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Aragami 2 – Official Gameplay Overview | Gamescom 2020

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Lince Works developers show you how you'll be able to take down your enemies with the help of some friends using both stealth and direct combat in Aragami 2.

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Comment (40)

  1. “Our goal is to create a completely new experience”
    -walks through grass to hide from enemies, assassinates from rooftops, and demonstrates mix of stealth and sword combat

  2. I really liked the first one, but killing every enemy only to be killed by one and starting the entire level again was so annoying. When you get caught by one enemy you were pretty much dead.

  3. didnt like the first aragami but it seems like combat and stealth looks better in the second one. Will keep and eye out. Sadly what's missing from that kind of game is customisation and nice characters / story

  4. I will be waiting for this no matter how long it takes. The first one was really, REALLY underrated, I hope Aragami 2 brings the game all the attention it deserved.

  5. Me and one of my friends would go to school, after school we would both get online and play aragami when we finished it we would play it again and again I love this game and I’m so happy to see a sequel

  6. its ok i guess but its more looks like a action adventure like sekiro not the sneaky feeling with theold one it doesn t have the shadow abbilities i know why but i hope its more like the old one

  7. FINALY a stealth souls like I wonder why after all these years nobody has tried to make a stealth souls like it would be so easy. Sekiro one of my favorite games by the way is the only one that tried

  8. Can you still freely teleport where you want? Because I'm not down with what looks to be Not-Sekiro and only being able to go to predetermined latch points.


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