Aokana (Visual Novel) – Part 1 | Flare Let’s Play | Four Rhythms Across the Blue, 4 New Friends

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20hello foreign flair blitz and welcome toelkanahfour rhymes across the blue this is asporty themed visual novel with datingsim aspects obviouslyin a world where flying through the skyis as simple as riding a bicyclethe sport flying circus is all the rageallof the drama following the discovery ofanti-gravitonsWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40a special shoe that allows an individualto flyanti-graviton shoes took the world bystormlet's see how world storm leave this isgoing to get because i heard that thisgame is a very very long gamei need to go now okayWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00take care hey don't cryi told you didn't i no tears todaybut man you're already hopelesshold on huh what's going onlooks like birds in the background lotsof clouds in the backgroundWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20look here whatis that something really important to meand you're giving it to me yep as longas you have thisyou can fly wherever you want beanti-graviton shoesi can fly so if you're ever inWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40any trouble and need of helpneed help sorry hold this thing tightlook up to the sky and make a wishmake a wish to the sky hmmhow peculiar let's see what we got inthese little boxes hereWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00uh it doesn't say what each of them areso i'm presuming one of them is play oneof those fast forwardyou ever wanted to go back somewheressettingsnope uh trying to saveoh save the voice voice bookit's right here that's where it is i'mWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20just trying to find the command whereyou can hide the screen that'sall uhdoesn't look like it oh i see that's thelogand other stuff is other stuff if you dothati'll come flying right over to save youWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40butreally yeah i promise i meanthe sky is everywhere so you'll alwaysbe within reachthank you i'll treasure it yeahgoodbye goodbye indeedthis is an animated series as well thisgame was released in 2019Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00when i was a kid i fought myselfinvinciblei was certain i could become whatever iwantedgo wherever i please and always come outof top regardless of the opponenti could see a world of infinitepossibilities spread out before mewhenever i wantedall i had to do was reach my hand outWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20toward the skyand make a lovely wishin the summer of my third year inelementary schooli acquired wings that let me saw throughthe sky[Music]Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40and with that i had made it to thoseparts of the sky my hand couldn't reachi eagerly dashed forward gliding throughthe airadvancing further and further who isthat man in the background with thatlittle girlback then i had no doubts in my mindWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00i was sure there was no one who couldreach the same heights as mewith these i can go anywherei can be the first to travel beyond theskyi sincerely believe that howeverWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20as a result i lost all faith in myselfwhen my beliefs were overturnedit all happened because someone appearedin a space ifought my own and in that momentthe place beyond the sky that i dreamedof reaching disappeared from my mindWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40i no longer had any right to lay claimto the skywho is this guyblue world i envisioned beyond the skywas taken from mei desperately reached out with my handsbut when i opened that handnothing was there and so i turned myWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00back on the skyelkanah four rhymes across the blueepisode one teach me how to flymakeshift wings messiahi'm charging down the road to school atWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20full speedcan't afford to be late especially whenit's your first day back to schooldamn hope i can still make i ita pancake shop nearby i put my phone outof my pocket to quickly check the timeif you check the time more often you'regoing to be late8 10. man i'm cutting it real close isWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40it going to be 8 308 15. the clock is ticking down to mydoomand fast and so i stow away theharbinger apocalypsethen bolt forward as fast as i could candamn it it's all cause i had that dreamagain whenever i feel out of itor when i'm tired i will see the sameWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00dreama scenery drawn in step here it was ablurred world that made me think i wasviewing the scene with an old filter1970s if all those dreamsdid was let me see a girl i liked as akidthen that would have been fine too badWatch at: 06:00 / 06:20that wasn't the casei keep running down the road andeventually i come across a straight sidestrange sight sorry not a straight sidehuhwhat's that girl doing i spot a singlegirl crawling about on all fours on theside of the roadi'm about to say what are you doingdoing that forWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40there's another man who is runningacross road therefind a background and there's an elderlylady there who's just casually mindingher own businessoh this is bad i can't get into my housenow can't believe i lost my keyright up the first day i really screwedupoh dear she's cheerfully monologuingWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00such specific things herself it makes mewonder if she's doing it on purposecan any handsome man out there bewilling to lend me a handplease oh i still can't find itwhat should i do are we really late atthis rateWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20but if we talk to her call out to herworry about oh i will worry about herlikelike how is that even up an option forgoodness sakeslike how is that even an option like i'mjust going tobe stressed about someone not help themWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40or anything like that i'm just going tostand there and worry about themuh call out her you know there's onething a lot of fairy tales tend to havein commonin them the hero always extends ahelping hand handout to reto a girl in need even if that meanshaving to fight a dragon or save theworldor both um what's wrongWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00and certain attempt to live up to uslive up to those standards i approachwe're going to call out to herhello huh oh hi the girl raises from acalling position and snaps to attentionshe responds to meis up do you need somethingWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20the moment i see her face my breath getscaught in my throatand why would that be the caseshe's standing there wide-eyed aninquisitive look on her faceshe's cute really really cuteum her voice makes me return to myWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40sensesoh well seemed like you could use a handso i thought i'd offer my helpi already know what's going on thanks tothat detailed explanation i overheardmoments agoso i'll simply offer my assistanceuh welllooks like i've confused her maybe iWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00should have stayed out of thisuh sorry i'm not trying to intrude oranything i swearif you don't need any help just thankyouwell that changed moods real quickly andthe music changed as wellwhat the girl suddenly leaps in front ofme grasps my hand andWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20shakes it up and down vigorouslywow you have a sort of islander my aunttalked about right before i moved shesaidkyushu is a land of benevolencefear not dear kyushu is an island ofjapanone of the smaller islands uh sureWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40that's just the kyushu way of life iguessit's so cool she must bepretty easy to impress if me offering tohelp her has excitehas her this excited but moreimportantlyhey look yes what's upWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00well your hands huhat that point she finally shifts hergaze over to her handsand when she does her face flushes redinstantlyoh no she rips her hands away from myown bowels her head a few timesi'm so sorry geez why am i thinkingWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20grabbing a stranger's hand so suddenlyi feel really bad about this of coursewith thosescissor eyes of yours after she finishestalking the girl stands there with herhead still bowedand eventually claps her own cheeks isthat supposed to be some form ofpunishmentlet me wake up ah oh geezWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40why do i always act without thinkinglookwe don't have to apologize besidesshould we take care of your problemfirsther expression changes from one of mildshock as i change her topicoh right you know i feel bad aboutasking you to help me with something sopersonalWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00but i happen to lose something the girltries to explain her predicament to methrough a combination of words andgestures[Music]but why is that shining there i spot asilver object listeningglittering in the sunlight roughly ameter behind herWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20it wouldn't happen to be oh i lost myhousebefore we go to finish her sentence i'llpass by or pick up the silver objectyour housekeep right does this look likeithow do i know that you lost a house keywelllet's just say a per you know psychicWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40as a form of know-howbut the more logical explanation wouldbe that i just somehow listen to youranting about on um all foursto try and find a key oh wowthe girl raises a voice and wraps bothWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00her hands around the key which is stillin my headbut that's it that's my lost house keyhow'd you find it no waithow'd you even know i lost my key that'samazingi just happened to see it out of thecorner of my eyes so it's not reallyamazing or anythingoh don't be humble thank you so muchWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20you're a lifesaver reallyseems like she's asking for my name lookthe name is my assi just live around the corner i'm asophomoreat kyonohama youWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40academ academy nice to meet youi struggle with japanese names if wedon't know alreadyhinata-san huh thanks for all the helpi'm asuka i'm asukakiwishima sheena i'll be attendingkiyohama academy fortomorrow onwards just heading over thereWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00now to fill out some forms actuallyah cool nice to meet you kiroshinasame here sam replies cheerfullyas the saying goes a good deal is itsown rewardindeed it is because helping someone outthroughout the dayWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20is really nice even if means sosomething that's so insignificant to youit might be something so important tosomeone else likefinding their house key i get the thingi'm forgetting something important yesyou're rushing to schooland before i manage to remembera loud range sound resounds through theWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40airsheesh ah[Music]kiwashina sand is startled by my loudcrynow i'm really running late oh you'restarting today yeah oh no i officiallystarted stop tomorrow so i don't haveso i don't think i have to worry aboutbeing late rightWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00i see i guess you don't know about misskagame[Music]huh ellie kagame she's good at all kindsof sports and dropdead gorgeous but is also considered tobe the scariest teacherkiwahama you know kiwahama academyshe's a school's pe teacher and myWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20homeroom teacher but she'salso the guidance counselor that's whyshe's out at the gate waiting to see ifany students arrive lateokay and since she's a real strip personsaying you aren't attending classestoday won't cut it exactlyoh that's bad and if you're ever lateWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40when she's on duty a dreadful punishmentawaits youpunishment yeah she makes use of all herconnections to dig up embarrassingsecrets from your pastany diaries you keep funny pictures youtook orcringe-worthy videos of you will berevealed to the entire classWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00no way that's crazy rightthat's why we can't afford to be latebut you're already latedear sir i confirmed the time byglancing at my phone8 25 if we run we won't make it in timeyou mean we will make it in timeWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20honestly i want to avoid using them asmuch as possible but oh we're going tobe using the anti-graviton shoes nochoice i'll make an exception todayi'll whisper that while looking at thesky all rightlet's take off over there isay as i point at the nearby terminalfrom thereWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40i don't see anything there what is aplane going to pop out or somethingsomething along those lines kirishinasan tells her head to the side ofconfusion she stares at eternalterminal her plane oh right you're notfrom around these partsyeah she's a transport student nobodygot grav shoes grabWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00shoes yeah anti-graviton shoessince you're wearing our school'suniform you should have gotten a lectureon how these shoeswork oh these things they didn't give mea short explanationyeah you didn't get the explanation didWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19youkioshino sound replies while pointing atthe shoesschool shoes yeah those if you get haveyou got a rundown i guess i don't needto explainyou take them out for a spin yeti don't think so what do you mean that'stoo bad well i'll support you then let'sgoWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40um normally you take a proper coursefirst but it should be fine since we'regoing withpaired flight you don't have to worryabout anythingyeah no you don't have to worry about astranger is giving youa means of transportation to schoolwhicha doesn't involve sitting down and bWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00possibly being either beingcuddled or going on the back so thatyou can descend into the air ascendinginto the airlet's see good because it's clear i lookaround to check the flight path just incasebut no flight lamp is also offWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20next up is a shoe check kirishinayes put one foot forward a littlelike this i check the shoe she putsforwardokay that's good now show me the otheronewhen she does i check the other one aswell all right you're all goodWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40take a deep breath for me kirishina saninhale a deep breathhuh okayand exhale uhokay time to head on out uh head whereexactlyWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00[Music]since she's not falling for conversationi take kirashina's sans handwalk over to the edge of the terminaland press the open buttonafter the shutters open i turn on my owngraph shoes take a small step forward towiden your startsWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20okay next raise your heelslike this yeah i'm gonna count to threeand then we fly make sure you hold myhand tight okayif you do you can just leave everythingto me and relaxfly we're flying from hereright let's go oneWatch at: 18:20 / 18:40two hey waitwe're going to fall i don't wanna diethreeokay let's not let's not acknowledge herpredicament here flyno stopWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00a soft wind strokes our bodies as we sawthrough the airthe early summer air is a little warmmaking it perfect for a slow flight uhwhat's going on oh god no we're flyingright nowbut we're definitely going to fall we'retotally going to fallWatch at: 19:00 / 19:20we're absolutely going to fallkirishi san keeps shouting out wordslater with desperationi can tell however so i can tell howanxious she is by the tightness of hergripit's fine there's no way we'll fall withour ground shoes onplus the flight path's pretty calmreallyWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40i don't consider this car whatsoevercan you see my tears for me for my eyesreally so just relax enjoy our scrollthrough the skyokay asuko is really trusting of newpeoplethat's a very okay that's a bit of aWatch at: 19:40 / 20:00um a two-sided or a double-edged swordthere really becausea it's nice to be able to trust newpeoplebut b you don't know what kind of personthey arei can feel the pressure on my backletting up as kiwishinasanWatch at: 20:00 / 20:20relaxes her body she seems she seems toresign herself to her fateseems she resides herself with whateveri can see buildings trees and the deepblueoceans stretching out beneath us theylook so tiny from up herewell i'm guessing she's getting used toflyingsince she lets out a voice of all as sheWatch at: 20:20 / 20:40looks around and wonderthis is amazing the view is so beautifulwe've gone so high that the buildingslook tinyi know right most people react like thison their firstflight with these shoes you can travelanywhere you can fly whenever whereveryou wantWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00upon hearing those words i fly whereveryou wanti say with peterborough's wordsdigesting their meaningis something wrong i eagerly dashforwardgliding through the air advancingfurther and furtherback then i had no doubts in my mind iwas sure there was no one who couldWatch at: 21:00 / 21:20reach the same heights as meno it's nothing we'll be landing soonget ready oh okaywith these i can go anywhere i could bethe first to travel beyond the skylook okay it gets colder the further upyoutravel okay i sincerely believe thatWatch at: 21:20 / 21:40yeah i should avoid this from now oni try to make sure kirishina sancouldn't hear meas i quietly mutter those wordsi look up at the sky one last time tosay farewell for good before i prepareto landthe blue sky extends infinitely just asWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00it did when i was a kidwe definitely made our best friend todaydidn't we ladies and germssee that was at the beginning of thegameWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20so that was our bl our dream actuallyhmm and that's the shape of the islandand i suppose that's oh these are thefour main characters and i supposeWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40because if it would show the girl thatwe've already acquainted withand then three others which we haven'tso obviously those would beall four of us will be the maincharactersi like anime styled introductions likethisis really intense but at the same timeWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00quite relaxing in a wayi'm unsure if this song is copywrittenor not so that's why i've removed itfrom the video itselfbut you can just bask within the look umWatch at: 23:00 / 23:20uh what does that remind me of umlike girls in beach wear with guns andstuff like thatit's sort of like it's a shamrock gameeven if you don't have sound you canWatch at: 23:20 / 23:40just bask within theglory of just looking at this now we'vegot other people in there as wellfriends again those are going to be themain fouri predictoh that's a lovely smileWatch at: 23:40 / 24:00it's showing glimpses of the game ohthat's what we look likeone rightlike a lot i like a game with a lot ofhappinessbut without any kind of trivialthroughout the game itself then it'sreally hard to dissect yourself a gameWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20whichhas many layers to it if all there is isjust happinessilkana 4 rhymes across the blueas much as we love happiness we alsolove a bit oftension in the air to the west ofjapan's mainlandWatch at: 24:20 / 24:40in the east china sea is shittu cityit's a town that's made up of fourislandsand that bit of seain the island itself is really it's areally peculiar shape itsort of looks like a christmas treeit's population of fifty thousand enoughWatch at: 24:40 / 25:00to get it recognized as a city but atglassit looks more like a rural countryvillage it's sort of like justa huge conglomeration of villages tomake a cityhowever right now the area is like acompletely different world from the restof japanthat's how special shitu city isWatch at: 25:00 / 25:20[Music]following the discovery ofanti-gravitons special shoesallow an individual to fly anti-gravitonshoeswere invented and those shoeswhich let a person fly using only theirown bodyfor about the dawn of a newWatch at: 25:20 / 25:40age i was just checking my recording tosee if everything was stillworking as it should and it isthe airport act applied manyrestrictions onprivate flight but there are some citieswhere none of that appliesspecial test zones basicallyyeah you would think that people flyingWatch at: 25:40 / 26:00where airplanes comeand go is a perfectly safe thing to havenot really if you ever heard like in2018 of a drone that literally stoppedgatwick airport from operatingthat's how powerful a drone can be andone of those cities just happens to beshitu cityit's even said that graf shoe usage isWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20the highest in the country herepeople from all generations make use ofthem here though young people probablyuse them the mostin fact students tend to use them a lotthey're a common commuting option on allfour islands that make up shitu cityfive seconds left four threeWatch at: 26:20 / 26:40two oneand that's it wow no one's late todaygood stuff huh who's thatit looks like it's us isn't it sweet wemade it i used the grav shoes assistedWatch at: 26:40 / 27:00landing feature to touch down safely atthe school's terminalcome on kirishina san you can let go ofmy head nowbut what oh okay when i point out aboutkiwi shwhen i point that out kiwishino soundlet's go with my hand hesitantlysince it could have started weird rumorsif she kept clinging on to meWatch at: 27:00 / 27:20i previously asked her to switch to justholding my hatbut even that's enough to get studentstalking so it's best to separate nowoh nice it's 8 30 on the dot we made itright okay let's head to the classroomwell i forgot to askwhere you need to go they told me tohead to the facility room so we shouldsplit up hereWatch at: 27:20 / 27:40okay see you around then sure hope sothanks for your help kirishina sanddirects about to meadd me then runs off to the buildingwhere the frosty room is locatednow then she'll waste time loiteringneed to head to the classroom beforemiss kagami spots meWatch at: 27:40 / 28:00and that so happens what a rare sight doyou think messiah would show up withsomeone elseas he was holding her hand too greatbut more importantly i'm shocked but heactually flew here[Music]made it somehow i'll plop down onto myWatch at: 28:00 / 28:20seat and breathe a sigh of reliefsay oh greatreally who's that girl you're holdinghands withjust had to ask huh one of my classmatessuddenly appears before meben starts questioning me her name ismisakitobisawa since we sat close to eachWatch at: 28:20 / 28:40other and were in the same class lastyear we end up chatting a lotshe's the only girl in my class who's oncasual speaking terms with meanyway it's pretty common for her tostart up random conversationsespecially first being in the morninggotta say though i'm surprised she sawthat i meanWatch at: 28:40 / 29:00i tried to get away from kiwishina-sanas fast as possiblebut obviously not fast enough goodmorning masakiyou know you really should at leastgreet me first before grilling memorning she waves her hand at me with anabsolute minded look on her faceobviously masaki has low blood pressureWatch at: 29:00 / 29:20sowhat was that about me holding handswith someone i tried to feign ignorancehmm but she ends up ignoring meyou literally just asked me about thegirl who was holding my handoh uh right hands yeahWatch at: 29:20 / 29:40gotcha caught a glimpse of you twothrough the windowyou have some good eyes i mean mostpeoplejust don't happen to catch a glimpse ofthings that are so far awayso what are we talking about again youseriousah finally rememberWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00i'm so hungry and i just had breakfasttoookay so this is going to be thegluttonous girlwith how disjointed our conversationstend to be i can't help but wonder she'sall right i meanlow blood pressure only explains so muchall right hurry up and take your seatsWatch at: 30:00 / 30:20well that's my cue catchier messiahmessiah misaki tosses awaytowards her desk good morningyep today is a real good day all righton to homeroom quite anWatch at: 30:20 / 30:40informally dressed teacher if i must sayso myselfi put my thoughts aside and focus onclassshe's good at all kinds of sports andyes but it's also the scariest teacherat kiwiharmaacademy this is my homeroom teacher iuikagami it's been two weeks since theWatch at: 30:40 / 31:00start of a new semesterif you want to start up or join somesort of clubmake sure you turn in your applicationlet's see okayi want to join a literature club alongthe lines of doki doki literature clubbut maybe i also want to join let's sayan occulticmystery detective trying to solve theWatch at: 31:00 / 31:20paranormalsort of club like let's say a missingtimebut also i also want to join in a clubwhich wei don't know discover time travel youknowput a microwave in sorry put a banana ina microwave it turns green and somehowWatch at: 31:20 / 31:40we end up discovering time travellike in stein's game you know all of thenormal clubsby the way i owe a lot to aoysan i imeanmiss kagami and my debts start rackingup far beyond before i even joinedkyonohama academy in fact it mostlyWatch at: 31:40 / 32:00comes fromhelp she provided when i was younger soyeah i was obviously pretty shocked whenshe ended up being myhomeroom teacher it's almost like iffate has put ourselves togetherat this point all of you are sophomoresi expect you to act responsibly andassist any freshmen that are in needWatch at: 32:00 / 32:20we did do that already but it doesn'thurt to helpeven more freshmen says per person has amountain of dirt on our studentswe're close enough for me to make thatkind of joke but i can't do much morethan whisper itsince we're in class at all if shecatches me talking behind her backWatch at: 32:20 / 32:39she'll showno mercy i'll end up as being asdead as that skeleton on her t-shirtokay that's it for homeroombut minus the pink color it'll be allgraymaybe a bit of blood red as well lookslike she didn't notice that i was almostlate this morning a wave of reliefWatch at: 32:39 / 33:00washes over mewhich allows me to finally relaxall right messiah uhmiss kagami doesn't care that we're atschool she always calls me by my firstnamewhat's up we need to talk[Music]um let's do it after school it'll take aWatch at: 33:00 / 33:20whilethank you for not embarrassing me infront of a classuh did she hear me back therewhat is this about almost arriving latewhich one of those did she catchum hi there messiahschool said we're finally freeWatch at: 33:20 / 33:39yeah i knownow the day can really begin what shouldi do no waitwhat should i eat the possibility to endthisright gotta say that you are totallydifferentperson once we're out of class notWatch at: 33:39 / 34:00that's anything newher extreme mood shifts are on adownright concerning levelsince she has low blood pressure in themorning maybe it spiked and shepopped a vessel up theremaduka yeah masaki's transformation ispretty crazy i meanWatch at: 34:00 / 34:20i'm a friend it's it's even got meworriedoh are you saying that we're not herfriend so you agree with me huhyeah totally and what's with that littlefan in your mouth are you a vampirewhen i first met her or a succubus i wasconvinced she had some sort of twinsisterthis is our class representative madukaWatch at: 34:20 / 34:40oyagi she's afraid of masaki so i end uptalking to her a lotbut unlike masaki she's a normal humanbeingoh don't talk about me like i'm a nutjobthen quit acting like you are can'tblame us for doubting you when it looksWatch at: 34:40 / 35:00like youare i'd say it's more but i'm a freespirit just being true to myselflike a cloud that just goes where thewind tells it tooh really i'm so jealoussame aren't you more gloomy than thismorningi'd say it's more that i'm a free spiritWatch at: 35:00 / 35:20just be true to myselfcool feel free to talk to me about itthe fees are agiant bowl of odom though look okaywe're not going to talk about this kindof thing with you just so that you canget a free bowl of food okaybye masaki see you tomorrow huhWatch at: 35:20 / 35:40[Laughter]seems like hinata can't saw rightthrough youah oh i almost bump into a girl as ileave my classroomis it gonna be another one of the maingirls sorry are you okayoh no i should apologize not payingWatch at: 35:40 / 36:00attentionoh hinata senpai sorry about thatarasakaoh no it's so good it's my fault anywaymishiro the two of us ended upapologizing each other for a whileyou know what that's much better thanone person apologizing the other personWatch at: 36:00 / 36:20being extremely angryyou know one person always thinks of theother personwhen actually it's kind of a 50 50 thingyou knowit's not a fact that you bash into me ori bash it to you is that we bash intoeach otheryou know it's an equal contributiontowards the situation[Music]i guess you came to get masakiWatch at: 36:20 / 36:40yes of course no idea why she's actinglike that's onlynatural but moving on want me to callmasakithat'd be great okay so if we're calledsenpai that must mean that she's anunderclassman i also like that girl onthe left thereshe's just putting her house togetherWatch at: 36:40 / 37:00almost like she's done something wrongor was asking for something from thatlad therei caught up to the psyche who stood inthe classroom and tell her thati was suckers waiting for her after thatall right i'm heading out nowthank you hinata senpai take out yourway homeWatch at: 37:00 / 37:20well i'm not going home yet huh don'tworry about itsee ya i'll walk away leaving behind apuzzledosakahere i am masaki senpai yayyou don't have to latch on to me likethat mashiroWatch at: 37:20 / 37:40wait where'd messiah goum he went off in that direction gonehome already i thinkbut that's the opposite direction fromthe entrancewhat oh you're rightdon't tell me when to see likeokay for goodness sakes ohWatch at: 37:40 / 38:00that that kind of face is justmischievousi head over to the facility room leavingmasaki and the other two behindexcuse me right as i entered thefacility building i see a hand wavingoverfrom iosan's desk in the backWatch at: 38:00 / 38:20left corner i feel a bit uneasy sincei've got no clue what she wants but ihead over regardlessyeah she came right away good job she'sa very casual teacher i'm not gonna lieshe's serious when it needs to be butcasual enough so thatWatch at: 38:20 / 38:40we can not feel likewe've hit a brick wall she's in themiddle of enjoying an after work coffeesitting there in her chair with herusuallax posture honestly with way shedressesi'm unsure where to lookokay her thighs into my sight no matterWatch at: 38:40 / 39:00what i doso i'm unable to ignore them the funnything isthis is actually an improvement she usedto wear a mini skirt until the otherteachers talked her downwhy are you staring me at me like youplan on confessing to mewhat do you want she brought upWatch at: 39:00 / 39:20something pretty awkward so i'm justgonna cut to a chasewhere did your sweet innocence gooh well let's get down to businesshere's what i need from youshe shows me a paper that she preparedbeforehandoh okay but how did you knowon the left is a photo of the right nameWatch at: 39:20 / 39:40and addressbeneath i can see a breakdown ofacademic accomplishments and a list ofreferences okayi recognize my name and face instantlywhy wouldn't iwhen it's still fresh in my memoriesthis isera sand speaks up why couldn't her faceas i sit there in silenceWatch at: 39:40 / 40:00you know her of course asuka kawashinashe's a transfer student who finished upher paperwork earlier todayhow does she know i know her probablybecausea she noticed us flying into schooland b asuka would probably refer to usat some pointWatch at: 40:00 / 40:20don't tell me wait don't tell me you sawus together this morningshe returns a hearty nod before sherepliesi did and i also saw you holding handsglad to see you two getting alongseriously i didn't even realize she waswatching usayo sand isn't the kind of person whohas any problem with students datingWatch at: 40:20 / 40:40but she's almost also famous for chewingout anyone who's falling aroundso what about kirishinasan i quicklychanged topic which makes her dawn anodd motherly expression i need you to dome a favora favor nothing too hard i promiseactually it's quite simple she snickersWatch at: 40:40 / 41:00picking up her coffee mug and takes asip out of iti'm getting deja vu here oh i seeit's not just deja vu she said thoseexactsame words to me in a distant pastso yeah seems like i'll be instructoragain my name is masaya hinataWatch at: 41:00 / 41:20oh okay so we were told by herto be her instructor to know aboutanti-graviton shoessay what you're the instructor they toldme aboutit's been about 10 minutes since myconversation with eosanafter we finished talking i headed overWatch at: 41:20 / 41:40to the courtyard and approachedkiroshistanwho had been waiting for me i didn'texpect us to meet again so soonyeah i'm surprised tooyou want me to teach how to fly ifigured it out folks i figured it outright figured you'd be perfect for theWatch at: 41:40 / 42:00jobwell that is a really simple favor shewants me to teach cures sheena san whois unfamiliar with graph shoes how toflyin other cities the use of grab shoescome with certain limitationsyes you would think that that would bethe case because urban cities havemore i don't know buildings more trafficWatch at: 42:00 / 42:20but in rural environments you know wherethere aretrees you think there will belimitations toobut that in actuality there isn'tprobablythe use of ground shoes come withcertain invitations for example you canuse them at certain times and you needto get licenses yesyou can't just let any old drunk oldWatch at: 42:20 / 42:40guy get their hands on some gruff shoesno i don't want some fat old man justcharging to my windowbut here the simple application is morethan enough as such graph shoes are adime a dozen hereeveryone knows how to use them and theyall rely on them toohowever shoes that allow you to fly inWatch at: 42:40 / 43:00flight itself are probably confusing foroutsidersthat's why the authorities that hand upground shoes licensesput some precautions in place it's beena while since you last worked as acertified instructorbut i figured that wouldn't matter toyou well you're probably rightbut i know you don't really feel likedoing it but since you like her enoughWatch at: 43:00 / 43:20to do prepared flightthat should be a problem we justacquainted todayand it's kind of like a freak habit sortof thing but she kind of justlatched on to us um miss kagamiyeah i get what you're trying to sayit's like i suspect there's somethinggoing on between you okaystill you don't hate her right well sureWatch at: 43:20 / 43:40i don't butokay then we're all good you need tostart today so head on over to thecourtyardwhat they establish is the limited areaflight instructor systembasically it's a system where certifiedindividuals teach beginners how to flyand i'm one of those people i earned myWatch at: 43:40 / 44:00stripes a pretty long time ago tooyes i owned my wings and my landingwheelswhat a surprise i didn't know that youwere an instructor you must be an expertonce upon a time in the past i wouldcall myself an expertbut i'll just call those times justfleeting memories nowWatch at: 44:00 / 44:20kirishina san says with sparkling eyesi wish there was some sparkling sparklesgoing on near her eyes right at thispoint in timewhat are we really saying on an expertwell like i'm just used to it reallyi answer curtly to which she repliesyou sure about that miss kagame told meWatch at: 44:20 / 44:40you were an experti hope she didn't tell anythingunnecessaryshe also said mastering graph shoes isimportant on kira hama islandkyunahama island she embarrassed meafter saying thatthing continues that's why i'm going todo my best to learneverything please teach me everythingWatch at: 44:40 / 45:00you knowoh dear we somehow become master yoda inthis case and shesomehow has become luke skywalker surei'll do what i can man she sure ismotivatedwell it's way easier to teach someonewith motivation than someone who hasabsolutely zero interest so i can'tcomplainWatch at: 45:00 / 45:20exactly i'm gonna put this intoperspective okayif somebody has pretend to do somethingbut haszero interest in doing it but that isinfinitely worsethan someone who has started out withzero talent in it buthas the desire to learn itbut motivated person is a person i wouldWatch at: 45:20 / 45:40much rather teach than the person whohas it therebut does not want to apply themselves toit anyway it makes sense that kirishinastands herebut but what i spin around and hear thesigh in exaggerated fashionwhat's your reason i get misaki but howabout youarasaka whatever choice do i have i haveWatch at: 45:40 / 46:00to keep my friend from breakingwhat's going on now have these two justsuddenly come hereexactly i can't approve of you keeping acute girl like hell just what do youmeanlisten i'm only doing this because misskagami asked me toi'm turning off the people who've comeWatch at: 46:00 / 46:20to interrupt us whenuh hinata-san who are they kirishina-sanasked me about them with a puzzledexpressionignore them they aren't really worthyour timenice to meet you i'm misaki tobishawafrom classroom 2c i'm a real cutie who'salways hungryWatch at: 46:20 / 46:40swap for you whatever you want if youjust get me older than snacksmy turn on my shira arasaka from one ai spend most of my time as a sort offollower of misaki senpai no waitmaybe servant fits better well whateverit's something like thatWatch at: 46:40 / 47:00[Music][Music]Watch at: 47:00 / 47:20okay i'm gonna turn them all offthe voice is off and the the generalvoice is off i'm sorry but i am notgoing to listen to cringy japanese goldvoices look now you've got her allconfused at least try not to speak overeach otherWatch at: 47:20 / 47:40[Music]yeah forget them i'm going to teach youthe basics of graph shoesokay i'm ready me toosame i'm beg you guys just keep quietfor once in your hungry lives just keepquietafter directing a glance at me suckingWatch at: 47:40 / 48:00her companion i'll pick up a pair ofground shoes and get started with theexplanationwe'll start with the history of theseshoes an instructor can't just teach aperson how to fly and be done with itexactly you gotta build the backbackground story to it much like how aperson has to learn the laws of the landwhen trying to get a driver's licenseWatch at: 48:00 / 48:20there are steps that must be followedsure my methods might be a littleirregularbut the overall rules remain the sameand soi'll begin with the absolute basicsnamely the history of graph shoesone important discovery fifteen yearsago laid the foundation of the inventionof ground shoesWatch at: 48:20 / 48:40before that the only real way to flywere things like airplaneswhich use fossil fuels however 50 yearsago an experiment was conducted at thelargehadron collider in thethat state of india in that experimentscientists discovered particles thatturned the very laws that govern theWatch at: 48:40 / 49:00world upside downyou know what i'm talking about rightyesyou'll talk about discovery ofanti-gravitons rightgravitons are not in response thediscovery of strange particles that defygravity anti-gravitons led to agroundbreaking inventionand that invention was i clap the groundWatch at: 49:00 / 49:20shoes i'm holding together anti-gravitonshoes which are commonly referred to asgrav shoesmost consider it to be the greatestinvention brought about by the discoveryof the anti-gravitoni see what you need to understandis that it doesn't work by blockingWatch at: 49:20 / 49:40gravity or simply repaying itthink of it more like how submarinesfloat underwateryeah because if it totally defy gravitythen for goodness sakes will be inspace like there's no stoppinganti-gravity if it's setat 100 percent the opposite of whatgravity should beit's kind of more like floatinggradually going upWatch at: 49:40 / 50:00kirishin are saying gaza for graph shoesin my hands with a look of aberrationher facealright let's leave more history foranother time and try flying littleare you sure yeah we can break lessonson history into small chunks and spreadthem outalso ground shoe laws don't apply onschool grounds so you don't need to knowWatch at: 50:00 / 50:20them right awaysince the laws are based on those ofdriver's licensesbeginners can practice on private groundi'll walk over to kiroshina sound pressthe buttons located on the heels of thegraph shoesalright i've turned your shoes on firsttake a small step to open your legs likei taught you this morningWatch at: 50:20 / 50:40like this morning got itgood now raise your heels while makingsure to keep your balanceroger all right all that's left is tospeakjust all that's left is to speak theactivation sequence whenever you'reready and slowly float uphuh are you sure that'll work like whatWatch at: 50:40 / 51:00if i just zoom up all of a sudden orsomethingit starts off slow at first just like aclass you don't need to worryyou've got it after taking a deep breathkirsten your son releases herselffor three twoone then she stretches her body upwardWatch at: 51:00 / 51:20andflywe get some little angel wings a faintmechanical word can be heard andfollowing the chime with a startup soundwings grow from kirishina sans graphshoesbut just for show but we do make theshoes look a lot bettera lot angelic whoaWatch at: 51:20 / 51:40amazing then slowly her body starts tofloat up in the air i'm floatingit worked i'm now for jedi master thati've always wants to bei did it i'm flying i'm really flyingWatch at: 51:40 / 52:00[Music]she's waving her hands at me like anover-excited kidat a water park and i suspect thesethings don't workwell with water as well she really seemsto be enjoying herselfhey is asuka chan gonna be all rightsomething wrong i mean with how muchWatch at: 52:00 / 52:20she's flapping her hands she'll lose herbalance in notime oh no i suddenly lost my parentskirishinasan's body starts to jiggleleft to righti told you don't worry i set the maximumaltitude to five meters when i touchedthemoh nice going[Laughter]Watch at: 52:20 / 52:40kira sheena sanki's thrust her arms andlegs aboutwhich makes her body flip no i'm gonnai'm gonna fallah she comes down to the groundbut first owstop no i'm falling i'm 14.Watch at: 52:40 / 53:00despite the fact that she's already onthe ground she keeps kicking up her legsand flapping her armshuh before you realize you suddenlyfound yourself on the ground rightthat's also a feature of grab shoesi extend my hand towards kirishinasaying grab her hand and help her upWatch at: 53:00 / 53:20okay we're going to stop here for todaycool roger thanks for the lessonto serve as some additional practice ichoose to return to our neighborhood inthe same manner as this morningit's her first time flying so my planwas to get her used to it little byWatch at: 53:20 / 53:40little butmaybe the shock of not being able to flyproperly got her she's been way tooquietthat was your first time trying to flyon your own there's no need to getworked up over itmasaki told me she couldn't fly straightduring herduring her first time tooWatch at: 53:40 / 54:00we'll practice after school from now onso reallyher ongoing science makes me worry aboutsomething's wronglisten kiroshina-san you have no reasonto feel downuh kirishina sanWatch at: 54:00 / 54:20i figured she was pretty bummed but thisis something elsei feel so frustratedwhoa a loud scream takes me by surprisethen she fixates a resolute gaze to mehinata-san but yeah can i say somethingWatch at: 54:20 / 54:40go ahead you know when i managed to flya little earlier it was super funsuper fun glad good to knowfor the first time in my life i wasfloating around in the airit felt so great but iher enraptured expression quickly turnsWatch at: 54:40 / 55:00to one of irritation as she continuesi just i just couldn't keep calm at alland fell down after wobbling around alittlei was totally lame soshe pierced me with that powerful gazeagain and shakes her head so stronglythat i could literally hear itplease train me hard from tomorrow onWatch at: 55:00 / 55:20coachgotcha i inadvertently agreed to helpherto her rather intense request sorry holdon coachyay thank you so much well she seemsawfully happy so i guess it's finei'm looking forward to it just thinkabout how i'm going to flyWatch at: 55:20 / 55:40from tomorrow on has me really excitedshe happily matters those words i seethis is all kind of nostalgic to me ther i felt when iflew for the first time and wished tofly higher and higherthose feelings i'd left behind have nowappeared right in front of me againWatch at: 55:40 / 56:00yeah this is nostalgic alright[Music]see you tomorrow yeah take carei can't wait kiroshi nissan heads offhome with a spring in her step clearlyshowing that she'sdying for tomorrow to come home she'llWatch at: 56:00 / 56:20do better tomorrowi matter as i watch kirishina sand andleavethen i suddenly hear the sound ofsomething cutting through the wind fromthe terminalhmm is someone coming the initiallyfaint sound he eventually grews loudersignaling that someone's comingWatch at: 56:20 / 56:40ah i'll find a girl in the area i'vediverted my eyesshe has both her legs aligned straightand is carrying a bag on one armher other hand is adjusting her flighttrajectory the way she's flying issmoothi could tell her balance won't falterthough what's most impressive is the wayWatch at: 56:40 / 57:00she's using her eyes she's lightlychecking her surroundings while keepingher eyes on her flight paththe very definition of safe flighthow beautiful there are varying degreesof beauty to even something as simple asbasic flight form and whether a personWatch at: 57:00 / 57:20can keep their flight paths stableare two key factors performancedetermined by whether you can keep yourback straight and your feet allied it'soften compared to the form you maintainduring swimmingyes as for the latter well it's based onwhether you'reflying straight while also curbing yourWatch at: 57:20 / 57:40body elegantlyroughly speaking those are what mostpeople consider the criteria of beautyfor beauty and the girl who's flying inmy direction satisfying all of thosecriteriashe's clearly more than qualified to bea certified instructori know it's unfair to compare them butWatch at: 57:40 / 58:00she's on a completely different levelfrom kiwashinasanman i bet kyoshina san would have agreat time if she could fly like thatyeah she's a textbook example i shouldremember herform and make use of it when givingkiroshino sound advicei pay close attention to the way she'smoving her hands and legsWatch at: 58:00 / 58:20as well as how she's choosing her flightpathhuh that uniform is i got so caught upwatching her but i only realizedshe's not wearing a cue and a ham kunahama uniformtaka fuji no where is it fromwhile i ponder that question the girlWatch at: 58:20 / 58:40slows down as she approaches theterminalbut then lands silentlyshe takes a breath quickly trains herclothes and walks awayeven the way she's walking is just asgracefulthat's why i tell so i tell misaki tohave funhonestly masaka's usual torturing has meWatch at: 58:40 / 59:00worried all righttime to head home i guess once a girl isout of sight i walked awaythe sky is now being died by the sunsetthat don't look like sunshine but thatcertainly looks like the moonlightand darkness later that evening inoticed somethinghuh someone finally moved in next doorWatch at: 59:00 / 59:20yeah people were carrying furnitureinsidethis afternoon while i was cooped up inmy room dealing with my homework my momcontacted me through a walkie-talkie appshe isn't very good with technology soshe's real happy that shegot the knack of the app i taught her touse a while agoWatch at: 59:20 / 59:40that's why she keeps pointlesslycontacting me through it at homethey ever stopped by to say hi yetthoughoh yeah the house next door has beenvacant for two yearsi always assumed it was going throughsome pretty hardcore renovations becauseof thathey wait if a family moving in there hasa kid around my ageWatch at: 59:40 / 01:00:00they'd be transferring to my school butmiddle of april getting transfer twoweeks after the start of the new yearschool year is a little weird ahhe started to realize it could be herthat moved in thereno way it can't be very hell of aWatch at: 01:00:00 / 01:00:20coincidencewhoa the almost unbelievable timing fordoorbell ringing makes my heart skip abeatspeak of a devil that's probably our newneighbor i guesspretty sure you're writing the moneymessiahmessiah is that how you say his name goget the doorWatch at: 01:00:20 / 01:00:40but you're on the first floor and i'm onthe second momi'm in the middle of making dinner thestove is oni can hear the sound of frizzing oil shesays to havefine i can't quite tell whether i'mfeeling anxious or excited herei make for a front door of a cold sweatWatch at: 01:00:40 / 01:01:00running down my back because i'll bet asour new best friend also going to be ourneighboroh come in can't keep them waiting toolongi slide my feet into a pair of slippersand reach out for the doorknobsorry for away oh[Music]i apologize for disturbing you at such aWatch at: 01:01:00 / 01:01:20late hourhuh who's thismy name is ichinos my family has justmoved in next doorand you know sam bowser head to menormally be proper etiquette for myparents the owners of the house to comeover and exchange greetingshowever they are rather busy with workWatch at: 01:01:20 / 01:01:40so they couldn't find the time for thati apologize on their behalf wouldeventually comeas a family but i'm feeling for themtoday we may end up inconveniencing youat times but i hope that we can getalong and keep up a good friendlyrelationshipalso this is nothing special by anymeans but i made some homemade sobaWatch at: 01:01:40 / 01:02:00noodlesplease take them if you like[Music]um[Music]did i happen to say anything rude[Music]oh[Music]i suppose i really must have made someterrible mistakeWatch at: 01:02:00 / 01:02:20no even so i don't think it's right ofyou to simplyignore me huhif she knows sam's voice suddenly dragsme back to realityonce i take in my surroundings i noticethat he knows she's saying is flappingher mouth as well she's swallowing thewords she was about to sayWatch at: 01:02:20 / 01:02:40i'm sorry seems like a space out therei expect to see kuroshina sans face uponopening the door which is whythe unexpected rather anticlimacticdevelopment stunned medid i do anything rude huhyou okay itchy knows sand looks aboutWatch at: 01:02:40 / 01:03:00ready to sink to her knees as she hearsmy words[Music]i'm sorry not only did i introducemyself to a guy and meet him for thefirst timei went as far as raising complaintswhich made me feel incredibly nervouswhat exactly did i do wrong here hedidn't listen to my introduction rightWatch at: 01:03:00 / 01:03:20i'm sorry let me juice myself one moretime theni'm weaker itchy nose my family hasmoved in next doori hope we can guess along umam i right assuming your name is hugothat's why she took a look at the doorplate and reads it as hyugaWatch at: 01:03:20 / 01:03:40is hinata messiah hinata thank you for apolite introductionum hinata then i'mdon't worry about it i was rude to youafter allit was never my attention to seriousattackWatch at: 01:03:40 / 01:04:00oh no way that's not what i was tryingto say eitherthe two of us bow ahead to each other afew times whenah our eyes suddenly meethuh how am i supposed to interrupt thatsmileinterpret that smile oh i'm sorry it'sWatch at: 01:04:00 / 01:04:19just i feel relievedwhy is that at first i was worried imessed up because you wouldn't react atall see i looked up toi looked up how to properly introducemyself neighbors before heading overbut the whole situation felt awkward soifeared that people in this area mightWatch at: 01:04:19 / 01:04:40treat outsiderswhat would we do there this isn't somesecluded village don't worry no onearound here is like thathell this is even a redeveloped newresidential district here onkunahama islandyes vessels revealedWatch at: 01:04:40 / 01:05:00when i realized that was just myimaginationbesides it also seems like our neighboris a really nice personhuh i find myself rendered speechless byin each itchy nose and smileoh my what a lovely little guest we havehuhum oh that's my momWatch at: 01:05:00 / 01:05:19looks like she figured saint was upsince i didn't headover to tell her who it was i'm verysorry for disturbing you so like i justmoved in next door with my familydon't be so nervous i'm just yourneighbori'll leave things here to you then momnow that mom's here i can't i can i canWatch at: 01:05:19 / 01:05:40let her handle everythingum it's nothing special but i made thesesober noodlesoh my he went out of your way to makethese for us wow did you make themyourselfyes otherwise i'm about to leave[Music][Laughter]as you know sand directs about me withWatch at: 01:05:40 / 01:06:00upturned eyes and i responded by lightlyraising my handi walk down the hall then stop in mytracks and that's when it hits meyes that's the oneah she's definitely the girl fromearlier i probably shouldn't haverecognized her by the way but i wasWatch at: 01:06:00 / 01:06:19paying more attentionto how she was flying than how shelooked at least i finally remember theface of a girl i saw earlierif she's that good but maybe she'si shake my head to clear my mind evenshe is why should i careahyou should treat others with moreWatch at: 01:06:19 / 01:06:40dignity than justa little bit of an inco inconsiderationlike thata little over an hour later i returnedto my room after eating dinnerthat really hit the spot we had tempuramy mom prepared with that'swith the sober that ichino's soundbroughtaccording to what mom found out theWatch at: 01:06:40 / 01:07:00original plan was to move in two weeksagounfortunately renovations took longerand expected so they had to stay in ahotel untiljust yesterday and you know sam hadalready started at her new school andboth her parents are working at theirnew jobsby the way hmm is her first year shedoesn't attend kuna hama thoughWatch at: 01:07:00 / 01:07:19oh well whatever she seems to be a nicegirlher sober is good and she's a good flyerthat's all there is to itare you sure about thatgotta thank her next time we meet maybeit'll be mid-flight huhi freeze i mean of course i do how couldWatch at: 01:07:19 / 01:07:40i not in this situationwhen look out my window i seeokay okay this is a bit of a suddensituation[Laughter]seems like time has stopped in a radiusof five metersneither of us brushes an inch we bothWatch at: 01:07:40 / 01:08:00remain frozen in placehonestly why i can't even so much ascover my eyes or turn aroundeventually i hear a voice that sees youon your verge of explosionbefore i'm trying to figure out what sheWatch at: 01:08:00 / 01:08:20means she finally eruptsno whatwait sure i'm surprised but why the hellam i screamingso i'll close the curve right awayno don't come any closer stay away frommei think you're overreacting this isn'tWatch at: 01:08:20 / 01:08:40going anywhereactually you can just close your curtainoh she pulls a curtain over a windowwhich blocks my viewafter that i close my curtain as well ohgod there's gonna be an awkward scenarioin one of these visual novelssomewhere isn't there you knowWatch at: 01:08:40 / 01:09:00blah oh that's our deep sighhowever the sense of dread from havingseen something i shouldn't have doesn'tgo awaythis is gonna be something which willcause us not to be able to sleep atnightdoes she understand that it was anaccident justgreat i'm pretty sure my firstWatch at: 01:09:00 / 01:09:20impression wasn't too bad but now it'stanked after that i keep looking forsigns of her wanting to talkas i go about my business but in the endi never got an opportunity to apologizeor explain myselfso tell me have you gotten more used toWatch at: 01:09:20 / 01:09:40flying now okay folks we're going toleave off from thatreally awkward scenario i'm not going tolieso we have ourselves a pretty comicalscenario hereand at the same time quite a sci-fifantasyslash slice of life as welllike without the gravitonWatch at: 01:09:40 / 01:10:00shoes and all that kind of jazz this ispretty much aslice of life scenario you know peoplemoving into school and stuff like thatthank you all so much for watching guysand we should see each other's on thenext time ofelkanah i'm pretty sure there's going tobe at least one person in the commentssection below is going to tell me how toWatch at: 01:10:00 / 01:10:20pronounce each and every namein this game along with stuff which i'venot yet to discover because we haven'tgot that far yet in the game and it'sgoing to be a pretty long game so we'regoing to be here for the long run folksthank you so much for watching take careof yourselves

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