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SearchThisVideo: AO Tennis 2 Career Mode Episode 1 – FIRST MATCH | PS4 Pro Gameplay

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Watch video at 00:00

all right guys welcome back to ao tennis

2. i've done a sponsored video earlier

today this video isn't sponsored

i'm just playing because i want to check

out the career mode

and uh yeah we're going to play it

together this is just going to be a part

one for now

if you guys do want to see more let me

know in the comments drop a like on this

video it's the best way to let me know

you do enjoy the content but for now

we're just kind of checking out a part

one and seeing how it goes

uh i've gone nationality ireland and

residence norway

i'm actually born in norway and i live

in ireland but i'm just mixing it up

here just to have both of them in there

uh but anyway let's uh jump on in

to ao tennis i've created my guy here


gone through all of the customization i

i kind of done that off video just so

we wouldn't have to go through it all

here together and then i've leveled up

my stats here as well

kind of gone for the forehand flat and

the serve flat and the backhand flat

flat shots to be the best shots because

you're gonna need uh flat shots mostly


and uh you have to be training and stuff

to get your character better i believe

at the start it is very tough to win

your matches so

uh we might lose the first couple

matches it's like nearly impossible to

win we'll see that

have a seat me i'm okay what's up

i knew you had this in you from when you

were just a child

we'll catch up from time to time run

through some important decisions and do

what we can to get you some

titles and then who knows world number


have a look through your tablet because

this is where we'll work on things like


sponsorship decisions and more

all right sounds good to me you've

received a new message welcome to the

new year you have a year of hard work

ahead make sure you plan out your year

by using the weekly planner to maximize

your ability all right cool

let's do this thing baby so you can use

your planner to kind of see what you're

gonna do so say if i wanted to just do

training first week

and that's and then second week

we do a singles event future we'll do a

rest week after that and then maybe

go over to croatia and do this we'll see

what's up

what's the serve up hope thing that's a

we'll just uh do that for now though

all right so we have the training arrest

week and

then we have a oh sorry we have training

singles match

rest week singles match let's do it

wait are we in dublin ireland for the

first match

oh that's just for the training we're in

dublin ireland i see okay

i hate dublin i'm not gonna lie i really

don't like dublin at all but it's fine

because we're gonna jump on into the


and see how that goes so what should we

train in because this

brings up the stat let's train in let's

just train in forehand flat shot

it'll bring up our stats for that

training type ordered numbers

counting level numbered circles let's

just go

target multiplier sure why not let's try

that i have no idea how the training

works but we're gonna check it out

together you know we'll figure this all

out and now i'm not the best tennis uh

player in the world i'm not gonna lie

and tell you i am but i just thought

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

this would be a fun little thing to do

as i said in my sponsored video i did an

ao 10

ao international tennis career mode and

i done like three parts on that and then

the first one has nearly like half a

million views the second part has like


000 third part has like 68 000 so people

obviously want to see this kind of stuff

so that game wasn't the best though

but this one's meant to be a lot better

judging by reviews and judging what i've

played so far

this game is certainly a step above uh

ao international tennis or the first ao

tennis or whatever

uh so let's uh let's try this

wasn't ideal but not bad

nah okay not terrible

but we did it our like we did it it's


it's not the worst that was good

i like that one okay it's actually kind


it's not the easiest to do this boom

target score achieved training is easy

there's one shot okay i need i need to

be focused on where i'm hitting it and

on my uh thing whether it's going to go

green or not that was red but it's still

pretty good

we got it we got it we done the training


wasn't the most impressive training but

you know we got it done

it's all about winning the matches we

don't care about the training right

trainings for wimps

i'm kidding guys of course you have to

train to be the best you gotta train

to be the very best the best there ever


now let's have our first single match

apparently it is really difficult though

as i said so we'll see we'll see how

that goes

level one level two level three complete

okay boom

plus six

so now as you can see if i go to skills

i can put my

i think my forehand flat can now go up

to 76

and attributes wise we don't have any

available skill points so we can't

increase our

speed stamina serve speed reflexes power

just yet

uh but that will be monumentally

important i'm sure because

our base stats right now are terrible

absolutely awful

so uh let's see if we can go ahead and

do our first match and get a couple

skill points

uh so yeah apparently the first few

matches not going to be easy because

you're playing against guys

that are way better stats than you and

it's not going to be easy at all

but we'll try our best we'll see what we

can do as you can see his stamina

speed power all better than ours

so yeah it's and his overall is just

better than ours as well so

he's just a better player than us but

he's a lot uglier so

at least we have that right at least we

have that in the bag

okay no let's go back to your other

outfit i do not want to look at that one

let's see what we can do let's see if we

can even be

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

i will say if we can get a couple points

in our first match i'd be happy even if

we don't win

so i have shortened the length of the

matches obviously uh for these first

few matches and the challenger matches

i've gone for three games one set

so it's not going to be overly long

we're just going to kind of plow through


and then for the slams i've gone six

games one set

and the slams and the the world

championships or whatever

so yeah that will make sense if you want

me to make the slams longer i can if

if we do continue the series in the

future i'm not sure if we will or not

uh it depends on how this video does

what people want to see

but uh because i am playing the witcher

right now as well i'm and i'm

uh deep into that game the first witcher

game that is

so i don't want to like take too much

attention away from that since i'm

playing fifa and everything as well

i don't want to be doing too many games

at once if you get me

but i thought this was a good

opportunity to try something different

and see how we do

in ao tennis there you go big wave to

the crowd from your boy

he's doing a dive and everything all

right i'm gonna go heads

no i should have gone tails he's gonna

win tails never fails watch please

welcome the players

as they take to the court oh we won

i'll serve first then let's go little


shutman i'm coming for you shipment

shipment shipment

no way that no way i want to call on

that ref

see how much more power and [ __ ] he has

than me it's like it's not going to be


come on then boy this is a nice rally to

start damn it

won see i'm i'm telling you it's gonna

be really difficult like that was a good

rally though

pretty happy with that not overly

disappointed with it anyway

come on boy try a little spin shot

oh no why did i do that

stay in yes come on we're doing all

right here

have we not won a point yet come on

ah damn it that was out

these are good rallies but like he died

the guy on the opposite side just never

misses they're always perfect

i don't know what i can do we have to

mix it up a little bit more i feel like

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

like look at that we just had two crazy

rallies 27 and 23.

i think that's pretty good

there you go you gotta rush the net a

little bit more get a little bit more


that's how we do it baby win a couple

early points like that and we'll be good

all right there you go that's making it

a little bit competitive

not the best server in the world there

my bad my bad no one's on me

oh i want to call i want to call i want

to call on that

or not it was definitely out but i just

kind of wanted to show that feature

yep cool ball called out we've been


oh no oh what a what a point that was

can we take it to juice can we do it

can we get make the comeback here

he's contesting this

it's in

you idiot like he could easily return

that too i don't get why you would do


what a [ __ ]

ah we take the advantage we're coming

back beautifully in this tennis match


this is sensational stuff what a match

what a match

that's it that's got to be it he somehow

returns that

yes and we win the first game that was

an intense game

but i liked that one that was beautiful

the spin shot kind of got him there

he tried to lob us because we were

coming forward a little bit but it was


good thing i didn't volley it oh my god

that would have been bad

now as i said guys i'm not the biggest

tennis guy so i don't know all the

tennis lingo and all that so you guys

can teach me

in the comments down below but i do like

tennis i don't really watch it

but i like i used to play tennis when i

was younger

it was fun that's out is it no

no way he reached that haha let's go all

right i'm getting into it now

i'm starting to i'm starting to get into

it now we're we're beating this dude

we beating this dude we've beaten him


all right having fun

shutman i'm coming for you buddy you

know you can't beat this irish beast


Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

oh that was a beautiful little spin shot


swerve shot you'd love to see it

oh we are on fire right now we're not

missing a beat at the moment

let's try something a little different

here i don't know why i did that to be


what why would my my guy would just

wouldn't move there for i think i

pressed x by accident

that was just stupid on my part honestly

don't know what i was thinking

but it's fine wind predictor 55

to us okay

stay in

it's a intense rally here

oh no why did i do that

this is a class rally it's sensational

how about superb no when he wins it

dang it he injure himself

he's got an elbow injury

that was a crazy rally so i can't blame

him but

23 that was only 23 i feel like that was

a lot more i don't know

i felt like that was the longest one we

had that's not


no way he got that one in oh that was an

impressive play to be fair shutman

but i'm not having that i'm not having


look at that what a shot oh

i was near i nearly reached that too

okay he has this to win the match match


that's truly beautiful play

oh that was in i thought it was out for

a second

is he contesting it no he's not okay

thank god i thought he was going to

contest that and he was going to be out

or something

so i have had that happen to me a couple

times when i'm playing these games they

can test it and it

changes the decision oh a little fault

shupman's getting nervous

you can tell you can feel it you can see

it in his body language

yeah that was my fault i got a little

too aggressive there and he gets the


Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

got to be smarter in those situations

man simple ass

all right let's be having you buddy

let's try a little swerve shot is that

going to be in just about

damn it he wins the game it's 1-1

and this is starting to get a little bit

nervy now

it's our server

is that in i could have sworn those out

good thing you didn't contest that one

well it would have just been a fault

anyway it's not like a big deal or


no contest that was in small bit up all

was in trust

come on really dang it okay we're

starting to fall apart now we need to we

need to be careful

okay that's uh that's okay

that's okay you can be aggressive on

your first serve

don't be out

oh what a return and he can't get there

it's beautiful

and he gives the crowd the the old uh

the old wave

this man needs the towel the girl brings

it over

but he's gonna need a lot more than a

towel if i'm being honest

nope that wasn't a fault promise you i

was in

he's gonna get to that yes he is fair

play to him

he's running

yes come on i thought that was going to

be out i was going to be upset but

just inside the lines and it's 30 15 can

you go 2-1 up

no no last challenge i need to check

this one

oh it's well out it's well out i've used

all my challenges now

wasted them not one of them was


that's how you do it you kind of gotta

bait him into it and then run up and

like see when i hit it here i started

running towards the net before he even

knew what he was gonna do so

he didn't have time to readjust and boom

it's perfectly done all right let's one

let's finish him off here let's not

bother taking this to deuce

that's gonna be out now is not

very good and just as i said let's not

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

take it to deuce

i decided to take it

ooh it's a nice serve and there's no way

he's getting to that return

and he gets the advantage again

oh it's beautifully played and he goes

2-1 up in games

thank you thank you thank you very much

thank you thank you thank you it's it's

just beautifully done

this man didn't stand a chance

two one up hilly goes come on let's

finish him off this game on his own


let's finish him on his own serve baby

come on shutman see your best haven't

had any aces yet

oh yes truly tremendous stay in oh

thank god that's in just about


just about

and it's love 15.

swerve shot

oh yes it's sensational tennis from this

young man healey

he just turned pro it's his first

professional match

and he's putting shipment to shame here

how do you like them apple shutman

oh impressive impressive

readjusted quickly that time wasn't

expecting it

i was expecting to just return it


nobody gets this ah

see the swerve shots can come in real

handy because if you can swerve shot

down the left side it leaves the right

really open

it truly does it's it's it's brilliant

i still haven't got used to like hitting

the aggressive shots

was it okay

all right then

that's an aggressive shot there let's

try a little few more

that was better nice aggressive shot

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


no way no way you're beating me shutman

and he wins it he wins the tie

and shutman could do nothing about it a

huge fist pump

and healy has won his first match as a

professional tennis player

as you can see first serve percentage 84

aces zero double fault zero winners

uh six of 15 unforced errors one and


beautifully done we still need to

improve our statistics obviously but

that's a huge first match

and we'll get a couple skill points i'm

sure after that one

let's see 12 minutes it took us in total

it's a huge win an absolutely huge win

for your boy

thank you thank you i'd love to i'd like

to thank everyone in my life

everyone important in my life it's a a

beautiful honor to

to win this tennis match in the career

mode here literally everyone

chair umpire quiet please

they dropped a deuce hardened and i did

this morning not impressed

what the hell

okay then friday radio

what a strange dude

okay we didn't level up or anything but

got a picture framed picture

of pretty much nothing there but i don't

want to play this match just yet do i

i think i'm going to end this part here

guys it was just kind of a tester part

we might do like two matches per part if


if we make this into a series but for

now i'm just going to leave it there

it was a great match against shutman and

we came out victorious we're going on to

the second round but hopefully you guys

did enjoy this video if you did make


to drop a like it's the best way to let

me know that you enjoyed the content as

i said before

and i shall see you guys for more ao

tennis hopefully in the very near future

and i'll see you guys then peace out

alright guys so i just wanted to take a

minute to thank my members at the end of

each video

i really appreciate the support i've got

a few new members recently

and uh coming in at the puppy tier which

is the 199 tier

i have mdg aka my boy jack

and i've got rob deaton didn't i think

he was saying his name is pronounced but

anyway those that's the puppy level and

then coming in

at the hound level which is the standard

499 level i have brent clapper

i have leanne pico daxman thiago silva

game riot and maximus primus and

rocky hulitang i'm just going to say

rocky because i don't know if i'm saying

your second name right

and then coming in at the wolf level

which is the 999 tier

uh including two new members we've got

ug outlaw we've got sylvan jamies

anthony roberts and casey woods so thank

you all for being members of the channel

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

it really does

mean a lot you get access to the emotes

you get a badge next to your name

and you get shout out in the end of each

video like this and also in the

description of the video so thank you


and i'll see you next time


Just checking out a Career Mode video for AO Tennis 2, Lmk if you wanna see more ...


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  1. If you want to play the best tennis game don't waste your time. You can still play Top Spin 4 online on ps3 and xbox 360 in 2020! Player Match, the online exhibition mode still works!

  2. The physics of this game look ok at least. The other new tennis game has nice graphics but the motion of the players are cringeworthy, the movement of the ball doesn't match the motion of the racket, its so bad…

  3. I create SweetFX mod videos for PC games on my channel and for some strange reason 3 sports games, AO Tennis, NBA 2K20 and WWE 2K19 have all wound up looking like the PS4 versions without my having never viewed PS4 version gameplay videos nor do I own a PS4. lol.
    I've created 3 SweetFX mods for AO Tennis 2 and gameplay graphics in this video looks SO close my SweetFX Original_Preset and Modified Preset_2. I'm talking shadows, lighting, the nice blue color saturation and the dark netting. The tennis nets in the PC version looks so light and nearly transparent…that is before my modding. ^_^

  4. I tried to start career mode on this game, its good so far but I seem to have a problem with the first serve, no matter how much power I put into it, it ALWAYS hits the net, its like that for the AI too. Please help.

  5. I literally seen an AD for this game on Facebook… and for some odd reason I hopped on YouTube to check it out. Not that I’m a tennis fan or anything, I just wanted to see what it’s all about.

  6. Help me please. I play online and i haven’t won a single game. Is there a trick to move faster in the game i cant catch ball ?!!

  7. Career mode is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had playing a tennis game. The atmosphere is remarkable. It is a couple wonky animations but there are always several that are lifelike in its beauty. And the soundtrack is simple amazing. Why aren’t the artists names attatched to the songs? If I was the artist that would be mandatory,.

    The AI is the best I’ve ever seen in a tennis game. The third time will be the charm for this game and probably a masterpiece. They honestly need more licensed players and venues (especially the slams).

    9 out of 10 for me.

  8. Remember back in the day when you played video games and you just started playing? Now it has all this unnecessary embroidery beforehand, that by the time you're ready to play you lose interest.


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