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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla – The Final Preview

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    Vikings aren't the only things new to Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The newest entry in the Assassin's Creed series comes with many dramatic changes that alter ...


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    Comment (39)

    1. Caliss d’Ubisoft du tabarnak quecé vous êtes en train de faire de vos franchises?!? C quoi serieux l’affaire ark moi j’ai eu ma leçon depuis ghost recon breakpoint j’acheterai pu jamais un seul de vos jeux butché du sacrement

    2. So basically you took out the DLC to make the game longer and see how many sales you make before scraping thee intended DLC. Lol nice move cheapskate.

    3. So happy that this game has: Finally hidden blade and one hit assassinations, an actual story on how they got the hidden blade, not repetitive annoying boring side quests (like Odyssey), and a more richer and developed story. Thank you for actually listening Ubisoft.

      This game also reminds me of Crusader Kings, mix Witcher 3, mix the old assassin's creed games, mix Red Dead Redemption 2, sounds fun I already preordered.

    4. The HUGE problem with Origins was that it almost all centered around crating. I spend the vast majority of the game hunting and gathering just to keep up so I could move further. Eventually that's all I was doing was hunting and gathering so I could craft and never really got to play the game. I eventually quite and sent the game back out of boredom and frustration.

    5. After playing 100+ hours of Origins and 300+ hours of Odyssey, I'm pretty much burned out on this "reboot" of the series. This one looks like more of the same. But maybe several months later when it's on discount and all the patches have been implemented this will be worth getting.

    6. Witcher 3 is the Gold Standard of RPGs… took me a long time to finish it. While I applaud the devs for taking a different approach to quests and world exploration, it remains to be seen if it enhances THIS game or not. My wife's playing Ghosts Of Tsushima currently and I have to say…. its up there with Witcher.

    7. Assassin's creed's previous 2 games were only like RdR2 and the Witcher 3 in that it was an open world…. Other than that…. They are brilliant at giving you this huge map but make you not care about the things you do or the people you interact with and you can run and around for hours! But there's not really anything to do… The Witcher 3 did this but made sure the quests were just as strong as the main story

    8. I find myself enjoying singleplayer games less and less. If it isn't developed by FromSoft, Hideo Kojima, or Sucker Punch, chances are I won't like it (Death Stranding was awful though.)

    9. I remember during the Ezio era, I always said I wanted AC games based on the viking era, old egypt, japanese samurai era etc. But now, I honestly just want them to go back to the parkour in the city vibe they had in AC2, 3 and Revelations.

    10. just launched and already a whole mess of issues….have been trying for 30m to get the game to start, i either get stuck in a black loading screen before anything even happens, or i get stuck in a white loadscreen after the seer stops talking….and as a bonus 50% of my attempts resulted in the game losing all audio….

    11. Alot people rush these games and get bord im 30 hours in and feel like i done fuckall on missions I love exploring I'm sneaking in to high end places to bing the chests and leaving 🙂 I'll come back to raid them when I'm more powerful depends how you enjoy these games but it's amazing


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