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    SearchThisVideo: Assassins Creed Valhalla – 10 Best Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!

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    hidden within the depths of england and

    norway are some of the most secret

    weapons that you can find in assassin's

    creed valhalla and while there is a ton

    of unique weapons that you will come

    across along your journey

    none are quite like what you will find

    in this video

    as today we are going to be covering 10

    flawless or mythical rarity weapons

    that you can find in assassin's creed


    starting with the legendary spear once

    wielded by odin himself

    known as gangner now odin spear is one

    of the most unique weapons that you will

    find in the game

    as it comes with the perk where the

    spear's reach is extended by

    a force field and boy can you notice

    that force field when in combat

    not only is this force field very

    noticeable when in combat

    but also when the spear sits on your

    back it gleams with this strange

    kind of glow making it even more awesome

    now again going back to its perk because

    of this it makes it one of the best

    melee weapons to use

    at range i mean spears in general have a

    great reach

    so extending that even further is only a

    recipe for success

    especially if you juggled this with

    another spear anyway

    how do you get this weapon well to be

    able to find gangner you'll need to be

    near the end of the game and have


    most of these story arcs and provinces

    in england that are shown on your

    alliance map

    you need to do this all the way until

    you get to a story arc known as a

    brother's keeper

    this is where your brother sigurd will

    ask you to return with him to norway

    to a region known as hordefilk now i'll

    try to avoid spoilers

    as much as possible here but essentially

    this story arc will take you to a secret

    cave called

    going heller and you'll have to do a few

    quests here

    to cut it short once you have completed

    those quests in this cave

    and essentially completed this story arc

    it will take you back to your settlement

    from there if you simply travel back to

    norway and make your way through the

    same cave again

    and this time take a left instead of

    where the quest would normally lead you

    which is to the right through the big

    door at the end of the left side of the


    is where you will find gangnia lodged

    into the side of a wall

    a true mythical weapon in all its glory

    and definitely one you guys should pick


    when you are far enough through the

    story but now let's move on to a weapon

    you can

    actually get a little earlier on and

    this is known as

    lagatha's axe this two-handed danax is

    the prized weapon of the famous shield


    lagatha he was the first wife of ragnar


    so you can expect this one to be pretty

    damn good

    now the weapon itself comes with a perk

    that increases your crick or hit damage

    when surrounded by more than three

    enemies at once making this a great

    weapon to use

    especially for the late game it's also

    one of the few axes in game that

    definitely comes

    in that flawless rarity now to get this


    you'll need to head to a location known

    as house steads which can be found in

    the province of jorvik shaya

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    in this location on the map once here

    you will find a

    building that is covered in snow and is

    blocked by a stone

    wall now of course you'll need to blow

    out that stone wall to get inside and

    usually this can be done by finding and

    launching an explosive oil jar at it but

    unfortunately i couldn't find an oil jar

    anywhere in this location

    so a good workaround for this is to use

    the ability known as

    incendiary powder trap you can get this

    ability quite early on

    in the game and if you don't have it yet

    i'll leave a link in the description

    below that will show you where to get it

    anyway once you have blown out the hole

    in the wall simply walk inside and

    you'll find a chest

    to which lageta's flawless danax resides

    definitely a great weapon for you guys

    to pick up

    and now let's talk about a weapon i

    haven't seen

    literally anyone talk about or show


    and this one's called the mark of sull

    the mark of sol

    is a flawless predator bow with a perk

    that increases your ability damage

    when your health is below 50 it also has

    plus 20 damage when shooting people in

    the back

    also because it's a predator bow you

    will have that extra boost to headshot


    as well now to get this flawless bow you

    will need to get your settlement raven's

    thorpe to level 6

    which pretty much means constructing all

    of the buildings you possibly can

    and upgrading the ones that have a few

    stages the cool thing about this though


    the fact that it can be done over time

    as you progress through the game

    you'll learn some of the levels for

    completing certain alliances

    and the rest can be done by collecting

    building supplies and raw materials that

    you can find

    in gold storage containers and for going

    on raids so just make sure that you are

    raiding often

    anyway once your settlement has reached

    level 6 if you head over to your

    merchant yanli

    she will have a special stock that

    becomes available to you

    and within that special stuck is the

    mark of soul predator birth

    which she will be selling for the core

    price of 700 silver

    oh and side note she will also be

    selling scrolls of knowledge for the


    same price these beautiful things grant

    you a skill point when

    bought and she'll be selling a total of

    five to you once that settlement reaches

    level six so some extra skill points

    also await you

    for doing this anyway to move on to the

    next weapon now

    we have vordia's bite so vodia's bite is

    a flawless two-handed danax that comes

    with a park where heavy combo finisher


    have a chance to drop a poison cloud

    that will intoxicate all

    enemies around you again making this a

    great weapon to use when fighting in

    a cluster of enemies as always the

    weapon view and stats for this will be

    shown on screen with its notable stats

    being attack

    and stun damage and let me tell you this

    weapon felt like one of the more

    powerful ones within this video

    so definitely pick this one up to get

    this you want to head over to the cabela


    this can be found in the northeastern

    region of hamptonshire

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    in this location on the map once here

    you will find a tunnel that is blocked

    by a movable shelf

    and also a stone wall once you move the

    shelf out of the way

    simply blow a hole through the wall and

    make your way inside

    once inside there will be one more shell

    food to move out of the way

    and this will lead you to a room with a

    golden chest where the vorder's bite


    but while we're on the subject of

    two-handed weapons let's talk about

    hemming's flawless axe as this one can


    easily missed hemming's axe is another

    flawless two-handed danex that comes

    with a perk that increases your heavy


    when below 50 percent health perfect for

    those playing on the harder difficulties

    of the game

    but you will most likely be taking a bit

    more damage

    that extra damage boost can definitely

    help out after all

    now you pretty much get this weapon as

    you progress throughout the main story

    but again it can be easily missed for

    this you have to have completed

    the nottinghamshire arc which ends with

    the tale of

    two yards once completed if you report

    back to ranvi

    and then go into your room and check

    your mail you'll receive a letter from

    villi who thanks you for your aid and

    offers you his father's acts

    known as heming zak's in return you'll

    find this perched up against the table

    simply waiting to be picked up and again

    while this is something that is just

    given to you throughout the main story

    it's definitely something i wanted to

    mention just in case some of you guys

    missed it

    but anyway now moving on to the flawless

    dagger that

    is sutengar's claw now the symbols and

    runes on the handle of this dagger

    recount the life of sutengar who is the

    proud yotan who defended his home


    odin's malevolence also if i pronounce

    the name wrong i am incredibly sorry i'm

    just terrible with pronunciations

    anyway in my opinion this is one of the

    better daggers you can find in the game

    mainly because i just love daggers and

    the constant stagger of enemies you can

    get with these things

    for each hit you land now in terms of

    the perk it actually increases your

    critical hit damage

    after each hit and this can stack up to


    times and because it's a dagger you'll

    be able to get this stacked up

    very quickly now to get this weapon it

    can actually be found in the western

    part of winchester

    in this location on the map once here

    you will find a hole

    you can jump down that will lead you

    through a secret tunnel

    it's quite a lengthy tunnel but if you

    make your way all the way through

    to the very end you'll find a chest to

    which you'll find

    sutengar's claw inside definitely a

    great dagger for you to pick up and that

    leads us into

    our next weapon which is the soldier's


    the soldier's flail is a flawless

    one-handed weapon

    that comes with a park which increases

    the weapons speed when your health is at


    and the one thing i think we all love

    about flails is that secondary attack

    where you just

    whisk the thing around your head as you

    just aimlessly run into enemies i love

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00


    anyway the soldier's flail can be found

    in chefnam which is in the western area

    of hamptonshire

    in this location on the map once here if

    you walk into the building

    and climb all the way to the top on the

    wooden beams

    you will find a chest that is hidden in

    a secret room at the top

    inside of that chest is where you will

    find the flawless soldier's flail

    and if you thought that weapon was good

    well wait until you see this one as it's

    now time to talk about

    the hammer of legend itself being


    yes thor's a legendary hammer mjolnir is

    actually in the game however it's


    the hardest weapon to obtain on the list

    to give you the rundown mjolnir is a

    mythical hammer that comes with a park


    every single hit has a 33

    chance to do stun damage to all enemies

    around you

    and a 100 chance to deal stun damage

    if you perform a finisher with this

    thing making it a

    pretty damn powerful weapon but it can

    only be

    wielded by those who are deemed worthy

    so how do you become

    worthy enough to obtain this thing well

    you'll need to obtain

    all five pieces of thor's a legendary


    and i've actually already done a guide

    on this so

    if you don't have his armor yet or don't

    know how to get it

    i'll leave a link down below to a full

    guide on how you can obtain this

    bear in mind though it is quite a

    lengthy process

    anyway once you do have thor's full

    armor set you will now be deemed worthy

    to wield the hammer

    so if you head back over to norway in

    the region of hordefilk and go to

    this location on the map and make your

    way through the mountain

    you'll come to find that thor's mighty

    hammer is waiting for you

    stuck inside of a rock you also get a

    very cool looking cutscene

    when you pick it up as well but hey

    while this weapon takes a long time to


    let's move on to something that doesn't

    take a long time to get

    and this being the death scold so the

    death skull

    is a flawless light bulb that increases

    your critical chance

    the lighter you are so if you like to

    rock a light armor set in the game

    this bow might just be for you as always

    the weapon stats will be shown on screen

    with its notable stats being attack

    stun damage and its weight now to get

    this weapon you'll need to head over to

    the island

    south of hamptonshire in this location

    on the map

    for this you'll be traveling underwater

    so once you're here if you dive down and

    head towards the small hole in the wall

    you will find the chest where this

    weapon resides

    to be honest it's going to be very hard

    to miss this if you're using your odin

    sight when down here so

    if you want a quick and easy flawless


    definitely get your hands on the death

    scold and to finalize the video

    we can't leave without mentioning the

    sword of legend

    excalibur now excalibur alongside odin

    spear and

    mjolnir is one of the secret mythical

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    weapons you can find in this game

    not only is this weapon really powerful

    but it also has its own unique

    isu kind of look going gun and some

    really cool sound effects to match

    now to find excalibur you'll first need

    to collect all 11

    secret treasure of britain tablets eight

    of these can be found in several caverns

    scattered throughout england and three

    of them can be found on zealots

    so let's talk about the locations of the

    caverns first and then afterwards we'll

    talk about the zealots

    bear in mind each cavern will hold a

    puzzle within it

    that does need to be solved they are

    fairly easy to solve on your own

    but if you do have trouble i'll leave a

    link to a full guide in the description


    anyway the first cavern named the old

    cellar can be found in the middle of the

    essex region

    right here on the map the second name

    the cavern of trials can be found on the

    eastern side

    of kent the third is in the northern

    region of nottinghamshire right here

    the fourth can be found in wiccans cave

    in yorkshire in this

    location the fifth can be found in the

    eastern region of sussex in the santa

    latch mine the sixth is over at the

    red lychen cave in the eastern part of

    hamptonshire right here on the map

    heading on over to the western part of

    hamptonshire now is where you will find

    the seventh in a location known as

    wosek and the final location is known as

    grimes graves which is in the western

    part of east anglia

    in this location on the map anyway onto

    the zealots now and

    these are pretty powerful so do keep

    that in mind

    the first sellot known as hrafgaar can

    be found roaming near the high rocks

    location in sussex

    killing kim will give you a tablet he or

    i'm not really sure how you pronounce

    that is the second zela and you'll find

    him roaming

    near agnitum tower in essex and the

    third zealot known as walden can be

    found roaming near tonbridge monastery

    in kent right here on the map again each

    zealot will drop a tablet when killed

    and if they don't spawn when you first

    go here

    try meditating a few times or fast

    traveling to and from this location

    and hopefully they'll eventually spawn

    for you now obviously this was more of a

    quick fire guide on these locations so


    if you need more details on this check

    the description below

    but once you do have all 11 tablets

    you'll then want to head over to

    merden's cave in hamptonshire

    once in the cave if you make your way

    all the way to the end

    you'll find a bunch of pillars in which

    you'll need to place all 11 of the

    tablets inside

    once done you can then pull out the

    legendary excalibur

    from the stone that it sits in and trust


    while this one's quite lengthy it's 100

    percent worth it

    and that's it for the video if you

    enjoyed the video drop a like

    down below it's always greatly

    appreciated and i'll catch you guys

    in the next one peace

    Assassins Creed Valhalla - 10 Best Weapons YOU NEED TO GET! Click here to subscribe : http://goo.gl/2hcci1 Legendary Weapon Excalibur - All Mysterious ...


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    Comment (30)

    1. So, I was pretty disappointed that I went through the trouble of getting all the tablets, and killing the three zealots, only to discover that Excalibur is barely more powerful than the great sword already in my possession. It has cool extras such as sound effects, a chance for a fire ring and looks really cool. But it seems like a lot of trouble for not that much more power.

    2. I’ve completed the game, obtained every single piece of loot, killed every person that needs killing, found all Easter eggs, grew my village into a town and obtained every single weapon you can get… all with Vanir’s ax… I’m a simple man I guess!

    3. Thors hammer is a rather pointless weapon, you can only get it whilst wearing thors armour, you done get the complete set until you complete the order, which is pretty much the end of the game, so what is the point in it?

    4. Heck, I love Varin's axe. It's all about whatcha prefer, though. Recently, I've been using Varin's Axe with the Blacksmith's Hammer. Those two are a nasty combo, fully upgraded. Also use Venom Bow for Crit chance w/ea hit. Maaaan, kockdowns, stuns and crits all over the place! Crazy how fast and powerful you feel with just a couple 1 handers.


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