Android Fugitive Digital Tabletop RPG – Citizen Sleeper

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hello everyone shelf here of the wanderbots and welcome to citizen sleeper this is a game by jump over the age and published by fellow traveler and they were so kind to give us a key and this game it it's really intriguing it looks like it's a kind of a text-based narrative adventure and you have a number of decisions to make and you are uh some kind of fabricated being that was a worker in this futuristic civilization and you are you escape you're rendered obsolete something occurs that grants you some mode of freedom on the space station and yeah i i'm curious to see where the story will take us and what it entails i i always love when games really explore their setting in their world building i feel like this is a good opportunity for them to do so so let's start a new game empty slot oh we can choose a character class so we have an operator an operator works with drones and high precision remote machines to perform complex tasks from a distance sleepers assigned to operator work uh operator work are usually cerebral and precise people perk transfer intercept chance to gain cryo on interface actions so cryo would be maybe something like a freeze or a slowdown so we have engineering at zero but interface plus one endures negative one use strength or strength of will intuit approach problems with awareness engage approach problems head on so this is a little bit more aggressive this is a little bit more mind cerebral so yeah so strength or strength of will would be low but working with digital interfaces would be high and there's the drone oh and i i can't tell if they're completely a machine or if they're a cyborg of some sort interesting so we have the extractor extractors work on resource extraction often in hard vacuum environments sleepers assigned to extractor work are often confident self-sufficient and have a high level of endurance so they have more endure but lesson to it not really my kind of character class oh sunbathe dissection allows energy recovery at home interesting i prefer to have something in the lines of engineering or um being able to work with others i don't know if there's there's necessarily one that's about charisma are these the only two yeah so the operator and the extractor unless oh no there is one more the machinist machinist repairs and modifies automated systems using industrial resource extraction used in industrial resource extraction sleepers assigned to the machinist's work are usually diligent careful and structured people so they work with machines and physical tools but they don't like to engage it looks like we can't change these would be interesting if you can make custom characters too yeah so i think i'm going to work with the operator though strength of will hmm working with digital interfaces i don't know this would be good for things like hacking yeah so wouldn't be able to engage but they can work with machines and physical tools i don't know i suppose i'm being reminded of knights the old republic where being able to hack robots and computer interfaces was really integral yeah so i don't think the extractor is my kind of play style i think i'm going to go with the operator for now let's start game there's their number system one two three four five six little hexagons unknown where are you the first thing you become aware of on waking is the disconnect the delay between thinking and feeling between wanting to act and acting minor almost imperceptible but always present cryo cryptocurrency star on earworld sticks of memory known as chits data and items it's at its worst when waking when yourself has been spent has spent many dark hours recalling what it felt like to be real to be a person to be in a body that was indisputably yours think of that body or forget that body i don't know this is if we want to stay i suppose in that state of non-being but let's think of the body a leap into a cold lake on a hot day the sting of blood welling from a fresh wound the friction of a fingertip all of a sudden the memories are closer than you thought blurring as you approach until you can't tell one from the other the cold slips in behind and around you and the sensations fade out of reach perhaps you should be thankful for the dulled nature of this new body given your current circumstances the walls of the container feel immediately present hold hard at your back and face cramping your limbs you resist the desire to stretch knowing that the claustrophobia comes next and retreat a little from your central nervous system it isn't painful not like you used to know pain at least an emergency mode pain is a message delivered to efficient with efficiency and ease a reminder that harm is imminent there is no insistent throb no trembling of nerves just a warning delivered with the banal quality of a digital notification right now there are thousands of them oh interesting so pain as it were but just being experienced as a bunch of notifications as opposed to actual sensation so there's remember the plan or remember the others so the plan may be as a mission but the others who are they you remember there are ten of you ten that could no longer stand the indentured work the routines the slow decay ten whose belief in their pro promised future was slowly dismantled day by day until they realized they had sold away everything that could and would ever matter 10 that would escape or at least die trying oh so they were indentured servants and they're trying to escape some were lost in the shaft others never found the meeting point only a few made it to the containers but the freighter as far as you know left that feels like enough enough to know that you might no longer be on that grim and heartless rock even the airless cold of a freighter might freeze solid long before you reached any destination oh so they were probably working on some asteroid mine or a penal colony or something but they were trying to get to a freighter to escape wait for the cold or try to rest but you are restless it's been a long time since you left surely weeks maybe months you are duly aware of damage to your legs your right arm you've been reserving energy as much as possible but even then your body has shut many of its systems down to protect you you've spent much of that time asleep knowing that anything else would be impossible to endure you feel the weight of that impossibility begin to gather it is time to sleep again to nudge this false body into inducing delta waves in your emulated mind and once again recoil into a dream of when you were once a person rest time passes the cold creeps further in you feel something warmth not true warmth but the indication of its presence your joints release from their rigor sound too everywhere screeching and shimmering so loud that your body ducks your hearing to protect its sensors is there a crash what's going on then light white is the cold then softer and softer until in a haze of dirty yellow a figure appears you are out boom dragos pragmatic salvager oh dragos a pragmatic and private salvager it has been a few hours since drago's pulled you from the container you sit huddled in a corner of his scrap yard swaddled in the reflective folds of a mylar blanket you're slowly coming back to consciousness back to life and you stare at the ornately curving element of an improvised heater oh look he has a drone too looks like an old man maybe he has i don't know if this is just a cybernetic arm or if it's something attached to him huh interesting has a water bottle of some sort optics you are surrounded by angular incoherent lumps of ships some corroded beyond recognition others still carrying glassy wounds along their edges where a plasma arc sliced them apart as you trace their shapes with fogged eyes you hear a voice so sleeper are you thawed yet almost or stay silent sure almost never seen one of you come in like this new frames must have better perseverance on sub-zero back see more seen more than a few of you frozen solid to hull plates or inside outer locks of my time they weren't so lucky dragos comes into focus shrouded in makeshift tech his headset with its glinting eyes the mark of a drone operator on his shoulder one of his symbiotically linked drones perches its irising eye locked you locking you with an unflinching stare yep there it is last living sleeper that came through this yard was a while ago they didn't last long you struggled to read his expression beneath the tech but he seems lost in memory for a moment or perhaps he's just figuring out what to do with him so there's stay silent what happened to them i plan to survive well of course we do i'll ask what happened to them he ignores your question i won't ask what led you to do it to sell yourself to a corporation and i suppose you know you can't go back your old body that's theirs now and you are just software a rogue emulation illegally possessing corporate property oh so our character these sleepers they sold their physical bodies to a corporation then they work as indentured servants in these mechanical bodies and yeah if you escape in that way the mind is yours but the body is the corporations it reminds me of the science fiction films where you just have these discs that you transfer from one body to another and you might not be able to even find your old body again and your old body can be sublet to other people i wonder if what the corporations do with those bodies maybe it's one of those things where they have you know elderly billionaires that that want to experience youth again and so they essentially upload themselves into empty bodies just so they can experience that yeah oh interesting you know long you remember biometrically signing the forms the cold floor on your feet as you padded into the sleeper cells the promise of a life off world but as you do you get the now familiar sensation that these aren't your memories these are things you know but not things you feel you're no longer that person you are an offshoot a copy oh that is true if people have their minds copied over to some kind of interface unless you have them working in concert that you kind of have something interfaced with you and your mind is working on both it there's definitely a delineation or there would be a delineation between the copy and the original that yeah the copy might function in this in a way similar to the original mind obviously this is all uh hypothetical for future tech but yeah it would essentially be a clone except a clone would be genetic versus the mind cause twins are essentially clones and they they develop into very different people based on their experiences and yeah so in any case what you won't know is what's ahead at least the last one didn't there's no easy way to put it that body of yours is falling apart it's the same for any sleepwear sleeper who makes it out essen arp wants to protect their property but if they can't keep hold of you well then no one can so to destroy them essentially you remember that too or at least rumors of it from the other sleepers planned obsolescence a built-in dependence on the regularly administered supplements that were part of your routine stop taking them and your body begins to shut down separate from your emulated mind how long has it been how long do you have i mean technically biologically humans and most creatures have yes not a planned obsolescence per se but they begin to break down however in the case with things like computers and smartphones and other devices there's been studies that say yeah yeah they can last for for years and years but that you know if they want to sell a product then the companies have to make something that'll wear out or that you want to replace but i suppose in this case the planned obsolescence would mean that their workers wouldn't be able to function long outside of their indentured servitude yeah how long do you have but for now sleeper you're one of the lucky ones drago's glances up and away toward the glassy dome of the yard the eye is the blessed place you could be right now the eye the station you'll see soon enough drago's impatiently shifts his weight look i've got things to be getting on with he trails off there's an old freak container that i've been using as storage out in the stacks we haven't been pulling in much valuable scrap these days so you're welcome to it something wells up inside of you emotion fatigue you shakily get to your feet i think that's probably hope none alright you head on up there you look like you need some rest and with that drago stalks back to the wrecks his drones already converging on a rustling rusting hulk plasma flashes silhouetting his spindly figure as he returns to work yep gotta cut cut up those ships tutorial introduction welcome to airline's eye life on the eye runs in cycles during which you can talk to characters explorators of the station and perform actions at the end of each cycle you need to head to your current home to rest resting will move time forward on the station head to the empty container located to rest and end the cycle now recycle energy condition ah interesting it is true that if our character is slowly dwindling away or their energy is being spent or they have this planned obsolescence maybe they'll have to replace parts and find other means to repair themselves i'll just see all cycles need to end rest and prepare for the next one all right four steel walls the container you wait curled up in the corner of the container and begin slowly assembling the world around you after all this time you still find this body the one that you awaken now strange and disjointed its message is readable but somehow wrong you sit up pulling the mylar blanket close against the cold here you are on this ruined station millions of miles from anyone you know are you still in the system did any of the others make it out it's impossible to know after all this what matters escape getting answers building a life well yes escape because they're probably going to still be hunting you getting answers what answer is though a means to get back your body building a life with the current body that you have might be difficult but i think that yeah survival is a priority at the moment maybe you did get lucky finding yourself here maybe here on the edge of everything there's a life for you to build but before you can build anything you'll need to learn to survive maybe if you can do that you can make a life for yourself dragos has left a few comforts in the container the mylar blanket the bed roll that you slept on a canister of water a makeshift electric stove and some faded sachets of some desiccated powder oh so maybe some kind of tea or soup or broth or something you thumb the powder stud of the stuff of the stove and begin to boil the water the contents of the sachets smell like damp wood and you sprinkle them into the liquid as the pungent smell washes over you images of your restless sleep come back to you a ring like the station with skeletal and ghostly a web of threads pulling at your skin a constellation of bright polygonal shapes like angular suns burning into your mind there's something unpleasantly visceral about these images and it is long after you finish drinking that they begin to fade you tidy away the stove as best you can and try to gather enough energy to greet the dang all right condition action dice and energy yeah this is it's a almost like a table top game so that'll be interesting condition your condition represents the current state of your artificial body it depletes by one segment each cycle that can also be damaged by violence injury or lack of food if your condition bar empties you will suffer a breakdown you'll have to figure out how to recover your condition now that you're no longer not not that you no longer have access to corporate pharmaceuticals that were keeping you alive action dice at the start of each cycle you roll your action dice these dies can be used to perform actions in the station the number of dice rolled is based on your current condition the worse your condition the less dice you have once you have used your dice you cannot make any further actions and must rest to recover them ending the current cycle so it's like how much energy you can put forward energy you also need to eat survive this is represented by your energy bar you can refill your energy bar by eating but you'll first you'll have to find somewhere to get food and currency to buy it your energy depletes by two segments each cycle if it becomes empty you'll be starving and your condition will deplete at double rate per cycle yes so what do we have here flickering dragos is standing in the corridor when you close up the container he's still wearing his headset and the harsh light of the corridor you realize it isn't a drone sits on his shoulder its cache of sensor eyes rapidly irising how are you feeling i mean okay the drone chirps but to hear he knows that beneath the operator's rig his skin is marked by burns and unless unless that he's saying good to hear and the drone is like could be good to hear you notice that beneath the operator's rig his skin is marked by burns and blotches i know the container isn't much but it'll keep you safe he pauses so i'm not going to chit chat too long you well enough to work yeah i suppose the work would be the salvage sure all right then be nods at the yard it's simple stuff we hack these old hulls down sell them off to the shipyards or the bright market dealers for cryo occasionally we pull out some tech and something with a bit more value but most of that most of what comes in is just scrap it's hard to find good hands here but i figure as a sleeper you'll be used to the manual labor and obviously i'll slip you a few chits of commission based on what you turn up yeah chits would be currency please he pulls out a handful of small metal bars heirwold cryo isolated from the market that's what we used to trade out here he stuffs them back in his pocket so essentially money he shuffles his feet nervously look i wouldn't actually do this in my opinion you'd best be suited for moving on as quick as you can and sleepers well he trails off but things being the way they are for me in the yard he pauses i need the help why things are a little tight that's all i owe a little cryo to a client here or there he pauses looking thinking of something else to add uh is he in debt to someone perhaps he pauses thinking of something else to add look just come down to the yard when you're feeling fresher there's plenty to do we'll do he nods distractedly and turns and walks away the drone hopping along ahead of him see you later he calls back looks like it's time to get to work so we have drago's yard decaying scrap yard all right actions are the primary way to interact with the world of citizen sleeper to perform an action click and drag your chosen action dice to the slot so there's whole dissection even the rusty's hull can hide valuable components and materials yeah cutting them carefully and skillfully so actions reward you with clock progress energy condition or items depending on their outcome there are three types of outcome positive the action goes better than expected neutral the action succeeds negative it fails so action dice affect the outcomes as follows so if you put in a six it's a hundred percent chance positive five it's 50 50 for good or neutral a three or four is 25 chance positive 50 chance news troll and then 25 chance negative so overall that still means you're getting about a 75 chance of success at the very least though the level of success is dependent on what you choose and then one and two is 50 50 for neutral or negative that's an interesting thing i i like this system all right type either critical or repeatable critical actions can only be performed once repeatable means you can try again and again so i suppose in a other another table top campaign you know maybe you're trying to hack down a tree or something and you can probably try the same action multiple times however a critical would probably be if you're doing something that can only be done once maybe hitting a target of some sort so there's also risk safe risky or danger safe no loss to condition energy or cryo risky negative outcomes means cryo energy loss negative outcomes mean condition loss neutral outcome means cryo energy loss so the interesting thing is i remember yellow being very positive last time i think maybe it would make sense to switch these colors because gold was the best option last time and yellow was the mediocre one or the one in the middle oh well skill skill data for the action required engineer interface endure intuit or engage modifier either negative one zero one or two this is added to the action dice when slotted and improves its value some actions require a plus one to perform so in other words you must have some skill in something to perform certain actions yeah so very much like a tabletop rpg all right so we have the repeatable actions of manual salvage or hull dissection so this one's risky this one's fairly safe it's going to take some time to sort and cut your way through the towers of salvage but you're no stranger to hard labor even the rusty as hell can hide valuable components extracting them means cutting carefully and skillfully well i think i have bad endurance as far as i remember and i'm not an engineer as far as far as i recall because i see i have a negative one here and i have uh so do i want to take the risky option so there's depth called in dragos is tied up in something ugly and if he misses a payment or two things get nasty and back in business every salvager knows that they're always just one lucky hall away from their next payday i don't know i don't like the fact that i have a negative one there so i have two sixes a two and a three i think i'm going to want to ensure that i have a good positive action let's start the action all right actions often progress clocks clocks are displayed below the actions that fill them and they track your yes so we have two slots there track your actions and how they affect the world filling a clock means something good or bad is about to happen some clocks such as the one tracking dragos's debt are cycle clocks these clocks tick themselves one each cycle and can complete without player input any active cycle clocks will be displayed on the icon at for that location all right so we do have some stuff for him and it looks like these are repeatable so do i just want to keep doing this i'll only be able to do so much work ooh survive find a doctor and sit in the sleeper you unlock drives as you discover more about yourself in the world drives guide you in pursuing specific objectives depending on which path you wish to take you can track drives and any track drive will place a yellow marker on a location that will help you pursue a goal access your drive menu via the arrow button at the top left of the screen so survive find a doctor alright you're now free to explore airlines eye and make life for yourself here try tracking a drive to help you to survive look for food and keep your energy up and find a way to recover condition fill clocks to progress stories and find new opportunities remember to end cycle at your home when you're out of dice luck right so we're halfway to back in business and such um i probably don't want to use any more dice here so let's see what fine find a doctor active we do have survive you need access to corporate pharmaceuticals otherwise this escape attempt will come to a rapid end definitely want to track that repay dragos well we haven't repaid dragos yet but we're part way there i think we're doing fairly well let's leave for now and let's delete this doctor alien crossing merchants willing to run the gauntlet of the hellion system are rare but those that do always return eventually okay so what do i do here unless there's more ah here we go rotunda wet dock an old dock terminal bright market bustling open market passage to the low end whatever that's supposed to mean shipyard wow this is quite the ship though i suppose we're only on this particular branch of it so there doesn't seem to be anything there let's go look at the rotunda ew steel dock plans explore the rotunda risky rotunda of the old dock is filled with passageways and concourses leading to all kinds of docking bays ooh i wonder what that would be salvage sortie takes several cycles to reach this star ward belt and return loaded with scrap and old rex nothing to do here yet bright market asking for directions is dangerous why wonder when there are hundreds of people that live and work within the bright market all you need is the courage to approach them explore the market smell sounds and buzzing activity the bright market make a dizzying space to wander but enticing one too i don't know i have some money and we still need to find someone who might sell the pharmaceuticals well let's try please work what negative outcome loss in the crowd you struggle to keep a sense of direction you sit in an alley exhausted with no idea where to go i don't know at this point we're low on energy and only have that too so maybe we just want to go back home that feels like a very uneventful day yeah i mean at least we've recovered some salvage assist a shipbuilder that's risky and that's dangerous i feel like i need to bring back my energy let's end the cycle we still need to find a doctor though i was hoping it would be at the bright market oh this time you don't wake up instead the ghost of the station that shifting skeletal ring surrounds you it's because we're starving isn't it for a moment you are gone absent from your own body stretched out across a colorless void then the connections begin to establish themselves threads tugging at the edge of your mind these threads become vectors of exchange and then extensions as you feel your thoughts slipping away down them dissolving into the millions of distributed nodes they connect to you see the station no you feel the station like a web of texture in a smooth black liquid observe it or touch it let's observe even though you have no eyes no sight you see feel the map of the station no not the map of the station but the map of its connections is a looped cloud with spokes and spires that shut out into space it is an ingrown thing full of obsolete loops and severed pathways it is a system a map and a territory all at once you notice a tugging feeling pulling at you insistently as if it were a small child somehow it is pulling in two directions at once look down all of a sudden everything switched off you come back trembling into this unfamiliar body body both yours and not yours all at once you find yourself standing in the container eyes now open to the dark steel walls you feel a change within you a shift you close your eyes for a second and feel it waiting there the station splayed out across your mind a storm of connective nodes waiting to be explored and then it is gone items well we have 30. we don't have any upgrade points we only have a five and two twos and we're starving anywhere we can find food i would hope it would be in a place flashing yellow and these are things that might be running out the yellow might be where we find the doctor but there is something flashing here they've opposed a toll for entry at least that's what they say ooh now we can't pay a 60 toll let's go to the bright market again oh this is dangerous i don't know i i feel like we need to ask for directions but i'm gonna starve if this fails let's see what happens local knowledge positive outcome you end up at a drink stall debating the finer points of soul of the soulheim collapse you try to remember all the tips your companions are for you local knowledge the bright market is the busiest part of the eyes lower rim you can find anything and everything oh anything and everything here okay i'm starting to fade can i can i find a person oh sabine the slum doctor yes finally next or next comes the call from the enforcer at the door you shuffle down the flickering hallway towards the open apartment door you see your head down you keep your head down and your shoulders high in the queue try not to bring attention to yourself you were thankful for the tip-off that a doctor was operating out of this place but now now that you're here you're not so sure the gang enforcer at the door the flickering light strips the decaying have lock they've all made the long queue a test of your nerve but your options are few without a supply of stabilizers for this body your body will you suppress a shiver and shuffle towards the front of the queue you try to find something to distract yourself not the enforcer the enforcer's looking down the corridor and you dare to glance at him his purpose is unmistakable he is there to intimidate to threaten and if necessary carry through those threats his broad shoulders are framed with a metal exoskeleton a couple of mirror-like implants sit below his eyes like mercury teardrops subsidiary sense input or aesthetic markers you aren't so sure you also aren't familiar with the geometric bleed-like tattoos on his arms but you make note of it you hurt your eyes when he looks back at the queue ah so maybe he has weapons embedded in his arms after a few moments a figure pushes through the doorway and you catch a distant voice send the next one in toshira the enforcer jerks his head and you slip inside passing through the dark entryway and pushing through the plastic sheet at the far door the room beyond is bathed in warm light a floor-to-ceiling transparent panel gives a full view of the bright market sealed roof and the buzzing traffic above and for a moment you are transfixed by the motion come sit a sharp voice and you see a silhouetted figure turn away replacing the plastic sheeting over the frame of a single folding bed simple folding bed you make your way across the room so sabine doctor in the bright market the figure turns as they and as they do you see an expression of confusion flash across their features they open their mouth as if to speak they blink and then quickly regain their composure please sit they gesture to the bed then turn to an open case of tools on the table you sit sabine turns a compact diagnostic scanner of some kind in their hand they hold it to their eye remains still placed their tone is clipped and business-like you stare ahead still days from their expression when you entered fear recognition sadness unmistakably etched across their face well it's probably because they know what you are how long have you been at the site at the station they asked the scanner still to their eye a few cycles they not it's good you came to me they set the diagnostic scanner on the table i'm going to start by assuming you don't know anything they take your arm and roll up your sleeve inspecting your synthetic skin your body is dying they say without ceremony without drama but not without empathy essen arp doesn't like to see its proprietary technology let loose to rent the bodies like yours frames as they call them from being stolen repurposed or in your case escaping they built in a process of so-called planned obsolescence frames decay rapidly when not regularly injected with stabilizer one which essent arp remains the sole producer of they look up sound familiar yes good that may help they swap to your other arm running some thin metal device over your skin you feel your forearm tremble i'm sorry sabine says and you're unsure if they meant for the cold touch of the metal or for everything else emulations like you sleepers as most people know you aren't classified as people in any of the surrogate systems you have no rights no status they focus hard on the inspection of your arm in essen arp has no reason to release stabilizer into the market sabine looks up as if to apologize again but they stop themselves i know little of this um little of this is of use to you they turn away disassembling the metal instrument and cleaning it silence fills the room as sabine works and then the silence gives away detention you stare at their back willing them to say something anything sabine turns to face you i may be able to help they sign and you see the darkness under their eyes hear the fatigue in their voice they gesture to the door you saw toshira outside you know he works for my benefactor yatagan they're influential in the low end they give me the space to work run the door and take the profits at the same time i have to fix up their enforcers tend to their implants sue up their wounds they look away but yatagan has connections smugglers from the star ward belt mercenaries working for the corporations on ember if they can source the stabilizer maybe you'll have a better chance sabine sets down their slate their notes complete this is dangerous and it'll be expensive but i think we can do it thank you i could have asked why but i have a feeling that they doctors at least on earth i should say real life they are obligated to help it's it's part of their their pledge their oath sabine walks away to the window their face dappled by the shadows of passing drones let's just see if this works first i'll let you know when i have a lead you nod and leave sabine's still staring out on moving when you reach the lower level of the market you look back up through the panels of the roof to see if you can see their face but the room looks dark against the lights of the market you duck your head and walk off into the crowd wait but i'm starving and i'm slightly fading i suppose but i need food word exchange is their food no that's not what i want yeah that's not ready yet can i get food at home street food vendor yes please an opposing street food vendor definitely i'm seeing mushrooms and some maybe green onions and leafy vegetables fruits of some sort emphasis is busy his broad face uplift by makeshift gas burner in front of him with precise delicate movements he lays thick chunks of marinated fungus into a dented wok his other hand idly tossing a metal bowl of sliced vegetables in some red fleck dressing the smell is incredible so mushrooms and vegetables and a potentially spicy sauce you watch as he fulfills a set of orders keeping the fungus with the bright salad and depositing it in plastic trays a stack of chits rattles in his apron pocket as customers file past the burner handing over their payments um i mean i should probably approach you join the queue it's mostly made of off off-duty salvagers vax suits unzipped and rolled down to exposed stained vests grubby mods a lattice of scars and tattoos they discuss the best food on the eye the best drink comparing notes on bright market dives their words cut through with heavy space or slang eventually it's your turn and you shuffle to the front memphis speaks in deep even tone without even looking up first tries free really really the first try is free thank him the smell is almost unbearably strong as he cooks the earthiness of the fungus laced with something so spicy the smoke makes your eyes water the heat from the burner is like a bonfire and your skin hardens in its glare oh i wonder if that's because of the the light it's probably to protect yourself i know you you sleepers memphis says while he cooks his voice deep but clear a hard life a lot of stories he glances up from beneath his cap with piercing eyes i know okay tell him a story you begin to tell him about your journey to the eye then he nods as he cooks his eyes never leaving his work you tell him of the confusion the pain but also the sense of possibility and its sudden arrival you tell him of the cold in the dark of the container and the endless cycles spent within it now it seems you tell him like some dream that you've once had but you can never forget you tell him that the eye excites you and scares you then you are unsure where to walk where to look what to do eventually you tail trail off running out of words he places a plastic tray of steaming fungus in your hand next time we can talk some more he smiles but next time you pay he slams a heavy hand against a button on the burner side and it shuts off the roar of the flame and the impressive heat fades next time then sleeper he waves you away and begins to oil the walk before you turn back to the alley you notice the geometric patterns of circular scars across his forearms each surrounded with a constellation of glinting pin marks so that's what these are you walk away and as you do you take a bite of the rich spicy delicately sweetened fungus you taste your taste sensors light up like a fusion reactor you'll be back it'll be back yes must be really good food yes we're not starving we have some food okay yeah sabine might not be able to have any stabilizer until a day or so has passed so at least we know where food is we know where the medicine is i hmm yeah dragos you'll need some help this is the manual salvage which is safe i don't know i feel like i should try oh no wait a minute that's what i have a negative one on oh oh no so 50 positive 50 negative yeah the debt's going to be called in but that's a ways away i feel like i shouldn't risk myself quite yet i don't like how risky that is i could get damaged is there anything else that i could do relatively safely yeah that's also a negative one this is a ship builder you don't have connections but you do have skills you can get a ship builder who knows them you might be in the only way to know the shipyard is to work there no tourists here i'll try please be good please no really i lost that much energy why do i even try why okay this is it i'm probably gonna be hungry tomorrow but let's end the cycle let's get some new dice unless wait because my energy is low do i only get so many dice oh gosh i'm starving again again the skeletal ring of the station fills your mind it sparks with glittering lights like stars reflected in a winter lake it's it is clearer crisper than before the threads still pull but you remain in place flickering in the glow between the threads you see bright shapes caches of shimmering light beneath the transparent crystal forms you follow the path of a thread across the ring through these forms and then leaping off into the void you begin to understand these are nodes and connections a map of information of communication there are so many layers so many loops that it seems almost impossible to parse but you begin to try focus on the threads or focus on the nodes let's focus on the threads there are more threads than you can count you choose one that passes nearby and approach it as you inspect it you understand why you instinctively chose the word thread when you first saw them there is not a sin they're not single lines but rough fuzzy things woven from data strings of all kinds the threads and nodes passages and puzzle boxes one leads to another there's so much here so many answers so many questions all you need to do is follow the paths and open the boxes look out across this ghost landscape of exchange and see an opportunity but then that insistent tugging again pulling at you you look down again and see two lines two threads pulling in different directions as if they were tied around you a second the second thread leads in pulling deep into the station your gaze follows it and this time you see something a sphere shimmering above a strange angular body a pulse shoots out from it passing over you like a torch beam testing you tasting now first the first thread leads out away from the station and into the inky black someone out there is tracking you hunting you following the thread to you they're in a ship and the ship is approaching ever closer with each cycle oh so that might be the the arp people coming for you but then there's some kind of entity in the station too you open your eyes time is short we have a six a one and a two hunted someone out there is tracking you following your trail it won't be long before they arrive so maybe we'll have to get off the station before tutorial the cloud something has changed inside you can now access the data cloud of the eye a network of decaying protocols and data caches while you can use dice and items to access systems and extract data but be careful these networks are old and strange click the i button at the top of the screen to toggle this view on and off so i see a bunch of data keynote the gate an agent another keynote the solheim gate another keynote yadagon agent so that's that that crime lord who is having age let's look at this keynote a long connection feeds into this isolated node its last access timestamp is a thousand cycles ago so a thousand days data actions allow you to extract data from the networks of the eye they work like dice actions but in order to unlock them you must match your dice to the one displayed on the right on the right to the right of the action so we have to have the right number oh if you have a plus one or a plus two modifier in the interface skill you'll be given more possible dice to match ooh yes this is precisely why i chose the class that i did i believe i have interface skills once unlocked the data can be extracted so i need to match one that i could this should be good right match input access protocols or bypass yeah i can't put this one in there because it's not the same all right let's bypass unlocked let's extract the data working go we got an encrypted key a stream of passcodes able to unlock the station's aging mag locks what maglocks can i open data here is part of the cache i mean i do have the right input let's see tucked away during the collapse who hid this and for what purpose let's extract the data here another encrypted key neutral outcome so we have two encrypted keys that's fun as you drift back from the node something latches onto you a thread strung tight around you it tethers you in place a taste the voice makes you shiver its source somehow both distant and close behind your ear oh is this the the station itself the thing that was potentially tasting you the giant sphere you see just a glint of light shut off and then suddenly a shape is at your side it stalks around you circling like a shark like a wolf entity unknown astringent processing stay still please hold wait this is a hunter sentient protocol unraveling the threat around you thickens until it is a ring a cylinder a tunnel of light circling around you is blinding for a moment and then it is gone as it fades you see a figure a creature in front of you its strange head flickers between different angles reading you what are you or what did you do what did you do shape paces around you on leaf legs life i believe though there is no ground in which to pace on entity identify origin serial cadence the figure faces you expectantly so there's sleeper s and r i don't understand or stay silent i don't know if it's a hunter i'm gonna say silent refusal the figure's strange head rotates brackish signature of and not of attempting interface as the figure speaks more threads begin to spiral from its head thick snaking like ribbons that flex and wave they approach with intent i don't like this i can tell it to stop i might run a run you kick off and glide away through the cloud the threads surging after like predatory tentacles they follow wrapping the space around you until you are held within a web a tangle of tentacles closing in stop the hunter halts its threads its head twitching entity your identity is unknown we only seek to correct illegalities can you confirm your legal right to sentience remember person incorrect you are an entity all at once hunter's head is directionally in front of you or directly in front of you blocking your vision you stink of their taste the one from the sealed dock wait there's a sealed dock their taste are there more sleepers here hunter shimmers with fury i will find access i will interface sealed dock an entity hides in the rotunda you are its puppet wait a minute the other thing that was glimmering and potentially trying to contact us is in the rotunda and it might be trying to reach out the hunter extends a razor edge thread ah it's gonna try to cut us i will not be diverted from my task it glows with murderous intent strike you lash out with all your force not a physical strike but a focusing a spike of interference leaping out like the tip of a spear hunter stumbles shifts separates wake up you open your eyes blinking back into the station light shaking with fear hunter maybe the more that we spend time in cyberspace the more likely it is to see us so i think we should go back to the waking world oh that is that is really cool the music is picking up obviously so we're being pursued by the evil corporation if we enter this web there are other programs and things potentially trying to find our character but there's another one like you that smells like you is it the what was in the rotunda the gate the oort exchange doc there's the rotunda well because there's steal the dock plans explore the rotunda which is risky but i need to focus on food first unfortunately order fungus okay good it's 15. we're a fungus fan memphis doesn't trust people easily but he knows his regular customers in his own quiet way so maybe if we eat with him four times we gain his trust start action let's get food all right plus energy fungus fan and we have food now all right so that brings us up a bit it it gave us more than two she's gonna take a while two more cycles i believe so drago has one two three four five six more cycles we have a number of cycles before the hunters come for us so we have getting to know emphasis which we just need to eat with him three more times build a ship mine you've heard talk of a fabricator owned by the ort exchange with that in a few fragments you could build a shipment core repay dragos for his help yeah we might as well try to do that a little bit more yeah as might as well try this can i have 100 positive action unless i want to do this oh but it brings me down no i'd rather do this let's let's try to repay him okay let's go start action can i there we go maybe it was because i had that menu open all right so we have 15 more which means we have more food back in business every salvagers knows there are always one lucky hallway from their next payday so i wonder if we are going to find something special here but how do we pay him can we find drago somewhere that's the rotunda wet dog i can't seem to use that here which is unfortunate yep can't do anything there yeah there's some there was something else over there in the other realm either way i have no dice so i probably won't be able to do other actions could i use this no so i won't be able to go to low end anytime soon i could sell components but i don't seem to have any components maybe i need to do the other salvage in order to get those yeah so if we end tonight we're probably going to have this go let's end the cycle well this is really intriguing oh two and one one that's terrible oh as you close up a voice echoes down the corridor towards you sleeper wait up turn oh wait bang as you close out okay bang is coming down the corridor towards you a wonky grin on his face hey glad i caught you i wonder who this is uh do i know you he grins you do know he puts a hand on your arm i've seen you hanging around just want to chat you staying in that thing you know it's back to the container shaking his head rough it can be hard to get a start on the eye he looks away down the passage what was it old erlin said uh the eye opens for us all nice idea but well not always very practical he glances back at you we do our best but it isn't easy yeah who is erlin you pass together into the main walkway no one has told you about erlin he's the founder of this place that's why it bears his name kavanage should organize some seminars he laughs not my department though i'm with systems yeah what does having it i do i do think these systems are interesting too systems everything the eye runs on he runs a hand across the passage wall this place is a ruin but systems keeps it spinning somehow at least we try he stops you in the quiet passage look that's not what i'm here to discuss i saw you around and well i know a little bit about you sleepers i have a little proposition for you he lances around but well this isn't the place for it i have an office just across the way give me a cycle or two to prepare and then when you're settled stop by he lowers his voice and gives you a dark look in truth i need you if what they say is true about your sleeper as well there's work to be done ooh does he know that you can see into the network with the eye and everything else because if he's familiar with the systems he might be familiar with their abilities [Music] he pats you on the back his voice bright and his dark look suddenly gone well stay clean sleeper he walks off down the passage raising a hand in farewell interesting what does he mean by across the way well either way shipyard work not very good i wish i could upgrade when am i gonna finally get some more points yep not much there music's fun too now i could do some hacking if the hunter doesn't find me well either way i need food yeah let's put more of this in i'll have to do work another day all right your mouth stings as your censorium sends you warning signals over and over this is the good stuff yeah we don't have enough money for that she's going to be done with the medicine at some point so i don't know let's go into the cyber verse solheim gate the havanage agent we've already done that node what gate is this what does it need we need a cipher so no we don't have that an agent i do have a two to match it a half an inch member is broadcasting on the open network from here leaving them open for data extraction ooh that would be interesting the solheim gate they also need a cipher so the gates need ciphers oh another keynote um it needs a three input and i don't have that unfortunately another keynote i like i like keynotes ooh so i can do these two i know pulses faintly is it mine's cryo at a glacial pace abandoned by the hacker that repurposed it well i need money bypass oh it only gave us five let's extract the data and we got another encrypted key but where can we use these encryption keys oh see the hunter is one step i don't have the right one for that unless i can use it too but i want to see what this guy is up to all right let's extract the data what the heck what is the having agent doing have an edge data a cache of raw data from happenage hardware yeah and we're at two points for the hunter so maybe the hunter returns if we aren't careful and we needed a two match so looks like we have to leave cyberspace for now but i wonder if someone has a use for having data maybe at the exchange play the exchange nope i'm not i'm not that into gambling at all so i really only have a one what can i do with the one yeah i wonder if this is what i need i just need to do two more of these in order to help him the problem is i have a 50 50 chance with that and it could hurt me too uh maybe i'll wait yeah because those are risky i suppose let's go back to sleep i don't like having a die left over but what else can i do let's end the cycle and we'll see what sabine has to say all right i have a five a two and a one now either way i'm gonna have to get food uh i'm gonna have to mine all right so we're full on energy we're good there let's go to sabine the first thing you see on entering is the glint of toshiro's implants like a cat's eyes in the dark of the corridor he nods you you in as you arrive at sabine's door the entryway is still dark and you push through the sheeting into the surgery i have it sabine stands with a case open in front of them a set of vials lined up inside separated by foam inserts they pick up one rotating it in the warm light i have no idea how yadda get gone they trailed off we should treat this with caution it looks authentic but i have no idea if it really is what it appears to be i'm the test case that seems to be the case unfortunately i'm not sure we have another choice they gesture for you to sit on the bed the stabilizer works under a similar principle to an immunosuppressant in a transplant operation in that it stops your body from rejecting the unfamiliar part of itself in the case of your frame the unfamiliar part of is each of your biosynthetic organ groups which over time are identified by your body as foreign material and therefore must be eliminated sabine holds up a vial of would-be stabilizer however unlike an immunosuppressant the stabilizer doesn't do this by limiting your entire immune system instead it re-encodes your biosynthetic organs with new protein chains which act as passcodes within your immune system the stabilizer refreshes those passcodes keeping your frame from rejecting all of its own organs passcodes in very basic terms yes they sai look what matters it here is that the stabilizers should be able to encode any organic or biosynthetic matter to be accepted by your immune system they glance away at least if the stabilizer is genuine the only way to know for sure is to inject the vial they begin readying the syringe i'll start with a small dose to limit the risk i don't really have much of a choice so okay let's do it sabine cracks the glass neck of the stabilizer violin uses a syringe to extract a fraction of the liquid they tap the syringe and you watch as if any sign might emerge from that clear liquid you barely feel the needle your frame registering the initial injection but with little response a sensation begins to spread from the site a fizzing trembling wave that disperses through your arm with incredible speed your vision goes white and then and when it returns sabine appears encased in shards of sparkling light that slowly fade into darkness as you settle back against the bed you swim in darkness muffled noises like an argument heard from underwater prickling waves of cold when you sit back up sabine is sitting in a chair by the window facing away from you backlit by the glow of their slate away what happened the stabilizer is genuine they sit down beside the bed i don't know how yadda gan acquired a case of this stuff but they did sabine looks troubled distracted you should rest some more but you're going to have to do that somewhere else they gesture to the door i have other patients sorry sabine nods towards the case i'm afraid i can't offer you any more doses you're going to need to pay for your next dose silence fills the room and they return to their glowing slate looking around the room it seems different somehow as if things have moved or shifted you wonder how long you've been out sabine nothing comes for free sleeper remember that you manage to get to your feet and wander out into the hallway the queue stretches down the flickering corridor toshiro stands impatiently by the door and fixes you with a glare as you leave you lower your eyes as you stumble past somehow faintly aware of the stations spinning beneath you ooh so i wonder how much it will cost a hundred oh but i suppose that's the stabilizer so that's when this starts going down so food is more pressing and we need 15 each day but yeah so we need a hundred how am i gonna make that much money i i barely made enough money from all the salvage what's this oh so we can buy scrap scrap allowances unload containers uh i don't i'm not really strong so i can't do that yet and i could play but i'm not much for risk i should probably go help oh actually there's fang there are they ready to speak sleeper then catches your attention as you approach the having building leaning against a bay door to the side of the entrance you approach easier to come in this way security all that it gives you look you know i wonder if i could have held off on seeing sabine until later and then have gotten my particle oh well he slams the button the bay creaks open blinking lights in the dark behind it you follow fang inside truth be told i don't spend much time upstairs this is where i work the door hisses as it close behind you the bay is filled with pieces of hardware all rigged up to generators and diagnostic slates and things you don't recognize that glow with a blue screen light there's a chorus of hums that blend into a single wave of static filling the dark corners of the room thing leans on a server stack and gestures around you like it what is all this he taps a nearby server stack which bleeps in response this is my treasure trove all dredged up from the sea of systems that we called the eye you wouldn't believe what this place runs on oh i can imagine he steps over to a towering block speckled with vents some of these systems are from the original station a1 one of the solheim build wait the one solheim built we've had to invent new components repair things that we never built reverse engineer entire subsystems into existence residents here look up at the eye and think that they're seeing a constant concrete reality well this place is a system in constant flux decaying and growing collapsing into new configurations he walks down between the hardware stacks as you follow we're keeping this place alive but also remaking it into something new dragging it away from those corporate origins he stops at least that's what i'm trying to do he turns back to face you among the flickering machines they hum all around you i know you can see this too sleeper all these systems and sections you can can't you i can see it it makes sense right you are between here and there between the people and their systems you light this place back up like a beacon and that's what i need you glance at the lights around you and as you do they seem to flicker to realign to follow your gaze fang notices it too i'm guessing being a beacon isn't always ideal when you're on the run though uh they are tracking me he pats you on the shoulder maybe i can help with that there's a lot of old growth in this place subsystems i can't see access protocols lost a time and decay secrets a shitload of secrets with your help i can unlock this place break off those last ghost limbs of corporate control he lowers his voice below the hum even in having itch there's old growth those whose roots trace back to those bad old days you help me dredge up the past and i'll see what i can do about that tracker of yours he wings what do you say sleeper i'm in i mean quite frankly if he's the one that's going to be able to cut this off and he seems to want to yeah cut the station off from the corporations where i'm in thing pumps his fist and claps you on the shoulder he meets your eye you won't regret it sleeper fang passes you a ragged looking metal tab a gift he smiles it's a soulheim cipher i dug it up from the depths of the station slot that into an old network gate and you'll be able to pull out all kinds of secrets from the nodes inside i did need to cipher he walks you back to the front of the bang start by bringing me whatever you can turn up use that emulated mind of yours and see what's there let's get a picture of how things are those above you nods at the ceiling have granted me an acquisition's budget i can pay you for whatever useful data that you bring me i know you need it ooh yes and because my character is not built for heavy labor and is better at hacking i'm built for this thank you so much feng i actually have a means to make money in this universe now continue he slams the door button again keep it quiet and keep it clean sleeper and i'll see you soon you stop blinking back into the passage those flickering lights still in the back of your mind yes i have a means to make money yes so now i have a solheim cipher i have encryption keys and i have have an inch data let's go see what's at things bay yeah so deliver data so the data will look like this i mean i have haven't it data but this is pay well for soul heim data see i have half an inch data so that's not gonna slot in oh that's unfortunate i'm still gonna need to help with drago's yard at some point well i'm all fed everything looks good so yeah let's step into the cyber verse but this is a half an inch cipher i have a solheim one so soheim is at the middle of the ship i believe that's a having agent they require two which i do have another havoc agent also a two there is a solheim gate and a keynote ooh a three hmm don't have that currently unless i can put a two there and it counts yagaton agent ooh they have a one i'm curious unless no i should see the solheim gate first yeah let's use it the skate conceals a network of systems which have all been untouched since the solheim collapse yeah who were who are the people behind the solheim if this is an ancient station and it was built by the solheim let's start the action with a squawk of noise the old gate flips open granting access okay oh there's a bunch of nodes and this is why i wanted to save all my other so there's a e a e an a e interesting ooh a four this networks oh but i can potentially use it too this network storage holds corporate records most of them corrupted by a failed system purge so i can do two or three for this a solheim demon daemon attempts to protect the snow squeaking out protective protocols like a mantra ooh interesting so there's something protecting that one this note is leaking corrupted contractor list from early days of the system's palladium rush ooh palladium being a metal input yeah i can do a one on that one and three or two this note is orbited by the remains of a corporate countermeasure broken long ago by hackers well i'll do this one first because i have a one that i can use it with so i got some money let's extract the data and we got some solheim data okay now i can only do a two on one of these so there's the one with the countermeasure that was broken long ago corporate records will this work because i do have the second bypass but corrupted by failed system purge but at least it hasn't been hacked before let's extract the data here more solheim data so i'll have to come back another day oh the hunter is on high alert time to get out of the system let's go back to feng and see what he thinks of this data let's see he'll pay for it how much does he give me ooh 15 that's good bang's eyes light up as the data is transferred over he hands you a stack of chits and waves you off let's do this again scoping the systems all right another 15. right so i don't have any more soulheim data i have have an edge data now i am going to need to help drago a bit more so there's the manual salvage and then there's the hull um i don't like i don't like the idea of there being failure let's do this one all right oh we're complete here every celebrator knows they can just one lock hallway from their next payday so will this be enough to help drago drago there we go or dragos as you arrive into a buzz of activity at the yard red blinking lights flash across the vast dark shape suspended below the dome they flicker across scorched hall plates and bent structures spilling from holes into the twisted shape the cutter is huge and has been torn apart in some violent encounter is a beauty isn't she drago stands to the side focusing on the hulking ship as it is lowered into the shipyard what is it drago's laughs that my friend is grade a scrap i should thank you this place was on its last legs when you turned up and now look at this the ship descends slowly its interior visible through multiple hull breaches struggle to gather the same enthusiasm as dragos for this monstrous craft and you can't help but also think of what became of its crew what happened what do you mean he glances at you i managed to convince our salvation friends to give it to me on credit that's what happened wait is he salvaging things and then he's he's paying things on credit for them on credit which means he's just incurring more debt dragos why credit oh we may have done well but we can't afford a down payment on this one he pats you on the shoulder don't worry we'll make it back once we chop this beauty up oh you sigh but dragus doesn't seem to notice yeah so essentially he's buying things to scrap in the hopes that he makes more scrapping it than what he paid for it and he that's how he gets into debt dragos no the ship creaks like a calving iceberg as it reaches the base of the yard dragos is visibly excited i know i said you shouldn't stick around but i'm gonna need some help with this one the drones start to crawl over the hulk their lights illuminating flashes of the dented hull watching you wonder if you arrived in a similar fashion locked inside that container the wreck of an essen arp freighter lowered into the yard like a corpse ready to be butchered or was the container delivered to dragos on its own a womb for your rebirth into the strange station you shudder perhaps if you could learn something about this ship you might be able to trace the path that led you to this yard draco squeezes your shoulder after these past cycles i think we're up to it what do you think you see the fading name of the ship emblazoned on its side the winter light ah let's do it he claps you on the back glad to hear it come back in a few and we can make a start a real beauty drag ghost repeats perhaps just to himself you take one last look at the shattered ship as the drones start cutting and slip out of the yard feeling suddenly cold in the empty passage yeah are there battles between different ships and such i'm curious achievement unlocked paid off you've completed your first drive each drive completed unlocks an upgrade point to spend on upgrading your character access your character menu via the arrow button at the top of the screen yes upgrades available but first i should probably look at what upgrades do i even want it looks like i'll be able to pay the lowland toll at some point i'm all fine with food i'll need to save up for that now it looks like this is what requires intuit so that's something to keep in mind what does the scrap freighter require buying scrap and then there's that endurance ah the endurance always gets me yeah the merchants aren't ready yet and this is oh intuit forensic trawl and engineering and what else do i have things bae is just selling him stuff the shipyard that's endure and engineer so it looks like i'm needing engineering or intuit what about in the other realm yeah i would need the proper cipher for that and i'm already good with hacking because having that interference being able to have two different nodes i wonder if i upgraded my um my hacking skills if i'd be able to do more well upgrades available so chance to gain random scrap from the engineering actions ooh that's plus two two upgrade points so yeah i have interface so far endure is and hard to kill display potential positives and negative outcomes engage chance to gain energy after any engage action all cryo actions are discounted by 20. so i'd be really good at haggling which means i'd be able to bring things down but i think i only have one upgrade point so i can i can give double data rewards oh i wonder if that means i get more money from fang so i'm leaning towards engineering nice actions display potential positive and negative outcomes random scrap from engineering actions yeah so i'm thinking intuit or icebreaker i can't do that so let's do this one dice actions display potential positive and negative outcomes that means that i'll be better able to gauge whether or not a risky situation is truly worth it well that's good buy a vial of stabilizer well i won't be able to for a while build a shipment disable your tracker help thing chases leads extract the past well i've been doing a pretty good job but i'll need more dice for that get to know mfist study the winter light investigate the wreckage [Music] yeah i suppose i could do that ah but i don't have anything so yeah maybe i really do just have to sleep again i'm all spent and cycle i'm loving this i i just want to continue see where the story leads oh oh yes because i'm stable maybe this is the bar that determines how many dice you get so now i have a six a four two twos and a one i still have a lot of these encrypted keys able to i haven't encountered any maglocks yet so let's see what i'll need for the shipyard yeah cause i would like to do the forensic trawl but maybe the data is what i need more of solheim node so this one's a three or two which i do have and this one's a two or a three which i do have i think i'll do the less risky one for the time being and i'll see what happens eh there we go all right neutral outcome encrypted key wait i got an encrypted key i didn't actually get any data [Music] i wonder what happens when i get to this mode i don't know do i do i have to fight it off again maybe let's try i got solheim data am i going to be attacked by the hunter a glimmer in the dark catches your eye as the orb of the hunter's head appears in the distance it is looking for you let's hide can i hide you slip down to the ghostly structures of the eye a feeling like passing through a cloud as their data structures reform and deform and reform around you another glimmer catches your eye closer now that roving orb breathes and tentacles it flickers jumps once twice and then it is there the hunter is here entity submit to inquiry hunter reaches for you in that unpleasantly familiar way is waving threads creating a cage struggle you push against the threads as they close in becoming frenzied as you push them aside you're caught by whipping tendrils and feel them pulling you away from the anchor of your body you push through clearing the threads entity hold for processing comes the scream from behind or shake a hold for processing but you are already gliding away back to your anchor to your body you wake dizzy distorted but safe did that bar go down maybe it did well i don't have the proper things for that gate and while i could hack more people for data not that person oh really looks like i can't find the yakiton people today well let's go see if it was worth it for fang data 15 cryo scoping the systems yeah we're all we're done pretty much does he have anything to say as you enter the bay feng is nowhere to be seen the banks of servers and machines blink out of the dark in staccato rhythms unseeing eyes of the station's digital ghosts [ __ ] bang's voice echoes from behind a stack followed by a hammer of a fist on the metal casing these snakey sheds oh who's snakey uh you all stay silent sleeper is that your mind trouble things grinning head pops up from behind a stack just the emulated consciousness i have been eager to see come back here you pick your way between the thrumming stacks trying not to trip on the loose bundles of cables that blanket the dark floor fang is sat in front of a set of monitors mounted to a stack tell me sleeper what did you see here or what do you see here playing waves at a monitor to his side glowing with pale lists of information leaning closer looking for the links in the data the tables seem to be filled with personal information names genders dates id numbers all the markers of institutional records people people yes but who's people solheim because we've been collecting solheim information i haven't edge solheim bingo he taps the terminal i pulled these from the old data that you brought in all the employees of the eye's original owners and he leans past you and scrolls the list down this one this is a sneaky [ __ ] he stabs the screen with a finger his name reads harden first who's hardened that says fang giving you a sideways look is the thing he drags the stool out from beside him and motions for you to sit there is just so happens to be a hardened hurst in havingage he waits for your reaction inhabitant that's it he's right here on the station now fang leans back in his chair just think about it decades ago hardin worked on this station as a fang leans across to look at the monitor senior strategic operations executive fang raises eyebrow at you r harden was keeping the money coming in for solheim he defined priority growth initiatives by making sure that the extractors they contracted out were hooked up to a system that outsourced all the risk and kept the profit good old harden shuttled thousands of palladium rush workers into an infrastructure which meant that their cut of the work that they did went straight back into solheim okay how do you know this and yeah the thing is yeah definitely profiteering probably not benefiting the people but how do you know this i grew up here sleeper this is my history i'm a child of the collapse oh the solheim collapse feng turns back to his screen staring hard at the strings of code flickering by before i was born my parents were soulheim contractors they ate in solheim canteens worked in solheim ships they breathed soulheim air and slept in soulheim beds bang's voice rises as he speaks his hands fists on the terminal's edge and the work that paid for that existence the cycles of hard extraction out of the belt solheim took their cut this was a company town so to speak and my parents were just another in the long line of freelance contractors willing to risk their lives for a shot at anything other than poverty disposable ouch this this kind of sounds like a america much of the working class now being contractors i suppose for context there's a lot of contractors and gig economy workers i think people that ferry people around or ship things and whatnot they're not actual employees they don't have all of the old benefits that people used to have especially with unionized work in the past you were given days off pensions maternity leave uh raises bonuses things like that and often some protections and with contractors they're given none of those benefits for the most part and they can just cut you loose which is why he's saying yeah disposable this guy stabbing it hard and once again with his finger strategized all that did the sums and then somehow thousands and thousands of cycles later is still going still here crawling in the walls like some [ __ ] snake he survived the revolution but how surely it can't be him yeah is he immortal did he just put his consciousness into the system but how these guys they were big time there's a lot money can get you if you're a company man fang relaxes little but how is harden still kicking i really don't know he turns to and smiles so we're going to find out hardin is now a big shot in the shipyards just a few degrees back around the eye from here bank brings up a map of the lower eye having itch might be born out of ireland's revolutionary zeal but a flat hierarchy it is not hardened happened to float to the top thing zooms in on the far yards fan grandma says thing is i don't have access to those systems the shipyard crew is pretty paranoid and they don't like anyone from the systems digging around in their stuff plus we need more than just the name of a solheim executive we need proof feng holds up a thumbnail size drive that's where this little creation of mine comes in i call it a ripper worm he turns the drive between his fingers it'll rip through any digital storage and spin out a silken thread of filter data this one is set on the scent of hardened hurst he hands it over get into that compound getting into the compound might be tricky thing puts a hand on your shoulder but you however have a particular knack for remote access ben grins if you can extract yourself a having cipher from a having agent they sometimes carry them among their data caches you can crack open the compound's network and slot the worm in through any open port you'll never even have to go near the shipyards ooh i'm a hacker i can do that so what do you say you up for it yes i knew it i knew you'd be happy to catch the snake and don't worry once we nail this guy i'll start work on that tracker for years of tracker of yours i haven't forgotten bang scratches his chin anything the worm gets it'll send it right back here there's something wrong here and i aim to get to the rotten core of it really fang digging through the data among the wires and machines of the old station as you walk out you try to imagine the eyes it once was a vast machine running smooth and strong directed by people like harden a vast soulheim built machine into which thousands poured from the surrogate systems looking for a new life the hope of a better future engineered to line someone else's pockets it's an idea that you're intimately familiar with you think of harden still alive still part of this place and wonder if the past has ever truly passed well then i think that's a great stopping point i could still play so much more of this but wow yeah having this story unfold so being taken from the shipping container and helping out dragos whose unfortunate business practices mean that he's pulling in scrap that he can't afford and then you have to pay back all the debt but uh i can excuse him for that yeah dealing with sabine and having to get the medicines that you remain stable and her dealings with this this black market crime lord guide yeah it'll be interesting to see where that takes us because that would be the low end i would like to to see more of the chef we'll definitely have to eat more of that spicy mushrooms stir fry that he has and yeah i absolutely love the hacking mechanism i'm glad i went with the hacker being able to use my dice more effectively in that regard means that i can have access to so much more data which definitely helps me with fang but then also just uncover the secrets of this ship and yeah just the whole story of your character selling their physical body and becoming this machine being and then being on the run from this corporation and how it might be tied to all of this i i hope that we do find a means to yeah remove the tracker so that you're no longer hunted figure out why you can interface with the ship so well and then yeah help the people of this station separate from this corporate past and servitude yeah it's great i absolutely love this definitely ticks all the boxes for an rpg and i like the decisions i like the writing uh the the dice system if you will having that limited pool but then being able to slot them in and going through the cycles of each day and having to maintain these other bars definitely an intriguing rpg experience i love the illustrations and all the work that they put into it and i can't wait to see what full game has in store wander and i will definitely be continuing this on our own but if you're interested in seeing more for yourself you can get citizen sleeper on steam good old games nintendo switch xbox whole host of places so once again thank jump over the age and fellow traveler for providing us with the key and thanks to all of you for watching we'll see you next time youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch 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  1. Are you guys gonna try Godlike Burger? It's a pretty cool overcooked ''roguelike'' lil indie but i see Daedalic seems to be a pretty terrible publisher and doesn't look like they would sponsor or even hand out keys unfortunately

  2. Ack, I'm not 'Shelb'! :< The mic must have picked up a puff of air at the end to make it sound like a 'b'. Garummmf.

    In any case, this is a fantastic game and Wander's already finished a run of it! I'll have to see the rest of it for myself, but I hope you enjoy this long first impression!


  3. I liked this game so much I went back and watched you and Chelle play "In Other Waters". Now both are on my wish list. They are so freaking beautiful!

  4. Chelle your voice makes me so sleeeeeepy -_- such a relaxing "sit down at 12 am and binge watch YouTube" kind of video
    And your android AI voices is so spot-on

  5. Im as well on it Hi its a Rare Gem as far i have played it Dont underestimate it its Challenging and Fine. Following along i hope your staying on it as well. Your a good Storyteller i like it. What do you think what have happened if you had identified yourself as sleeper to the Hunter ? could the data have legalised you as you had worked your time before ? you need 60 to pay off the debt to Drago. adn Thanks for doing this .

  6. "Wait," you say, after hacking a Key Node instead of a Solheim Data Node, "why did this give me an Encrypted Key instead of Solheim Data?"

    This isn't a problem unique to you, it's endemic with streamers and you and Wander are actually far better about this, but I am forever begging people to actually read the tooltips, tutorials, and manuals. Streamers always be asking questions about things that the tutorials and tooltips are actively displaying and, much like the ship's wheel on a pirate's belt, it be drivin' me nuts.


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