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SearchThisVideo: Amazing Online Whiteboard with Collaboration and its FREE!

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hi my name is siti and welcome back to

the channel where we make educational

technology easy for you in today's video

I'm going to show you an online

whiteboard that is not only free but

it's also super easy to use and great

for collaboration with students let's

dive into it with another flipped

classroom tutorial now this whiteboard

is available online it does not require

any registrations by your students and

it does not require them to login so

it's as easy as you sharing a link to

the whiteboard and then your students

can jump in so let's have a look at a

demonstration of this whiteboard now

I've invited a couple of friends to join

us in this demonstration and you'll see

them join and I now ask them a question

so the first thing you have to do is go

to the website whiteboard dot F I now

whiteboard fi is very easy to navigate

to and then you have two options there

we can either create a new class or we

can join a class now once you've shared

a link your students will be joining a

class if you already have a join code

well then you can use join class I'm

going to create this class right now so

let's go ahead and click on new class

we're going to add our own name to this

so I'm going to just add my name there

we go

and I'm going to create this class now

as you can see everything happens

automatically and I now have a link now

this link will automatically expire two

hours after closing down the classroom

now I can also manually close down this

whiteboard so that immediately after a

class has ended the whiteboard shuts

down let's go ahead and copy this link

and I'm going to share it with a group

of friends now as soon as they join and

they add their name you'll see them join

here and their whiteboards will become

visible now they can use any device they

want this works on Chromebooks Windows

Mac phones any device you can see we

already have two people here we have

Gary James and I can see their

whiteboards they are now drawing on

their whiteboards now I'm going to go to

my whiteboard and I'm going to ask them

a question up on my whiteboard I'm just

going to type three plus one now in

order for them to answer this let's have

a look at the class and see if they can

answer that question

now I've shared something on my

whiteboard and they will automatic

see that I can now wait for them to

respond I can also go to their

whiteboard and I can just kick him out

erase their whiteboard or clothes it's

now you can see Gary's answered for

let's have a look at James to see if

James has an answer yet no there's no

answer yet think he's struggling a

little bit with its touch device there

but as you can see this is an incredibly

easy to use whiteboard

everyone's answered well let's go ahead

and just erase all their whiteboards at

the top I can now clear all whiteboards

there we go

we're going to have a new question we're

going to clear our own whiteboard and

we're going to say six take away four

there we go we're going to go to our

class and let's see if Gary and James

get it correct and this time now as I

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

wait for my students to give answers I

can also export this as a screenshot

this is a really great way of just

having a bit of feedback or just opening

it up as you're presenting any Google

meats or any other online platform I

love how easy this whiteboard is to use

and how you're not required to register

anything and your students can just join

now let's say this is the end of our

session well what I can do now is at the

top I can close this room now as soon as

I close the room and everyone is kicked

out of the room in this room has now

been deleted

I hope you found this helpful if you did

make sure to scroll down into that

comment section below let me know what

is your favorite online whiteboard and

why and will you be trying out

whiteboard dot F I now I'd love to hear

your comments and I will do my best to

reply to every single one of those now

once you've left your comments make sure

you scroll back up it subscribe bell

notifications so you can be notified of

future videos in the meantime thank you

for watching and I will see you in the

next one

Need a fully interactive and easy to use Whiteboard? Does it have to be online and work on every device? Don't want to register and sign up for an account? Want to give access to your students without sharing their info?

All these things are here! I absolutely LOVE and will show you what it looks like in action!

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  1. Question – as your students are writing their answers for you to see are they seeing one another's answers? And – is there any option on this whiteboard that allows you to type rather than handwriting text?

  2. Again…thanks for explaining all the classroom tools so clearly. I have one problem with the whiteboard…the drop-down list of the whiteboard….freezes and takes a lot of space on my screen. Also…to type text …that's what I need to use…am teaching french…is not particularly efficient. When I click on A to write a text..I get a small window on the whiteboard…and have to fiddle around to get it bigger….to you have any other suggestion for a whiteboard that I don't need to share…but where typing text is the most important tool? Thanks for your help. Cordially and gratefully. Matthias Vogt


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