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SearchThisVideo: AO Tennis 2 Review

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20-18 sao tennis may have been a limp
first serve that pinged off the frame
and dropped well short of the net but
its second attempt has been delivered
with substantially more power and
precision ayo tennis 2 is a better
looking smoother playing and more fully
featured simulation of the sport one
that eradicate smo STUV the unforced
errors made by its undercooked
predecessor there really hasn't been a
transformation that's radical in the
tennis world since Andre Agassi took off
his wig
many of these improvements have
admittedly come over time regular post
release patching from developer big ant
transformed the original AO tennis into
a vastly more competent seem in the
months after its launch AO tennis -
builds on that restructured foundation
smoothing the on court experience
further with a raft of new player
animations and improved ball physics
along with bringing a welcome splash of
personality in context to its career
mode despite the fact that the
Australian Open is still the only major
tournament officially licensed AO tennis
- feels substantially fleshed out at
launch since it inherits two years worth
of community created content from the
previous game I was able to import
reasonably convincing recreations of
unlicensed players as well as entire
stadium complexes modelled accurately
right down to the courtside advertising
this user created content can be
imported into AO tennis twos career mode
which is built upon an addictive
progression loop of completing training
drills to raise your various skill level
caps entering tournaments to win prize
money and then investing that prize
money either into increasing your player
attributes or hiring support staff to
give additional buffs to your stamina
and the like although the story driven
cutscenes and interactive press
conferences have clearly been made on a
budget small enough to lace a pair of
tennis shoes
onwards and upwards the career Groza
they nonetheless do a serviceable job of
breaking up the otherwise static nature
of menu management in-between
tournaments out on the court AO tennis -
provides an exciting and dynamic round
of tennis for the most part individual
player styles feel unique and there's a
measurable difference in ball speed and
bounce across the different playing
surfaces bringing a greater sense of
strategy and variety to each tournament
that said there remains an occasional
unresponsiveness to the assistant
movement scheme that left me feeling
frustrated at least a handful of times
in every match I played the more I
played AO tennis - the more adept I
became with the timing required to make
my shots yet I was never 100% sure as
when my player would randomly pull out
of an overhead smash
or leisurely sidestep across the court
when I wanted them to sprint flat-out
assisted movement certainly makes sense
in a tennis to considering you're
controlling both the position of your
player and the shot aiming reticule with
the same thumb stick but I feel like the
existing system is just shy of being
optimized to the point of being
consistently reliable it also doesn't
help when the AI can pull off shots like
this or this or even this these sporadic

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shortcomings never became enough of a
hindrance to make me want to throw my
controller although I certainly Mac and
rode a lot of virtual racquets thanks to
AO tennis to is addictive reaction
animations that can be triggered in
between points these animations add some
color to each contest that I appreciated
in the absence of any in-game commentary
and it's a nice touch that your on-court
behavior directly influences your
potential sponsorship deals in the
career mode what your fans are loving
you and we're getting sponsorship offers
coming in because of it
while the original AO tennis may have
launched with enough squandered
potential to make even Nick kyrios shake
his head
AO tennis too has taken a major stride
forward to more closely resemble an ash
body style or rounder it could yet
benefit from more balancing and
bug-fixing post release but as it stands
a o tennis 2 is the best video game
simulation of the sport in years for
more sport game reviews check out our
verdicts on FIFA 20 and NBA 2k 20

Tristan Ogilvie's review of AO Tennis 2 on Xbox One X. #ign #gaming #aotennis2.


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  1. PLEASE!!! Make the movement, physics and GRAPICHS BETTER!! its a horrible game i see in the trailer WAWRINKA with a two handsbackhand ??? OR! Please just remaster Top spin 4 don't try to make a new one. And make also the faces of the players more REAL! And better grapichs beause how can a 10 years old game or more better than this..

  2. 100 percent agree with this review. So many random glitches and I’ve only played a handful of games. I also just wish it was slightly faster. Just run a little bit quicker. Also also Doubles is near on impossible, my A.I never moves for cross court shots in there direction.

  3. Does anyone know if the hawk eye system even works too? Surely the computer always gets it right? I don’t understand why they added it. I get realism. But does it do anything??

  4. it's too hard lol, aiming with a cursor and watching a timing bubble at the same time? guys I've played tennis IRL, and it's easier ;D I wonder if that's what they intended

  5. This game is an exercise in frustration. As you increase the difficulty it just nets your shots. The game play and player movement are lame.


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