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    SearchThisVideo: ANCESTORS THE HUMANKIND ODYSSEY Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (FULL GAME)

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    so guys welcome to ancestors the

    humankind Odyssey a lot of people asked

    me over on Twitter to try this game out

    I knew about this for a while I actually

    know a few people that worked on this

    game you also have the original creators

    of Assassin's Creed that worked on this

    game as well so I'm gonna tell you a

    private division game of the game early

    so thank you to them and I wasn't safe

    we had like 20 or 30,000 likes

    definitely expected more of it and I was

    gonna do a small giveaway two copies of

    the game one for Xbox one for ps4 given

    a chance to win see the like the video

    or leave the comments of I don't know

    anything just leave a comment all right

    guys I'm gonna start this stuff I don't

    know anything about it other than it's

    pretty hard at the start so we'll see

    what happens alright guys I love you

    let's get this aisle buddy Lamarr with

    two R's how about that I'm gonna be

    there that'll be the name alright first

    time yep all right full HUD full

    tutorial useful and mersive riveting Wow

    uh I want the tutorial and everything

    it's not my first time alright select

    your starting character gender alright

    game mode first time hitting waterfall

    hit a waterfall Oasis I can't speak a

    clan size medium okay I don't know

    anything about this game I'm excited

    that's not that many people that's








    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00



    it's always a bigger fish or rock it off








    okay regain safety and hiding spot okay

    yo that's crazy man

    all right


    party they recommend you play this game

    the controller

    alright don't move stay okay look around

    stand up smelling hearing okay

    I'm gonna survive this yell we got to

    make it out of the prologue alright find

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the lost child of your clan alright

    thank you here what all we got here the

    interactive stuff

    grab inspect what we got here oh you get

    the neuron stuffs you're getting your

    senses basically through full discovery

    okay cancel jump

    first up


    piggyback all right how about to develop

    some bonding skills nurse is crazy just

    came in with jibt good school good he'll

    be close right what was that noise yo

    this is crazy man


    all right since appearing don't move to

    stay in the sense this is a

    representation of the sounds and range

    so that's sound is this basically

    everybody back there with my plan or

    whatever alright yo the weight you kind

    of move around the trees and stuff

    definitely feels like Assassin's Creed

    so I know that the creators of this game

    had a lot of like experience stuff I

    hold on

    metabolism listen timid eight hey you

    never know right

    scare something off I need to hop downs

    I don't want to I don't have to tell

    like fall damage and I'm pretty sure you

    would right oh my god

    don't work we got to be close good

    climbing skills for good for sound right



    oh there we go


    listening out I feel like I kind of want

    to stay off the ground kind of pull like

    before lava right now because jumping

    hauls to grab the foliage or the

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    creepers when passing through okay well

    now look around early just to make sure

    see if I don't smell or hear anything

    else okay we got enemies right there or

    I'm a column enemies wild prey I better

    not get bit by a snake or something that

    intro is kind of tense cuz you had kind

    of like the whole like I guess PTSD type


    the spots

    Comfort although it wasn't steak nearby

    okay I intimidated an Eastern green

    mamba Oh God go on backwards now



    no that's this gameful Jed med our

    communication nice

    now what head back to the camp let me

    see what it says join a clan of the

    settlement okay think we're back this

    way let's go a trio now let's let's get

    back so the great thing in the middle I

    don't know what all this stuff is I know

    you got like metabolism you need to eat

    and drink each day but you're also

    developing your senses as you go paddle

    you can like involve and everything in

    this game so kind of something different

    I didn't need to do that I've heard you

    can break your balls and stuff in this

    game so need to be cautious all right

    let's go back let's find this cuz ain't

    trying to uh get get attacked I was

    messing around earlier just kind of

    exploring the game a little bit I had a

    few crazy things happen to me so alright

    here's the settlement I think yep let me

    go up a little higher

    yeah plan I'm just doing a video for

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    this we kind of see how it goes but man

    I'm telling you it plays extremely well

    Can I grab onto this tree a loop here

    we're good

    the big tree

    oh nice you slide it's cool

    that's awesome if y'all kind of call

    call back to you you know all right head

    back over here reunited at last


    all right Kenya linen lineage of all

    faster than our ancestors did okay I

    mean I guess we'll find out right all

    right we got energy it's limited by

    stamina as I'm into my life expectancy

    okay eat well drink well and sleep well

    to maintain a great stamina that avoid

    entered injury almost at energies avoid

    injuries all right and context for


    stop moving to see all the context with

    actions offered in this situation okay

    shall we all you hold it down that's


    sleep sleep till the year uh yeah what's

    that uh minute dream

    we drop this child on a evolution Oh

    oh wow all right evolution okay ten

    million years ago to launch an evolution

    you must be new cleanse active

    settlement have passed least one

    generation and succeeded in evolution

    feat tomorrow to our let's go uh change

    evolution or change generation passing

    injustice is an irreversible there's no

    coming back and all unborn babies will

    be lost hold on

    maybe we should like look around first

    you know yeah before we do that let me

    drop this child off communications key

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    let me like just get a few trades okay

    whoa groom yeah let's kind of get some

    abilities in us first before we just

    like considered communication sure

    neuron okay communication nice I guess

    you don't want to evolve too fast right


    having children nearby allows

    accumulation of neuronal the Ronald

    explicit energy more children around

    means increase accumulation okay there's

    a lot of stuff here let me grab

    something to eat it

    inspector maybe just bill just census up

    by sniffing and

    new food discovery okay we could eat

    this hopefully it's not a bad berry nice

    eat again yeah evolution we know we're

    paying it out yeah everybody's watching

    me oh how well some of that buffet

    yo let's get all right analyze rap okay

    inspect maybe it's best if we like to

    look around at everything first before

    rolling down like the evolution chain

    obsidian okay real tools discovery

    follow me come on Annalise oh you can

    switch what Wow nice

    well I can't want to go back to


    tell this person to follow me knock tell

    the stamen I don't know wait here yeah


    in expedition

    let's go over here let me just look

    around first y'all this game is tight I

    like the style of it its hold on yeah

    what is that up there oh dear oh now let

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    me see something can you analyze hold on

    focus since appearing okay okay

    interesting I mean I'm just kind of like

    mess around we'll about only know what

    the how that is anything wrong we're

    just like checking stuff out all right

    grab eat this

    all right nice well since we I think

    we're good all right

    nice nice nice I wonder if we need I

    wonder if you evolve I counted just try

    really quick you can apparently have

    different kinds of like five different

    accounts you can have for this so let's

    check it out

    see what happens now all right end

    expedition all right piggyback

    lie down time to sleep you hold down a

    of whatever controlling your own it's

    actually kind of cool I'm gonna wait

    till like 8:00 a.m. maybe look it's like

    the dreams and stuff you have that's

    pretty cool all right dawn plus it's

    close enough

    all right drop child all what was that I

    saw it it's raining now

    that's the waterfall meeting let's check

    it out Mona oh it is raining okay Oh is

    he crazy

    inspector let me get our census up


    okay rock

    groom follow me analyze okay you can

    rename nice

    now drinking I wonder

    obviously scoop here we go


    new food discovery all right fresh water

    source nice okay

    I'm gonna keep drinking you drink too

    much feel like I should have brought the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    kids over here they're all kind of

    learning with me so that's really

    awesome all right now it's uh what else

    there's really B to do I don't really

    want to fight anything right now or get

    in any kind of accidents so take I don't

    talk and life yeah basic communication

    lie down all right call meet evolute

    let's call me hold on



    confused what's going on

    mate that's an option hold on I like how

    they did that they uh they make it look

    like it's just 20 minutes later you know

    all right

    I'm asleep I guess I cut the evolution

    just try this all right all right to

    launch the devolution you must be at

    your cleanse active settlement I'm there

    have passed these one generation has

    succeeded in evolution feats

    now I've done an evolution feet I

    believe change generations


    let's try it



    fifteen years later let's get it all


    genetic mutation metabolism sake clan

    member dead

    I guess people be passed away in this

    game I guess that's just how it how it

    works you know your 15 day three okay

    scooped up some water alright did not uh

    are we basically doing everything that

    we what everybody come get some know

    what we just pinched round I wonder

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    we're good on rest I think lapis if you

    lie down sleep for a little bit maybe

    we're already good on that daily regimen

    update okay food water sleep enough we

    need to eat something

    inspect this I wonder if my senses on

    this newer character it's also the same

    thing okay

    developing senses okay okay so it kind

    of almost restarts it suspect again

    actually now let me just drop this one -

    stockpiles already discovered drop - we

    stuff on with identical items okay so if

    you want to like bring something back to

    have that's pretty cool

    I guess we just explore

    are we good

    well this is the current objective is if

    all faster than our ancestors did okay I

    solve a current objective is let me go

    back and see what happens let me just

    check out the menu really quick when I

    get back over there still kind of new


    I'm also just like taking this game in

    let's go over here let's have something

    to eat


    kroehner on all right we're good

    communication that's always important in

    every relationship you know all right


    keep eating I don't know like won't be

    the best option here cuz if you light

    out and you have like a bunch of options

    in when you go to evolution I'll show

    you really quick so and then kind of

    pops in there

    we initiated because you don't have a

    Narellan or energy carrying kids while

    performing various actions every day is

    the only way oh okay that's how I got it

    the first time I believe baby genetic

    okay maybe I evolved evolution leap

    really two bursts one death oh man

    hold on not carry by adults will vanish

    but there no I don't definitely do not

    okay so what I think we have to do you

    find a kid really quick it's all the

    babies ever I'm trying to teach them

    things so I can like better all our

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    future generations maybe you know what

    maybe we have to do is

    I mean there's none around there was -

    there was two birds in one death there's

    only one objective here I think and then

    maybe you pass time after you do this I

    really don't know it makes I say only

    since I can make out all right here we


    communication I'm just gonna look around

    the area

    guess what I can do is um just develop

    skills like as I do things they analyze

    me and I'm analyzing them and it's just

    kind of like we just survived that way

    you know eating and drinking I make it a

    middle mode flashing okay let's just

    kind of look around for a little bit I

    don't know what the like the overall

    point of this game as far as like

    evolving and stuff it's a current

    mission we have is can we evolve faster

    than our ancestors did

    there's no will rated like I don't

    really think this is an actual way to

    speed up everything I could just go

    start evolving over and over I don't

    know like what the consequences are but

    like I need to learn a little bit first

    and then we'll kind of get back on track

    let me grab onto this tree

    sorry nice

    let's go check let's just go inspecting

    and what we learned now the only thing

    is I wish I'd stayed in the first

    evolution a little bit longer I could

    have had the toddler kind of chill on my

    back a little bit

    raining now stuff

    same thing the other side

    this game is just such a chill like

    afternoon just chilling at home hey

    let's play this it's not really

    stressful it's just it's kind of

    interesting it's almost like watching

    National Geographic or something you

    know like just having fun

    I don't really fight there's got to be a

    different way to like speed date there's

    only on day three of year 15 let me hop

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    down a little bit baby

    are used as a slide down a little bit I

    just wanna go try it I know I got to be

    back to the main area so what we'll do

    was climb the street

    I don't think getting into danger will

    be smart right now because like yeah I

    can go after like an anaconda or

    something but what's that really going

    to teach me

    evolution why I just stay stay hell away

    from them grab this inspect

    like a beehive bigger

    cool discovery fiber okay why you just

    cattle learning I love it

    let's go want to get over there if I

    don't think I make that jump try nice

    soundtrack is really good felt like this

    game was kind of came out of nowhere

    almost I think they've been I think they

    said of making it's like three three or

    four years now


    it's it's very intriguing to say the


    drop that let's go back up let's try

    something okay I can go this way hold on

    well maybe I can't if I go around the

    side here all right


    a character got exhausted while out

    there so I had to like almost crawl my

    way back I fly down for a bit

    oh yeah needed this I feel like there's

    only so much I can really do in the area

    we get some dreams and now REM I sleep

    so like seven I guess now you can just

    hold it down it's big its speed dumped

    after a while alright dawn

    alright daily regimen food water sleep

    let me do that one more time and then I

    think I'm gonna try the evolution thing

    really quick berries right here around

    us I'll take that thank you very much


    like uh everybody just eats at the same

    time new food discovery uh Oh horse tell

    let's go and eat distance oh yeah oh

    nice so if I guess it prevents you from

    getting uh okay so nice we got something

    up there this game is night I want to


    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    yeah on the side there the bottle up the

    corner you can actually kind of see

    communication alright Eskie bring some

    water now keep up some water everybody

    do it with me now this is so cool then

    it's just a different layout they got

    air fluid game like this and I've been

    doing YouTube curve and I played games

    before YouTube obviously but like I've

    never played a thing like this before

    alright let me try it I wonder if

    evolution think one more time just try

    it out I really don't know the best

    thing to do here I know that we can we

    can spend more time here must be an

    adult being your clan active we have do

    we have any help if you have any kids

    doing feats 1% I can't try it


    I suppose let me just try this all right

    evolution feet okay nice

    y'all this is crazy how many thousands

    of years we have okay nice see that's

    something every time I do that

    okay feats added three nice Oh No one


    two birds okay I'll take it let's just

    say that we had the first time



    all right nice your 15 day for games

    legit I don't really know where to stop

    the first part oh my god like all the

    area's different now


    all right we're good

    I've got to learn more about in the few

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    days with like a part - just let me know

    I'm having a lot of fun playing this

    game so far I think it's definitely a

    different type of experience for sure so

    the you get the feet from Zoo that thing

    I just did senses okay kind of back at

    it again well yeah I guess I'll just

    kind of stop here pretty different I

    wouldn't mind seeing how far I can get

    into the game before like I start

    struggling but so far it seems pretty

    easy I think a lot of it just has to do

    is staying in the current like if I stay

    here right now and don't go like too far

    ahead I feel like then I will have

    better success with like I don't know

    like the whole area right here it's like

    completely different go check it out

    like that walk everybody sees me


    this game is really pretty too

    I wonder why they decided trying to make

    this seems very out of the blue but I'm

    glad they did cause it definitely plays

    for oh my god Oh guys we got a situation

    oh boy oh my oh I'm alive we're good

    I won the can jump and land in water

    right thanks suck you bad not too bad at


    the point I'm staying here for a while


    I was cut out here surviving

    just hold on every time I see those eyes

    makes me think of the the intro to the


    it's a big waterfall I got to go back up

    alone and get back to the area so check

    this out

    oh no no let's not do that again


    so it's like you get these traits from

    doing all these different things in the

    game communication trying different

    foods like I tried that like vegetable

    type thing and then I did it and I

    gained stuff because of that all right

    let's try this respect this one as well

    new new senses avoiding types of danger

    you know current objective that's

    basically like the entire game you just

    have to evolve faster then your

    ancestors the basically you know what I

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    think this game does a good job of doing

    is not holding your head like obviously

    when you wake up in the morning you eat

    and drink something that's kind of what

    they want you to kind of get into the

    habit of doing in this game

    alright guys first off thank you guys

    for all the support you drop on this had

    a lot of fun playing it honest I mean

    it's honestly just like a learning

    experience the game doesn't really hold

    your hand at all and I had a lot of fun

    kind of figuring it all out so our guys

    I love you if you want more this game

    just destroy that like button and I'll

    talk to you guys very soon

    Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Intro, Episode 1 and Campaign Mission 1 of the Single Player Campaign ...


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