my park like that sorry i'mjust very much into planet zoo at themoment againso yeah you can you can do whatever youWatch at: 01:56:20 / 01:56:40want with this camera it's prettypretty neat pretty cool um and you caneasily change back to the other cameraby holding down square and l1 orlb and then you can also change the timebydoing so on pressing there and this menukeeps being open thenyou can basically check the time ordecheck the time now i check the time oryou go over and then you canWatch at: 01:56:40 / 01:57:00you know easily set the time of day justlike thatand if you want to have like a nicescreenshot and evening light just likethatyou can just basically or this ismorning light by the way i just easilydo it like this and if you want to havethe ongoingcontinuous time model you can just addcheck hereand it always uh goes um with the timefrom now on which looksWatch at: 01:57:00 / 01:57:20kind of cool with the lighting here umbut yeah i know i always want towant to have my 10 ish or like 12. nah11 is fine i guess 11 should be finethat's that's niceand for like you can also use the torchwhich is kind of cool at nightbecause then you have uh like a lightaround the building so you can alsoWatch at: 01:57:20 / 01:57:40build at night that's pretty handy aswellso these kind of things are veryimportant um to just remember becausethis makes you a lot more efficient inyour in your buildingthat's really cool but yeah guys thathas been it like look at what we'veachieved in all the tutorials i reallyhope you guysenjoyed all my tutorials in case you didplease leave a subscription i'm gonnaprovide you guys with more tutorials inWatch at: 01:57:40 / 01:58:00the future and more stuff that you wouldneed for different games and stuff likethat also for playing coaster obviouslyand now i really hope that you guys areenjoying your time that you all staysafe obviously in these weird timesand yeah just have a good time and i seeyou in the next one goodbye everyone

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  1. QUESTION: is it possible to change colors of multiple scenery pieces at once? Please forgive me if this series has covered this, I have watched the individual building tutorials (and will re-watch several times I am sure), and may have missed a few things.

  2. This is a great video with lots of tips and information, it deserves wayyyy more likes! I’m new to the game on console and this helped me so much. Great video!


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