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SearchThisVideo: ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (AC Valhalla)

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Watch video at 00:00

all right guys hope you're doing well

welcome back

uh we got a brand new video for

assassin's creed valhalla

ubisoft sent me a lot of footage and i

mean like six to seven hours

of footage the thing is i don't know

much about it you know i had an

opportunity to play it but then again

committing eight hours of sitting down

playing a game i just it's just

impossible right now

given uh the current climate

uh having a daughter has changed things

a little bit for me but

they've been so nice be able to like

hook me up with everything

uh so i kind of did some footage for

watch dogs about a week ago

and this is gonna be kind of the same

setup i don't think i have to stick to

20 minute increments but

i'm just gonna start the footage up and


i think it starts near the beginning of

the game from what i'm seeing

but all that being said uh thank you

guys so you know i'll support you drop

on this any likes is greatly appreciated

it kind of lets me know you'd like a

full series when the game drops

the thing is i'm like i'm gonna be

perfectly transparent i don't know how

i'm gonna survive that week with like

i mean there's so many games it

literally comes out like the worst week

possible in the entire year

and uh we'll kind of see how it goes man


if i can get it like a week early that

would be amazing because like the week

before that's

there's nothing but i don't know we'll

see all right guys i love you

let's get this all right so this kind of

just begins uh literally it

starts right here you guys didn't miss

anything there's no cut scenes before


this is a settlement cosmetic i'm


it's like whatever you want out front

gladiator statue

oh yeah i would go with that one hey

they went with it nice

i'm looking forward to playing this my

assumption is even though i haven't

played it i'm gonna go ahead and say

from what i've seen

it looks like it plays just like odyssey

which is good because that game was


i never played all the dlcs for that but

i would like to eventually go back to it

the game's still a work in progress it

says but it i mean the game's what a

month away

so change hair and tattoos what have you

got for me today

all right tattoo and barber customize

see this has to be near like

maybe we'll see like the level of the

character and stuff i just feel like

this has to be close to the beginning of

the game

obviously i'm going to be playing this

uh man i i hope i get like a week early

that would be amazing

maybe they'll see this video and see me

pleading my case over here

i i honestly i don't know what i'm gonna

play this on though i got the series x

uh should have the ps5 hopefully but

we'll see how that goes i might even

play it on pc as well

i think any choice now is good like the

next gen or pc i think would be

just as good i'm guessing this is

recorded on a pc with an xbox controller

but i could be wrong

either way it looks great yeah the fact

that you're choosing your hair color

stuff like that i

i feel like that's

it has to be near like the beginning of

the game hey that's pretty cool

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

i couldn't do a full body tattoo man

because like if you lose your gain



i must be on my way now goodbye

so long he was really close to me right

there what's going on

i'ma kind of kick back and relax and

watch this with you guys i don't really

i mean i can sit here and just spout

stuff all day but i'm just kind of just

taking this game in

with you guys live so um

it looks a lot like the witcher 3

doesn't it

let me see your stock i would like to

see what you have in stock

so you're okay you pick you pick what

kind of horse you want i guess

what was the other game that did this i

mean a lot of games do this right there

redemption 2

uh what was the most recent ghost of

tsushima that was it


no black and white you can change the

bird color too is this like the bird

view where you you it goes up in the air

and you can kind of scout the area

because that was an amazing feature in

the last game

out of which one i'd go with blue shades

it is i guess

when i play the full game i'm i'm gonna

like this thing

it's like i like covering this stuff

early but also don't want to like spoil

the game

for myself or for you guys too much

because i don't want you to lay i've

already seen that i'm not gonna watch

this video

can we do a bit of training absolutely

mount training okay unlock new abilities

and improve your writing

oh okay so it actually gets better over

time someone crack open a beverage

hangout guys

are we good we're good

nothing more caffeine

i'm off be well friend take care

so the alliance map is the name of the

mission i'm guessing now the one thing

about this

footage and i'm actually posting this

after everybody else has already posted

theirs but

um it's just kind of uh well look who it


early look at the story

practicing your wordplay alice

avar the only mouth in midgard from

which i

fear mockery you told me the art of

writing poetry old friend

it is only natural that i surpass you

soon how about

another lesson then a quick flight right

here right now

what do you say let's try flighting

i always put a few coins down as a wager

most of those who enjoy flighting have

an equal fondness for betting

but today will abstain let me begin

i'm ready inflating it's key to match

cadence and rhyme

it's as much about sound as it is about


so be careful in choosing the words that

you say

i like you get choices for everything

just like odyssey

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the fray

a fine answer perfect rhyme and a lovely

cadence to match my line

now let us examine meaning

in flighting you'll need to be cutting

and keen

it's about wielding wit more than

venting your spleen

if i tell you you're foolish and stupid

and dull

that's how you get nothing inside your


gonna guess they're just gonna go

whatever then i'd tell you you've

nothing inside of your skull

ah a good response i called you stupid

and you turned it around

fighting about wit you matched my


when you think of too many perfect

retorts use the one that best

matches the meaning last one

so go then and conquer the world with

your wit

go be clever be quick show your spirit

and grit

i look eagerly forward to seeing how you


my albus over here with the bars did you

hear him

i will fight you with flourish and best

you with flair

perfect yes you could destroy me with

such a line

your fighting's astounding you're worthy

of praise

you swing a fine axe and you turn a good


thank you elvis i'll take the lesson to


all right leveled up that so i like the


and the dialogue it looks like there's

gonna be a lot of stuff like that okay

here's the thing

increases yeah okay special dialogue

options yeah

like it always goes back to like the

mass effect games and

i'm sure there's other games in it

before that just like that's the first

one i remember playing

which man i'm gonna tell you this game

when i first saw the original footage

oh can you can you pet the dog oh didn't

stop no

please go back the game looks a lot

better than when i first saw it

like this new footage i can tell it's oh

wow so you can

get like fish delivered right here hold

on let me see what this is

building complete fishing hut

but the early gameplay i got like over a

month ago looks a lot

different from this footage like this

footage actually looks a lot better

so i it's still a work in progress i'm

guessing they're tweaking it ever so


i cannot wait to see this on like the

next generation stuff in pc

thanks for the good work evor got a real

little fishery going here

are you the man in charge it's my

grandfather really

but he says the best way to learn

responsibility is by working

besides between you and me i'm better at


more of a people person you know i do

it's good to have you both of you

yo this game i i'm actually excited to

play it i don't know how much of an rpg

element it has compared to odyssey

odyssey went pretty far away from

origins so we'll see

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

i've been saving these just for you

may i see your story


all right so it looks like have too many

the same type of stuff you could

normally buy the arrows

perfection and i mean that


i'm like okay crit damage hold on there

it was

i saw critic damage increase

yeah that's gonna be nuts so it is gonna

have a huge

like i guess like look at all these


exotic here dark brand cosmetic schemes

you can buy all the different cosmetics

i'm guessing there's i guess they're

just showing that off right now


i could skip around with this showing i

just feel like all of it's important

because i don't know any of it you know

i'll see you later i hope to see you


want to upgrade your gear okay and

that's the same type of stuff you used

in the previous games

oh look at that enhanced gear okay rune

slot upgrade limit

yeah i can definitely see they're kind

of sticking to the odyssey formula which


actually good attack speed us all the

stuff stun

weight i guess how heavy it is crit pre

wonder what that is because it's not

created damage or created chance maybe

it's like a combination of both

ready for i was gonna say percentage but

it's pre so

at least i think it was pre it might

have been per i don't know

be well my friend gunner

gonna all right here's what the

inventory looks like

yeah it's crit pre hmm

i feel like i would go with something

that's a little lighter

like one of those axes up there i mean

those actually are the same weight

actually never mind weight 12 that other

one's like 11 i think

yeah okay well that's lighter than

you could put you can slot runes for

more attack okay

so it's it's literally just like the

same thing as

odyssey was as far as like the build and

stuff you can okay ravenclan set so

that's gonna show right there that

increases your armor when you have

so you can have different perks so like

for those of you that don't play gear

based games essentially like if you have

if there's a set of a certain like if

it's a

if it's a certain type of set of armor

if you have all the pieces

you get a bonus per piece you have in

addition to the one

so there's like a two piece bonus that

might be like plus five attack

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

the three piece might be like 10 credit

chance or damage

and then so on and so forth usually the

fifth one will have like a crazy

thing to make it more incentivized to

use five pieces

word of our growing settlement has

reached outside ears

so have a look around you may see a few

new faces

i want to see the alliance map

alliance map so that's like so this is

like the very beginning this has to be

the beginning of the game

there's no way it's not tell me more

about letter chester shire

i should like to join siegert soon he

traveled to a town called repton

to meet uber and eva ragnarsson as i

hear it

they are on the verge of exiling the

current king of mercia

with the hope of installing a king of

their own a bold endeavor

i should be there to help however i can

i think you should

territory pledged okay i won't keep them


good i will send word to sigurd and the

ragnasons pledging your assistance

if i were you i would go by ship repton

is quite a distance north on the river


okay so sons of ragnar i feel like

the name of that mission seems familiar

so my guess is there's a huge cut scene

at the beginning of this game maybe

there's like a like a prologue and then

you're thrown into the beginning

which is like you're getting your horse

right now you're getting the bird

you're getting uh your armor

upgraded you're getting all this stuff

for the first time this has to be i'm

gonna just call this like an early part

part one i guess it just might not have

the original like cutscenes and stuff so

um yeah i think it's crazy that

i didn't know when this would be taking

place i thought we were just kind of

thrown in the game because

you know the character already is

established it seems like but it might

not be the case

see shop see what we got

all right shipyard okay yeah see and

it's like popping up these things like

anytime you check out this stuff for the

first time it's gonna show that stuff

okay see hall okay

see your cell yeah i remember in odyssey

you could change

all these different things as well so

it's like they essentially just took

what worked i think people really liked

odyssey maybe not the rpg elements i

heard some people say they didn't like


i'm curious how you guys felt about it

uh i personally don't don't mind it

but i'm actually big on the rpg type

games see you soon


the more grind the better for me i just

wonder how they're going to tweak

because i remember like i had a bow

built in odyssey

and it was so the devastating shot all

that stuff was i remember like one one


the final boss of the game in my


Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

i just wonder how they're gonna do it uh

probably gonna update a little more


i would imagine through the waves

god the game looks really good like

graphic wise the water effects


you guys think will ever get a uh

a black flag to potentially assassin's

creed 4

the pirate theme that was some heat

wasn't it

better a samurai theme i've been saying

that for a long time we got the viking

and we got the spartan theme already

i wonder what they're going to do next

if they do samurai though

it's got to be better than goes to

tsushima but if it's a world like this

where you can go visit stuff

i feel like it it would be it would be

separate from it you know

i just think with the next gen

possibilities you never know

the bird view thing was just exactly

what i was expecting

one thing i will say i don't know when

to start to stop the footage what i'm

going to wind up doing is just kind of

i don't know i'll probably just react to

this entire first mission

it might be an hour long i don't even


i'm just kind of chilling

reed oh wow

if you just roll up in there like what's

the deal

yo this is crazy let's get it

find and speak okay so we're we're

actually yo look at these graphics

it actually looks way better than it it

did at one point i love that the text

font that's the uh like a viking type


that was crazy won the world

now i don't know if it's my footage that

was sent to me i know the game's not

doing it but

sometimes a lot of stuff is going on

it'll kind of hesitate a little bit

you might see it in the video i don't

know it could be

me just watching it processing the video

on my computer i don't know

but it seems seems fine the watch talks

footage i was sent a week ago or so it

was uh the exact same

software i'm pretty sure it was perfect

all right the combat looks good it looks

you know brutal as ever

exactly what i was expecting

i wonder about frame rates it doesn't

feel like a

solid that'll i feel like it's more than

30. i don't know it's tough to tell

nice xp gauge on the top right i like

that it's a nice little change of pace

so it looks like you got different



the left trigger looks like you got the

triple arrow you got

looks like a devastating type shot

you got three hearts i don't know what

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

that is i mean i guess it's like you're

like a mulligan if you get your health

bar depleted or maybe that's heals i

don't know

kills the caspy that was kind of flashy

i like it

yo what is that

yo it seems like the combat is

definitely an upgrade

uh odyssey felt a little limited

sometimes like you can only do so much

this seems like it's more extravagant it

also could be the weapon selection

and also that's a little uh more than i


yeah it feels like uh

i guess you can parry yeah yeah

okay crazy

yeah the combat it's like it kind of

hesitates a little bit but that's also i

think it's my

i think it's my footage or my computer

hey can't do this alone

that seems super smooth i it might have

just been uh

my computer

it's it's it's surprising to me so this

four so he's like a chest or something

oh let's see what this does

please be loot that'll be amazing

raw materials rated r let's go

i'm actually surprised uh early on in

the game they kind of throw a lot of

stuff at you

the mission structure everything seems

to be really really well done

i don't the thing is i don't quite know

i like that the chests

like these things aren't these little

small chests you find in like the

villages and stuff

i like that it's like some big thing you

have to open

let's go it's an actual raid okay nice

raiding an area

now based off the dlc we got for odyssey

and even origins

my hopes for them continuing to add to

this game after it comes out

is really high i i feel like they're

probably going to wind up having

swimming long dlcs you know

this just reminds me a lot of the

witcher 3 for some reason i don't know

if it's like the environment

or what you know but that game also came

out a long time ago

i was like how you just like roll up and

you're like well we're done here

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

see you that's funny

if i had to guess what's gonna wind up

happening is as far as the story goes

i don't know much about like what's

actually happening

i haven't watched any story like the

story trailers they've had or anything

like that i don't want to spoil the game

for myself like this is kind of going


which is why i think this footage

hopefully turns out okay i'll kind of

see how the likes do

uh but i i feel like if the story can

kind of stay true to like a viking theme


i feel like it'll be a really good game

i don't know what that actually even

means but i just feel like

uh you never know some sometimes

games like this will veer off too far

and get hold on

you know i don't know too extravagant

but if they stay kind of like like the

mythology behind the viking stuff if it

kind of stays with what

you know i've learned over the years i

guess it might it like the story could

be really good

i should be cautious around here and it

seems right now this is a

it's a general like setup for the full

game at least this beginning area does

seem like that

i don't know what i'm talking about

anymore i've lost my mind

i kind of like how they've got the

findings so you're supposed to find a

way into this area

i'm going to guess that

like because the text in the far upper

left is kind of just showing you what

exactly you

actually need to do which i'm pretty

sure there's different difficulties

where you can

i'm not like a difficulty as far as like

how hard the game is but like how hard

it is to progress the story

through dialogue you got to do more

stuff to figure it out

i'm not really sure exactly but looks

like this person

didn't know what to do

see what they're doing

like they know you can get in there

they're not like a front door just

just walk on in jabbed me to get on the

other side

okay um

obviously it's gonna be up high

somewhere wait what

yo imagine if that if that actually


now you know the one thing i was

wondering this entire time the person

playing has done a really good job i

don't know if uh

if this is like a developer or what

because usually if it's a developer they

know everything

i thought she's about to do a standoff

for a minute i realize it's the wrong


yo let's get it and it comments really

nice looks like

should have ruined someone as far as

like the mythology behind this game it's

kind of like

hell and honestly you had like the


you know the different creatures you


i guess they're called like mythic

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

creatures in the games um

i hope this game has something like that

because fighting medusa was awesome in

that game

rations are full looks like you can oh

there's a quick menu right there

whatever that was

grabbing the torch out i used that torch

a lot and uh

i think it was origins you have to

oh this person new word exactly where to

go maybe they just kind of forgot


collect wow treasure

horde map collected

i'm actually impressed by how well the

game like looks

like because i remember the early

footage they showed a couple months back

i even remember some of the comments

like man it just looks like you know


but it this looks a little bit better

than odyssey now to me

granted i never played odyssey on pc and

this is running on a pc so there's a lot

of elements that could be at play here

but it just feels like

i don't know it just feels like it looks


so i guess we're getting close to the

final release of the game it's probably

going to look better and better

all the tweaks will be uh all the tweaks

will be kind of ironed out

i also wonder if that's why they have

these like events where people can


play the game like i had an opportunity

to do that as well but i just kind of

opted out and said hey if you could send

me the footage that'd also be good

cause it's gonna be the same type of

video i'm just not playing

but i also get kind of people like test

the game out for bugs and stuff like

that but so far it seems like it's

running really good

i think you're supposed to go back over

there go under or you can just do that

never mind

well what do i know i'm just some guy

sitting in his uh

his little house over here watching some


i kind of wonder like how long this game

is compared to the last few games

new ability harpoon impalements can't

wait to see that

that just sounds brutal okay gracious

so i think something in odyssey compared

to orgies so in

and odyssey you could go do missions if

even if you were on the level like it

didn't matter

granted it wasn't smart and you about to

get maxed out but

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

i wonder if this game is going to do the

same thing there's an xp

system there's a leveling system and i

think as i see this is

also what worries me about it comes out


right next to cyberpunk spiderman call

of duty and

all these other games like literally a

day apart so

uh yeah hopefully i get it early we'll


i bet the length of this game is also

going to be it if okay so they started

the whole thing in origins

it was kind of an rpg aspect of the game

and they slowly kind of drifted away

from the original form of assassin's

creed games

i just wanted to try something different

the egyptian theme is really awesome in

origins i love the game is really good

and the dlc is really good as well nice

yo i think i'm gonna go with the bow

build again but i'm pretty sure it's not

gonna be as strong as it was

in the last game there's no way because

when they like the last game you could


so much crit hit damage the aoe damage

from explosions and stuff like that it


honestly nuts

but it seems like they've already got

gear based stuff in this game you got


randomized loot probably different

things like you go take down a mythic

creature here and there and it gives you


an insane sword or something like that

so there's going to be things like that

just probably vent vendors as well to


that's what odyssey had but in origins

they like got away from uh the original

formula which is fine

and then they even went further with uh

the spartan themed

odyssey you know we got the spartan

theme you know just from the egyptian

theme and then it's

it's just like a rpg versions of

assassin's creed

i feel like next gen this isn't going to

be true next gen but next gen i feel

like they're going to have

a full-fledged imagine assassin's creed

like a remake

of the first like two games and combined

or something that would be amazing

that'd be that heat

not really sure what this person's doing

by the way looks like they're trying to

get back into these other buildings

i guess early on you want to explore as

much as possible

so it kind of feels oh you can hop on

those again


i don't know why every time i see the

climbing in these games i just want to

play shadow of the colossus for some


one of my all-time favorite games almost

like you can zipline there

oh my where you can survive that

oh i see what you're supposed to do

you're trying on the roof right there


there's no ziplining really it's more

just like climbing across the rope

you got to get back across it seems like

i guess i could edit around whatever

this person's trying to do and just get

back to like the main story but

the whole point of the game is to show

it off kind of react to it i i don't do

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

reaction videos this long normally

i would honestly say that i didn't have

like a plan going

into this i'm just kind of just watching

hope you guys having a good day by the


oh is that gonna work what

oh wow that's the same animation too

nice i don't know if they've changed it

up or not

did the macho man elbow drop or

something was it him that had that

i think it was

i think at the beginning of the game

just keep everything

wait hold on i'm confused what how do

they not see okay

they see you i was confused

person takes a lot of hits

i would use some range attacks man

assassinate baby there we go almost

taken so long

this person was just enjoying the fight

i guess

all right here we go here's a chest

that's the traditional chest i was used

to seeing you get a

wealth collected oh did you hear that

sound effect

that was kind of cool

increase speed when blocking up to five

times you can upgrade it okay

it's actually kind of crazy how how much

detail is in this game

i i didn't know how it looked compared

to the other footage i still have the

old footage they sent me

i kind of look at them like i look at

when i'm editing this but like

i just feel like it looks a lot better i

don't know what they did between

then and now but it just seems like


it corrected a lot of stuff

follow the river leave command take the

mouse down

oh he's like like the celtic vibe type

stuff you know

it's always intriguing

have we had a viking movie that's really

good i can't even remember

we had 300 for spartans

there's been like shows cinematic camera

does it just take control

oh that area is huge okay so just a

power level 20 okay it is gonna be that

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

i was wondering mysteries artifacts okay

it all makes sense now and i hope that

song doesn't get me a strike


can anyone hear my cries please help me

this brutus for trapped in these

in the sultry tower i guess this

person's not going to stop

they got bigger fish to fry over here

i said nope we're good hush now

all right go to quest objective we'll

share a tale

you may not know this but ragnar

once asked me to lead his early assault

on england

myself this would have been eight maybe

10 years back

it's hard to say the winters blow into

one another like a great white fog

but i remember as if it were yesterday

rugnut appeared at my home unannounced

naturally i welcomed him he had traveled

a great

distance only to see me so i poured him

ale and fed him bread and listened as he


he was feeling anxious about his journey


so many men into such a great war

it was a burden he could not handle it

was then

with tears wetting his lids that he said

dog teach me the art of war

lead us to england and to victory

but i shook my head ragnar

i told him i have two weddings i must

attend soon

were it not for these surely i would

help you

ragnar bowed his head thank you dog he


though you will not be on my ship you

will be present

in spirits save it for later

all right so i was getting word during

that but this is the beginning of the


so everything up to this point

i'm just going to watch the entire first

mission it's going to be probably over

an hour long but i just want to just

check it out

because i'm just really intrigued by all

this like where this is all going

so it seems like hold on

oh nice i know that was gonna go

first thing god got roasted

already yelling to go back to the ship

yo check out this person's armor

guessing the gold or whatever that is

i'm guessing that's gold

like some kind of extra armor for that

that enemy is huge oh my goodness

got a lot wait is that goliath or gloss

or something like that

goliath okay attack's a little small i'm

also watching this like a windowed

format so it's in my editing program as

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


watching this dude's huge man that choke

out though


actually impressed man i i didn't know

what to expect going into this but i'm

uh it's exceeded my expectations for


supplies silver seems like to be the

same uh stuff we've come to like about


loot based assassins creed games

that was northwest of the town called

okay so

we're not really getting clues at this

point because we already know where we

need to go i guess this is just like a

random stop


anybody else left i think we're good

let's get moving

actually like i was playing from it then

let's go

you see people in the background too you

must row in these waters

i see open cell is not available right



so i kind of wonder is as far as like


beginning of this game it seems like it

kind of just throws you in to use all

the different things you got the ship

the travel

it wants you to upgrade your gear you

kind of you know have a lot of stuff

along the way you probably could just

skip all this and just go to like the

main story but

i don't think i would do that i would

just wanna probably whenever i played

i'm gonna do the same thing this

person's doing

maybe even more sidetracked we'll see

so i'm gonna call this video a part a

part one since it technically is

and then uh i don't know if i'll do more

after this one video i really don't want

to spoil the game too much but

figured out i may do one or two videos

for this kind of watchdogs

gotta just stop after that then when the

full release drops

do like a long part one hopefully

use the raven to locate the quest


yeah we haven't used the horse yet let's

go okay

repton secret should be here with the


yo this looks really nice i think this

is the area from the uh

oh hold on

who stands before eva ragnarsson

are you sigurd strenger

igor avor

you keep that up they'll stain the

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00


the place could use some color

who are they all spies

dress to look the part of a peasant

got feisty pitchfork oh from this

rabid little one

was a time when you met and slew your

enemy on the field before they could

dream of things like

sending fires

and now we shake hands and make deals

not my thing i figured

i love them whipped weeping and

freaking of piss


good boy


you're free saxon piggy to run amok

mercy and fields

i would have let him down easy

huh follow me

i'll give you the tour

what do you call this place i call it

the [ __ ]

to the mercians it is reptile their most

revered kings are buried below the


imagine they're weeping when we drove

them out you plunged your knife deep

into the heart of this kingdom

that is right we've got a number of

sacks and nobles lined up with their

lips puckered ready to kiss our asses

the only holdout is king burgred and his

war thing leofrit

but my brother is brewing a plan to deal

with that

i take it that's where we'll find my

brother right

talkers they are uber and sigurd might

want to dig the wax from your ears

i like the characters in this game so

far we don't know many of them don't

play me for a fool about

i know bergrid sent a vergel your way

enough of your noise tona

we have plans to divide i'm not going

anywhere backrot

you have the king on his heels because

of me because of my men

for which you were paid but that price

does not change

because you have caught a whiff of our

hex silver horde

you forget i am a sellsword i ask what i


and i take what i mowed

if i wanted to hear you talk [ __ ] i'd

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

gouch out your tongue and shove it up

your ass

now [ __ ] off

huggling over silver is a bad look for

the son of ragna lovebroke

but worry not about i have the warriors

you need

if this is one of them my worries are


ever wolf kissed you have come at just

the right time

uber and eva here are hunting a king and

when we caught him

we mean to crown another our dear thane

shell wolf here it's not a role i begged

for but it's what mercia needs

just now a man to fairly rule both

saxons and danes

i can't imagine the current king is too

happy about all this

burgred is furious of course but this is

our new reality

and i won't sit idly while he drags our

kingdom through the dirt

the king has refused our offers of peace

jail wolf means to change that there'll

be a new king

for a new england for now burgred is

holed up in his fortress of tamworth

making a final stand another [ __ ]

only further south we've held a siege

there for weeks to no effect

so no more knocking now we batter the

gate to splinters

if we take tamworth remove burgread and


shellwolf come mourning the shire is


and mercia soon after yes

remove i cannot stress that

enough bugred is not to be harmed

my legitimacy is king hangs on this one

simple fact

ah you rob all the joy from war saxon

not every victory needs to be marked by

the slaughter of a king

ah but it is much better his request is

fair either

and we will honor it

betrayed his present king maybe tomorrow

he betrays us too

why trust him how can i answer that with

any hope that you'd believe me

i only want what is best for the people

of mercia

and i want what's best for my son

in bergeron's mercia where danes and

saxons murder one another daily

it's not possible this is a good plan


i am ready for the coming fight agreed

yet remember this

whatever you stand to gain here so do we

an alliance between my clan and

mercier's crown

see this man installed on his throne and

you will have it

i swear

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

the bold sons of ragnar fellow to sound

the speed in

and the thunder of shields so let's

follow the aerostorm

the battle begins ah

you never said this one was a poet i

need to piss

we have a forward camp just north of

tamworth will you go with us

lead the way take in the sights of

repton if you like

we'll be at the docks when you are ready

to go

i'm glad you and your brother have come

if only to bring some measure of calm

ease yourself chao wolf we all stand to


and you'll be remembered for this for

years to come for all the wrong reasons

i fear

all right the king's maker saga i'm this

one kind of keep it going guys

i don't feel like stopping i want to

watch all this

please this we're not even done with

this mission yet so

that was a long cutscene too i liked how

they did it as well

they give you like a chance to interact

and pick things you know i don't know if

that changes the outcome of the game but

i'm gonna assume that there's no like

good and bad i don't there's not like a

gauge or anything that i've seen yet so

maybe it doesn't matter as much could be

wrong though

could be wrong

the rooftop climbing reminds me of uh

all the other ones

i you know what's funny though like they

i don't think they've ever really

updated at least it doesn't feel like

they have

but i don't really feel like they've

ever had like the reason to

you know maybe this part's a little


this is gonna be a synchronization point

isn't it i see the icon there it is

synchronization let's go it's gonna be

like the little spin it is

nice i wasn't sure what was going to


yes i was


oh by the way you guys my daughter said

her first words

not even not even joking

first word from mama was actually

recording her

talking we we didn't know she was gonna

say something

thought i'd share that little tidbit

pretty awesome didn't expect it

here we are she'll have the mic in her

own channel one day


i like how this one quest has been like

a long chain of missions

you know a lot of exploration a lot of

stuff to interact with

here we go i've heard all danes are

cursed with slow brains and fat

tongues care to prove me wrong most men

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

choose to be loud or stupid

impressed that you manage both

i'll take you on i will take you on

brilliant some flighting spirit

how about a wager

here thank you

let us begin i have sparred against

champions and bested each one

imagine the records uh false as your


first one seems pretty good but so we're

gonna battle them

maybe question mark uh let's go second

one come on second one

prepare to see the defeat once our

battle is done

terrible you're a misfit a halfwit a

foolish old grouse

you're a weakling oh man look at those


a milk sob a catcher a brilliant

i'm the greatest of flighters a master

of verse

man look at these insults it's like a

rap battle

your pride is appalling and your rhyming

is worse

got you there young earth

i'm impressed you are as sharp as that

axe on your belt

as promised i will have my winnings now

take the gold you've earned it

so it's like as you go on you get your


you get your different though so that's

was that considered a mystery

a little mystery bar popped up on the

bottom right

so it looks like this is kind of like a

solo attempt right here because like you

don't have your uh

because we were like stopping when you

go on the actual

i wouldn't call it a ship i guess the

big boats

i don't care to sing a song i'd prefer

not to

i'm trying to get my video taken down

everybody's got music in these games

look at this guy

if this gets hit by umg or something i'm

deleting my youtube channel


to sing a song helps me

pass the time come here raider have a

seat with me

hear a story or two

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00


that song you have spent some days on a

long ship oh

many see this salt blasted head

the talker pummeling over the years all

that sea water

feels like hay now better keep away from

the horses then

you are very quick and sturdy by the

looks of you

but you are not from that ratnason camp

there in repton

i would have recognized you i belong to

another clan

what are you doing away from yours i

have been cast out

too old to frail dead weight

as they say i will have to get used to

watching the sights of war

from afar now no shame in that

not many of us can say they lived long

enough to simply retire

you have earned it but have i or have i

missed my chance

i thought i knew what lay ahead but now

that is foreign to me

embrace it sail the seas write your

songs and

bellow out on the winds sounds nice to


you are far too young to speak so wise

there is a bright future for you and

your clan

i would like to add to it take this key

if you find yourself in repton seek out

my quarters near the docks

there's a large tree out front inside

you will find a few of my most

prized items take them

i no longer have any need you honor me

call it a gift

from the old guard to the new odin guide

your way

i like the small dialogues between these

end game like the npcs and stuff you


they kind of add to the lore of the game

i feel like

i should keep an eye out for this old

raiders home

if i ever

kind of interested in so right now


i kind of wonder like we're going here

we're doing this mission right now but

it's like there's such a long build up

to it i kind of want this how they want

you to play the game where you don't

quite stick to the critical path and

like the game's supposed to be something

you just

kind of get lost in you know half the

army's already in tamworth

and we've now got help from the south

it's our lunch to look after this place

now i don't feel like it's a game you

want to like

rush through either which is why i vouch

for these games coming out the summer

time when there's nothing going on

let me spend three three months playing

this please

this must be that old raiders place he

said he wanted me to have his things

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

the loot system also seems to be like

what we've seen before i i just wonder


as far as like the story and the combat

and everything if we're gonna see any

new type of abilities because it looks

like a lot of the same stuff so far

i should return it to the old raider

also the different armor i'm hoping we

get to see that in this first video

if not i'll kind of i don't know if i'll

do a part two right now but i'll

definitely do like

like the original like there's probably

opening prologue and everything leading

up to what we just saw at the beginning

of this video

up till now we do a long long part part


when the game does drop

i don't think we're anywhere near that

objective i'm not really sure what's

going on here hold on

carrying this box but this seems like

kind of a side thing

maybe you know what the one thing i will

say from what i've seen we're taking

this back to that guy

the one thing i've seen with the like

the developers whenever i played either

sitting next to them

or they've come to my house or whatever

like that uh they always have some

insight there's like small things you

don't quite notice on the surface of the


stuff like this we're getting this box

this guy so

put on the ground and we're good to go

that's pretty cool

these are some trinkets you left behind

old man ah

you've come back why are you wasting

your time with me

this crate has all of your written songs

this is not a gift i can accept

or repay you'll want to revisit these


they should stay with you i have

forgotten all about them

something to work at on this new journey

of mine

you have only the setting sun to tell

you when to stop

and maybe not even then that is twice

you have earned my

admiration please tell me your name

evil evil if the gods will it

i will find my seat at odin's table

before you

and there i will speak of you so that

when the time comes to claim your seat

they will greet you by name farewell

nice world event so it's got a world

event okay i was wondering what was

gonna happen here that's a mystery as

well okay

we've done two mysteries so far i said

such a small thing

i thought for a minute a mystery might

be like a mythic

you know creature or something like that

but it seems like the opposite where

it's just either helping people do small

tasks and it's stuff that's not quite

you gotta get the dialogue they'll tell

you something to do it's not quite

on the map just handheld to you

i like that

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

now it looks like we're going back so

hold on i wonder how far away

we are from that objective marker i

haven't i can't quite look at the map

obviously because i'm not in control but

if i was the person i would have already

marked it or whatever

that's kind of interesting everything

like folded up or whatever

i'm surprised i remember like over the

years i used to be able to get stuff


let alone get like footage early even

that like i'm not even playing this it's

like a whole nother level of like

different now

um granted i still prefer playing


now what is this tattoo design collected


that's something new that's considered

an artifact okay

that makes sense i guess two skill

points maybe we'll get to spin those

we'll see

here we go skill tree here we go node


main skills unlock global power

yo check out this skill tree man what in

the world

range damage health increase okay that's

kind of what i was expecting

pretty straightforward sprint attack

okay there's a new ability there so you

get them as you progress everything okay

that makes sense

advanced assassination

it seems a little overkill

books of knowledge interesting

i guess you use those the harpoon

impellment or whatever that was

you put those where okay changing those


this is what that's the ability tree

looks like nice

oh we're actually really close to the

objective i don't know what was gonna


so we could have just went there but he

had you know person did some uh

did some side stuff for us that's

awesome got to see like the little

we got to see what one of those little

secret missions are in these areas

i want to see what the armor looks like

all right here we

be a big cut go i'm guessing or maybe

not shall we but the sight of what the

future holds for this kingdom

avor is your ex sharpened

i'm ready for the speared in and the


of shield yes it's good to have you with


to fight beside such legends is an honor

i've only heard tales of your conquests

now i get to live them we'll weave our

sagas together

thread upon thread come on boy

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

we'll forge a man from your softness

hammered on the anvil of

war i need to fight to be move move

call me var the fight's not here

aye the fight is nowhere to be found in

this boy

a boy who happens to be gerwolf's son

why is he not in his quarters our future

king wants a battle hardened air time he

proves his worth

don't you think

can't be an heir if he's dead either can

he wheel the sword

i've had some training i only

i don't want to kill anyone these men

are my friends

my countrymen relax little king they

won't call you friend now

you can thank your father for that

he comes with us and should anything

happen to this little sprout

i will bear the punishment our future

king inflicts

he'll want to remove your head you hear

that boy

you die and i'll have to kill your

father too

mount up aboard it's a long ride to tom


so we got fast trouble back on the menu

boys let's get it

himself i'll keep that in mind and both

eyes open you smell that jailbird

is think of jealousy of our budding

friendship i think

what is jaiwal's son doing in repton at

all it's

jailwool's way of proving his loyalty

there's no safer place for a traitor and

his son

in the middle of a pack of days say from


you and eva seem to have brought this

shire to help fears are with us

common folk the purge still has his

soldiers all of them mercy

they're devoted to him and they'll die

defending him

your voice evolved you sound different

than the brothers

good ear lord most in england cannot

tell the difference

but not all danes are danes from where

do you come if i may ask

north of the danelands a place called


i didn't know there was land north of

there what are the people like

you ever see a herd of sheep follow each

other off the edge of a cliff

like that the ones who remained anyway

couldn't have said it better myself

yo this game is pretty you just kind of

take it in the scenery

then it was norway is now the province

of a young king

harold by name a boy wise beyond his

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00


are you not angry that he has displaced

you and so many others

i was for a time without weeks at sea

have softened my brow fire

if i'm honest i realize i quite admire

king harold

by words and by weapons both he has

pacified the country i call home

for the first time in any man's memory

or any scald song

norway has one king just one

that is quite a feat that is impressive


england is half the size of norway and

yet we have four kings for our four


you see how could i not be impressed

no harold is a good man with grand ideas

i can see that now i am only six years

his junior and have yet to see my first


i cannot imagine the skill and cunning

he has

your first battle is coming young


from this day on you may see rapid


i'm not sure i want so swift to rise

like the casual type missions like this

it is my father who bears the heaviest

weight of my anger

not king harold my father gifted my

birthright to harold without my consent

or knowledge

as easily as if he might hand over a

battle of me it was not merely a


it was a betrayal of trust the prick or

which still stings me

be it a blessing or a curse family is


first a good line boy were you not an


i would hire you as my skull scold

it sounds something like scott our court


is that what you mean right again


the harmony between our words and yours

is quite something

as if we were distant cousins separated

by an ocean of time as well as space

i like the thought of that i do

not like ever getting to see everything

in this game so far like the

traveling i wonder what the map size is

compared to odyssey

somebody told me it was smaller but i

don't know like i mean that game was


so i don't know i could be wrong don't

hold me too

sort of a few types of games where i

felt like you could just chill out

play it and just get lost in it because

it's such a giant world you know

i appreciate you guys joining me on this

by the way just a random

yo it's a fox chase it goes to sushima


kicking in

so we just kind of ditched them and now

we're headed where we need to go

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

here we go man finally got here

look at these pagan rats

ravenous unseemly beasts teeming over

holy ground

other care lord those pagan rats are


i can see that fool what do we do about


i advise we strongly consider their

demands lord

we won't survive a fight is that

you leo frit how quickly you recover

i'm beginning to wonder if it is a man

or a

god beneath all that armor a man

of god stands before you eva

proud and resolute

that's progress war thing killed a dozen

of our men in an ambush along the river


it was ivar's ex that stopped him

that is a poor description of a perfect

30-yard toss

enough joying heathens

speak your peace we've come for your

crown lord

with or without your head attached

i admire your ambition pagan

but what you ask is impossible no

dane ever has or ever will occupy

murcia's sacred throne

the ragna sons are the least of your

worries per grit

the ravenclan now sits upon your

southern border

oh i've heard tales of the raven clan

i see their leader sigurd among you

and you are able the one who helped the

danes in grantor britshire

destroyed poor whitman

then you see why you should choose your

next words very carefully

for here stand four of us who wield such


marking may i suggest a more measured

approach to this

i grow weary of this pallava you have

trampled our lands

toppled our monuments we've given you


fed your people and yet in spite of all

this your encroachment on

my kingdom continues no more

we will die defending what is ours

whatsoever the cost

if you want my crown uber ragnason

you must pry it from the hands of my

bloodless corpse

man the walls

back to the camp round up the men

we're taking tamworth tonight

tell the captain we're ready to march

eva and i will round up the men

do you know your way around the

backswing rather i've seen them in


Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

i want you at the helm of ours strong

and agile

i'll be there

y'all i'm actually i'm i'm really

impressed by the

the story the locations of everything

like the variety of stuff you can do in

this game it's not

it's like it feels smaller than odyssey

but also bigger than origins you know

what we got inventory power levels 22

all you can change appearance what

yo check it out

oh you can change it any time i didn't

know that at least i think i'm

i might have thought i knew it who are


i'm with the ragnans it's time to roll

out the battering ram

perigrid wanted to fight now we'll give

him one

are you ready to march now

let's go it's time to capture a kingdom

yo that's kind of crazy dude what are we

going to do about him

jailbert something wrong

i know these men evil i've sucked with

them not two weeks ago leo fritz showed

me how to wield a great sword

he's a friend friendships and often at

the point of a spear

it cannot be that cold at least of all

with leofith

he is only following orders when the

march begins find an empty tent and stay


do not think me a coward i am not afraid

of war

i do not want to kill my friends there's

no other way

fight or hide it's up to you

that's awesome you can just change the

character at any time like that


that's kind of cool i like the artistic

look of that

so now we're going into the fortress

let's get it same mission let's go boys

now this is something that kind of looks

like that early footage you saw

i don't think it's the same thing

because you ran down the door i don't

know if that's like a common thing in

this game or not

nice this is my officially my longest

reaction video ever

i don't think i'll ever do something

like this ever again either because it

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

it feels weird not playing

i wish i could be there

this should do it right almost

probably gotta brace one more time as

well or not

there we go

yeah okay i feel like i've seen pieces

of this mission before

this ever so slightly

combat looks brutal man and it's

i think it also sounds like

they really put some emphasis on those

noises when you swing at somebody

they beefed them up a little bit from


but from what i've seen so far so what

it seems like

you remember in uh and origins

it was a big map this game it's almost

like you don't need the map at the start

granted obviously it's gonna be a lot

more stuff to explore but early on maybe

the game's more linear i don't know

i'm just wondering the one the one thing

i'm curious about and this could be the


thing where oh that's kind of cool

let's man let's go it's like the

difference between

it taking 40 hours to beat this game or

60 is is do you have to be certain

levels to do these missions

i haven't seen a level cap yet if the

game just kind of scales with you that'd

be awesome that's what i'm

that's what i'm hoping for but like my

power is 22 of him it might

might stay like oh you should be level

30 before doing this mission

then you got to go power level for a bit

i don't

maybe since this is like the prologue

still feels like

maybe maybe it won't have that we'll see

yeah i'm just going to watch this until

the uh end of this mission i want to see

how it actually ends because we're kind

of so invested it's like a tv show


i'm like one of those people that if i

start something i have to finish like as

far as like watching something

nice well we i like the weak spot it

popped up

it's like a reference arrow to the knee

type thing from skyrim

yo that is crazy what in the world

so there's really no difference between

playing as the two different characters

just like you know i think i played as

cassandra in

odyssey i think later on they might have

added to where you can swap but i don't

really think it matters to be honest

your attacks everything the exact same

the only thing that's different is the


and the cut scenes that other characters

gonna be there that's it and the voice

is also different

yo look at this character why they got

so much help

in the world

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

get him there we go nice

i would go after the archers up top yo

what is this

that was like a like a charge attack

oh listen to the the weapon sounds i'm

just like

one of those

kind of scale like it's low low key

giving me some like

i'm not looking over my shoulder when i

hear the noises

i got to figure out what i want to play

this on guys it's it's a weird


it might be pc because

or i'm thinking about it i have the

series x

early i don't have ps5 early

i don't know if if i get it let's say a

week or so early

what i actually have time to play it on

because i don't know if it have an

update for the series x or the ps5

it might be something i play on uh on pc

might be the first assassin's creed i've

actually played on pc

all right so we gotta go under the take

down the two different king elites

which it looks like they're both up here

question mark

why are these enemies well i guess

they're a lot easier it looks like the

bar up top is just like some extra armor

it's not attack here we go

that's not attack that's the execution

okay we got some help now yeah when the

ai helps you

i feel like this game it almost kind of

plays itself a little bit

oh that was that was sweet actually

is that it did we get them all

i'm waiting to see that mission complete

man that's all i want to see

assault complete though you know we get

the fortress and everything that was

actually a quick

assault i didn't think it was going to

be that short it's over bergrid

lay down your weapons and surrender

all right enter the kings keep uh

wait can you go like double shield

that'd be kind of crazy

force open

take three men and search the rear

look around see what you can find

i'll send for chao chairwolf tell him we

found a throne

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

ah that was a good scuffle

but i did notice we were short one at

the link

where was the son of our king jailbat

was around

maybe you missed him your lies are just

like you as

for big and bold

that's cool the characters accommodate

for if you change your character which

looks like you can do it any time

let's get a note there we got to find

the whereabouts

looking for clues right now

ready your men uh

a chronicle of payments mate like a


symbol here a clan emblem maybe

the brothers you'd see this

guy's voice kind of creeps me out a

little bit to be honest

got a journal uh who just writes stuff

and just leaves it on tables

you know besides being in assassin's

creed game

rations are full i don't know what those

are actually gonna be used for

eva i found a letter there's a symbol


your men have any luck nothing

you this

do you know that symbol

tonno sigil it seems she's been dealing

with burglary as well

the wretch she was the mercenary barking

at you in repton yes

she's playing both sides of this war she

could have told him

anything sold him secrets about me about


our plans why bother with all this


fashion a new crown and stick it on your

melon there you have it you're the new


that is not how it works not in


you were one of bergrid's stains you

must have some sense of where he'd be

bergrid had his secret haunts but he

never told me of them

kept me quite in the dark for good


i suppose tona is our only lead

we talk to her find out what she knows

i would sooner launch my face into my

axe than face her

i might improve her impression of you

we have the same father evor but his

mother was a sow

meet a zetonus camp when you're finished

here and bring your patience

and your axe evil

a word if you would

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

go i'll catch up i will join the

brothers save all

meet us at thomas my son told me what

happened earlier

with eva pressuring him to fight he said

you intervened

you would be mourning your son if i


he's not a fighter no but he should be

by trial all by training he'll come

around in time but keep him from evar if

you can

he's the furthest thing from a mentor

quest completed nice all right i'ma stop

right there thank you guys so much for

all the support you drop on this first

video i don't here's the thing

i've never done a reaction video this

long so i don't know how this is gonna

go or how it even was

you know presented or if the quality of

the footage was okay or whatever but

anyways uh i plan on doing one video for

now if you guys like another one i could

definitely keep going

i mean there's a lot i'm looking at the

the bar right now and there is actually

about six more hours of footage so um

i might kind of just kind of see what to

expect going forward but i don't know if

i want to

obviously react to that much footage

that's a lot of reaction

and also just in general i don't want to

spoil the game but i thought overall

from what we saw in the beginning

uh very very well done i'm actually

surprised how how good it looks as well

like we essentially saw the start of the

game without the probably the intro

cutscene prologue or whatever

uh so i'm gonna call it a part one for

now uh any support you're dropping this

i'll kind of see how this does

and when the full game does drop unless

uh actually i'll say this right now

if this data hits like 20 000 likes i'll

probably do a part two right now

uh or at least a follow-up to this video

soon uh but for now this will be it

if uh when the full game does drop

though i plan on doing

a video longer than this one believe it

or not so uh any sport you're dropping

this is greatly appreciated i love you

guys thanks for watching

hope you guys have a great day stay safe

out there i love you guys peace

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Campaign Mission 1 for Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 (PS5), PS4, Xbox One X and PC. My Assassin's Creed Valhalla Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign. This AC Valhalla 2020 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Missions, Quests, Bosses, Eivor, New Gameplay, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series X Gameplay, PS5, PS5 Gameplay, Playstation 5, Playstation 5 Gameplay, Single Player and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story! Thanks Ubisoft for the Gameplay Walkthrough!


Assassin's Creed Valhalla is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is the twelfth major installment and the twenty-second release in the Assassin's Creed series, and a successor to 2018's Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Set in the 9th century, the player controls Eivor, a Viking raider and Assassin during the Viking invasion of Britain. The game is scheduled for release in late 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, and is to be Ubisoft's launch title for the next-generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In Valhalla, the player takes on the role of Eivor, a Viking raider who leads their fellow Vikings from Norway in raids and battles against King Aelfred and the four Anglo-Saxon medieval kingdoms of England – Wessex, Northumbria, East Anglia, and Mercia – near the end of the 9th century as part of the Viking invasion of Britain. Additionally, the game will continue to tie into the modern-day events related Abstergo Industries' researcher Layla Hassan, who was featured in both Origins and Odyssey, and to the Templars and Assassins that have tied the series together.

Players will have the choice of playing Eivor as either male or female and are further able to select their hair, warpaint, clothing and armor. Combat has been changed to allow dual wielding of almost any weapon. The "Eagle Eye" mechanics are also expected to return in the form of a raven that will be Eivor's animal companion in the game. The player can use the raven to scout the nearby areas as previous avian companions had done in Origins and Odyssey. The game will rely less on a traditional leveling system and instead focus more on the selection of skills through skill trees selected by the player as Eivor advances through the game. Enemies will be rated based on the collection of skills. The skills trees will be similar to those found in The Witcher, Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Player choices through conversation or gameplay options will have impacts on the characters and their political alliances with other non-player characters.

A central feature of the game is the settlement that the player, as Eivor, will help build and lead during the game. Ismail described its importance as "a lot of what you're doing in the game world is, at the end of the day, going to feed into the settlement so that it can grow, it can flourish." The player will be able to direct construction of certain types of buildings which in turn provide benefits for gameplay. To build these structures, the player will need to lead the vikings on raids to collect resources. Naval combat will return, though more as a means of faster medium for travel for performing such raids, and for escaping after land combat, rather than in engagement with other naval vessels.

Valhalla is a single player game, but will include online components for the purpose of encouraging players to share their progress and creativity.

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  1. Appreciate all the support on this one fam! I didn't realize this was the start of the game until after I started so this was fun to check out. If this does well expect more of this early on! Much love to all of you

  2. Congratulations on your daughters first words brotha…idk if congratulations is the right thing to say for your kids first words but you know what I mean lol it's a great moment tho, that's for sure.

  3. So is it bad that I've been following Watch Dogs Legion like a goddamn hawk since the reveal and am only just learning about this game a few weeks ago?

  4. If you’ve never played an Assasins Creed game would you suggest getting this game cause I’m getting the new consoles and want to find some new games to start playing

  5. I think there's a good AND bad that comes with Valhalla being really similar to Odyssey.

    On one hand, I played the shit out of Odyssey. Loved it. Even when I was done with the story, I did all the mythical fights, and I grinded my way up to top mercenary. But….I also finally got burnt out and needed to quit. So along comes Valhalla, playing really similarly to Odyssey, and while I'm enjoying it, I'm not nearly as into it as I should be. I'm still kinda burnt out on Odyssey, which is carrying over to Valhalla. But I still like the game.

    Then you have the problem of alienating the players that didn't like Odyssey in the first place. The ones that were hoping for the game style to change again.

  6. where does brad find all these images for his thumbnails? they all look so clean, I know some of them are from ingame stuff, but some I just have no clue where he gets

  7. It could be nice if the next Assassin's Creed would be a Japanese theme where you can choose to play as a man or woman, and the technical trees should be Samurai Warrior), Ninja (Assassin) and Kyūdō (the Japanese martial art of archery)


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