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    Amazing Online Whiteboard with Collaboration and its FREE!

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    Need a fully interactive and easy to use Whiteboard? Does it have to be online and work on every device? Don't want to register and sign up for an account? Want to give access to your students without sharing their info?

    All these things are here! I absolutely LOVE Whiteboard.fi and will show you what it looks like in action!

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    My videos are made with Techsmith Camtasia.
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    1. Question – as your students are writing their answers for you to see are they seeing one another's answers? And – is there any option on this whiteboard that allows you to type rather than handwriting text?

    2. Again…thanks for explaining all the classroom tools so clearly. I have one problem with the whiteboard…the drop-down list of the whiteboard….freezes and takes a lot of space on my screen. Also…to type text …that's what I need to use…am teaching french…is not particularly efficient. When I click on A to write a text..I get a small window on the whiteboard…and have to fiddle around to get it bigger….to you have any other suggestion for a whiteboard that I don't need to share…but where typing text is the most important tool? Thanks for your help. Cordially and gratefully. Matthias Vogt


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