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    AO Tennis 2 Career Mode Episode 1 – FIRST MATCH | PS4 Pro Gameplay

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    Just checking out a Career Mode video for AO Tennis 2, Lmk if you wanna see more ...


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    1. If you want to play the best tennis game don't waste your time. You can still play Top Spin 4 online on ps3 and xbox 360 in 2020! Player Match, the online exhibition mode still works!

    2. The physics of this game look ok at least. The other new tennis game has nice graphics but the motion of the players are cringeworthy, the movement of the ball doesn't match the motion of the racket, its so bad…

    3. I create SweetFX mod videos for PC games on my channel and for some strange reason 3 sports games, AO Tennis, NBA 2K20 and WWE 2K19 have all wound up looking like the PS4 versions without my having never viewed PS4 version gameplay videos nor do I own a PS4. lol.
      I've created 3 SweetFX mods for AO Tennis 2 and gameplay graphics in this video looks SO close my SweetFX Original_Preset and Modified Preset_2. I'm talking shadows, lighting, the nice blue color saturation and the dark netting. The tennis nets in the PC version looks so light and nearly transparent…that is before my modding. ^_^

    4. I tried to start career mode on this game, its good so far but I seem to have a problem with the first serve, no matter how much power I put into it, it ALWAYS hits the net, its like that for the AI too. Please help.

    5. I literally seen an AD for this game on Facebook… and for some odd reason I hopped on YouTube to check it out. Not that I’m a tennis fan or anything, I just wanted to see what it’s all about.

    6. Help me please. I play online and i haven’t won a single game. Is there a trick to move faster in the game i cant catch ball ?!!

    7. Career mode is honestly the most fun I’ve ever had playing a tennis game. The atmosphere is remarkable. It is a couple wonky animations but there are always several that are lifelike in its beauty. And the soundtrack is simple amazing. Why aren’t the artists names attatched to the songs? If I was the artist that would be mandatory,.

      The AI is the best I’ve ever seen in a tennis game. The third time will be the charm for this game and probably a masterpiece. They honestly need more licensed players and venues (especially the slams).

      9 out of 10 for me.

    8. Remember back in the day when you played video games and you just started playing? Now it has all this unnecessary embroidery beforehand, that by the time you're ready to play you lose interest.


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