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    Aragami 2 – Official Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2020

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    Take control of the assassin Aragami once more in a new sequel featuring more stealth action with the help of your clan. Thanks for checking out Gamescom ...


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    Comment (40)

    1. Duuuude!
      I'm literally playing through the first game for the first time and I just knew it was the type of game that needed a sequel with today's technology, I'm very looking forward to this.

    2. Ever since the 1st one was added as one of the games on Xbox gold I’ve been obsessed with it. I cannot wait for this! Will it be on the next gen consoles tho?

    3. I loved the first game and I definitely like what I see, my questions for this is will it continue the storyline of the first game? And will we see characters like yamiko, Ryo (the original aragami that was resurrected by yamiko), hikaru and sora (the light generals from the first game) possibly make a return?

    4. I'm going to genuinely love this game. There's a lot of ninja games out there like Sekiro, but this is a stealth game that adds a unique mechanic to the game like Tenchu. Aragami was a great game and this will be its successor. Can't wait!

    5. They implemented jumping, that's a 10/10 game right there… But no, in all seriousness, I am stoked for this game, I throughly enjoyed the first one, and am now playing through "Night Fall"


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