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    what's up guys zack scott here playing

    animal crossing new horizons for the

    nintendo switch

    i've been looking forward to this game

    for years and i'm excited to settle into

    a new island of adventure

    thanks to you guys nintendo exclusives

    has done really well on my channel which

    features some of the most popular gaming

    videos on youtube

    in fact the first episode of animal

    crossing new leaf has over 4 million

    views and that's all thanks to you all

    leaving over 50

    000 likes i will be thrilled that this

    video got even a fraction of that so

    thanks in advance for any likes and

    comments you can give me on this video


    i like to give a special shout out to my

    members but if you're not a member yet

    thank you for subscribing

    we just hit 4.1 million subscribers

    that's incredible and i cannot thank you


    i'll do my best to bring you even more

    awesome videos just let me know which

    games made you subscribe and which games

    you like to see me play in the future

    but now without further ado let's play

    animal crossing new horizons

    here we go


    nook inc deserted island getaway package

    well here we are guys ready to play some

    animal crossing

    new horizons timmy says good afternoon

    we're so excited to have you here have

    you here

    let us be the first to congratulate you

    on your wise decision to sign up for

    this adventure

    welcome to the check-in counter for your

    deserted island getaway package

    there is so much to look forward to but

    first let's introduce ourselves i'm

    timmy with nook inc

    and i'm tommy all right we'll be flying

    to this island

    uh with you to help get you settled

    think of us as your partners we're in it

    for the long haul so let's get started

    shall we

    now then we'll need to look up your

    application can we have your name and

    birthday birthday

    so i looked at the uh at animal crossing

    new leaf and i was wondering if i should

    go by zach or zack scott

    and a new leaf i went by zach and i

    think that's satisfactory

    so i'm going to go by zach that's my

    name my birthday

    uh we're going to go with november 3rd

    is that my real birthday we'll never


    but there we go and zack zack i'm in the

    system i'm in the system i promise let's


    oh yes here you are all right our next

    step will be to take a picture of you


    oh don't worry take as much time as you

    need to get yourself looking just the

    way you want

    we'll be ready when you are you are all

    right so i'm going to be

    a guy of course i got light skin

    uh i got this hair looks okay there's

    not a lot of hair options initially i

    bet there will be later

    uh but this is gonna be what i start

    with uh we're gonna go with

    brown hair eyeballs those are way too

    sleepy i'm gonna go with these these are


    nose i got a triangle nose i got a wider

    mouth than that

    and then i don't think i can change

    position of the mouth or anything

    and then uh eye color is looking good so

    i think that looks like me well enough i

    don't think i want any

    blush on but that that's me right now

    right that's my hair color the other

    hair color right here

    i mean it looks kind of purplish and

    that's not me at all so we're going to

    go with this this is

    this is me here we go everything looks


    great you're all set all set i'll just

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    go ahead and add that picture to your


    and now let's start talking about your

    new home so exciting and exciting

    you see we're quite proud of the work

    we've done to help you feel comfortable

    in your new life

    oh yes in fact if you want you can even

    experience the seasons the same way

    you used to them what i mean is we have

    islands in both the northern hemisphere

    and the southern hemisphere

    we recommend choosing an island that has

    the same seasonal pattern as your

    current home

    current home so tell me zack where do

    you live now

    north america baby ah excellent that

    information really helps us focus on

    just the right island for you

    so naturally we'd recommend that you

    relocate to an island in the northern


    there are a few more uh there are a few

    more decisions to make but does that

    sound okay to you so far

    so far okay very good we have a number

    of lovely uninhabited

    islands in the northern hemisphere to

    choose from now then all of our islands

    are approximately the same size and

    they're all quite natural so don't worry

    about whether you'll have enough space

    or comfort

    you can't go wrong just follow your

    instincts and choose an island with a

    layout that looks appealing that's how i

    do it i'll show you some maps now you

    can choose the best one for your new


    new home so uh huh

    what do i want that looks interesting

    um you know i almost i almost don't know

    this one has like too much water i would


    this one looks like there's a cool

    little place in the middle but again

    maybe too much water this one has like

    this one looks nicely separated you know

    what i mean

    like nothing too crazy kind of

    symmetrical kinda

    i'll go for it wonderful choice choice

    i can't wait to show it off to you but

    before we depart i have just one final

    question for you if you could only bring

    one thing with you to deserted island

    what would it be

    i'd probably bring a cell phone uh

    that's not a choice a sleeping bag a

    lamp some food something to kill time

    you know uh ashley and i watch a lot of

    naked and afraid that tv show

    and uh we're always questioning which

    survival item we would bring

    and i jokingly say i would bring like

    some really high calorie food

    because they are always in need of food

    uh that would make for a boring show

    uh so i'm gonna go with my first

    instinct i said a cell phone that's

    something to kill time

    i meant more like something some way to

    contact someone else which i guess kills


    how interesting oh i'm sorry that was

    just a hypothetical question

    milk ink will fully cover all of your

    basic needs yes yes

    all right here we go your attention


    this is a service announcement the

    chartered flight for nook

    inks deserted island getaway package is

    ready for boarding any customers

    waiting to board uh should make their

    way to the gate at this time

    ah perfect timing come on let's all

    board the plane together

    together all right

    so i hear that they're going to show us

    a little quick video hello everyone

    thank you for taking this chartered

    flight as part of nook ink's deserted

    island getaway package

    please sit back relax and enjoy a

    complimentary video presentation about

    deserted island life

    all right sure enough we will

    so here we go what do we got


    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    it looks relaxing they're playing chess

    by the beach

    and that is a really awesome looking bug

    i can't wait to catch that

    put it in some sort is there a museum

    here who knows

    you can go fishing you can hunt for bugs

    you can roll a snowball you can water

    your flowers

    and you can stare at the night sky

    it's my kind of game animal crossing new


    boom oh there's a koala there oh

    i almost got triggered i thought that

    was eugene for a second okay whoo

    please don't be in my town eugene all


    but things are looking good so far so

    far so good they say


    all right

    nook a nook ink production

    all right that was chill

    and now we're going to the island the

    island island that i chose

    so here we go we're getting right into

    this that's exciting

    i'm excited load in

    there it is look look at those trees

    don't have any fruit on those trees oh

    there we go i got oranges looks like


    all right

    and there we go

    we're here now i know you must be

    incredibly excited to explore your new

    island home but i have one small request

    would you please join us for a short

    orientation session in the nearby plaza

    our fearless leader himself will be

    giving you giving a presentation so i'd

    hate for you to miss it

    we're heading there right now if you

    like to move to follow us

    all right so who do i got in my town

    initially we got this person here

    it's snake oh we gotta move come on

    and who's this this is uh pashmina

    come on we gotta follow the guides all

    right we got snake and pashima

    all right here we go

    uh hello my hair looks too dark

    all right is that everyone let's see

    pashmina here and how about snake

    snake looks like a ninja and there's

    zach of course

    here i am great we're all here

    i'll turn it over to you mr nook our

    three adventurers are ready to get


    yes yes very good all right good good

    good indeed

    all right uh hold on

    let's see how shall i begin

    yes of course welcome everyone welcome

    to your new island

    my name is tom nook and i'm the founder

    and president of nook incorporated

    yes yes or just look inc

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    today is the first day of your new life

    on the on this pristine lovely island so

    congratulations thank you

    and this is a package deal as such

    nooking staff will always be here to

    support you and ensure your comfort and


    but first things first yes yes

    i like each of you to choose a spot of

    your own it's the first step to putting

    down some real roots

    i like you to dream big i do have

    certain connections in construction and

    real estate in

    ah but i'm getting ahead of myself let's

    just get started with a simple tent

    shall we

    please collect your tint from timmy and

    tommy and then choose uh a spot to place


    all right so we're gonna choose a tent

    where are we at where we at with this

    uh these aren't tense no

    oh okay i do i just walk around and find

    a tent okay

    excuse me i highly recommend you picking

    up a tent for me oh either timmy or

    tommy first okay yeah

    give me a tent give me tent here you go


    your very own tent excellent thank you

    once you find the perfect spot press x

    to access your inventory then select

    your tent to place it

    don't worry you'll get a chance to see

    what it looks like before making your

    final decision

    all right well sounds good to me

    and you'll want a little uh breathing

    room so take your time finding a space

    that works for you

    oh i suppose i should probably set up

    set you up with a map too

    indeed a map of the place here we go

    once you put up your tint please find

    your way back here use your new map if

    you need it

    well off you go i hope you find a great

    spot all right how do i find my map

    uh my map is right there did i do that i

    did that yeah

    so the airport okay so i didn't realize

    this was a starting spot

    okay let's look around let's look around

    town i got oranges uh

    in my town there's some sort of a beach

    airport here everything's looking good

    there's pashmina what's up

    your wait i got it don't tell me

    you're zach right see told you i had it

    i'm pashmina i gotta tell you i'm

    excited to do this whole island thing


    looks like we're both having trouble

    deciding where to set up our tents i


    it's a pretty big decision of course no

    matter where we settle down

    on this on this little island at least

    we'll be neighbors

    all right that's a good way to think

    about it

    and uh where's snake i don't want to

    pick up anything yet i just want to get


    main mission done i'm just going to put

    a tent right here

    next to nook no um is there like a


    is there like a way to cross the water

    i guess there's not not yet at least

    and i don't know where snake went there

    he is snake i want to see what you look


    oh yo i'm snake you're zach right nice

    to meet you

    bun yip so find a good place for a tent

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    this guy's dressed like a ninja i'm

    looking to pitch mine somewhere close to

    nature so i can train my body and my

    soul bunyip

    is that how you say that bun yip i've

    never heard that word in my life

    uh so yeah i'm gonna go i mean

    this is tough this is a big choice to


    how close do i want to be to nook that's

    the question let me look at the let me

    look at the map again

    i don't think we can cross that river

    not yet at least

    um so i guess i'm going to put my tent

    like over here

    i guess i mean this is all like really

    important it seems

    uh i'm kind of feeling over here though

    kind of feeling over here

    this is uh this is like the first of

    many difficult choices i'll have to make

    so i'm gonna put my tent uh oh man am i

    really feeling over here there's a fish


    dude i don't know where to put my tent

    okay i'm gonna just put it down oh my

    gosh i'm freaking out i don't know where

    to put my tent

    how about right here no that's kind of

    close to the beach how about here

    how do i place my tent tent

    build here no

    not there no uh let me let l i need to

    rethink it

    it's a big tent uh i guess you know like

    being by the beach is kind of cool i

    can't just drop down to the

    i can drop down to the beach okay

    yeah i'm thinking maybe here i don't

    know what do you guys think like right

    on the beach that's a nice little view


    here we go back to the tent you can't

    say i didn't want to save

    i just want to build a tent

    there we go build here is this good i

    don't want to take down any trees

    that's probably good let me imagine it

    what will that look like oh man that

    removes the trees those are two fruit

    trees no it's a bad spot

    no no i need to rethink it that removes

    two of the trees

    okay so okay man i'm freaking out here

    let's remove this tree this tree is not


    yeah this is fine uh how about right


    a tent build here if i remove these two

    trees that's fine because they're not

    fruit trees

    at least we'll wait i don't know how

    this works do all trees grow fruit

    maybe it's random i forget i forgot how

    this game works let me imagine it

    i don't know if all trees grow fruit or

    not i don't remember that's great that's


    that's a good spot okay and then get

    through the pashmina

    all right got my yellow tint there we go

    i set up my tent

    this is a big first step all right

    it sounds pretty big and now i got to go

    visit tom again

    i i guess i could just pick this up here

    can i pick this up

    i can shake that tree i can't i can't

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    figure out how to pick up things

    what what would i okay i guess that

    would be how i would talk to visitors or


    all right what's up here i am

    ah zach you must have found a suitable

    spot for your tent

    you're the first one back so i suppose

    the others must still be searching for

    just the right location

    you know since you've already done some

    scouting the others may appreciate your

    assistance yes yes

    oh great i gotta pick up there okay fine

    pashmina where do you want to be

    you already found a good spot huh i was

    trying to just feel for the best spot

    but i was having trouble because every

    spot feels like the best one

    i couldn't just sit here thinking it

    over forever so i grabbed a stick and

    threw it

    and here's where it landed so now this

    is my spot

    okay i know there's only so far i can

    throw the stick but i'm liking this

    uh looks good to me

    for real kidders well if you're sure


    let's think about this a little if i put

    my tint here

    yeah let's take a look what does that

    look like that looks good

    looks nice doesn't it don't it looks

    great there you go

    awesome from now on this won't be just

    anywhere on the island it's going to be

    my home sweet home

    all right great i can't believe i got

    such an awesome spot you rock kidders

    i wonder how that snake guy is doing he

    might be having as much trouble as i was

    maybe you should go see if he needs help


    all right so snake's over here trying to

    find his spot and i you know i was happy

    with where he was i guess

    um yeah this is great this is a nice

    empty spot

    you already set up your tin eh i'm still

    trying to find the perfect spot

    i'll be doing some serious cardio so

    it's going to have lots of fresh air

    i think this spot spot will do the trick

    but i don't know what do you think zack

    uh looks good to me you think so

    awesome okay then how about we do a

    little visualization exercise together

    if i put my tint here all right let's

    see what's happening

    that looks good it blends in with the

    orange oranges right because it's an

    orange tint pretty cool right

    looks great all right looks like we have

    a winner

    i'm gonna put down stakes right here and

    never look back bunyip

    i think that's how you say that word

    bunyip that was a tough decision you

    totally saved my glutes

    don't tell me you already helped push

    pashmina out too

    you're like like like what a true


    i just got here so i don't have anything

    ready but i'm gonna go reward you for

    this one

    uh once i'm settled in well looks like

    it's time to sprint back to the plaza


    all right okay we're sprinting it cuts

    it's gonna like fade out okay here we go

    it's already later in the day or


    welcome back everyone i hope uh you all

    just found the right spots to set up

    your new homes

    of course you can sleep on it for a

    while really get a feel for how it suits


    and with that taken care of we can move

    on to some more serious business

    like throwing an island warming party

    we'll have it right here in the plaza

    with a roaring campfire

    we'll just need a few supplies to get

    started yes since we'll all be living

    here together

    this will be a good t test of our

    teamwork let's see

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    timmy pashmina tommy and snake can can

    set up things here in the plaza

    meanwhile zach and i will work on

    gathering firewood and perhaps a little


    all right everyone let's get to it zach

    would you come see me for a moment

    sure what's the deal is he gonna extort

    me now for bells

    all right what's up dude ah zach i just

    wanted to go over what we'll need for

    the campfire

    i think roughly 10 tree branches should

    do the trick you can find them scattered

    about the island

    so when you find one lying on the ground

    just press y to pick it up

    meanwhile i'll investigate the orange

    like items growing in the trees

    i suspect they're real oranges i suspect

    you're right and that'll be our first

    snack there is an item there

    uh we need ten that's one two

    three all right

    uh four i don't think i can just pick up

    the bug

    oh maybe was that a bun what was that

    what did i pick up

    i think i got four sticks but

    i don't know what that was i thought for

    a second was a bug but maybe now i'm

    second guessing it

    well i can look at i can look at what it

    was it was uh oh a cup

    a clump of weeds nevermind i got five


    i thought it was a bug looks can be

    deceiving that's the lesson of this game

    i guess there we go

    uh we have six this is seven

    right now we have eight okay great

    nine this part isn't too hard

    just collecting the branches i say that

    but i need a tenth there we go

    ten got it this would be enough for a

    roaring fire

    to celebrate can i just grab this bug

    out of

    nope there's another clump of weeds all


    they cleaned i gathered ah welcome back

    i trust you had some success foraging

    for tree branches

    very well allow me to lighten your load

    all right there you go

    yes yes that should be plenty for a

    campfire you made quick work of that

    i'm quite glad that i'll be sharing this

    desolate island with such a hard worker


    all right and speaking of surviving on a

    desolate island our next task is to

    round up something to snack on

    while you were collecting branches i was

    evaluating the fruit that seems to be

    abundant here

    they look like oranges they smell like

    oranges and they even taste like oranges

    in fact they are 100 without a doubt


    oranges so will you collect six of them

    for me now i'm sure that you don't need

    much guidance here but just in case

    if you see a tree growing oranges you

    can press a to shake it then just pick

    the fruit up

    i'm sure you'll have plenty of oranges

    for us all in no time

    okay easy thankfully i didn't decimate a

    couple of orange trees

    all right there's one two

    and three it's so good to be playing

    this game on the switch

    like big screen that's what i'm all

    about big screen nope wrong button

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


    and six a good snack for all of us those

    oranges are like

    the size of our entire abdomen so

    we're gonna be plenty full i'm sure of

    it all right there we go

    well well i knew you were the right one

    for the job thank you once again

    i'll go ahead and take those oranges off

    your hands and get started on the


    all right there you go

    fantastic now we get to eat

    delicious now it's night time

    now is that everything yes yes i believe

    it is

    let's get started with the festivities

    all right light the fire

    those sticks turned out to be really big

    bigger than i thought

    all right at last allow me to properly

    welcome you to your new island

    i have participated in many adventures

    in endeavors over the years but this may

    be the most exciting

    helping develop a thriving new community

    entirely from scratch will truly test my

    business acumen

    and perhaps my skills as an outdoorsman

    oh now we may not have the kind of

    numbers that i originally envisioned

    but that just means we'll have to rise

    to the challenge and i have no doubt

    that with hard work and perseverance

    uh we'll shape this deserted island into

    i suppose we can't call this a desert

    island anymore huh

    but what should we call it now i use a

    town name that i've been using ever

    since i first

    played the animal crossing on gamecube i

    sense a great opportunity

    as the first residents of this island we

    should be the ones to name it

    and in the spirit of democracy we should

    uh put it to a vote majority rules

    so take a little time to think and when

    everyone is ready i'll present your


    i'll be so mad if they don't pick mine

    uh so there's a name that i go for

    uh i know that we can we can't change

    this so here we go

    i always go for astoria and that was a

    reference to the goonies but it's also a

    reference to

    ashley's and my first island on the


    so astoria is a great name uh

    no no offensive words all right all

    right is everyone ready

    let's try saying our ideas all at the

    same time ready

    go do we all say okay what nooktopia


    buff perk was hers what a splendid

    variety yes yes each one a potential gym

    now for the voting i'll say each name in

    order and you can clap for the one you

    think is best

    zach seems to have the the enthusiasm

    and the naming sensibilities

    let's start there all right so zack



    yeah they like it wow that's an

    overwhelmingly positive response each

    and every one of you clapped

    i suppose if everyone is in agreement we

    could just go with astoria

    it rocks sounds great absolutely


    then from now on this island will be

    known as astoria

    well zach since you've uh proven

    yourself uh by naming astoria

    i'd like to rely on you for other

    critical decisions we'll need to make on

    this island

    yes yes i hereby name you the resident

    representative of astoria

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    all right i'm the resident


    zach could you please say a word or two

    as the new spokesperson for your


    i guess i could you can count on me

    yay hmm so we've settled on a name for

    our island and we've

    selected our resident representative

    it's been a big day but it's gotten

    rather late so let's have a toast

    all right i thought for a second they're

    going to go real toast but they made

    like orange juice or something everyone

    have a beverage in hand

    it's fresh juice made from oranges our

    new resident representative harvested on

    this very island

    then without further ado a toast to

    astoria and the happiness of his


    cheers all right great

    awesome well that was a good first day a

    good successful first day we're still

    here in the day

    uh what's up snake snake snake

    having fun i'm gonna kick off a new

    workout routine tomorrow so i'm taking

    it easy tonight bunyip

    all right good for you uh we all just

    met but i but chilling by the fire like

    this makes me makes it feel like we've

    been best buds for ages kidders

    yeah i don't know about that all right

    what's up

    we're here to act as your support staff

    but we've never lived on an uninhabited

    island before either

    i'm not sure how helpful we'll be in

    this unfamiliar place but we'll rely on

    each other as fellow residents

    all right great what's up with you ah

    zach having a good time yes

    i know this is uh all a bit much so if

    you feel like taking a short nap in your

    tent by all means go ahead

    we'll keep the fire burning uh i'm not

    tired yet

    of course you work hard and then you

    play hard by all means carry on

    just stop by and see me for a quick chat

    before you turn in i have something to

    give you

    i just want to talk to the other one


    astoria astoria what a great name just

    rolls off the tongue

    thank you for offering such a wonderful

    idea to the group all right you're very


    uh i guess i am ready for bed let's

    let's progress this a little bit ah zach

    having a good time yes okay so

    i do want to take a short nap i guess

    but i mean are we going to take a nap

    we're going to sleep

    right now maybe i'll do that sounds good

    to me but first you'll probably want


    oh yes a leaf it's your very own camping


    you'll want to set it up in your tent

    before you lie down oh and there are a

    few packages waiting in your tin as well

    just a few items that might be useful to

    open packages and use the things inside

    press a

    and when you're ready you can move uh to

    crawl into bed we've got another big day

    ahead of us tomorrow so rest up as much

    as you can tonight

    yes yes that's all from me for now sweet

    dreams zack all right sweet dreams to

    you too

    uh i'm gonna go straight to bed my tent

    is over here

    i think up here yeah there we go is that

    that almost like dew on the ground or

    something right

    that's pretty cool anyway here's my tent

    we're gonna set up my cot

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    hopefully my tent looks a little bit

    bigger on the inside than it does on the


    uh but let's take a look here nope looks

    about the same size

    whoa okay this is a radio

    and this is a uh a light

    the radio is on

    leave it on why not can i move it oh

    yep i can okay let's put the put the bed

    down somewhere

    i'm trying to think about where i would

    want to go um

    camping caught here we go place item

    all right then nope i meant to do that

    how do you move it once you've uh

    there we go can i rotate this

    head for a little while uh no let me get

    this situated stay awake for a second uh

    i'm trying to figure out how to rotate


    i don't remember how to rotate things oh

    i can rotate the camera that's one way

    to do it


    yeah i don't know how to rotate things


    maybe i can't here let me place it up


    there we go that's good enough and then

    uh let's push it back

    that's pretty centered and then let me

    drop the radio down over here

    there's no room come on i made plenty of

    room here we go up here

    here we go

    there we go i'm going to take a little


    how do i get up on the other thing

    there we go no covers i'm gonna rest my

    head for a little while

    i'm getting sleepy

    all right i would actually nap without

    the radio on in real life but

    you know this is not real life

    but it's a good alternative especially

    right now

    all right aha

    kk slider here playing with me a little


    so looks like you've decided to make

    your own way in the world get out there

    explore new frontiers

    that's all the way that's all the way

    right daddy-o

    you don't need to live by anyone's rules

    but your own the world was made for

    exploring you know

    living free being out there it's a great

    feeling yeah

    but take it from a cat who's been on the


    being by your lonesome can grind on the


    you're a dog you've got to make friends

    along the way rambling this crazy world

    is squaresville without some pals yeah


    friends are where it's at speaking of

    rambling i'm doing a bit of that myself

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    my bad

    maybe it's about time for you to wake up

    to your new life

    oh but listen up that rap i just gave

    you about friends it's pretty key

    you'll dig this island life a whole lot

    more if you share it with some friends

    if that's your scene yeah an island

    paradise with your best pal sounds

    pretty groovy to me

    cool when you wake up you'll be in sync

    with real time

    dig that island life and i'll catch you

    later all right thanks kk does he come

    to me in my dreams

    is that the deal all right he's

    he's peacing out there we go

    so i'm gonna wake up

    zach are you there oh i hope you haven't

    i haven't woken you abruptly uh but i do

    wish to discuss something with you yes


    i'll be here when you're ready what is

    it do i get to pay you do i gotta pay


    he's my landlord all right let's see

    what's up

    it's daytime i got mail ah there you are

    i hope you haven't had a pleasant nap

    or well i suppose it was a bit more than

    a nap wasn't it it's a brand new day i

    slept that long

    yes it's quite normal to be worn out

    from such a long trip and a major life


    speaking of which i have a few more

    things that you might find useful as you

    adjust to life

    in our in our little paradise first

    you'll need one of these yes

    what is it it's my cell phone it's your

    very own nook phone i have these made

    especially for island residents

    ah i want to make sure it's working

    right so could you try turning it on for

    me hmm

    all right sure it seems to work

    welcome all right i can take

    photos looks like that's cool good good

    looks like you're getting good reception

    as well okay feel free to put it away


    okay say zach have you ever used a

    smartphone before

    i have one on my own very good then this

    should be

    a breeze for you in fact i think you'll

    find it much more useful than the phone

    you already have

    i have one more thing for you

    this is a contract it's your itemized



    of course so this includes everything

    airfare accommodations labor

    tax and of course your nook phone

    bringing your grand total to the modest

    sum of

    49 800 bells uh


    good one zach wait you're being serious

    yes of course i can't believe i didn't

    think of this

    well bells are a currency that can be

    exchanged for goods or services here on


    but there's still the problem that you

    don't actually have any yes of course

    well no need to worry i was prepared for

    exactly this type of tricky situation

    for the getaway package you can pay your

    fees with miles instead of the standard


    i call this extremely helpful service

    the nook mileage program

    mileage well it's quite extraordinary if

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    i do say so myself

    with the nook mileage program you can

    earn miles by simply living your life

    here in astoria

    i dare say the more you enjoy your

    island life the more miles you can earn

    and you can use them to pay back your

    move-in fees and much more

    so the bottom line is you need uh 49 800

    to pay your move-in fees but with this

    new service would you believe it

    it only comes to 5 000 miles i'll just

    go ahead and register so you could pay

    your miles yes yes but there are more

    details available

    within your nook phone just open the

    nook miles app and you'll see that

    you've earned some miles just for

    traveling to the island and joining the


    now if you'll excuse me i must get back

    to a few other matters

    but let me heartily congratulate you

    once again on your arrival

    i'm so happy to have you as a resident

    of astoria and a client of nook inc

    all right very cool

    pippa my new life is underway i can do

    whatever i want

    whatever i want first off there's mail

    from now on island time will match the

    flow of time in the real world

    do not touch the power button when you

    see the auto save indicator in the top

    right corner

    you can also save and quit your game

    after pressing uh that okay great

    so first up i have i have a mail here we

    have snail mail and we have

    island mail so nintendo sent me a gift

    dear zach thank you for downloading the

    update i would like to give you a

    present to show our appreciation please

    keep an eye out for future updates as


    and what's the present place in the

    pocket we got it

    and another one from nintendo

    congratulations on your big move we hope

    you enjoy your new island life to

    celebrate this fresh start

    we like to give you a gift that is sure

    to come in handy excellent

    so uh let's go back and that looks good

    and then what happens i guess we look at

    our inventory here

    present open the present it is a simple

    do-it-yourself workbench

    and we open this present and it is a

    nintendo switch awesome

    let me go put the switch in here this is

    what i'm going to be playing when i

    can't sleep at night

    or when i'm making videos for youtube

    so hopefully no one comes to my tent and

    steals this but uh here we go

    place a nintendo switch

    here we go and then uh what was this

    other thing this workbench

    oh wait learn this is a diy recipe i

    wonder how i can memorize it

    i have no idea we'll have to figure that

    out later

    i dropped off my switch though no one

    take it no one take it please i also

    have a phone

    to use a nook phone and that thing's

    buzzing right now

    so we got a camera uh take pictures

    using various filters and effects

    perfect the pictures will be saved to

    the album on the home menu and other

    users who use the same system will be

    able to see them

    okay fine so i can take pictures

    uh oh wow

    yeah let's just do normal effects oh my

    gosh scary

    normal and we can do frames cinema

    time date okay that's cool

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    none will be good and then uh

    how do i like if i'm posing myself

    what does this r button do oh i can look

    up there you go

    okay and then i can zoom in

    oh yes

    oh whoops i got rid of the camera i want

    to take my first picture come on

    uh zoom in that's as far as it gets

    i could look up

    that's not bad oh the clouds are coming

    in i want a bright photo get out get out

    of here clouds look look the other way

    ah whatever uh let's take the photo good


    sure one more looks a little blurry

    let's uh let's come in there we go we

    got we took three photos

    i mean it looks better like this right


    let's get out of here and then uh also

    more stuff on the phone going on

    we got uh nook miles how many miles do i


    uh you're enrolled in the nook mileage


    or nook miles for completing island

    activities then trade those miles for

    various perks and goods at the next

    nook stop and the resident services


    uh make the most out of island life or

    nook miles

    all right so this is probably i wonder

    if this replaces the museum we got a

    story of miles

    uh you traveled a long way just to move

    to our little island and you enrolled in

    the nook mileage program

    so you earn your first miles uh there

    are lots of ways to earn miles just by

    enjoying island life

    how many did we get we got 500 okay

    great i'll take those

    perfect and then uh now what

    angling for perfection learning how to

    fish is an essential skill for living on

    a remote island nook inc encourages all

    island residents who are aiming

    to become fishing masters

    all right and then island togetherness

    one of the goals of nook inc is resident

    togetherness our uh

    gregatious greetings initiative aims to

    reward you with nook miles just for

    chatting with residents

    try to talk to all of your neighbors

    every day all right sounds good and

    you've got the bugs for catching bugs

    earn miles

    just for catching creepy crawlies every

    bug you catch is one that won't be

    surprising someone in their sock drawer

    all right and that's all the wait hold

    on whoa no that wasn't all

    scroll down there's a couple more so we

    got flower power

    uh which is planting flowers makes our

    island more beautiful

    and can earn you miles so grow wild yes


    and then pick up the bunch you'll get

    nook miles based on the amount of fruit

    you've sold remember

    if you sell our island's specialty

    fruits on other islands you might be

    able to get a better price

    and then go ahead be shellfish you can

    earn miles based on the number of

    seashells you sell that's not easy to

    say but i said it i said it right

    and remember you'll get different

    amounts of bells for different types of

    shells so pay attention

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    hoard reward okay uh put more furniture

    in your house

    nook inc will give you nook miles based

    on the number of indoor furniture items

    you have

    so you're earning rewards for making

    your house a home okay

    edit credit your passport has some

    information you can edit nook inc will

    give nook miles to folks who customize

    their profiles

    take it slow think about it and make

    your own and then here we go island

    shutterbug i already did this

    congratulations on taking your first

    island photo

    please do show off your wonderful photos

    whether they're impulse snaps or

    brilliant compositions

    so we get to claim miles for that that's

    300 miles

    awesome i now have 800 miles i need 5


    and then bulletin board benefit picture

    this getting nick miles from nook

    inc the first time you write something

    on an island's bulletin board keep using

    bulletin boards to communicate with

    everyone on the island yes yes

    all right and then another one exterior


    you can display furniture outside right

    well here's a little incentive for you

    to show off

    what you've got you'll earn miles based

    on the number of furniture items you set

    up outside

    wow and then first custom design

    learning to use the custom design app

    lets you personalize your clothes

    and furniture so much fun to be had yes


    and then that's that's it for now that's

    a lot of stuff to do

    this is the costume designs now i don't

    know if i want to do this right now with

    this app you can create custom designs

    oh custom designs uh to wear on clothing

    or display around the island

    now when you save custom designs with a

    zap you can share them with other island


    uh there's a chance that your custom

    designs will be seen by other players

    during network play sessions when you

    visit another another island for example

    please don't create anything that

    infringes others rights don't use

    private information yours or anyone

    else's or offensive words or images

    of course not and uh so i'll do this


    not today this will probably take a lot

    of time and plus i want to take my time

    to do it

    as well and i might do a lot of that off

    camera then show it to you guys later

    check them out for current information

    we got these residents here you can also

    press x to change the settings and

    choose whether

    to display the mini map during your

    day-to-day activities

    all right

    excellent and then we got a passport

    your passport information is shown here

    this information may be seen by other


    uh you can change your photo title okay

    we got it we got it we got it

    everything's good i'm a scorpio uh what

    what if we edit

    uh passport photo

    now that's a good one

    uh but what if we could take another one

    oh i didn't know i could do that to bed

    that puts the tree right in front of me

    huh no that's bad

    that's bad uh oh

    here comes someone

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    how do i move that up oh easy okay great

    i'm getting i'm getting this camera much


    hold on we've almost got this how do i

    zoom out

    that looks kind of cool because you can

    see like the trees right

    i like that one there you go that's nice

    uh what else can we do

    we can edit uh the comment how about the


    title oh desert deserted island




    dessert island animal uh what should i

    say i am uh

    patron pet photographer

    i don't know what to say i'm i'm mostly

    doing this to uh

    i'm gonna be a

    new leaf camper i don't know

    animal crossing animal crossing

    okay and then uh short comments

    uh what should i say


    subscribe i'm gonna say subscribe

    oh i could how much here we go subscribe


    oop oop undo if you

    have not i'm zack scott subscribe if you

    have not

    um space


    and then exclamation point of course

    there we go

    i'm zack scott subscribe if you have not

    uh because i'm just zach here i can't

    change my name

    and that's fine uh i'll just go by zach

    and i don't want them saying zack's got

    each and every time

    animal crossing here we go all right

    that looks good to me

    and then uh we got nook miles for that

    right so

    where uh is that located it's right here

    there we go how many how many did we get


    nice we're gonna get close and then uh

    i'm gonna spend all my time on this


    uh and this is a helicopter use this

    service for an emergency situation on

    the island when your path is blocked and

    you're stuck

    you'll be sent to a place such as your

    home okay so i don't need to do that

    right now

    call rescue service no no i don't need


    i don't need it right now hope it

    doesn't it doesn't cost money it'd be

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    funny if it did if it did cost money so

    where do i go now what do i do what's up


    oh zach it's great to see you that

    campfire was a lot of fun

    we're keeping resident services open at

    night so feel free to stop by if you

    need to talk about anything

    for the time being i'll be out and about

    checking within with everyone seeing how

    folks are doing

    if you're ever unsure about what you

    should do don't hesitate to stop me for

    a chat

    all right that's kind of what i did all

    right let's see can i just barge into

    this person's tent

    looks like no one's here okay no there

    she's up here fishing do i i don't have

    a fishing pole yet

    she's already fishing pashmina perfect

    fishing weather

    time to catch a few fishes kidders

    fishies kidders

    all right and here's snake is he


    no he's picking up branches yo i'm

    pumped about that spot you helped me

    pick out

    for my tent thanks for the push i hope

    we can keep looking out for each other

    like this

    it's good to have buddies bunyip all


    i've got something here for you bunya

    thanks again for finding a place for my

    place i got a hat

    that mesh cap is perfect for astoria you

    can try it on by pressing x to open up

    your pockets and press a to select an

    item you want

    choose where if you want to put it on

    you can always change later if you if

    you need to work out bunyip

    all right let me wear that hat let me

    see thank you for the hat

    let's just do it mesh cap where

    okay i'll keep it on for now

    and then uh so something else happened

    in the app i got what look miles again

    is that for talking to people island

    togetherness yes so i claimed this

    i talked to people nice

    and i got new keywords too can i use

    that my passport

    i don't know we're good though

    okay so um

    now what needs to happen let's go in

    here and see if anyone's inside

    i really don't know i mean i hope he

    gives me some some some sort of cool

    items or something

    all right what's up guys ah zach welcome


    as you can see it is quite cozy in here

    it's funny how cozy doesn't always mean


    let me know if you need advice on how to

    spend your time on this island or

    anything else

    if you need some advice about basic

    island materials you should talk to


    he can help you uh procure some of the

    essentials for thriving in our little


    and if you want to earn some bells he

    has a rather generous policy of

    purchasing just about anything

    not strictly advisable from a business

    perspective but quite generous yes yes

    oh one more important thing i'm offering

    a free diy workshop that can help you

    really build out your island experience

    i think it'll be quite useful so i do

    hope you take me up on it

    i do hope that what is up i don't have

    anything to sell oh welcome welcome you

    don't waste any time do you oh

    we're still setting up but for starters

    we intend to offer a small selection of

    goods for our island residents

    space is limited right now but we'll try

    to have some fresh stock each and every


    i'm sure you're busy but feel free to

    take a look at some of the items we're

    thinking of selling

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    i'll take a look great

    uh yeah a box and a chair

    and oh a whole bunch of stuff yeah i'm

    gonna want those as soon as i get bells

    uh oranges i mean if you buy oranges for

    400 that'll be great probably buy them

    for 40 if that

    anything catch your eye we're not just

    sellers we're also we also buy things

    from you including stuff you gather on

    the island

    and because you want to support efforts

    to beautify this island

    uh we'll even pay you a little bit in

    return for any weeds or trash you bring


    if you want to know whether we'll buy

    something just ask

    all right now what's he talking about

    diy workshop would you like to talk to

    me about

    uh what would you like to talk to me

    about i'm all ears your ears aren't that


    oh about that workshop

    yes yes a diy workshop each participant

    will make and keep their own tools and

    receive a set of diy recipes

    i think it'll be quite useful for the

    island life so

    uh shall i put you down for the next

    available session i'd love to

    yes yes that's the island spirit i

    happen to be free right this very moment

    so let's get started

    okay great let's get right into it i do

    have a diy planner or something

    welcome to my diy workshop oh i suppose

    workshop is over selling it a bit

    when you see how simple it is to diy or

    do it yourself you'll understand what i


    the basic idea is to gather materials

    follow a recipe and then craft using a

    workbench like this one

    so today we'll be constructing a fishing

    rod using common materials that you can

    find anywhere yes

    for this particular recipe we require uh

    we require a mere five tree branches

    it is admittedly a little flimsy now

    then come see me once you've collected

    the materials okay so i will get some

    tree branches i'll probably get some

    oranges or some weeds to sell

    uh just whatever i can find and then uh

    but the tree branches are gonna be a


    and um so here are immediately some

    oranges that we can just we can gather


    i don't know how much they they buy them


    and uh i don't know nothing out of there

    there's a branch right there again i

    don't know how much they buy them for

    but we're gonna see

    and i don't know if i'm gonna need my

    fruit for anything else immediately but

    here we go

    i think i picked up a weed i am picking

    up weeds these are all weeds

    oh wow are these all weeds

    okay so this is i i can't do this all


    i could but i guess what i'm saying is

    i'm not going to

    this is a lot of weeds holy cow

    okay i might pick up the weeds by my my

    tent i don't know

    all right

    this is pretty extensive

    all right all right good hold on what is


    are they leaving orange

    i can't even tell i think i left an

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    orange on the ground

    i'm just trying to beautify this place

    weeds are no i mean weeds are fine

    honestly but i mean the fact that you're

    able to pick them up and get bells for

    them is really really

    something i don't know how many we i

    don't i don't have time to pick up every

    single weed

    so how many sticks you said i need five


    i'm just going to pick up the weeds

    around my area this is uh

    you know maybe pashmina's area too help

    her out a little bit

    she's busy fishing shirley she'll share

    her fish with me right

    i don't know about that i speak to a


    i don't know what i'm going to do with

    the rock if i could smash an insect with

    it i don't know

    uh let's get some more we need more we

    need we need five

    here let me just see where i'm at right


    we're really making this place clean

    aren't we uh how many i have two i need


    sticks so

    all right yeah weeds bind here too

    i know that when the when the island is

    looking nice they're happier

    so that's kind of what part of my goal

    as well


    if i get a shovel i can i can hit that


    my goodness all right let's let's just

    you know what i can do this any time i

    can i can

    i can weed the island off camera i can

    have friends come in and weed for me

    that'll be ideal right all right and

    then what's up snake

    i don't know who's new or old but here's

    snake hey yeah we meet again bunyip

    i want to chat hey isn't that the hat i

    gave you it looks great really shows off


    head muscle bunyip all right great good

    chat good shot this is a

    fourth one i need one more thankfully

    sticks are abundant here

    and so are weeds i wonder what kind of

    fish i'm gonna meet today i hope they're


    i hope they're nice too hope they're

    nice tasting

    and then uh

    i guess i could de-weed this area really

    quick i don't know man de-weeding it's

    gonna take forever

    and like i said i would probably rather

    do that off-camera it's gonna be so


    all right i think i got five i get five

    i got five i also got a bunch of weeds

    how many weeds do i have i have 88 let

    me get an even 100 weeds to turn in

    all right one two

    three four

    five six seven

    eight nine ten there we go that's an

    even 100 weeds right with 99 and one

    okay fair enough they stack up to 99 but

    here i got

    i got my fishing rod

    i'm going to have my fishing rod rather

    all right first up i got some weeds to

    sell yeah and some oranges

    welcome zach how can i be can i how can

    i help you today

    i want to sell of course what exactly

    are you are you offering

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    uh we got weeds 99 weeds confirm the

    clump of weeds

    here you go some clumps of weeds

    sure how about i offer you one that's a

    lot of bells sold

    thank you please come again that is


    uh and then hold on i got i got some

    sort of a thing here what do i what do i

    what did i get done

    uh claim oh greedy weeder nice

    excellent selling weeds okay great

    awesome now can i do that again oh yeah

    99 of 200 so 200 okay great so i can

    probably get a bunch of bells just by

    doing weeds

    um let's just oh seller of unwanted


    that's another what 300 yes excellent

    that was a one-time completion thing


    and i think that we're done there we go

    we have 2000 miles we're on our way

    and then i also have some oranges if you

    want some oranges i have uh

    i i think i picked up a few i don't know

    if it's enough

    but how much are you buying oranges for

    i got f i got ten

    and another five uh so confirm that


    some oranges sure how about i offer you

    1 000 bells that's a good deal sold

    thank you please come again oh before i

    forget i wanted to tell you something

    about the fruit you just sold me

    when you eat eat food like fruit you'll

    find yourself energized with more power

    than you might have imagined

    has anyone shared that with you well

    what i mean is you could break open

    rocks or maybe even dig up a whole tree

    if you have the right tool

    now it's fine for you to sell me your

    fruit but you should try eating it once

    in a while too

    all right i'll i'll do that next time

    i'm ready for the diy stuff

    ah zach found the necessary materials

    well then let's get started on crafting

    that fishing rod yes yes

    to begin just select a project from the

    workbench and get started go ahead give

    it a try

    all right so we go to the workbench now

    i have

    uh this yeah sure craftable fishing rod

    craft it

    let's do it it's flimsy

    this is diy so i did it myself i made a

    flimsy fishing rod

    yes that was perfect as you can see

    crouching is quite simple provided you

    have the correct recipes

    and that concludes my free diy workshop

    oh there's just one last thing

    i have a few common diy recipes for you

    free of charge naturally

    i'll just need to send them to your nook

    phone would you mind opening it up

    all right sure send it to me i mean

    can't you send it without me opening the


    there we go there we go diy

    recipes over here splendid thank you the

    diy app is now installed on your phone

    and ready to use anytime

    and the flimsy fishing rod you just

    crafted is yours to keep it may not last

    forever but it should serve you well for

    a little while at least

    speaking of fishing i'm no master angler

    but perhaps i can give you a few tips

    in my experience you should aim in front

    of the shadow of a fish when you cast

    your line yes yes

    i would love to see anything you manage

    to catch i'm quite curious about the

    local fauna

    all right and then uh so here's let me

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    look at this app

    uh on my phone whoops it's right here i

    have another app

    and this is diy recipes uh

    and we have uh you can also register

    frequently crafted items as favorites so

    make good use of it while you diy

    uh so we already built this this is a


    and this is a flimsy net so we need five

    tree branches for that net

    three for the campfire and i don't know

    you know

    sure that sounds good these are all the

    tools we have so yeah

    and now what do we do with the uh in my


    we have this how do i use this learn

    huh okay sweet i learned a diy recipe

    for a simple diy

    workbench so can i put that in my in my

    own camp

    what do i need for it let's see yes

    let's craft maybe but i mean like let's

    take a look first i want to see

    so the workbench uh is hardwood and iron

    nuggets i don't

    have that yet i don't even know how to

    get those yet uh but hopefully i get

    those soon

    looks like we can go fishing um we also

    can get some more

    we also get nets and catch bugs and

    stuff so that could be really


    and so uh

    well we know we get a lot of bells from

    the weeds so um

    and the fruit is pretty good too but

    let's get let's see we may not be able

    to pick up enough sticks

    there may not be enough sticks in town

    you know so who knows

    i don't i mean gosh there's so many

    weeds i'll probably do weed off camera

    honestly because that's just there's a

    lot of weeds

    i don't know if any seashells are going

    to show up yet there this might count as

    something right

    and we can now fish right so let me go

    fish let me find a big fish

    in the ocean there's another stick

    we might be able to uh get 5 000 nook


    you know real soon maybe i don't know

    and i don't know how to go on the other

    side of the island i kind of isolated

    myself a little bit

    but that's okay

    another branch over here these branches

    are just lying around

    and then um so yeah i'm going to collect

    the branches

    i don't want to leave this place be

    funny if i could just up and leave

    um i might be able to leave maybe go to

    a friend's town or something

    so i'm looking for fish i haven't caught

    any fish yet i just got some seashells


    that's a small one i don't want to catch

    i want to go big i want to go big or go


    there we go that's what i'm talking

    about now how do i use fish

    fishing rod hold perfect

    i can't see anything i can't see

    i just have to assume it's gonna get it

    he walked away

    now come on now

    that's so close all right let's try

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00


    that's not gonna do the trick hold on


    all right that might glide over to him

    hold on

    here we go my first fish of the game

    is what yes i caught a black bass the

    most metal of all fish

    black bass all right so i caught one

    fish i don't know how many fish i got to


    to uh you know she's fishing too hey

    how's it going

    i caught a fish zach thanks a ton for

    earlier i got my tent all up and running

    thanks to that pep talk

    the brochure said we'll be living on an

    uninhabited island so i was all ready to

    go solo kidders

    i could totally go for having rock stars

    like you around though

    let me know if you need anything oh yeah

    i was thinking about how to thank you

    and i came up with a recipe for a leaf


    all right great thanks oh great idea

    i can make it myself all right so

    there's the first thing i thought when i


    here was now that's a lot of weeds

    that's kind of where i got the idea

    it's a diy project that uses weeds okay

    great think about it

    weeds are the most abundant natural

    resource we have may as well use them


    all right so we're gonna make an

    umbrella out of weeds and

    uh so yeah let's put up this uh fishing

    rod how do i how do i just how do i just


    rid of it is there a button to just like

    say no more fishing rod for me

    i don't i don't know how

    okay maybe not there we go it was a down

    down arrow all right so we need weeds we

    need sticks

    i don't know how many weeds we need but

    actually if i take a look at my

    inventory i probably learn the item


    so learn

    sweet i learned a diy okay for the leaf


    and so let's i don't know how many weeds

    we're gonna need

    i keep hitting the wrong button

    but i'm gonna have it i'm gonna have my

    own umbrella i'll clean up the weeds


    pashmina's area

    i think i'm saying that name right i

    don't know

    and then what i don't use i can just

    sell for crazy amounts of bells

    it's well worth it again this is

    something i feel like i should be doing

    off camera but still


    all right and i i need to make a bug net

    because i want to catch a bug

    that'll be more miles for me right if we

    can do all sorts of things this episode

    catching bugs

    you know it'll be amazing

    all right there we go the most abundant

    resource i am uh

    decimating the weed population here

    say no to weed or yes whichever

    all right gonna go pick it up

    there we go her area is nice and clear

    too just like mine

    and then uh so let's return

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    back now we can check out the uh my app

    on my phone

    and what's going on here do i have to

    actually go to the bench i think i do

    oh this is how you can tell what you

    need so yeah i can make uh yeah i can

    definitely make the the leaf umbrella

    i can make this uh the flimsy net

    and then also if we take a look we got

    some more miles here

    uh for have a nice diy oh i'm not quite

    there yet

    uh and then this one is diy tools so i

    don't i haven't learned those yeah those

    are just new

    uh challenges or whatever here so what's

    what's okay

    cast master i did something here oh i

    got one and you need 10 to get that okay

    so this one i did nook phone life

    all right there we go 300 miles for

    using my

    my smartphone gotta love that

    and was that it i think that was it okay

    great let me go over here let's let's

    make some stuff again i don't know i

    mean if i got to get 10 fish

    i don't know let's see let's let's craft

    some stuff real quick

    i want that net i want that umbrella

    let's craft i mean i don't know it's not

    even raining but at least i could use

    the umbrella that she made me

    uh craft it let's do it leaf umbrella

    will be mine


    all right excellent keep crafting

    because we got to make that net as well

    there we go let's do it

    and then uh nook was wanting to see the

    fish that i caught

    so we're all done crafting for now

    what's up dude ah zach hello hello

    what would you like to talk to me about

    i'm all ears

    uh i found a creature

    oh splendid let's have a look shall we

    oh it's with me there we go black bass

    bass oh what a catch i do believe this

    is a black bass

    hmm if this island can support a black


    why who knows what other fantastic

    creatures we might find living here

    zach i have an idea an old friend of

    mine runs a museum and i'd love to send

    it to him for a closer look

    would you be okay with that sure just

    send it to uh however you want i don't


    thank you i promise that i'll take extra

    good care of your black bass

    okay great oh that reminds me

    this is this is in no way tied to your

    generous donation just now but i have a

    useful app to show you

    okay great is this like a fishing app

    this this might replace the museum

    essentially uh

    my phone i don't know i'm just guessing

    yeah there's a phishing app

    critter pedia okay great i sent you the

    critter pd app it's a terrific resource

    for an aspiring island researcher such

    as yourself

    with this one app you'll get all the

    important details about the bugs and

    fish you catch yes yes

    i do hope you'll continue to fill it up

    with your discoveries and share them

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    with me too

    i'm sure i'll be able to come up with

    some kind of additional reward

    all right great and then uh hey do you

    want to buy some weed

    welcome zach how can i help you today uh

    i want to sell

    i'm selling weed here we go i got 41

    weed for you is that good confirm

    thank you some clumps of weeds sure how

    about i offer you 410 ah man if i would

    have sold 42

    okay sold there we go thank you

    please come again all right

    sold them some weed and now uh

    so i wonder like to get things done you

    know i got a net now

    how do i pull up like there's a fishing


    there's my umbrella there's the net okay


    uh let's go she's out looking for things


    okay great

    this place is crazy as well

    with weeds so many weeds all over the

    place and these are big ones these are

    very distracting

    and i know that the the fewer weeds we

    have the more people will be happy so

    it's like i

    i'm compelled to do this it's almost a

    compulsion to just pick the weeds now

    that i'm here

    and they're right in front of me just

    get rid of them please

    all right

    there we go i can't even see them all

    they're all behind this tree

    all right good stuff good stuff

    i know of course i'm looking for bugs at

    the same time it's not just all about

    the weed here

    all right what do we have 33

    all right

    there we go



    i am the uh the islands weed dealer

    here we go check it out check it out i

    got 42 of these things

    what's up i got another stash

    all right here we go here we go i want

    this i'm gonna get a lot of bells for


    of course what are you offering i'm

    selling weed again

    here we go this place is plentiful

    clumps of weeds 4 20 baby


    all right that was worth it right worth

    it let's go on

    all right no more of that that was that

    was fun as is

    uh but we i wanted to still catch a bug

    i don't even know where the bugs are can

    i catch

    birds no there's how you do it okay


    i learned that already

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    uh where are like the butterflies and

    stuff okay here's another fish this is

    kind of a big fish

    that's nowhere that's not close enough

    the i wish you could change the camera

    angles while you're fishing


    right on them that's how that works

    all right not really um and fishing

    takes forever

    all right this one this one might make

    it to him

    here we go come on fish

    here we go it's it's coming slowly but


    come on gotcha fish

    all right and this is a yes i caught a

    yellow perch

    those yellow birds have to sit somewhere

    all right great i'm looking for either

    fish or

    uh or insects

    and right now it's fish

    all right come on take another nibble

    gotcha fish oh wow cause i'm skinny this

    is a

    uh a loach it's looking at me with


    all right i need to make my own rhymes

    for these

    oh this is the big one this is this is

    it this is the big this is jaws here

    it's going to be a shark no i don't know

    what it is let's see it's probably not


    oh gosh you immediately took it

    wow look at that that's a big one i

    caught a black bass

    another that's a big one though that's

    like the biggest one i've gotten

    where are the insects right now that

    one's way over there i can't get that


    that's a tiny little guy come here buddy

    oh that wasn't even close enough but you

    see him right come on

    fine fine

    up here this is gonna work

    this is gonna work dang it

    ah i got confused okay

    oh here we go hold on i know


    gotcha butterfly yes

    i caught a yellow butterfly shouldn't

    all butterflies be yellow oh butter

    emphasis on the butter

    i get it i get it

    looking for sh oh there's another

    there's another fish

    no wrong hold up

    cast there we go oh he sees it he sees


    come on get it

    guys another big one this one's in the

    ocean is this oh that's beautiful

    that is a uh red snapper it looks pretty


    all right awesome

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    that was awesome all right hey guys

    excuse me

    i'm still on the lookout for insects

    shells fish

    whatever i can find pick that up pick

    that up pick that up no nothing's here

    nothing's here stop it

    there we go getting kind of tired of

    this hat there's a tiny one here

    how many do i gotta catch 10 to get the

    uh to get the the miles

    do you not see that it's so close

    fine here

    boom that's right in front of your face

    get it get it

    he got it he got it there we go


    this is what a horse mackerel of course


    okay don't know what they're saying here

    okay here's another fish this one's good

    okay i can actually go yeah

    that oh nope that was like right on you


    all right i can wait

    is he still there where's the fish

    okay no he's i think he's gone

    no he's over okay don't do that to me

    you tricked me nope

    that's not close enough at all

    how about right over there there you go

    you're gonna see this one yeah you saw


    oh you grabbed it immediately that

    always throws me off

    all right and this is a uh what i got a


    hope i have some space oh yeah i do have

    some space that's the one thing to

    consider is that i might be running out

    of space

    i have a lot of fish are they are we

    going to send these to the museum i

    don't know

    let's check my phone app i forgot all

    about this app here the critter pedia

    uh check this out for information on the

    bugs and fish you've caught

    great yellow butterfly okay so it shows

    the current active hours and times and


    and then the same with the fish i don't

    really care to look at all the details

    of all the fish i've caught but

    hey i'm glad someone is logging it for

    me or some sort of thing is logging it

    for me

    so we got a new island so we only got

    six we got

    one of ten of those so six what

    fish great uh

    fish is anything done

    i don't think anything's done no we need

    it to

    uh probably

    cast master this is uh for

    oh my gosh fish in a row without without

    a single one getting away

    you got to be kidding me i can't do that

    right now anyway

    i am starting to the point where i feel

    like we're wrapping up the day

    you know like i don't really know what

    else to do i don't know that i i mean i

    could spend a lot of time

    fishing and everything and getting uh

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    uh but for now i think we're we're doing

    pretty good let me go let me go

    what i'll do is i i've done a lot of the


    i'll go in i'll get this got that there

    you go

    now uh it's the same thing though

    i'm gonna i'm gonna turn in to uh

    to nook see what he says

    and then uh we might be done with

    today's episode i do thank you guys for

    watching we got our

    our campsite set up here on this brand

    new island it was a deserted island now

    it's not now i'm here

    we also got pashmina and snake zach

    hello hello

    what would you like to talk to me about

    i'm all ears

    uh i found a creature i've got a lot of

    creatures in fact but i found some oh

    splenda let's have a look shall we

    uh okay i have a lot of creatures can i

    just can i just give them all to you

    oh what a catch i do believe this is a

    yellow perch would you mind if i send

    this magnificent creature along

    to my museum curating friend as well


    thank you i promise that i'll take extra

    good care all right so these are all

    so have you been taking advantage of

    yeah i have been i have i have

    that's great come to think of it i have

    seen you tinkering a lot around a bit

    over there keep up the good work

    that reminds me i've been meaning to

    share more diy recipes with you

    mind turning on your phone all right so

    he's going to give me more recipes

    probably for turning in more fish and


    now i want to see if i can give him two

    butterflies in a row

    i just see a number of diy recipes that

    require wood along with the recipe to

    craft an

    axe yes yes i think an axe would come in

    quite useful on this island

    because so many other things are made of

    wood i hope you'll keep bringing me new

    discoveries to examine it's all part of

    the island experience yes yes

    so i do have more uh i found another

    creature again

    here we go so

    uh let's see let's see if i can give him


    yellow butterflies does he want to send

    him both to the museum or just one

    okay so he does yellow butterfly would

    you mind sending it to the museum

    curating friend whoever that is okay

    all right so take good care of the

    butterfly by the way i have a proper

    reward for you this time

    and i get what i've given you a red a

    red wind flower back

    just a little sampling of a product we

    sell go ahead and do some planting and

    after a few days you'll have beautiful

    blooming flowers anyway give it a whirl

    and if you enjoy gardening stop by and

    buy more

    okay great i hope you keep bringing me

    new discoveries so i want to see if he's

    gonna take

    two butterflies or if just one's enough

    and if he doesn't want this one what i

    do with it

    so let's see i found a creature

    here we go now this this part takes a

    while uh so it's kind of annoying

    turning them all in but after

    he gets one i'm hoping it isn't one

    anymore another yellow butterfly

    i'm still in possession the last one so

    so okay yeah he'll give that one back to


    or sell it i will probably end up

    selling it because i don't know what

    else to do with it

    uh so um what would you like to talk to

    me about

    i'm all ears uh so let me get rid of

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    these other creatures

    these other fish this is kind of a time

    consuming process but

    uh it should be fine he's already had

    the black bass but he hasn't had a red


    so here we go oh what a catch i do

    believe this is a red snapper would you

    mind if i sent this magnificent creature

    along to my

    yeah sure send it send it and then uh

    he's gonna take care of it

    okay remember the flower samples i gave

    you i forgot to mention something the

    flowers that grow will be very strong

    they'll spring up even if you just plant

    them and forget them ah but if you water

    them each day

    and that's where the magic happens

    watering opens up the possibility of

    propagating and crossbreeding your

    flowers to develop rare colors

    ooh do i get a flower app

    and how about you water them you ask

    well i just sent you the diy recipe for

    a watering can okay

    so lots of crafting in this animal

    crossing game my accountant warned me

    about giving this sort of thing away for


    but you've collected creatures for me

    zach so this is just part of the island


    i hope you'll keep bringing me new

    discoveries to examine it's all part of

    the island experience yes yes so

    giving them creatures is the way at

    least initially to unlock

    so much potential unlock other things so

    i'm going to give him more and more

    creatures i'm going to sell to his

    little kid there

    uh so he hasn't had a horse mackerel yet

    here we go what a catch

    so send it to your magnificent uh museum

    curating friend

    all right there you go what else

    something just happened hold the phone

    someone's calling

    who is it blathers is that you

    oh what a splendid timing yes yes do you

    remember the venture we discussed well

    it's come to fruition

    i am currently stationed on an island

    that we've decided to call astoria

    yes yes the local fauna are as abundant

    as expected just as i told you


    how many precisely you ask well there's

    no way of knowing just yet

    but i have received let's see five

    outstanding specimens so far

    what seriously well this is very


    oh but you'll have to excuse me i'm with

    a customer right now

    okay what what's exciting tell me about

    it i'm so sorry to keep you waiting

    that was my friend blathers the one who

    curates the museum believe it or not

    he's going to come to our island to help

    us identify and preserve the local


    ah but i could use your help zach what

    is this

    since you've done so much scouting and

    collecting already would you be able to

    help find a spot for blathers

    we'll need a good sized space to really

    build out a world-class museum so do

    keep that in mind

    this is exciting it's all coming

    together yes yes

    all right i'll do that first i'm going

    to see if he wants any more uh creatures

    that i found because i did find a couple


    uh no he doesn't want any more uh so i'm


    let's go find a place for blathers so

    blathers is coming to town

    i'm glad to see that you're taking the

    initiative to explore and learn about

    our new island home

    but do please feel free to ask uh for

    for help when you need it that's what

    we're here for

    all right i don't really want to sell

    anything to him right now uh let's just

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00


    and i got to find a spot for blathers

    because he's coming in

    i don't know how soon he'll be here if

    he'll be here today tomorrow i don't


    but we got to find a spot for him and uh

    blathers will probably do

    farewell uh really close to here maybe

    how about like right here blather's tent

    marker build here

    that's a big space no i

    i need to rethink it that that's too

    close to the water i want to be able to


    you know really get in there how about

    right here

    blathers will be up here like right here

    this looks good right

    i think so so this would be blather's

    space i

    think uh

    build here yeah that's good

    that's good let me imagine it let's

    imagine what bladder's tent will look

    like here

    uh i think it's good i kind of want to

    move i need to rethink it i i don't know

    if that rock is still intact

    i'm gonna move it down like to right

    here oh man maybe i don't want him to

    take out the orange trees

    okay how about yeah fine right here

    bladder's tent this is fine

    probably sure

    let me imagine it

    that looks good that's a good spot okay

    so blathers is coming in right here

    there we go

    blathers can set up his place now so i

    don't know when he's coming around that

    rock is still there

    okay so we just gotta wait i don't know

    when he's coming to town but we gotta


    and honestly guys i think that this is a

    good spot to

    uh stop it because i think that you know

    i can't turn in anything else

    i don't know what else we're gonna do

    today maybe i'll do another episode of

    day one

    uh but for now i'm feeling pretty good

    uh about our progress here and you know

    i got to talk to my new town people

    uh pashmina and snake

    and you know i got my tent set up

    everything is looking pretty darn good i

    would say

    so come back next episode for more be

    sure to like this video subscribe if you

    would like

    uh i think you're gonna have a great

    time with this series on this channel

    zack scott games

    i will see you next time for more

    goodbye and thank you for watching

    i'm zach scott subscribe if you have not

    if you like this video and want to help

    this channel grow all you got to do is

    click the like button below

    thank you so much for watching you can

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