ASSASSIN’S CREED Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – ALTAIR

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20so guys welcome to a new series on the channel we are playing the very first assassin's creed game recently past the 13 year mark this game came out 13 years ago i feel so old i was so incredibly excited for this game you have no idea um the trailer was incredible i was like i need this a new ip from ubisoft looks incredible as well uh yeah we're gonna take the game out if you guys want to turn this into a full series let me know leave a like on the video leave your comments below and uh let's begin assassin's creed the very first assassin's creed game i'm playing this on my xbox series x uh through backwards compatibility tried to play it on pc um oh well kind of sucked it's how the game starts i applied my heart to no wisdom and you know madness and folly i believe that this also was a chasing after wind foreign we've got a problem oh would they sink him to the memory i need you to try and relax let me try and stabilize it ah he's gonna go he's gonna go he's gonna pass out listen to the sound of my voice recognize that what you're seeing isn't real just a picture of the past it can't hurt you damn it it's not working give it a moment he'll adjust the first time is never easy we're losing him that's enough mr man we're gonna blackout [Music] freaking out you okay i told you he'd be fine bastards now now i just saved your life saved my life you kidnapped me you strapped me into that thing animus it's an animus i don't even know you people why are you doing this to me you have information we need mr miles information i'm a bartender for christ's sakes what do you want me to do teach you how to mix a martini we know who you are what you are i don't know what you're talking about don't play coy with me there isn't time you're an assassin and whether you realize it or not you've got something that my employers want locked away in that head of yours but i'm not an assassin not anymore yes your file indicated as much something about an escape most fortunate for us what do you want from me for you to do as you're told the animus will allow us to locate what we need once we have it you'll be free to go i am not going back in there then we'll induce a coma and continue our work when we're done you'll be left to die truth be told the only reason you're still conscious is because this approach saves us time you're insane so what is it mr miles live or die lie down well i guess i don't have much choice do i uh is there an option for no okay i was gonna say can i add subtitles nope resume or quick game all right fine okay back in the animals then so be it a wise decision didn't really have much choice did i whoa where am i you're inside the animus which is it's a projector that renders genetic memories in three dimensions genetic memory seems you'll need a bit of a tutorial very well we'll start simple what is a memory mr miles it's the recollection of a past event specific to the individual remembering the event yeah sure what if i told you that the human body not only housed an individual's memory but the memories of his ancestors as well genetic memory if you will migration hibernation reproduction how do animals know when and where to go what to do that's just animal instinct now you're arguing semantics mr miles whatever you call it the fact remains these creatures hold knowledge absent the requisite first-hand experience i've spent the past 30 years trying to understand why i discovered something most fascinating our dna functions as an archive it contains not only genetic instructions passed down from previous generations but memories as well the memories of our ancestors and the animus lets you decode and read these dna files precisely but there's a problem this is the specific memory we're trying to access unfortunately when we try and open the memory your mind withdraws you lack the confidence to step into your ancestors body that's what happened earlier you got knocked out of the target memory and pushed back to a more stable state why it's your subconscious it's resisting we've found similar reactions among patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events they can't jump directly into the specific memory they need to be eased in even then there can be problems so how do we fix it we find a memory you can synchronize with and we move forward from there you'll get used to it this is the closest we can get so it's where we'll have to start i'm uploading the tutorial program now warning data stream unstable attempting to restore synchronization hello subject 17. this tutorial has been prepared in order to better acclimate you to the animus's control system instructions will follow shortly the synchronization bar represents how in sync you are with your ancestors memories if you ever fall completely out of sync the animus will restore you to your last synchronized position you are currently dangerously close to desynchronization please follow all forthcoming instructions in order to restore system stability the animus utilizes a puppeteering concept to control the actions of your ancestor i'm loading subroutines to validate your body's adaptation to the animus we will begin by exploring the default actions of each input time to learn the basics i guess while standing still oh right first person press y there we go i can see around me lovely see what's going on it's actually in the new games first person to walk through these jar carriers without causing them to drop what they're holding so completely to continue the synchronization process coming through we never really had a game like this that was out this was this felt brand new a brand new ip a brand new concept new genre the animus differentiates between two fundamental actions low profile and high profile low profile actions are socially acceptable high profile actions are more action oriented hold the high profile button to see how your heads up display changes the context of the puppeteering inputs i see who are you we will continue your synchronization process by testing some high profile actions grab and throw this individual onto the marker by using the empty hand button in high profile let's do it i'm gonna grab your fool there you go oh i miss those froze using your legs button in high profile will allow you to sprint sprinting is useful to escape from soldiers or to get closer to a fleeing target however be careful not to bump into anyone for you can lose your balance and tumble to the ground i remember doing that so many times the marker before this man does ah okay it's a race let's do it run oh it's close that was very close the animus will also provide other important information the social status icon gives you information on your social status the different states will be explained in context soon this icon appears when a soldier is looking at you the yellow color means the soldier is either unaware or suspicious of who you are to illustrate the change in awareness level you will stealth assassinate this soldier first lock onto your target lockdown now select your hidden blade select it with your blade selected walk up to the soldier and assassinate him baby this would this be the first time we ever see the hidden blades being used let's face this man oh he sucks me out he's suspicious what happened here i think we know what happened you're gonna come out and fight the dead body has allowed the soldier and changed his awareness to inform as represented by the red witness indicator aggressive actions or socially unacceptable behavior undertaken at this time will likely provoke an armed response hello do you fancy a fight kill the assassin oh has changed to exposed use the ladder and try to break the line of sight break it on a snake okay let's go come out of it away from me being an assassin we're obviously gonna kill him also we are very [Music] but the soldier is still looking for you he is wait until your social status changes again so he'll give up the chase and then we're free to go we're all good done the soldier has lost your track you are now anonymous and you can exit the hard spot excellent perfect being anonymous will fill your synchronization bar and make your job as an assassin easier what other so long as you blend there are different places which you can use to hide however you must always break the line of sight first and then use a hide spot to vanish got it yeah they're my favorite blending with the scholars i remember seeing that in the the initial trailer it was so cool he was getting chased and he just blended with a demonstration blend can be activated with the passive use of your legs you can mimic a scholar and pass near soldiers without a rousing suspicion use this to reach the marker behind the soldiers is there any nearby i'm just gonna pretend to be one right now who's gonna blend in with other scholars hello perfect they were not aware at all this sixth sense helped your ancestor understand the intentions of people around him so red for soldiers yeah for the assassination target remember eagle vision will only be available once you are fully synced please note that following the assassin's creed your ancestors way of life will assist you with staying in sync the creed consists of three tenets first never hurt an innocent person second always be discreet third do not compromise the clan should you lose sync you can restore synchronization by reliving key moments of your ancestors life or by respecting the creed i have successfully completed the tutorial the most stable memory block will now be loaded tutorial is done looks like a sim card that weird a mobile sim card wait there must be another way this one need not die an excellent kill fortune favors your blame not fortune skill watch a while longer and you might learn something indeed he'll teach you how to disregard everything the masters taught us and how would you have done it i would not have drawn attention to us i would not have taken the life of an innocent what i would have done is follow the creed nothing is true everything is permitted understand these words it matters not how we complete our task only that it's done but this is not the way my way is better i will scout ahead try not to dishonor us further what is our mission my brother would say nothing to me only that i should be honored to have been invited the master believes the templars have found something beneath the temple mount i do not know all that matters is the master considers it important i do not recognize alto's voice i played it back in 2007 obviously i've not played it for a very very very long time i do not recognize it at all odd has it been changed was this a different character actually looks surprisingly good aged very very well mate you are indeed lock on to the targets go for a nice low profile kill beautiful there that must be the ark the ark of the covenant don't be silly there's no such thing it's just a story then what is it quiet someone's coming i want to recognize our voices so weird the sooner we possess it the sooner we can turn our attention to those jackals his life is mine no we were asked to retrieve the treasure and deal with robert only if necessary he stands between us and it i'd say it's necessary discretionary you mean cowardice that man is our greatest enemy and here we have a chance to be rid of him you have already broken two tennis of our greed now you would break the third do not compromise the brotherhood i am your superior in both title and ability you should know better than to question me you'll be you're gonna get yourself into issues here my friend options uh do we have some subtitles do we have subtitles i hope so i'm not seeing any is that something must be subtitled surely no map additional memories yeah i'm trying to find subtitles but um i can't find any so in the options they're not there he's kind of weird are we gonna just gonna walk over there and just fight does not seem wise this is not the assassins way hello hold templars you are not the only ones with business well this explains my missing man and what is it you want lock on targets and that's the name oh oh i spare you only that you may return to your master and deliver her message the holy land is lost to him in his he should flee now while he has the chance without the assassin intervening i should never win all right let's get up there easy easy peasy yes i've uploaded um all the assassin's creed games apart from the first and second game hence we're doing this one today so if you've got an assassin's creed game in mind i might have already covered it actually i've not played um assassin's creed origins actually never got around to playing that uh yeah so i guess i've missed three games yeah for me this is it's it's it's gone back to the basics it had a lot of really cool ideas i feel like assassin's creed 2 probably improved on a lot of those plus i do like ezio as a character lt is actually quite hard to like but i really like the story i love the world memory to a more recent one skipping forward that did not go to plan it is good to see you unharmed i trust your mission was a success is the master in his tower yes yes buried in his books as always no doubt he expects you my thanks brother safety and peace out there on you as well master is not going to be happy at all this is bad very very bad yes let me know in the comments uh what is your what's your favorite assassin's creed game and did you play the first game let me know in the comments section below i personally really like assassin's creed 2 and brotherhood probably my favorite part the new one odyssey was pretty good um we going the right way here it's been such a long time since i played this game i'm guessing the last time i played this was probably in 2008 that's a long time ago at least for me anyway there we go [Music] and this is where master is master of the assassins master of the creed that's when the assassins are actually strong not hiding away all the time ah he returns at last yes abbas where are the others did you ride ahead hoping to be the first one back i know you are lord to share the glory silence is just another form of a sin have you nothing better to do i bring word from the master he waits for you in the library best hurry no doubt you're eager to put your tongue to his boot another word and i'll put my blade to your throat there'll be plenty of time for that later brother he's not very popular he's not popular at all is he then it is mastery here master the master waits within and there he is the master himself i come with bad news my master altair master come forward tell me of your mission [Music] i trust you have recovered the temple's treasure there was some trouble master robert de sable was not alone when does our work ever go as expected it's our ability to adapt that makes us who we are this time it was not enough what do you mean i have failed you the treasure lost to us and robert escaped i send you my best man to complete a mission more important than any that has come before and you returned to me with nothing but apologies and excuses i did do not speak not another word this is not what i expected we'll need to mount another force i swear to you i'll find him i'll go in no you'll do nothing you've done enough we're american dead no not that merrick i still live at least and your brother gone because of you robert threw me from the room there was no way back nothing i could do because you would not heed my warning all of this could have been avoided and my brother my brother would still be alive your arrogance nearly cost us victory today nearly i've what's your favorite fail to find here take it though it seems i've returned with more than just their treasure master we are under attack robert de sable siege to masiaf's village so he seeks a battle very well i'll not deny him go inform the others the fortress must be prepared as for you altair our discussion will have to wait you must make for the village destroy these invaders drive them from our home it will be done oh no we're being attacked it might be time for the sword no more assassins stealth gameplay at least for now that will come back later on i guess all right let's sprint time is of the essence it's good you've come we need your help what's happened templars they attacked the village most of our people were able to get away most but not all what do you need me to do distract the templars keep them occupied while i rescue those still trapped inside as you wish as you wish your wish will come true my friend is he's got a massive massive ego like ginormous and i guess at first it's a little bit hard to like but but that does change as we progress through the story don't worry all right let's lock on here we go [Music] by the way any more templars wanna try and fight me out of the way get it coming in here oh i will help [Applause] straight through the chest oh this is this is classic convert that's all about the attackers so shut the gate i have the numbers didn't i attire come almuelliem's not done with us yet where are we going up there we have a surprise plan for our guests just do as i do it should become clear soon enough do as i do okay i can do that god save him this one over here everything write down what you have stolen from me are we going to try to sneak you have no claim take yourself from here before i'm forced to thin your ranks further you play a dangerous game i assure you this is no game so be it bring forth the hostage [Music] great your village lays in hoods and your stalls are half the endless how long before your fortress crumbles from within how disciplined will your men remain when the whales run dry and their food is gone my men do not fear death robert they welcome it and the rewards it brings good and they shall have it all around follow me and do so without hesitation show this full night what it is to have no fear go to god the very first leap of faith in an assassin's creed game the very first one what's that um i'll stay behind intently you'll have to go ahead without us the ropes there will bring you to a trap we've set go and release it rain death upon our enemies okay we're trying to sneak around the back set off the trap get victory let's try a little more stealth again i guess i will not know what hit them oh careful careful last thing i want to do is break my legs it's quite the first leap of faith someone misses oh that's gotta hurt touch wood i've never broken any bones and i plan to hopefully why have i said that i know what's gonna happen now oh why do i say stuff like this i did touch wood though i'm sorry yeah the movement obviously is a little bit different to the the modern assassin's creed games looking at the game's aged really well like really incredibly well this is 13 years old as of november of last year that's that's a lot of years is it 13 first thing what are we doing you did well to drive robert from here his force is broken it shall be a long while before he troubles us again tell me do you know why it is you are successful you listened worried that you'd listened in solomon's temple altar here all of this would have been avoided i did as i was asked no you did as you pleased malik has told me of the arrogance you displayed your disregard for our ways what are you doing there are rules we are nothing if we do not abide by the assassin's creed three simple tenets which you seem to forget i will remind you first and foremost stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent i know and stay your tongue unless i give you leave to use it if you are so familiar with this tenant then why did you kill the old man inside the temple he was innocent he did not need to die your insolence knows no bounds make humble your heart child for i swear i'll tear it from you with my own hands the second tenet is that which gives us strength hide in plain sight let the people mask you such that you become one with the crowd do you remember because as i hear it you chose to expose yourself drawing attention before you struck the third and final tenet the worst of all your betrayals never compromise the brotherhood its meaning should be obvious your actions must never bring harm upon us direct or indirect yet your selfish act beneath jerusalem placed us all in danger worse still you brought the enemy to our home every man we've lost today was lost because of you i'm sorry truly i am but i cannot abide a traitor i am not a traitor your actions indicate otherwise and so you leave me no choice peace be upon you al dair i mean the guy made a mistake come on he's experiencing a far better adoption rate than the other subjects i'm still pulling him out he's been in there way too long no not yet we're still so far from where we need to be we shouldn't risk it what another hour or two why don't we discuss this in the conference room give desmond a minute to stretch his legs i really don't see the need warren please fine warren you're a jerk mate give him a rest let him breathe let him stand up let him [Music] sleep being in the animus must be tougher than playing a computer game let's be honest can we listen in oh i can hear mumbles that's about it let me listen in can i get a bit closer oh one sec yes desmond is not enough or nathan drake for one sec man i can't even change my in front clothes the prisoner there's a word for that i believe it's called insubordination and i don't appreciate you trying to kill him there's a word for that too i believe it's called stupid you'll see this isn't my decision i don't send a deadline but i'm smart enough not to challenge them do you want to wind up like layla i know the accident has everyone on edge which is why there's no time to coddle him if you push him too hard he'll shut down and then he'll have nothing we have nothing now but we will you just need to have little faith fine but i want you thinking of ways to improve his staying power we can't afford to stop every time the man breaks a sweater it's bad enough we have to trace through all of these useless memories i'll do what i can they want us to speed up and the sequences i do i believe do get a bit longer so they obviously work a system to keep them going a little bit i think their conversations ended though the pad arrest this is basically a glorified prison at the moment let's be honest oh oh hello we're done for today mr miles i suggest you return to your room and get some rest well thank you very much lucy seems decent though i think she's called lucy all right let's get some sleep damn it they locked the door of course they did this is a prison we're a prisoner they kidnapped us time for sleepies sleep time so it sounds like they have done this before i think decimal might be the most successful hey that's a little creepy doc waking up to you standing over me you've been watching me sleep we're always watching you now get up we've got a lot of work to do who wonder who i get to kill today don't be so cavalier your ancestors almost had the right idea mr miles if the deaths of a few people evil people no less could save the lives of thousands more well it seems a small sacrifice what do you mean almost they didn't go far enough to use a rather tired analogy corruption is no different than cancer cut out the tumors but fail to treat the source and well you're buying time at best there's no true change to be had without comprehensive systemic intervention chemo for the masses education of re-education to be more precise but it's not easy and it doesn't always take let me guess you've got a better solution what is it then now that would be telling great i can barely wait all right i guess back for day two [Music] uh i think we just continue i did try and access subtitles as far as i can tell there's nothing here there's no option for subtitles which is odd very odd indeed i don't understand how that's even possible i know i'm going in one second yeah there's an option sorry about that guys if there is an option let me know uh let's see if you exit the animals maybe i don't know anyway let's continue for now i am alive but i saw you stab me felt death's embrace you saw what i wanted you to see and then you slept the sleep of the dead of the womb that you might awake and be reborn to what end do you remember altair what it is the assassin fight for peace in all things yes in all things it is not enough to end the violence one man commits upon another it refers to peace within as well you cannot have one without the other so it is said so it is but you my son have not found inner peace manifests in ugly ways you are arrogant and overconfident were you not the one to say that nothing is true and everything is permitted you do not understand the true meaning of the phrase my child it does not grant you the freedom to do as you wish it is a knowledge meant to guide your senses it expects a wisdom you clearly lack then what is to become of me i should kill you for the pain you've brought upon us malik thinks it only fair your life in exchange for his brothers but this would be a waste of my time and your talents you'll see you have been stripped of your possessions your rank as well you are a novice a child once more as you were on the day you first joined our order i am offering you a chance at redemption you'll earn your way back into the brotherhood i assume you've something planned first you must prove to me you remember how to be an assassin so you'd have me take a life no not yet at least for now you're to become a student once again there is no need for this others tracked your targets for you but no more from today on you will track them yourself if this is what you wish it is then tell me what it is that i must do we have been betrayed someone was assisting robert one of our own you must find him and bring him here for questioning what can you tell me of the traitor ah but that's just it i've given you all i will the rest is up to you look at the synchronization we've got four bars now we've been demoted we have no hidden blade no sword night i lost the ability to counter attack what oh shoot we can't dodge we've been completely yeah our rank is completely gone we are nothing but a student well this kind of sucks oh well go back out there learn our craft again come back come back a stronger man peace i'll tell you you're in my way yes has asked that i assist you remind you how it is we hunt our prey i know how it works be that as it may i have no desire to disobey then be quick the assassin have many tools at their disposal yes yes we can eavesdrop we can pickpocket or we can use violence to intimidate good you remember so you'd have me walk amongst the others and learn what i can about the traitor yes begin by going to the village market that's where we first spotted the traitor you know who it is perhaps then give me a name and let's be done with it that's not the way it works now go and remember begin your search in the village market okay so the village market we go yeah this is all about alone in the basics again you can tell he's absolutely fuming he hates this he's one of the most talented assassins in the order but he's got to start from scratch all over again he's hating life right now he better not cause anything a little bit further than i hoped [Music] time to do some eavesdropping find the bench there you go i know what i saw mussoon opened the gate he let the templars in then you must tell al-mu'alim i can't massoun did not act alone someone inside the fortress helped him what makes you say this he exchanges letters with someone inside the basket weaver carries them for him that's no reason to stay silent ah but the weaver delivered him a letter just before the attack i suspect it held the order to open the gate then speak to the weaver he can name mason's accomplice he's disappeared hiding for fear of being dragged into this probably inside one of his own baskets i did wonder because the doors just opened up the gates since we arrived and the templars just seemed to walk in which was uh yeah not ideal so normally asea has this work sort of done for him he's sort of given the target to assassinate he knows who to assassinate let's go do the back end work as well he's really not having a great day but he made a mistake and we can uh try and get some redemption i've got poopocket that man okay please just one we lost everything in the attack and have no place to store our grain i i can't right now i'm busy is this about the letter what letter the letter you received when i got here bad news i don't know what you're talking about listen i'll see what i can do but please i need to be alone right now come back later as you wish i'm gonna follow you my friend follow you indeed in low profile hold down oh no who took it lost the letter right we're next we'll find out who this traitor is here actually watched some gameplay recently like al-mualim would see this dream this thing this guy we have to interrogate two days a day and more will follow unless you repent give up your wicked ways rise up against the madman of massive see through his lies when do we um begin trying to convince him okay so colluded place and then beat him up until he speaks i'll say it's not right it's excluded here i'm struggling to say that there's someone nice and quiet right here this will be perfect this might work perfectly it's a nice little spot uh yeah we need to have a chat with my friends i yield i yield speak quickly then i have no interest in your games why did you betray us and who do you serve we serve the templars you should too their cause is just we jamaan he told me of their plans asked me to open the gate you betrayed us we who called you brother and kept you safe from harm i did what i believed was right and if you must kill me for it so be it i am not afraid to die your fate is not for me to decide it's judge fast forwarding memory to a more recent one you stand accused of betraying our brotherhood and opening the way for our enemies how do you answer to these charges i deny nothing i'm proud of what i did my only regret is that they failed i offer you a chance to repent to renounce the evil in your heart it is not evil in my heart but truth i will not repent then you will die you did well and have earned the right to carry a blade once more what will become of the one who helped him it remains to be seen some do heal out of ignorance or fear these men can be saved others suffer from corrupted wills their minds poisoned and twisted these men must be destroyed soon enough we'll know what sort of man jamaal is i've passed your test then what now oh my child we've only just begun i hold here a list nine names adorn it nine men who need to die they are plague bringers war makers their power and influence corrupts the land and ensures the crusades continue you will find them kill them in doing so you'll sow the seeds of peace both for the region and for yourself in this way you might be redeemed nine lives in exchange for mine a most generous offer i think have you any questions only where i need begin very well pride for the mass seek out the black market merchant named tamir let him be the first to fall be sure to visit the city's assassin bureau when you arrive i'll dispatch a bird to inform the rafiq of your arrival speak with him you'll find he has much to offer if you believe it best i do besides you cannot begin your mission without his consent what nonsense is this i don't need his permission it's a waste of time it's the price you pay for the mistakes you've made your answer not only to me but all the brotherhood as well now so be it take your equipment and go prove that you are not yet lost to us do i get the hidden plate back as well it's sitting right there yes we have a sword we have a hidden blade and you see the missing finger as well so i remember seeing in the initial trailer i was like what is dedication more than i would ever know so up for the hidden blade that's it and right for the sword and you'll see we've got another sink point for our sink fire health bar it seems my students do not fully understand what it is to wheel the blade perhaps you could show them what you know okay let's do it so do we learn that um combo q oh that would do that you must be busy i understand so we learned a little bit about combo kills we can practice our fighting as well if we want to it is always there ready and available you must be busy i understand i am always busy silly of course yeah thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed the very first episode of assassin's creed the very first game um it brought back a lot of memories love nostalgia really enjoyed it hope you guys enjoyed it as well leave a like on the video and i'll see you guys very very soon bye byeWatch 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  1. I can remember being very excited for this assassin’s game because I love the prince of Persia series and this had that similar vibe. AC 2 and Brotherhood are my favorites. Origins surprised me also Very solid game.

  2. I have play all the old Assassin's creed games from the first to black flag about 3 to 5 times just not Liberation …Altair is my favorite Ezio my second favorite

  3. the regret i had in my life til now was not playing assassins creed franchise from the beginning, barely had an idea about the sequel and started with AC3

  4. I remember playing this when I was really young and I was too young to understand what was going on and what to do can't wait for the full game play aha

  5. Edward kenway :the most funny assassin
    Ezio:the most loving
    Shay:the most knowing templer that was a assassin
    Arno:most underrated
    Bayek :loving yet forgotten
    Conner:most most underrated
    Altair:most Iconic assassin


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