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SearchThisVideo: Aragami – 100% Walkthrough Part 2 [PS4] – Chapter 2: The Call of the Shadows (Oni/Yurei Medals)

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hey everyone and welcome back to a
tegami on this video we're going to be
completing the second chapter the call
of the shadows and we're gonna do that
without getting detected and we're gonna
kill every enemy in the level so let's
do it
summon coulda suit whenever you need
guidance and I have no idea what could a
su is bright lights give away your
position and drain your shadow essence
definitely want to stay out of those
bright lights or any lights for that
alright this first area has no enemies
so we're gonna run right through
this again Yumiko I saw something a
vision I I saw it too the ritual must
have created some kind of connection
between us and I had another when I woke
up just before I met you what does it
mean who knows there aren't many
writings about the ritual I used to
invoke you hopefully we'll find out soon
let's get moving
can't have you evaporating at dawn okay
wait what Oh didn't I tell you your body
is made of shadows if a ray of sunlight
touches it at this point I'm just glad
you told me at all hehe I'm sorry look
got egami
there's a scroll on the statue let's
take a look and hold X to pick it up and
you get a skill point scrolls locate
scrolls to learn more about the past and
unlock a tegami x' potential open the
skill screen by pressing the big button
in the center of the controller and
invest skill points in new shadow
techniques and upgrades so we're gonna
hit that big old button and that opens
the technique screen
we're gonna go to shadow creation aim it
any unlit surface to cast shadows it
costs one scroll and we have one scroll
so let's unlock it
shadow creation aim at any surface and
hold r2 to create a path of shadows
create shadows to move around unnoticed
or to leap to previously lit surfaces
and also whenever you pick up a scroll
you can go to the scrolls menu by
pressing r1 and this is where all of the
lore is and each scroll will unlock one
piece of lore so this one gave us volume
19 the name tae-ho June 28th year 9 of

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

the sixth age a rumor gave me pause
today one of our spies in the guise of a
friendly merchant travelling south with
Eastern pottery
said he saw unusual activity in a
southern Brotherhood named Kai ho they
were growing in number and gaining
strength day by day the Brotherhood is
mainly composed of light adepts but
masters of all essences are in their
ranks from shadow to fire the spice said
they might even be planning an attack
the movement seemed so organized the
lips of the of their adepts were tightly
sealed I told one of the other
counselors about my concerns but he
laughed it off
he said that Nisha knew Shoku is so huge
in magnificent that they couldn't even
see it from their tiny territory like a
fly attacking a bear even if they had
some strength we have the shadow Empress
on our side
he's right of course you absorbed its
aura amazing whatever it was it seems to
have made you stronger let's keep an eye
out for more so we can come up to this
gate there's no shadow to jump to but
now we can create our own so hit r2 and
then jump to it if you're out of shadow
essence just stay in the shadows for a
few seconds try to create shadows and
then leap to them you can probably climb
anything doing that so we can create a
shadow on that ledge and then jump to it
see that temple that's where we're
headed why
I heard they're keeping an animal there
that may be able to help us
an animal yes apparently it has
something to do with the magic they used
to entrap me you have to find it on
egami by the way is it okay if I call
you at egami
I suppose okay so this area has a ton of
enemies and the best way I found the
deal with them is to go to the left side
first so this guy who were looking at
right now he patrols around in this spot
and eventually he's going to get over to
here and that's where I want to take him
out because it's out of the way it's
unlikely that anyone's gonna see his
corpse and even if they do it's probably
gonna be those patrols over there and
then they're gonna have to go down a
tight corridor where where I can attack
them so even if they spot the corpse
back here it's not necessarily a bad
thing and all right so here he comes
and that's good right there let's take

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them out now I'm gonna move over here
and I'm gonna chill here for a little
bit I'm waiting for patrol to get just
about right there and there is right on
cue and take him out and now I'm gonna
head over here there's usually some
patrols that head through this area so
I'm gonna oh hello
well I just missed both of them didn't I
that's unfortunate
I don't want to kill him over there
because it probably gets spotted so hmm
I might just have to sit here for a
little bit wait for them to come back
because I would rather kill them where I
know it's good and there's that guy
right there I could take him out as well
but he's not posing any threat so
there's really no no need to do that and
this guy is making his way back so that
didn't take too long
all right so where is he going it is he
going between these two tombstones
looks like it let's take him out oh that
was for whatever reason my character
took a while to actually attack him I
almost died there I would have sucked
and a crap well let's take him out
before he raises the alarm I had that
worked out pretty well
and what do we got now we got this guy
coming over here
he might spot a corpse and that would be
bad but doesn't look like he's going to
so let's just take him out his corpse is
out in the open but it should be okay no
one really comes over here and that guy
I need to take him out I don't want to
take him out where he just was because
there's two enemies over there and if I
kill him there I think they'll spot him
so let's wait on him to return
and actually this setup is probably
perfect because when it comes back
around the corner
he's almost guaranteed to spot that
corpse and he's gonna be focused on that
and I can just hide pretty much right
where I am and as soon as he gets in
line of sight of me I can take him out
so let's plan to do actually I probably
just port to him and kill him let's see
how do I want to do this and I was just

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killing right here that'll work
hopefully he doesn't get spotted by that
patroller of all places they could
station us a cemetery scared of ghosts
no it's just
haven't you heard all the legends about
these parts people going missing the old
gods odd egami all right what come on
think too much about fairy tales and
you'll end up like Captain Yuuki
grow a pair haha that's awesome
grow a pair yeah so it looks like
they're splitting or or not well he was
acting like it but then he changed his
mind so but now he seems to be doing it
for reals
so let's kill his friends okay and
that's taken care of we should be able
to get him there we go
and where is that oh hello you don't see
me I'm a shadow Oh took out his legs all
right that should just leave two left
and I see one of them already and he's
staring right at me isn't he oh crap
ah didn't see me that's good let's go
ahead take him out and then I believe
it's just the guy at the front and yep
he's still standing there so we'll just
take him out real quick and there we go
to the courtyard is now cleared and
before we leave this area make sure to
get the scroll because I passed that up
earlier and there we go that gets us a
skill point and some new lore so let's
check out that lawyer that unlocked vol
20 kai ho strikes may 30th year ten of
the sixth age they were smart my
commanders pursed lips when we met this
morning made it clear that we have been
outwitted the upstart Chi ho brotherhood
crippled villages and towns along our
key supply routes and sabotaged our
barracks and recruitment bases less than
a year after we were made aware of their
existence the city is a fortress
normally I wouldn't be worried about an
upstart Brotherhood who had gained some
numbers but this isn't just one
Brotherhood this is a myriad of them
light adepts fire adepts life adepts the
biggest problem is the earth adepts my
spies tell me they're positioned at the
rear of the chi ho army they're planning
to send shockwaves beneath the
battlefield to undermine the foundations
of our walls our fortifications don't

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

stand a chance against this flow and
adapt the field of battle is the vessel
you must be the water I have decided the
best approach is to bring the fight to
their vanguard we must leave the city
walls and face them the shadow Empress
will be our last resort so it sounds
like they underestimated Chi ho
and then kai ho put the beat down on
them up here ah tegami
guarded talisman guard a bird guard this
door guard that door guard guard guard
when will we see some action those are
Captain Hikaru's orders I don't like it
any more than you do I don't get why
he's worrying so much about a caged bird
that's all tempted to go have a look
just don't the captain will come the
second you leave your post you know it
you don't want to see him angry have you
ever seen him angry I was there when
that snake hill gathered his men in
ambush captain Yuki right when he was
most vulnerable when Captain Hikaru saw
Captain Yuki dead you'd understand if
you saw that but more importantly it was
me who trapped that damn bird don't
touch it okay okay I'll drop it I'll
drop it okay how do we want to do this
we got that guy standing guard at the
door there's another patrolling back
that guy is patrolling back and forth
and there's another one who patrols on
the right side of the building and he's
right there actually so let's see he's
coming this way if he gets here quickly
I might just do an aerial attack on him
I think that's probably the best idea
so yeah let's go ahead and do that so
there we go and then that leaves this
Patrol let's see if I can look at him oh
crap he's coming it's pretty dark in
here though so I think I'm okay okay
there we go he's gone
and let's see what that patroller in the
back is up to
okay he's way over there and now he's
coming this way so he's not really
vulnerable at the moment I can't take
him out because he would probably alert
that guy same the other way around I
think if I tried to take him out right
now it the noise would alert him and
then I'd be screwed so I think my best
bet is to wait until he shows me his
back and let's see he should be turning

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

soon I think yep there we go let's take
him out now there we go and that makes
him an easy kill there we go and the
building is now cleared out finally
let's free it and move on
huh good timing
I'll try to stop it so it was a raven
and the raven like took off so i need to
chase it down and i went out the window
so let's hop up there it says follow the
alright so this platform right here it's
it's a little bit fragile so if you go
on it it's gonna start breaking you need
to get off of it quickly otherwise
you're going down with it there's
another platform that's unstable like
that one but instead I'm just gonna go
all the way across so make a shadow and
pour it around or port across they mean
and now we're gonna go up we need
another shadow right there alright
that's not a good spot try that again
there we go that's much better and I
believe I need one more shadow I found
him he was scared
these visions what do they mean I don't
know it felt like I was there I think I
was using is it light essence if you are
already if you already use shadow
essence you can't be a light adept to
and you were born this evening remember
yeah but if I'm not seeing memories than
what am I seeing whose visions are these
I'm sorry I don't know maybe we can
figure it out on the way to the city
right and how can the Raven help us he
has been keeping an eye on Chi hos
activities he should be able to lead us
to the talismans talismans the magic

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

seal that the Chi ho used to imprison me
takes its power from six talismans we
need them all to break it so we have to
get all of them before rescuing you yes
and thanks to this raven it won't take
all night to find them hopefully
Yumiko why did they keep this raven
locked up maybe they didn't want it
falling into the wrong hands like ours
why didn't they just kill it who knows
but it's a relief they didn't know
all right now that you've got the Raven
you can hit down on the d-pad to show
you objective and it's up there so we
need to get down so we'll make a shadow
leap to it and then we'll leap to this
shadow and now we can kind of assess the
situation so we got this guy right here
we got that guy patrolling that little
path right there and that guy over there
who's heading down actually this setup
looks perfect I think I could take him
out quickly get down take him out and
then move around to kill him
so yeah I'm gonna do that that seems
like a winner well there we go and then
I should be able to leap to him there we
go and now I just need to find a safe
way to get over to that other guy Oh too
there we go and he's gone alright now I
need to be a little bit careful going up
this hill there are patrols I believe
there's two maybe even three guys up
here and there's one of them he's in
some light right now I hope he gets out
of that yep it looks like he's going to
so let's go ahead take him out oh crap
that's not good let's get back up there
quick just in case he sees that corpse
okay good he did it and now he's got his
back turn so that's perfect and he's
dead and I believe actually that might
be it I thought there was another but
there might not be but there is one at
the top so there's a little cemetery up
here and I know there's a guy up here so
I need to be a little bit careful and
actually he just turned his back so
let's take him out all right there we go
it's cleared and we got another scroll
and that means we got another piece of

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

lore so let's check that out
and the ones we've been checking out are
the heal chronicles but this one's under
a different category this one's under
Yuki's chronicles so Volume one beyond
the walls everything was easier back
then all we had to worry about where the
ceremonies held for
Amaterasu our Sun Goddess our only
contact with the outside world was the
merchants who stopped by our gates from
time to time the gates of that isolated
village out near the mountains I used to
wonder how it would feel to travel the
world learn about different cultures
meet people adept in different essences
we used to grab adventure where we could
the four of us used to sneak out climb
the blacksmith's Hut and hop down to the
other side of the village walls a trip
of adventure that would quench our
thirst for days our parents always found
out of course and we were always
punished but it was worth it my father
used to say that as you get older the
lure of adventure ends away that you
begin to appreciate what you have in
front of your nose rather than what's
beyond the horizon I never relished that
thought as a child but I could never
have predicted the appearance of master
Tsuyoshi or how much he would change
look I found a path through the mountain
and oh why isn't that working uh come on
there we go it's being finicky oh come
on why is it being so stubborn there we
go and we got another gap here I need to
be careful with this port because if it
does what the last one did I'll go die
all right there we go and another one
and that looks good so let's put a crust
and that's a fragile platform so get off
of it quickly yeah we go and here is
another scroll back here so come back to
the side on the right and pick up the
scroll in this cave or whatever this is
yeah it's a cave and that gives us
another piece of lore and let's see
which one is this this one's volume 21 a
deep wound April fourth year ten of the
sixth age they did it they were more
powerful than we knew they didn't even
show a hint of their true power until
my limbs tingle with anger anger at what
they did to her we were losing earth
essence attacks battered the city's
outer walls our men were pushed back to
the limits there was only one thing for
it I called her she emerged from the
city gates to end the cowards but caios
for leaders the most powerful masters in
their army were waiting for her they

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

pressed the Empress back into the city
cornered her but they were waiting for
something they were holding back then I
saw him the old man they called his name
Tsuyoshi he was making straight for
Yumiko i intercepted him but before I
could land a single strike his hand rose
and my limbs failed me my energy drained
away like water from a sliced bamboo
shoot' the leaders press Yumiko back to
her temple and the old man turned his
attention to her I watched the vitality
leave her face I saw my chance and
plunged my blade deep into his flesh
as he fell he grasped my arm just above
my sword hand I'll never forget the pain
a thousand fires burned through his
fingers I fell with him still array of
fortune shone on me a handful of my men
happened upon me during their retreat
and shouldered me this safety one of
them said the Empress had managed to
kill at least one of CAI hos leaders as
they dragged me towards our escape route
I watched the flags burn above our city
the Empress was defeated the Shoku had
fallen so it sounds like
Yumiko is actually the Empress I don't
remember if it said that before but I
don't think it did so we learned
something new all right so let's head
forward and there is the end of the
chapter and we picked up the trophy the
call of the shadows and also the
apprentice and I got the seals for never
being detected and killing all the
threats my rank was ass I got a score of
three thousand three hundred and fifty
and let's check out some of those
trophies I got and there was a few
others I got while I wasn't recording so
I'll show you those because they won't
show up on the video so there's the call
of the shadows for completing chapter
two and we got let's see apprentice for
finding a scroll we got the first step
for unlocking your first shadow
technique this is one I got off the
recordings wombo combo I concatenate
multiple stealth kills so I killed two
people in a row with the stealth kill it
was kind of setup because they were
going after a corpse to check it out and
I just happened to be able to kill them
both without alerting them I got the
jumper for performing a hundred shadow
leaps and I believe that's it oh and I
got I don't care for skipping a
cinematic alright so there we go
we completed the chapter and we got what
we did what we came to do we got the
thing for never being detected and
killing all the threats so
is gonna do it for this video so thank
you for watching and I will see you next

In Part 2 of the Aragami 100% Walkthrough we complete the second chapter, The Call of the Shadows. We complete the chapter without getting detected and ...


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  1. Just started playing. The part with the scroll never happened, although I picked it up & it's in my inventory. Never got a skill point either. Why not? Was this changed in an update or something?


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