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    Assassin's Creed Origins Vs Odyssey – Which Is Better? | Versus

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    Assassin's Creed Odyssey is out now and follows in the footsteps of Origins with a more open-RPG take on Assassin's Creed. But which game is better? Find out in this week's episode of Versus!

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    Comment (47)

    1. Guys, I'm not really sure which of these two to buy. Which game gives you more hours to play? Which game gives you so many thing things to do (And I mean A Lot)? Which story mode of these two games is more longer?

      Origins or odyssey?

    2. I liked gamespot score before, behind metacritic. But lately they are trying hard to be "oh im a strict teacher, stricter than metacritic, better impress me" kinda thing. Here is the thing. No matter how hard Gamespot tries, you guy will never be on same level as metacritic. Ridiculous score on a lot of games.

    3. Origins for sure. Odyssey felt bloated and like 90% of the map didn't really matter. Also I much prefer Origins's story. Bayek and Aya are great characters.

    4. I played both back to back, and Origins still resonates with me much more than Odyssey does, and I typically prefer Ancient Greece over Ancient Egypt lol. I was much more excited to play Odyssey, but after playing Origins, Odyssey wasn't as fulfilling. It was a fantastic game and story. Bayek is one of my favorite characters in recent games. As a father, I really connected his purpose and story. When I played Kassandra, I enjoyed her BA style and voice acting, but the story was disappointing at times and it didn't feel as purposeful. And for me, at about level 20, there was a lull that didn't really end until I got to about level 32 or so, when the story got interesting again. So overall, Origins was much better in my experience.

    5. I love both games. I played Odyssey first because of my love for Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology but I ended up liking Origins more. I love both games dedication to historical and mythological accuracy. Both games are undeniably gorgeous, but the beauty of Origins surprised me because I wasn't expecting it.

      The side quests in Origins are amazing because nearly all of them are unique and interesting, whereas every side quest in Odyssey felt the same to me. The RPG style of Odyssey is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it's awesome to be able to choose your responses and what you want to do, but on the other hand it makes it nearly impossible for the protagonist to have any sort of consistent personality and the choices that you get are extremely limited. So for that reason Bayek is a much better protagonist.

      I didn't like that in Odyssey nothing you do really has any lasting effect on the world. I know that Sparta won the Peloponnesian War, but it would have been nice if you could have helped Sparta achieve that victory in the game. I think that Alexios (sorry Kassandra) should have become one of the two kings of Sparta after you kill Pausanias, especially since he's the grandson of Leonidas. I know that Aya is a descendant of Alexios/Kassandra but I can't really credit either of them with Aya setting up the Hidden Ones. I feel like Darius had more to do with that. Killing the Cult of Kosmos was satisfying but I felt like there were more that we didn't know about enabling them to survive. With Origins you actually leave an impact on the world by killing the Order of Ancients and assassinating Julius Caesar and actually creating the Assassins basically.

      I feel like the combat in Origins was a little smoother and certainly looked better, I didn't like not having a shield in Odyssey. Nor did I like being so OP in Odyssey, it felt too much like God of War (which I love by the way) but it just doesn't work for Assassin's Creed. Both games have ridiculous abilities, but Odyssey takes the extremity of it to 11.

      The stealth in Origins feels way more important in Origins and is way more rewarding. Bayek's Hidden Blade can actually kill captains and commanders, which means stealth is always going to be the better option. In Odyssey I had to make sure every piece of gear I had was optimized for stealth and then I had to make sure all of my abilities were geared for stealth and I had to have several master abilities and engravings on my gear just to be able to assassinate captains and commanders. In Origins you simply have to collect resources to craft upgrades for the Hidden Blade.

      In Origins you actually become an assassin and Bayek's personality is perfect for it. In Odyssey you're a mercenary fighting for gold that only cares about the innocent if the player does. Odyssey is an Assassin's Creed game in name only. Origins is literally the origins of the Assassins.

    6. Gold Editions both. Odysessy is MUCH better IMO. Zero idea why people say Origins story is 'better'…. both stories are different but equal IMO, so judging on gameplay. Odyssey is like a better Origina with Black Flag added in the mix. More weapons, adding armour customizations, oh and LOTS more drops of both. Plus a way better skill tree. Origins had 3 primary colors, sand, tan, and brown… and flat. Odyssey had better geography better built locations and what the reviewer here calls 'bloat' I call very well made areas to explore. I finished Odyssey Gold Editions near completionist and never reached max level. Where with Origins, I got to level 42 and realized I had over half the map unexplored and would level cap at 55. If you don't count the final horse ride through 3 unexplored areas, I literally finished the base game with 14… yes FOURTEEN areas completely unexplored. I see no reason to play once level capped so moved on to DLCs, meaning 14 huge areas could have been completely dropped from the game. If you're just doing story missions and want less bang for your buck, play Origins. If you want MORE and better gameplay and more customizattion (more RPG-ish) play Odyssey.

    7. I got origins when it came out. Got to level 18 after a week or two. Got bored after that and uninstalled it. Then I reinstalled it after I bought odyssey just last month. Then got to level 27 and got bored of it again and I have only luke 26 or 27 hours into it. Just beat the odyssey main story and doing side stuff like the cult and got it out with 70 hours I believe. And I still have it installed while I uninstalled origins again lol. I got so emerged into odyssey. And now that I bought myself valhalla for christmas I'm doing it with it too. Its buggy asf but it's so addicting.

    8. I want to know game spot who are you guys too review another persons game when you yourselfs couldnt even get close to making such a game, we tend to look at a future of great evolution to the point where we have no flaws but within the same everything will always have flaws and the aspect of that is amazing due to the fact we can continue to improve ourselfs, but while such big games with big ambitions in only the last 15 years of being on a truly 3d leve who are we to judge these games, we have just gotten out of the gate and yes as we evolve more we will tend to increase the speed of our evolution, but who are we to judge others and their hard work when ourselfs couldnt even do it ourselfs without high level training, we as gamers shouldnt have a true review or post reviews due to the fact that we as we are couldnt create these games ourself, I find it abit big headed of us to do so aswell as quite disgusting as a race, we should be greatful for the advances we have made in the gaming aspects, sure myself I think of concious uplink systems where we can copy the certain vibrations in our mind to link upto a computer to be within a physical environment in a game world, but lets get with the times we as human beings arent at that level yet.

    9. I like both games but I really hate how they treat the function of the enemy level system. It just feels like this game is more about grinding and less about skill because let's say you are level 5 facing against a level 30 enemy. Even if the enemy was a simple goon, it would still wipe the floor with you if you make even the smallest mistake.

    10. I was going to buy odyssey on sale for 15 bucks but by the time I got money on my Xbox account the sale was over. Lucky for me origins had went on sale at the time odyssey went off, I’ve been looking around at peoples opinions on odyssey to see if I should still eventually get it and I’m gonna be honest I don’t thing I will.

    11. Everybody saying Bayek's fury have a good reason, but the character is manipulated by Cleopatra in a predictable form. The way the "pyramid of enemies" grows sounds like just the next step, and not like good enemies with some personality. You are thrown in the middle of a vengeance without tridimensional reasons. The foundation of Hidden Ones is way too fast, and the symbols of the Assassins are shown in a dumb way, like the skull in the sand and the hood before Cesar's assassination. Just unexplored, rushed. It took me out of the story for ever, even when Bayek is charismatic.

      But Egypt is so good that it pushes the game forward. I just really disliked the story. Everytime it tried to be emotional it didn't worked for me

    12. At this rate I prefer odyssey…..I would have chosen origins but I can't parry attacks in origins instead I dodge and play defense all the time. But in odyssey you can Parry attacks and even customize your controls……I took that opportunity and made odyssey easy for me to play….even in hard mode it was still fun. Origins has a nice environment but odyssey mechanisms is better for me.


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