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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla – 30 Minutes of Gameplay | Ubisoft Forward

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    Watch 30 minutes of Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay, including raiding a gaint enemy keep. #ign #UbiForward.


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    Comment (36)

    1. was honestly really hyped for this game until I saw the gameplay, but nonetheless I’ll probably just get it cause Im a pretty big Viking fan myself after watching “Vikings”

    2. I love everything Assassins' Creed and everything Vikings but this series has been absolutely awful since syndicate, They aren't even assassins' creed games anymore. Ubisoft, what are you doing ?

    3. for me, AC started and ended with Ezio, all subsequent AC games I play is for that cultural immersion that the team clearly put a lot of effort in, to transport players across the most prominent era's throughout history.

    4. This game should just be called "Valhalla". Forget the assassin's creed, the series is long dead at this point. Also what is wrong with the faces here, there is like absolutely no movement or emotion in the faces…like at all.

    5. I'm not a big hater of the "new" ac games. I have played both origins and odyssey and enjoyed them, but its pretty clear to me and everyone else that they are not assassin's creed games. The games where you would sneak around a city trying to find the best way to assasinate someone without being seen. Not some big battle where you get superpowers and people take 10 hits to kill. If Ubisoft has just taken the words assasins creed off of origins, oddesey ,and not vallhalla I'm sure people would be just fine. Again I do like the games and have gotten fun out of them, but it's almost disrespectful to the OG games to name them assasins creed.

    6. This is getting to much hate it’s a Viking theme u can’t go full “assassin” Bc that would be unrealistic in Viking times it was more people has assassin characteristics or qualities

    7. I don’t understand all the people crying about how this “isn’t an assassins creed game”. They’ve adapted and changed it up to have more of a replay ability factor. Plus combat and the quests are way more interactive. Does anyone remember how boring it was to simply use 2 buttons in a whole play through to simply parry to get an insta kill?


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