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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The ULTIMATE Starter Guide!

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    Assassin's Creed Valhalla came out over a month ago, but I know a ton of you are playing for the first time this Christmas! Here's the ultimate starter guide to help ...


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    1. I just finished my 2nd playthrough and I'm not sure I can do a 3rd. I like it better than origins and odyssey but I played those through like 4 or 5 times each. Not sure why I dont have the urge to play a 3rd. Maybe once the dlcs come out. And do you know if they will be episodes like odyssey? That ruined the dlcs releasing them in 3 episodes.

    2. This game is basically a front for lack of innovation, origins and oddessy are all the exact same game.. if they were tied together in some meaningful way maybe that could be forgiven, but they are not.
      The combat is mind-numbingly basic the AI was programmed by a child the voice acting is cringe worthy and the cut scenes make skyrim look good.
      Just don't get me started on the fact this shouldve been released mid 2021

    3. I've learned to kill everyone possible (sneak) and once the area is dedicated (and I've looted the common chests) then raid (even works in level 280 areas when im like 36

    4. Very good video, i just got my copy a few days ago. Thanks dude. I've played all the assassins creed games only one i didn't like was 3, 3 sucked


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