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    SearchThisVideo: ARY and the Secret of Seasons Part 1 NO MORE WINTER! Nintendo Switch Gameplay Walkthrough

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    hey what is up heroes and welcome to

    ahri and the secret season this is a

    game i've been so excited for

    we played the demo back on the channel a

    couple of months ago and it was really

    really fun

    and now the game's launched we're

    playing on switch and i'm so excited so

    let's jump right into it all right

    uh let's go new game and difficulty


    english subtitles yep and invite camera

    no i think i'll be fine all right let's


    season spheres can't overlap we can use

    this to your advantage oh



    let's see um

    not that one

    how about this one when the pirate king

    invaded lamas died

    nah we read that one yesterday and the

    day before

    wait wait wait here we go my

    favorite i know you'll like the story

    little teddy

    it's a special one very close to my


    my brother flynn he used to tell me the

    story all the time

    it's called the final battle

    it goes like this one 000 years ago

    the legendary warrior was called to


    the world had been under attack by a

    very very

    bad mage at the rise of the sun

    this evil mage stole all the seasons

    at the day's venus he burned all the


    at sunset he summoned his hordes to


    all the children


    where did i put the hordes


    the legendary warrior stands


    impassive and alone

    but wait who is that

    bounces out of the sky and lands next to


    hero she says i'm

    here to help the legendary warrior nods

    at his new companion

    together and not afraid they face down

    the hordes

    and evil mage

    with shrieks and cries the fight begins

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    together her and her


    one wounded member of the horde was

    about to strike down the legendary

    warrior from behind

    but ari jumped in the way and took the


    for the legendary warrior such

    sacrifice flynn would have been

    proud the legendary warrior took

    quick vengeance for his newly acquired


    then it was just the two figures left

    standing on the plane of battle

    you may destroy my hordes but you will

    never defeat

    me i will beat you up

    the legendary warrior goes on the attack

    bringing the evil mage to his knees

    now i shall bonk you on the head and

    lock you away


    a bulk on the head my one




    coming mom

    okay so we now have control over hari

    this is our bedroom

    looking pretty good i thought the uh

    the prince there would be a bit of a

    jerk but later on

    we'll see the prince soon so i

    slightly remember what to do the very

    start of the game it's a few side quests

    i didn't finish

    in the demo that i want to try and um do

    at some point don't worry it looks like

    you can go in there we will go in there

    a little bit later on let's go see what

    our mum wants

    yo what's up mum how's it going oh

    x2 talk how you doing arie

    nice playing in my room do you need me

    to help with something

    i think you should go to the market

    prince crocus is making a special visit


    i do like the prince but i don't want to

    leave dad he needs me

    go on arie i'll be here looking after

    your father okay mum

    i head into town then and there's our

    dad just uh

    yeah he's a bit bit depressed you can


    understand why the picture in his hand

    but we'll get to that a little bit later


    all right so let's head to the the


    we've market a lovely snow


    i said it before but the um the little

    sprite on the mini map in the bottom


    like re just really reminds me of um the

    same sort of style as

    link from uh legend of zelda minish cap

    i love that game all right


    i remember correctly there's a dude's

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    i want to show you first before anything

    happens i think it's over here

    yeah pretty sure it's down here i'll

    pass on the way








    all right gonna find the uh the hyenas

    yeah highness

    so is that l to look on a target

    i'm gonna beat them up the uh the wooden



    do not underestimate the power of a

    wooden spoon ever

    all right round two second hyena let's


    oh uh b two row

    and x okay hey and then

    right counter there you go

    good try again oh nice easy

    ow that hurts you almost took my eye out

    you scoundrel


    how in the world did you get my

    brother's sword hyena

    i can't believe it flynn disappeared

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    weeks ago

    i have to show mom and dad

    now harry's got a pretty cool scar

    anyway i'll show you guys this house

    um i think it's

    down here

    it's gonna show you now because um when

    something happens it'll be there it is

    this house look at this house made of


    uh jump okay there you go got a nice

    looking house all made of ice

    just want you guys to remember this

    because yeah

    the best house is an ice house

    renewables you know

    got my first uh chisel when i was your

    age sorry now

    look what i've accomplished the most

    grand ice house in town

    how'd you build this whole ice house

    with 5 000 blocks of ice that cost me


    brilliant advantage to living in a

    perpetual winter this house will last


    uh yeah sure sure

    all right um i'm not sure if we can do

    side quests just yet

    we'll be a little bit later on we've got

    landmark here


    hey new quest because of history

    we've got to discover what 15 landmarks

    which you can probably tell from the

    little mini make a little like looks

    like a

    page book all right so we're going to

    head back to the house

    we're going to let our parents know that

    we have uh flynn sword

    all right uh what's the fast way is

    there where to bring the map


    there's options inventory we've got fast


    i can't use it just yet but that's good

    to know

    all right just follow the path but

    foster i was gonna be really good

    because i'm not sure how big the game

    actually is but when i play the demo

    uh we go quite far from our house and

    like uh it's like

    not sure how open worldy it is as well

    but it looks like there was a lot to

    explore like even the demo like you're


    get to a certain point but there's still

    quite a lot to do

    because you're very exciting all right

    so let's go

    up and then we can go and show mom and

    dad the sword

    so bring it flintsworth i think the

    sword as well we can now go check out

    that little um

    that little room i showed you i said

    we'll get into eventually because we can

    get in but you can't get in just yet

    how bad the weather is i'm still going

    to be delivering your packages

    no matter what you should have seen the

    market calendar

    hyenas everywhere but i loan in the

    messenger and stalwart

    i protected the citizens of yule hey

    that's not what happened

    sorry what happened to your face

    and your dress looks like it's been

    dragged through the mud

    oh by the way i have a message for

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    okay i i'll just

    let myself out stupid hyenas

    am i right that stinks

    an emergency guardian session is called


    dome of the seasons agenda

    disruption of the seasons bring

    strawberry juice mom

    dad can't go to this of course

    he is grieving but i know what you're


    stay out of it but mom one of the hyenas

    had this

    this means flynn could be alive doesn't

    it i'll go to the emergency meeting

    the guardians could help search for


    no ari impossible as the guardian of

    winter it is your father's business and


    alone your brother could have gone as

    his apprentice but

    we must adhere to tradition

    but i can help let me try mom

    no ari you need to stay here your father

    needs you

    i need you he can't just

    give up what did i say

    no arielle you are not allowed to attend

    guardian meetings

    and i'm not losing another child that's



    arielle i'm sorry i yelled

    no matter what mom says i have to get to

    the guardians meeting

    so all right so we gotta find a way to

    the meeting what would flynn do

    if he were here didn't make a plan

    so humble beginnings quest completed

    now new quest look the part right so

    first of all let's uh go and cut our


    no i think the short hair really suits

    her right so

    now we go down here

    and i think we can break this oh please

    don't break the pots

    find flynn's sword flynn sword will be

    down here won't it

    there it is

    all right pick that up

    so now i think we can break the pots

    i think we did this now there you go

    and then sneak mode

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    sweet gonna bring some more pots because

    breaking pots is fun

    all right so here's flynn's room

    looking pretty good and let's get his




    right now we look the part gets you

    wondering as well like throughout the

    game well from what i saw in the demo we

    can actually get new

    clothes like um change our outfit and


    there's not really cool looking stuff

    which i do want to get at some point

    uh so head outdoors



    it's happening here yule was the only

    safe region left

    flynn used to practice with the winter

    crystal all the time

    he made those same spheres

    our house is still in winter that's

    gotta be dad's crystal

    i can't show up to the guardians meeting

    without dad's crystal

    i've got to find it

    so it's now summer and uh

    you can probably guess what that means

    to that dude's house

    bye bye house all right let's get the

    winter crystal

    and then i think we can do some side

    quests after which would be great uh

    have a good round

    all right to the winter crystal

    well lots of heart i lost the heart

    uh oh i think we need to

    do something to open the door right

    ah through here there you go

    and then we'll just sneak right on

    through i think we turn around wasn't

    like a chest up here

    yeah there it is i remember

    a coin sweet

    i vaguely remember the outfit i saw

    before being quite expensive so i need

    to try like save as much money as


    because i want to get all the like

    cosmetics well not just cosmetics i'm

    pretty sure like booster armor and

    attack and

    whatnot but i want to get as much as


    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    alright so there is the winter crystal

    dad's winter crystal



    so never been allowed to wield the

    winter crystal before but there's no

    turning back now

    i'm sorry father i hope you forgive me

    later i have to leave the city and

    attend this guardian meeting in the dome

    of seasons in my family's name

    yes we do so answer the cool

    power of winter and i believe

    we uh

    how do again

    i thought it was something we used the

    crystal to jump up

    oh okay oh we down

    all right so i think oh this thing there

    you go

    if you go near this oh

    yeah that big black stone if you um

    activate your powers by that it spreads


    so now we can jump up

    ah very sleepy with the ice

    slow movement slow movements okay

    if let me get a double jump at some

    point that would be nice

    and then our disabled spheres sweet

    all right it's time to go explore the

    city first and do some side quests

    i remember there was like find some

    missing children let's say missing

    children like they're playing hide and

    seek or go find them

    if it was a little like combat side


    and if there's also one just to talk

    around the

    the um the village to try and find

    someone to buy a house or move into a

    house or something like that and there's

    free side quests i remember

    so we're gonna try and trend all those

    before we leave 100

    all right uh

    yes we go up don't we


    where are we oh behind that okay i know

    where we are so

    uh can we do anything with these like

    big crystals as well

    obviously this course summer so not sure

    if we can do anything with

    this here oh so

    cause winter

    right yeah side quest now popping up

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    i wasn't a dog like dojo master dude

    that teaches ya

    yeah doggy samurai yo what's up

    who are you oh where you come from

    these are mere distractions huh what are

    you looking for child

    well i really really want to be like

    flynn my mom says that's not

    my calling it's not fair to gain

    strength you must first learn

    humility ready for such a task of course

    i've been ready my whole life sensei

    there is a practice dummy over there

    show me your skill

    whack away all right

    let's go oh okay uh-uh too two-year-old

    must be

    you must remain humble try again you can

    do this don't worry sensei i'll show you

    watch this

    that dummy is gonna get it uh

    hey not bad for a beginner oh

    okay uh you have to work on your posture

    though yeah maybe closer to the warriors

    path today

    there is still much to learn continue

    training young one

    remember to stay humble thank you sensei

    oh it's like what

    is that plus one attack oh tank damage

    level one

    sweet that's pretty cool

    all right look at the ice house it's now


    and um yeah

    unlucky dude unlucky my magnificent ice

    house is gone

    i was the master of renewable energy now

    the life and stock of you

    and homeless taboo not homeless just

    permanently camping

    that's a summer activity isn't it uh

    maybe someone will take me in

    will i give up cover up my stuff would

    you mind asking around sure

    it's at least i can do all right let's

    go find this guy place to live

    because um yeah

    and he gets like hearts as well because

    i have

    lost two i lost two hp one from that

    stupid dummy and then

    another one from somewhere

    uh did i talk to you

    elliot needs help his ice house melted

    he always made fun of my regular house

    and said ice was better

    i'm not helping him fair enough

    no all right hello you know what i'm

    supposed to do with all my warm coats

    i'm just gonna collect dust hanging

    unused in my closet

    sell them just i don't know

    trade them for something there's a few

    things you could do

    those crystals are really pretty to look

    at what do you think they do

    uh wouldn't you love to know right uh i

    need to look at the map

    right so there's two places to go if we


    left and go and check out

    this one this might be with the elliott

    quest not entirely sure

    all right are you the person i need to

    speak to hi

    elliot needs help his ice house melted

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    ha this so-called brilliant ice house

    wasn't so great after

    all i'm not helping that guy yikes seems

    like no one actually likes this dude


    uh where next so i think we're going

    back to elliot yeah report earlier

    basically gonna tell him that um no one

    likes him

    maybe he wasn't you know a bit bit

    annoying a bit braggy about his ice

    house maybe people would be more

    i'm glad to help him but yeah sorry dude

    no one likes you you ain't got a place

    to live so uh

    yeah no one wants to help you you

    haven't been very supportive around you

    all i guess

    but i have i cut beautiful ice

    sculptures to attract customers for

    practically every business in the region

    please remind them of that will you fine

    right i'll go do that i guess i have to

    speak to the same

    people again if i do then uh

    this be pretty easy i didn't know that


    yeah he did he did some stuff

    yo no elliot bragged about his ice house

    but he's helped out in other ways right

    it's just ironic that winter vanish and

    now he needs our help i know but my dad

    would say

    that we've got to come together as a

    community that's true you know worry you

    make a pretty good leader too

    thanks uh kaylee so you'll help elliot

    you'll take a little time so come back

    later and see for yourself

    hey reputation oh reputation points

    it's pretty cool right so there's one

    more quest to do

    which is just up here and this one i

    couldn't do before is

    um basically find the kids playing hide

    and seek apparently in the comments

    from the demo you guys have just i ran

    right past them

    honestly did not see him


    oh man when i was a kid i was good at


    but never good at seeking hate seeking


    sickens the worst all right what's up

    how's it going six four or five four

    what are you counting for oh hey ari

    well what does it look like

    it's a game of hide and seek silly uh

    want to join in if i just want to hide

    sure why not great hey guys ari's coming

    to find you

    three two one ready or not here i come

    all right hide and seek find your

    friends go find

    five friends


    right so the gobby in this area

    someone's surely gotta be not here

    for someone to be like behind that or


    that's out the area around there

    oh dude i hate hide and seek wait

    ah a little speed bubble give it away i

    found you

    found one oh dude the speed bubble just

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    look for the speech bubbles and it will

    just like

    save the day honestly

    it's even like no one's up in a tree

    i love the music in this area it's just

    so like calm relaxing

    let's go be too great i see you nice

    well that's free dude you are terrible

    at hide and seek

    you are actually terrible

    uh i doubt that's

    any of them right now there's some other

    random kids

    uh i don't think no

    nice reason to find two more

    i know may i probably run past them like

    10 times already

    uh where could you be

    any hints

    cheating does she not like help me find

    him with more fun


    right they've got me in the trees or

    something oh one kid's right there

    i'll just jump across haha okay

    pretty good hiding spot dude one more to


    so if they can be in places like that

    i'm thinking what if i go


    over here

    and jump up this way maybe if i can even

    go around if i'm supposed to or not but

    i thought this isn't it

    unless i can jump on the roof i doubt i

    could get to the roof right

    surely i mean we can jump pretty high

    all right so i found the final kid it

    took a while

    i didn't think there would be all the

    way up on top of the uh

    the castle well that's a castle like

    that the house oh god

    yeah to get up here just like you can

    use your ice powers on this little thing


    and just jump up oh uh jump

    then just uh go around

    eventually you're uh yeah into this

    we've got the

    where should be a lot faster jump up

    jump up there she is

    all right so i believe we've now done

    all the side quests

    in the area

    yeah so let's uh

    leave the village and i think it's is it

    this way to go

    nice at that end uh

    you can go a little bit further south

    you try and find the

    yeah if i go around

    to the path down here i can think i can

    follow it i first thought that was the

    kid up there so i'm actually get to her

    you can't talk to her

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    i was so disappointed i was like how's

    that not the kid it took me so long to

    find out

    yeah that's the way

    all right so uh let's just

    sneak right past them

    it's fine just don't make any noise

    everything will be all right

    we're good we good


    are you in the secret seasons so i guess

    it's like basically the prologue

    everyone done with uh this was quickly


    activate that anything cool we can do a

    lot of ice

    all right it's a landmark over here so

    we're going to

    interact with that's going to do what 15



    looks so pretty like i like it in winter

    but it looks so beautiful during like uh



    before like i didn't when i first for

    the demo i didn't realize at first you

    had to use this stuff

    so like i jumped across did like this


    just make half the bridge and then

    jumped across said oh

    that's not how you're supposed to do it

    but like it gets me thinking that

    potentially like

    with this game now like breath of the

    wild has all the mechanics you can just


    get through the game destroying it just

    doing basically how play it however you

    want you can just

    break the game do really crazy things i

    think you might go with this game as

    well especially when we get more seasons

    that's gonna be insane so i can't wait

    to see like

    you know how people would speak from the

    scheme or something

    represent us well

    my little ari

    so we have our mother's approval now

    we've said to the doma seasons

    which is going to be a little bit of a

    long trick

    i think there's a few side quests we

    could pick up on the wake so remember um

    there was like a side quest about like a

    boy and a girl they liked each other but

    it's not like that we'll do that on the

    way maybe other things

    i'm fairly certain we get double jumps



    could be wrong but i remember double


    so there's a sidequest coming right up

    as well

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    ah the postman ah ari what are you doing


    probably your hair ugh i hate you so

    much all the way to the derma scene

    well i think that is possible a falling

    crystal nearly hit the elevator tower

    and took out half the bridge with it but

    i need to use the elevator

    this is important listen no one would

    dare cross that bridge right now

    uh sloane and his brothers are working

    on the repairs those kids your age would

    head back to you

    but these are strange times ari the

    crystals the weather crisis

    hyenas everywhere even saw a hyena

    dressed in clothes

    he was sneaking to the ruins behind the

    waterfall okay should go home mari

    it's far too dangerous to be outside

    right now more hyenas and hue

    why would they be running around the

    ruins not a clue but

    don't worry the rooms are closed off now

    uh that the riverbeds have all unfrozen

    there must be something i can do i'm

    staying right here into the bridges


    sometimes you need to accept that things

    are the way they are

    nope refuse to accept it

    all right let's go i mean like it's

    as you heard is unfrozen but we can

    maybe uh

    just freeze away can i talk to you in

    front of a side quest maybe

    let's quickly talk to you again just in


    yo uh now

    now maybe we come back and talk to you

    once we uh finish the quest or whatever

    all right let's just go down like just

    like basically

    go the way you want as well gotta be

    careful i remember this game being a

    little bit difficult

    well difficult i sucked at combat

    so uh we'll see all right

    uh yo what's up dude

    too bad isn't too bad hey

    let's go right uh

    let's just hit this

    which will be going again i think we

    need to get across to there

    that's what i remember doing last time


    like an item shop here

    hey what's up sensei yeah so sensei

    hello worry uh oh buy upgrades

    hello so it's a lot of money alfred

    virginia extra life out of combat oh

    that would be nice

    i think it's really angry if you try and

    buy with no money dude

    i see you okay

    maybe i i thought at first i'll probably

    save my money for um

    for new outfits and stuff but i'm

    thinking i probably should like get the

    upgrades first

    because that would be so much better

    all right just slowly does it slowly

    does it

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    and big jump jump

    for a second all right

    another big jump oh just made that

    and jump hey

    and then we hit this one that's the big

    one isn't it

    let me go for this temple

    all right first dungeon

    excited dude

    i don't remember too much of the puzzle

    in the dungeons so um don't expect me to

    breeze through this still

    it was like what two and a half months

    ago played this for like what

    an hour if that

    all right here we go so the waterfall


    i'm excited

    uh i guess we just do this

    oh nice

    uh can i break the pot to maybe get like

    some hearts or something

    i did yes all right we good we're good

    so that's gonna open the door sweet

    i should maybe also break pot in case i

    can get like wait what if we do this

    aha i thought it was kind of suspicious

    i thought there's gonna be a chest here

    25 hey that's more like it man get more


    the more coins we get the better

    right uh yeah it's brilliant because we

    have coins but it's just

    it's health isn't it

    uh right so if we hit this

    this does one

    this is a path up

    we go

    wait let's give a historical landmarks

    one out of 15. i thought we

    got two

    it's only got two is the one

    as soon as we left didn't count

    we have here we have 45 coins yes

    more money please i think the first

    thing i'm going to buy is the

    health upgrade i'm gonna go back and do

    this again

    like that health regen outside of combat

    is just it's going to be

    so helpful

    uh i think no i want to go this way i'll

    go back out this way

    door's broken now

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    right this is an enemy i remember

    but i think i want to go yeah i think

    it's pushes across

    it's like it's slightly coming back to


    and then we can jump across this way

    good uh

    spikes down there probably don't go that


    all right let's bring this down

    uh if i heard something for a second

    let's activate winter here

    more platform in

    all right so obviously as you know from

    the start we're playing this on switch

    the switch doesn't run as well as i did

    on my pc it's a little bit

    harder to like jump and stuff as soon as

    we drop a little bit of frames but

    it's always going to run better on pc

    i've got this on switch because i just


    it'd be like kind of fun to do some

    exploring stuff like if i need to go

    grind and get some money he's just like

    watch some tv

    it's in the front room play on handheld


    what's going to just like be really cool

    on a switch

    i don't regret it one bit quick i feel

    like combat's

    definitely a lot easier than when i

    played before

    maybe they nerfed it since the demo i

    don't know or

    i've heard it sound stupid and then when

    i played it uh

    on pc and the demo i probably end up

    just accidentally

    somehow put on hard mode that's probably

    what was so difficult

    so i remember struggling quite a bit but

    you don't worry so far

    right so i think yeah i think i have to

    do this

    come over here and then i go



    ah quick there you go

    what does this ball do

    don't know but got the door open

    oh chest chest chest chest give me some


    more money please

    12 coins how much money do we have now

    so where to find out


    i was just saying crystal okay so we've

    got costumes

    get your masks and hats as well oh sweet

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    oh there you go symbol 127 so we need

    was it was 200 for the

    health regen right

    so uh

    why so this just goes

    there you go gotta be quick i think

    that's the way to if there's a way to do

    it then i just end up doing it

    but let's be quick there okay uh

    i feel like i can't make that oh no this

    will be a double jump isn't it i think

    we do this and then we get double jump

    how do we get double jumble we get like



    let's just uh do that so i don't get

    you know

    impaled by some spikes


    oh okay

    didn't know that

    right well that makes life a lot easier

    we should know how to sprint from the


    all right uh do i do this really fast

    i was really fast

    all right just try and be a little quick

    like when you're running it's like you

    like naruto running

    we got some raccoons

    hey get back here down dude


    all right let's start making our way up

    i'll be quick i'll be quick

    don't like this don't want to get


    so this guy looks like he's uh quite


    okay all right pick up

    the minions first oh


    let's go yeah boy

    get wrecked can you take one hot it's

    not bad

    big bag of money hey okay we've got

    enough the health regen which will buy

    once we uh

    we leave this place also i haven't done

    this yet i want to save the game

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    oh it's got um auto say that's fine

    but uh just to make sure oh it says game

    completion as well so five percent


    nice so if we're like an hour in just

    under an hour and

    five percent it's front an hour so uh

    it's quite a long game then wait which

    one would come from like

    i came from this

    no i didn't come this way i hope not but

    is that a chest can i do this

    hey money money money please

    oh 150 coins oh we are definitely gonna

    get enough upgrades oh wow

    again i've upgrade what do i get

    there's a defense i'm definitely the hit

    the health regen

    oh ow maybe a little bit

    no oh no oh no oh no okay uh

    right uh okay

    i couldn't get a good distance i need to

    get some health

    wait what's up this way can i jump up


    oh i can oh okay

    this is gonna be double jump right

    yeah the pegasus shoes there we go now

    we got double jump i thought i remember

    double jump in the game

    right uh don't want to go down there yet

    i'm just gonna i'm gonna try this again


    please don't fail

    nice not good enough let's get it closer


    okay open open


    okay uh put it from like here

    i don't think it's gonna let me get it

    can i get this one i can get that one

    oh again healthy okay oh

    is the health is it just faster health


    if that's the case then um maybe i won't

    buy healthy jennifer maybe i should i

    don't know

    ow okay always got close to it okay a

    little bit closer

    okay nope that did not work that did not


    right so if i just uh wait we will get

    hp back right

    it must be like a certain amount of time

    was it another chest

    was all the one i just needed

    so i want to get it just because it's

    got a bunch of coins in what was that

    behind here

    oh it's nothing force or something

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    all right i'm gonna get this chest it

    could be something good

    so i'm going to wait until i okay there

    you go i've restored

    just need to get like a good angle

    sure that's good right no

    let's try for my hair

    should be closer oh no that was too



    maybe you can't get this one unless i

    probably do it from like

    here now if that's two


    that's gonna be it no maybe this one's

    bugged a little bit

    it does say you can open it but when i'm

    getting flung back

    i feel like i've got to like what do i

    do this

    got it

    100 it's worth it we're gonna die now


    do i keep the stuff because if i do keep

    the stuff that was worth it



    yeah it's open okay that was worth it

    that was worth it

    it's gonna send the save game thing now

    like one death

    is there one death yeah one death but

    it was worth it you know it was one

    death i would gladly accept and do again

    because we've got 100 coins out of it

    and that's like potentially

    pretty much another upgrade which i'm

    okay with

    upgrades baby upgrades all day



    all right now oh chest money


    hey 69 nice we are gonna get

    all the upgrades how much money have i

    got now


    550 okay so if we get 47 more we can get

    a third upgrade

    at the moment we'll get into

    don't know what i want uh

    okay so i just double jump this

    i don't know i don't know if i want the

    health regen

    now i know the health actually does

    region on its own

    just like this faster health regen which

    again would be nice but

    it's not you know not essential

    oh oh i was gonna fall down then

    okay okay i was gonna try jump for that

    one but i think we'd go for this

    no okay that was

    that's bad that's fine it's fine

    i did see a chest i want to try and get

    try and get everything we see if we can

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    so now

    right i can do this no i can't all right

    i'm gonna cut to when i actually make

    these jumps because i feel like i'm

    gonna fail

    quite a few times right come on make the


    yes all right 43 coins


    36 real close very close right now i'm


    try and jump back

    then we just so just make that one big

    jump there

    let's go for it nice all right

    we're good oh another chest almost

    missed you dude

    27 so we we getting them upgrades so

    many upgrades

    i'm looking forward to it i think we'll

    do upgrades and i

    shouldn't yeah i'll do some upgrades and

    i'll look into when we see the

    the costumes later on if the costumes

    like upgrade our defense or give us more

    hp and stuff then we'll um

    start also saving for them as well but

    if they don't then it's all good

    what are we doing here oh next to the

    waterfalls okay

    excited for this because that means we

    can go find the sensei and then we can

    go and get some upgrades

    let's go all right so whereabouts are we

    uh if we go over here and the chest we

    can get as well


    what do we have here

    any free coins not bad

    uh i assume we just don't okay

    i said as soon as you jump down but yeah

    so we've got double jumps and we can

    just now go


    all right i'll go around with cash for

    that get back up

    go buy these upgrades let me show the

    map as well

    so i think we want to go

    up that way because the dome is

    there and the tower thing is there

    and we're here

    yo what's up dude i'm ready for these



    show me what you've got agility

    increased damage

    generating life outside combat increased

    counter attack damage and click increase


    the slingshot just yeah i think that's



    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    can i get this and then get my life


    so now we do a lot more damage

    and we also get life regen which is

    quite nice

    i'm assuming later on we get different

    weapons as well that increase our damage

    so we should be fine like how much

    damage do we do guys now

    we just freeshot those

    anyway we got this way

    what's up boys you seem to be blocking

    the way

    he's gonna take you guys out

    nice gotta get that counter man

    i feel like with the switch it's so much

    easier to counter than it was on pc

    they're a hundred percent muscle like

    nerf the difficulty which was a shirt

    like i've kept on normal

    uh just to show it's last thing i saw

    you can lower the difficulty

    yeah see difficulty normal definitely

    going to keep it normal because i think

    it's going to get harder and harder

    but yeah just showing it's not not easy

    all right to the tower

    there it is so you couldn't make this

    before without the double jump

    and also have to make a bit of a nice


    all right this is not scary at all

    here we go

    oh do you think i made that for a second

    that was close

    all right there's a landmark

    yeah it's gotta be so yeah two out of


    that counted is there another one it was

    on the bomb

    floor uh let's go talk to the dude

    what's up my good man how's it going oh


    oh wait little arya almost did not

    recognize you there

    how in the world did you cross the

    bridge you cannot believe our luck

    those crystals had fallen any closer my

    brother and i would have been done for

    never looked down was like a charm what

    happened here

    i'm on my way to the valley a very

    important mission

    an important mission huh you are funny

    i'll give you that

    right right important mission sure well

    unfortunately you may have to find

    another way down

    my brother and i have been busy

    repairing the tower for some time plus

    those crystals did a lot of damage to

    the bridge

    uh monte's upstairs now working on the

    top levels

    i was helping him but uh well heights

    are his department

    that was the deal when we got this job

    i'm about to go on break

    so it'll be a while before the elevator

    is up and running again i can't wait i

    need to go down now

    my presence is required at a very

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    important secret meeting that's a good

    one kid

    i don't want to spoil your fun and games

    but your delivery quest or whatever it

    may be

    i'll have to wait and then again tell

    you what

    we're about to test the elevator but my

    brother still needs the gear if you

    bring up bring up to him i will postpone

    my lunch break for you what do you say

    sounds dangerous count me in okay right

    so let's go take this uh gear or find

    the gear

    and take it upstairs i think the gear is


    i think it's a bit down below isn't it


    and he's drinking on the job at great

    heights that's not

    great all right so pick up the gear



    please get down i swear like

    uh is this the wrong way to go

    oh yep but at least we've got a chest

    out of it so i can't complain

    20 120 coins i guess it was an easy

    chest to be fair

    there's doma seasons around the


    all right

    back up we go cause this was not it i

    thought maybe the gear was in a room

    down here

    though he has got to be in the room the

    guy with the elevator is

    shortly right


    where's the gear it's not that is it

    oh okay so the gears upstairs

    ah right here

    up we go

    jump up you know just gotta be careful

    don't you know fall down



    so if we do this

    no missed

    there you go dude i love the blues like

    the ice

    like the stairs looks so pretty there's

    the gear

    and now we have to make our way up try

    not to fall

    which is uh easier said than done

    all right uh wait could there be a chest


    no so

    jump up here jump up here

    oh that's close

    please don't fall please don't fall

    oh no oh no oh no okay okay don't think

    i go that way

    jump up there and we got

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    fruit juice oh new quest

    okay collect five bottles of fine fruit


    oh hey welcome always a pleasure to see

    some winter guardian or wouldn't see the

    winter guardian family

    how's gwen nobody's doing better you

    know your father got it got us this job

    back when this tower was named a

    regional monument

    said we'd never find a better view i've

    never seen you from this higher before

    look so tiny is my brother recovering

    down there from his

    episode review up here does a number on

    him he hates heights

    but in my one bit let me take my breaks

    up here with a nice cup of strawberry


    yeah i mean i i like his broth i hate

    heights dude heights are just

    oh so let's head inside and replace that


    hope to end this shift on a good note

    then maybe some strawberry juice to


    sounds good uh so interact

    so that should do it time to go down

    finally can i just like drop down

    i think i can

    got a lot of double jump dude double


    huh maybe you are secret mission

    material great work up there hurry

    ready for the test just pull the lever

    behind you when you feel ready

    i'm ready where is it oh there is

    a big lever isn't it going down

    we are indeed hey

    all right slow long journey down get to

    relax a little bit

    sorry get rid of the uh the winter

    down there right now but we have a

    long way to go and i think there's a

    side quest or two we can do on the way

    and i'm pretty sure we're gonna pass the

    village where we can actually um

    buy an outfit or something

    so we can check that out as well make

    sure you don't speak to me no we're good

    oh we got some hyenas what's up boys why

    is that chestnut

    everyone see vines that i just think you

    got a chest with you

    oh flynn baby get dope

    yeah i get destroyed dude i might get

    counter oh that's a chest might get

    counter damage up next

    i'm gonna be a good upgrade


    154 coins


    we nice be able to actually do the next

    upgrade once we find a

    shop wait it's on the chest over here

    keep again we can sprint as well

    uh right this

    oh the trees look so pretty and white

    dude this actually makes me so jealous

    like i really

    really really hope i know it's not gonna

    happen but i hope where i live

    it snows this year come the last time it

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00


    like it's been like at least three years

    i feel like at least

    if you might snow maybe like a teeny bit


    never enough to actually sell

    i want snow heavy snow that actually

    settles and just

    i can make a snowman and stuff 99 coins


    right uh so let's get rid of that and

    can't jump over can we open door out

    took some damage but it's fine

    let's open the door all right so here's

    the little village i remember


    yeah there's a side quest i think it's

    the one i remember


    right yo what's up

    wait learn about powers


    careful if you hit your loser okay get a

    charge how do i

    unleash it

    okay so the higher solstice level the

    more powerful the effect okay

    let's uh buy upgrades

    hello hello to you sir

    i'm going to get the counter attack



    it's pretty good we're pretty good at

    countering actually so

    definitely should get this and okay so

    oh okay it's another side quest there

    but first hello there are you looking uh

    sprightly are you joining us for food

    it's almost ready but i'm still waiting

    on the fish

    fish i already don't like fish meat

    neither man fish sucks but plus an

    important mission

    don't have time to eat no you can't do

    proper adventuring on an empty stomach

    i hate to ask this but i can't leave the

    food unattended would you mind

    who isn't that far to the fisherman's

    hut he lives just by the waterfall into

    the tower

    what's in it for me and if you don't

    like fish there'll be other things to


    i think we have some apples lying around

    maybe you can cook or cookies

    yeah count me in man 100 sure hurry i

    don't want to burn them for food i love


    like honestly i try to think like they

    were dead actually what my favorite

    cookie is

    and honestly it's gonna sound really

    weird but i really really

    really like subway's double chocolate

    chip cookies

    i haven't had about a long time at a

    subway a long time but

    dude subway had pretty nice chocolate

    chip cookies or double chocolate chip


    all right so there's the fish

    yo what's up dude hi why the troubled


    why look there half my tools are at the

    bottom of the lake not sure i dare to

    get them

    what if the lake freezes over again had

    more insult to injury the crane is stuck

    could i ask you to give it a good whack

    while i try to handle uh

    handle it down here leave it to me all

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    right give that a nice little whack

    all right so we just uh what hit this

    oh nice gross it's actually gross

    oh dude i cannot i've done that for you

    did i do anything else with the

    no can we hear this side no

    so we've got the fish gonna enjoy this



    so now do i talk back to you yes

    okay how are you take as much fish as

    you need could you pass along a message

    please i will be there as soon as i

    finish unloading the last catch

    sounds good

    all right

    plenty of side quests to do

    the way people got some food to eat

    well the food cookies cookies food you

    know what i mean

    cookies right fish is the worst here

    take them

    we do hate fish now remember there was

    promise of cookies right

    uh did i say that yes you did i won't

    forget about cookies

    well the thing is i was gonna make them

    but i've run out of time i apologize

    again cut dude the world was awarded

    five dozen courses and i just can't

    afford to lose that confidence

    you mean they're more important than me

    should see them when they're angry

    angry anyhow i must get back to work

    sure that recipe is still

    in that house somewhere ah okay

    what do we get for this let's go fish oh


    i mean that's kind of cool to be fair

    i'm okay with this now i mean i would

    rather cookies 100

    but i'll take this wait who

    sells the stuff oh open shop

    oh oh katana is a lot of


    the master spoon

    i want that katana but it's so expensive

    all right so i'm gonna go do this side

    quest next

    things like the boyfriend girlfriend

    thing right hey ari i like your new look

    hey molly you okay what happened boy


    going again huh what happened this time

    leg's always been frozen until now so i

    thought we could go for a swim

    but go on laughed at me and said i was

    crazy maybe we should have just to get

    him in the lake all together

    i don't say that i'll try talking to him

    molly be right back

    all right boy problems man

    just uh get the sword out nice little uh

    you know

    be nice saw the issue out but ari

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    what's with the haircut you look like

    flynn never mind that

    garwin i'll hear about molly i'm doing

    business ari

    she's my friend you made her cry she

    wanted to enjoy the lake

    never been like this before never ever

    ever which is why swimming in there is


    sounds fun to me it doesn't sound fun to

    me this new weather is stupid

    we should use we are we used to ice

    skate every day

    who knows we'll be able to do that again

    you all is way different now

    but that's okay maybe for you not for me

    i think an idea how to call you off a

    bit do i just like

    a season sphere how are you doing there

    runs in the family i guess

    next time go on just tell molly you

    drive a skate she knows that already

    i still want to know how he made a

    winter sphere of your business

    all right there you go molly all done

    for you

    keep pressing hey to talk instead of x

    every single time but go to garwin molly

    i think he'll surprise you this time

    you sure ari i didn't see you wrong with

    the secret gap in the fence did i trust

    me molly

    i remember that that was fun a little

    bit scary okay see you later ari bye

    what do we get

    oh okay that sounds a lot better


    make sure no costumes okay this is

    pretty cool

    i wonder if this stays on during scenes

    i doubt it but

    we'll keep on just see all right uh

    side quest here yo what's up

    what do you need hello red you seem a

    bit uh you see me better spirits that's


    in my 72 years and i had to suffer

    summer heat like this

    no good idea that might cool you off ah

    so then i can stand i

    came to the water in hopes of catching a

    refreshing breeze no luck so far

    believe it or not i prefer yule a degree

    or two below freezing


    bless my snow loving bones a winter

    sphere you have a natural aptitude for

    uh guardianship

    harry impressive very impressive child

    careful now i could get used to this

    there's only two coins all right do you

    think it was a very easy quest but

    two coins it's a bit cheap lady cough up

    a bit more

    you know

    what's your quest then getting your


    and what uh

    can i dive i'm not sure if it supposed

    to be

    speaking or not but

    i can't dive if they can dive down the


    nope that's not it

    uh i don't know what dive is

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    don't see his tools anyway i think that

    might have been glitched out a little


    double check quests because i might pop

    up there


    uh quests


    yeah so it's not popping up so i think

    it's just glitched out a little bit

    because we spoke to him for

    the other quest we did oh


    hmm crocus

    little ariel apologies for the rush

    must be going grown-up business to

    attend to

    grown-up you're only three years older

    than me

    oh by the way i like the new haircut

    he likes my haircut hey

    okay right see it wasn't too

    too uh too mean when i first

    saw him in the in the demo i played i

    saw his pitch and i thought he's gonna

    be like a sort of king joffrey

    king or prince you know he's going to be

    just kind of really not what was the

    tree over there what's up here on the

    mini map

    oh that's pretty just for health though

    is that why you show me it no yeah it's

    a health tree okay

    um yeah it doesn't seem that it's not


    or it could be it still really reminds

    me of a little bit of um

    the king from shrek forget his name i've

    seen shrek in so

    so many years another side quest over

    here we're gonna

    quickly do first so from you yes it is

    what's up dude so uh

    zee trick z drake why isn't that buffoon

    of an

    intern return oh hello there have you

    seen my intern by chance

    no i don't think so i'm hurry by the way

    so i want the locals well doesn't

    concern you it's far too dangerous for

    our little girl

    run along home now before they come back

    hey man i'm pretty can you handle myself

    pretty well

    the heinous of course our car got stuck

    so i sent zedrick ahead of the help

    look away for one second and the

    vermin's made off with my provisions

    where is he drinking when it work nitwit

    intern was supposed to uh get help in

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00


    or star but he uh still not returned by

    the seasons what a nuisance

    who's the old you know it's frigid and

    nothing dependable

    you can keep the food cold so i've

    already uh counted that as a loss

    one of these stolen boxes contain the

    the ladies of wigs for the

    nobility of ostara oh wonder if we get a

    wig for doing this

    wigs why they're the very latest trend

    in ostara some of the nobility where for

    months for their orders to wait wait

    uh four months that order to arrive now

    oh okay um it takes me a bit with that

    but this latest shipment gone the prices

    will quadruple

    so i'm just getting off my nose but the

    complaints about the seasons customer

    complaints will skyrocket

    and they pay handsomely all right so for

    their tracks down to the

    road to the village but i'll suggest you

    run in the opposite direction the road

    leads towards star plenty of danger


    not moving till the guards get here all

    right oh zedrick he couldn't keep his

    mind off this warm weather

    it's probably a flicking about right now

    getting nothing done

    all right what a day what a day let's go

    get the

    help the nitwit let's check the map so

    we're going

    oh it can't be up there it's gotta be up

    there isn't it that's a long way to go

    uh oh wait what

    so that's like what we missed there

    oh no that was the um no wait

    huh okay

    uh maybe we should run back and go there

    i guess and that's where we need to go

    first over here

    let's go do this it's not too far

    all right do you want to miss outside

    quest otherwise i would have gone and

    done it

    oops oh

    some provisions oh

    got some like mushroom enemies that's so


    but i'm gonna try and kill you

    mushrooms you want sir

    right let's keep following the path

    uh where are we


    yeah it's gonna go around

    uh oh a little girl don't go that way


    why not but your highness we're heading

    down the road to our star

    i'm gonna go in that direction if i

    would you yeah i can't further down


    yeah sounds fun to me dude i'm going you

    can't stop me

    i see some hyenas the health

    it's not health but uh

    okay it's locked onto you

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    oh easy

    uh if i just jump get that there you go

    let's go take out that camp shall we

    could try to be a bit stealthy but we're

    just going straight in

    okay okay okay a little bit of damage


    come here


    gone okay took a little bit too much

    damage but we're fine we're fine

    300 coins let's go

    i'm tempted to save up for the katana


    really am that's got me something up

    here surely

    i cannot jump up i'll do this

    jump out and then up no nothing there


    all right so i'm heading back now right

    yeah all right i'll see you guys when we

    get back to the uh

    the dude alrighty so we made it back

    let's go hand this quest in also on the

    way up here

    i totally went past them before the

    obviously in the quest

    but i've got a um little cool easter egg

    to show you i

    said easter egg but i've got a real wig

    i'm not gonna wear that it looks


    that's really bad but um i guess you

    could say

    what did you say an easter egg or a

    reference i guess like if it's a

    reference it still isn't easter egg


    but if you've played uh legend of zelda

    majora's mask

    and obviously you know about the um the

    name happy mar salesman yes the name

    isn't it

    yeah basically he's right here

    the masks uh i got a mask on him wearing

    a mask

    and he sells some pretty cool outfits

    but it looks like it doesn't seem about

    like extra added um

    like stats or anything so it must be

    cosmetic which is

    still cool i still want to like get new

    outfits and stuff but

    kind of want the uh the ninja black

    draped tunic

    seems so cool all right we've got a long

    way to go

    almost the season domed thermal seasons

    let's open the door again i'll check the

    map as well see how far we are

    i'm gonna get to the dome and then that

    will be the episode dunks i feel like

    we've done so much

    so much there's so much upgrading

    i don't got the highness spawning again

    which is fine by me

    yo what's up dude

    get wrecked


    hp back by uh jumping up

    wait there you go let's go with the food

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00


    all right if i check the map real quick

    where are we

    yeah almost there almost there

    not too much further to go


    okay bragging early about being good at

    countering but there you go


    a little bit but there's the steps to

    the dome of seasons

    oh got a long way to go up

    but i think this is probably a great

    place to end this episode off

    next episode we head all the way up and


    go and attend the meeting so you guys so

    much watching i'll catch you guys next


    have a great day peace

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    1. How does it play on Switch? One reviewer said it was buggy and has frame rate issues. I've been waiting a while for this game, reminds me of a cutesy Pixar movie, but also a Hat in Time vibes.

    2. I know this is like totally unrelated but like Pokemon Rejuvenation Version 13 is like 71% completed and I can't wait for you to play it cause like your playthrough of it is like one of the best I've seen so far!

    3. ive never heard of this game, but since i want to see your LP (And im poor RN) i might have to skip it
      unless i like the gameplay from this first part, and decide to ignore your LP till i get the game

    4. One thing that really pisses me off is the reading out loud of the dialogue, why do you do it when we can all read it for ourselves……deal breaker for me, I'll find another walkthrough


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