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SearchThisVideo: ASSASSIN'S CREED VALHALLA Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PROLOGUE (FULL GAME)

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so first off welcome to assassin's creed
valhalla man we have finally got it
finally time to play baby
i'm gonna tell you right now i haven't
been this excited for assassin's creed
in a while
i mean i was gonna say since odyssey
that's the last one we had and that's
the last assassin's creed anyways but
uh it feels like that game came out
forever ago so i'm excited for this if
you are as well just destroy that like
button i'm actually curious how many
likes we can get
in the first 24 hours watch dogs

i think we broke like over 30 000 likes
in the first 24 hours so i wonder if we
actually can top that
on this video uh this is the first time
i'm doing a giveaway by the way
for next-gen uh it'll be a ps5 copy in
an xbox series x copy
if you guys want a chance wants you to
like the video or leave a comment of
your favorite
assassin's creed i'ma say it right now i
don't i don't quite
know i think the original or two is
probably my top
but then odyssey wasn't too bad i'm not
gonna lie i really like the way they did

that so this is supposed to be kind of
like that
and uh yeah with that being said i'm
gonna give this game 110
i'm gonna tell you right now like this
game's coming out
in a pretty crazy week you got
spider-man and all this other stuff
i want to cover everything as much as i
this game i don't know how long it is i
would like to beat it but also don't
want to rush it
so it might be a long drawn-out series
or i could upload it fast i'll kind of
leave it up to you guys
but anyways you guys are amazing let's
get this

silence you children of gods
and heat my tale of time's beginning
all was dark there was
no sand there was no
sea no earth
nor sky no grass

nor wind
till fire met ice in the gasping void
and from the screen came the
giant image first
of all beings
proud emer cruelly killed

yet from whose bones and blood
and brains the world was made
the world you walk and
war apart
there you are

now i'm already in control okay oh yeah
i meant to say uh thank you ubisoft for
hooking me up with the game
uh just i think it's kind of crazy that
i have a lot of stuff this early
and uh wouldn't be possible without
these companies man let me tell you
alright here we go
oh i got music off so hopefully i don't
hear no tunes i'm trying to get my

channel removed from the internet are
you kidding me
okay i haven't seen so i've got some
early footage of this game but i haven't
seen anything like this yet
this is all brand new oh there you are
so you see okay
yes good come here
did you find out the ring

and surprise him with our gift you hold
it out like this
you're looking in the eyes and you say
steer bjorn king
may our clans be forever bonded in
friendship and in love
do you think you can do that for me
tonight you

will be the court that unite our people
i'm so proud of you
get up stay lucid friend
my sword is greedy
i'm ready to fight so nice time to
two-step let's go baby
oh one thing i need to change really
quick just really
uh option's been yeah hold on one second

all right so
i have hold on where is it at
is it not inverted oh yeah aiming let me
go ahead and change those
i know i'm weird but that's how i play
so fun fact i'm starting this on ps4 but
i should
i don't know if it's gonna be like the
middle of the series or what but i
should have the uh
it's gonna automatically update to the
ps5 is gonna be fully optimized for it

and my save will transfer so it's gonna
be really nice
i think we're shoot good heads of
joyless hill dogs
oh no drink in your fist come on i'll
find you something
i have a tribute for your father
what a piece that must be worth two
sturdy longships
give it here i'll pass it on my father
asked me

suit yourself but you're not getting any
while crusader works through my hammer

so you have the ring good
this was worn by your grandfather in a
battle on the northern way
mother yes can we show us to get the
canned stuff
yesterday that's a good idea that's

in the morning first
this game's gonna be so good i'm looking
forward to how this is gonna start

able wait school
disturbing the true king nothing
tonight we all made the news
king may our clans
be forever bonded in friendship and love

thank you avoir
now and forever i am pledged to you
hearken well in hall of kings
an ocean steed my words gain wings

oh then our fourth will bring
a noble beast
the mighty

for those who
not just yet
i feel like something had to happen to
start all like the story because it's

got to be a story about
going after somebody or revenge or
something i'm told
the curtains are raised nothing is true
until it is severed from the branches of
oh we're going for it


show yourself
oh i will

now it's my turn to offer you dean
accept your fate die a coward here
before your people
and i will spare the rest fight my love
do not listen

if i give my life will you spare my clan
you have my word
pick up your axe



oh what the hell is that i'm seeing two
different data streams overlapped in the
same dna
not sure why fix this or pull me out i
can parse the streams of the filter hold
okay we're good are we i don't know what
happened but i can work around it
you'll have to pick a stream to keep
things stable there's a third option too

i can let the animus modulate your
identity based on signal strength
it's up to you all right uh
let's see stronger female or mel uh
memory stream depending on its current
strength you may choose another option
at any time
so does it really matter i know i played
as cassandra
in uh odyssey and before that we played
as baek and
origins i'm just gonna let it choose i
think yeah it doesn't really matter
i think in odyssey once you picked your

character you were stuck
like whatever character you chose this
at any any point you can just change it
i'm just going to let it auto select for
me here we go
all right i'll lock it in and push ahead
to a time where these streams are more
how long have you been chasing me wolf

17 winters 18
do i now haunt your dreams
do i warm your loins
you remember this ah
your father sacks the weapon
of a coward a scorn snake

ah few things would please me more than
to kill with this blade
but i know you would define me to the
fighting for a glorious end that i will
not allow
you will live your final days enthralled
as a slave
humiliated your death would be a lonely

kill the rest of our crew make them
evil wolf kiss is no more that name is
dead to this world
you will be worth your weight in silver
to the ship
you move and i take your eyes you hear

wind's blowing from the sun we can tuck
north then cut west
now what did i just tell you

will skin you alive
you will never never leave this
no feast for you sunan my crew is in

you must be my eyes
yo nice all right so
if i had to guess let me go ahead and
check everything really quick
so it auto-selected her i don't know
what what the reasoning for that was i'm
just going to kind of roll with it i
might kind of change it up as well
so my assumption is i remember that i
showed like some early footage a while
honor bounds territories
all right quest tracking okay there we
go yeah find and rescue your crew

my crew is in danger i need to reach
let me look around really quick so
here's one thing i will say
out in sight oh yeah
i was going to play this on pc i
actually have it on pc
but i really want to play this on ps5
and i know that
when the update does happen i'll already
have my progress and then i can just
try it out on there you know
let's get out of here i'll have some
boxes back there i don't think there's

anything in these boxes right here
oh we got here collect food health
how about this rations okay
so this is also a loot based game i
origins and odyssey
both on i think i played them both on
this is kind of cool ration stock okay
so you can just kind of stack them up i

guess okay they're
all full now yo this game is legit
uh the story so far has been really good
i hope to make this first part pretty
long for you guys
i know it's gonna be a very long game
and uh with your powers
and your support we'll get through it
it's gonna be a good time
we got something right here too
rations i guess just rations are just

things uh we're supposed to climb here
what i didn't even see what i was about
to jump to
that is awesome
aim and fire
no there's no way okay that's a nice
lock-on mechanism
high points reach the high point aka
oh this is about to be nice

this is my by the way this is my first
time playing this game i had two or
opportunities to play this game early
but i didn't
because i just wanted to uh
kind of save my first time playing it
for when i make this first video
the other times they had like a
developer somebody else recorded for me
and i i was allowed to like post it and
react to it i guess
this is just it's such a nice feeling to
play for the first time
and you guys experience it with me

yo i'm telling you right now this like
it smells like surreal play in this game
right now i've been seeing so much stuff
for and i just
i've been trying to kind of avoid too
many spoilers even though i did upload
some early stuff
where that oath breaker is holding my
all right so we're gonna hop down in the
water it looks like

up shall we it'd be kind of cold to be
doing this
this game feels really nice i'm actually
really excited to see how well it looks
in the updated version on ps5
i think right now though i mean i'm just
i need to be careful kind of taking it
all in
so their little area got attacked in the

and then the synchronization the animus
stuff kind of kicked in right when i was
about to die
oh yeah raven soon and guide me
let's boost up a little bit and see what
we got over here
let's go a little bit further
follow the beams that's kind of far away
i think i should just keep walking

i can fly all day but uh i still have to
get there
let's go up here
man that's a when when did
odyssey come out it had so many like
dlc's too i don't remember
the last time i played that game but
that's still one of my one of my
favorite assassin's creed games
because they took what worked in origins

and they just kind of enhanced the loot
and stuff like that like
all that you know it's not truly an
assassin's creed
vibe too much uh prepare the children
of varan for these slavers you must use
the others for your
blood sacrifice oh yeah that sounds
sounds nice leather
actually cheers if that actually worked
game play is really smooth uh

i should stay out of sight i should not
be seen in this area
i don't want to aim and fire anything
right now
there's some people there but
it will not happen i remember the bow
build i had in the last game
it was honestly nuts
what once you identify they will attack

him point two
i'm pretty sure if more show up that's
all my arrows back though there we go
nothing in there looks like there's
something behind this though
just some loot silver

kind of just soaking in this game
honestly i don't want to rush this game
uh i want to kind of just i mean
i might fast travel occasionally but i
don't want to try to overdo it
i just want to kind of explore and see
what they actually put effort wise into
this game
rave not available
clash of iron there is fighting nearby

you live i do
slipped away in the sword clash and what
have you
cut with tried to sell me off a mistake
he'll regret
not today he won't i saw him board a
ship at aval's nest not long ago
sailed east leaving our crew behind

there must still be time to save our men
i will find them you ready the longship
you glory hounds
you would take the rescue for yourself
so the victory song is written about you
i could stone the beach then slay two
dozen men seize our dragon boat and
hoist the sail and triumph
up to you no no i will take the beach
a far more dangerous path you search the
long house for our crew
oh and here this corpse will not have

need of it
go i'll meet you by the ship
battle for the northern way okay i was
expecting the footage i was sent to be a
sooner into the game hold on let me
check everything
uh all right so we're right here
compared oh man compare we're actually
you can go so many places in this game
now i've heard the map is not as big as

i don't know if that's true or not i'll
kind of have to just see it for myself
to be honest
all right weapons displayed a new piece
of gear is looted
main hat yeah i mean this is
i already know a lot of this stuff i
mean i'm a loot guy already
so one and two basically your hands all
uh wait can you what is in your bag
runes collectibles
wait is this supposed to be a i instead
of an a or is my brain

like i don't know maybe i'm wrong
all right treasure horde maps quest
items trade goods yeah we got a lot of
different stuff here
materials consumables it looks like they
got the same kind of arrows the
oh this is one that hunts down
pisco's at long range okay
we're getting use there secondary weapon
so basically swing with that block with
that we're good
easy peasy

so it seems like shut this warriors
crawl through obviousness like
lice if i use the main gate
i mean this plays just like uh
the last game it plays just like odyssey
like the way you use
the sky vision stuff like that i bet you
can even go through
right here yep oh wait

well you can climb right there i want to
there we go the long house
my crew should be inside
let's see sorry i dropped my controller
wealth opportunities okay that's what
this is in over here i could just go
through here but it looks like there
might be
yeah okay there's somebody there so

we'll be the strat here
obviously not go running straight in
because then i'll probably get killed
since i'm not familiar with the combat
but the game's gonna have to teach me
i would imagine
there should be an opening in the roof
i mean let's do it let's go up top
don't mind me

is there not like a hole in the roof she
even said there'd be
a spot on the roof you could go i'm
guessing it's up here
i don't see anything up here that would
give us a way in
i kind of want to jump down and
assassinate somebody just to see what
but at the same time i don't want to try
to uh
i want to try anything crazy yeah all
right i don't see a spot to hop in

maybe i'm just losing my mind maybe she
was even talking about like the next
because i can't whatever's in there
she's like wait i can just hop through
here never mind
is there anybody in here
it's amazing that they would have a big
chest like this you can loot
wealth collected okay that's the wealth
for this
getting out of here i am not about to

fight anybody if i don't have to there's
my crew right there
we got a guy over here looks like uh
axe guy maybe
look around look around
all right now maybe i need to get on the
roof here maybe that's what she was
talking about initially

all right i hope this is easy we're
gonna find out
yes so now okay i was kind of worried
sometimes when i get early footage for
games and it feels like it's the
beginning of the game
uh this feels like a trap
you squirm like that and my axe will
miss your neck

unpleasant for both of us if i'm to die
i want to make a mess of it back route
can i just assassinate you here you
actually need to hop down
we got two people here
i'm temp man if i could just let me go
but yeah this is like the start of this
game has been completely different from
what i was expecting

okay we're not supposed to go that way
obviously my assumption is we're
supposed to air assassinate this guy
you coward unbind me and stick an axe in

my hand
i owe you nothing raven [ __ ]
yours is a clan of thralls and peasants
you lay that axe aside or die by mine
you should be on a slave ship to ireland
wolf kissed
but if you wish to be my first sacrifice
odin will be more than happy to receive

you just killed yourself ericky
you're mine i will sell you to hell
yo it kind of it reminds me a little bit
more of
a dark souls vibe like odyssey was more

i felt like chaotic
hey heavy attack
okay stamina is consuming dodging or
missing an attack heavy strikes i was
doing probably wore
through my bar right there
okay all right i gotta land light attack
to get it back up
oh yeah man the dodging is really nice
come on buddy let's go i can use some

arrows i guess
hit it with the i'm actually out
this guy's just going to burn to death i
guess yeah
take them sevens take them seven baby
let's go
what that did so much
it's like he just got stuck there i'll
take it

father you should have held on to this
until the bitter end
if i give my life will you spare my clan
then no pick up your axe
kill them all

this is just like the intro where you
kind of
ran into the light for just a second
obviously this is not
a death thing hopefully

able are you bewitched unbind us what
oh yes of course
all right nice oh we got some new armor
let's go hold on
uh let's go ahead and slap this on even
before you know
getting everybody can i delete my old

clothes i guess you have to
hang out to him for a bit man i'm gonna
deck my character out with like so much
stuff all right what we got
can you compare these oh you can does it
not have a
uh that's kind of weird it won't show
like some arrows going up
increase speed after each hit up to 10
times or
this one
i mean i don't know which one's better
but i'm going to go with that for now i
don't have any helmet
armor yet i'm guessing you can transmog

in this game as well
so if i find some armor that i really
like but then i find some that
is better but looks ugly i can then just
the uh other stuff let's check out my
overall stats health
armor evasion all this stuff doesn't
really matter right now it's the early
stage of the game but
still kind of interesting to see
okay let's do our objective here and
free everyone

listen here if you can breathe you can
now come we take back our ship you do
not need to tell us twice
all right nice we topped off on arrows
as well let's get it
there's more people out there so i don't
know if there's like an extra chest in
here i could go after
they're gonna obviously help me i mean i
would imagine that would make sense if
they did but
i could be wrong all right let's go out

the front door
let's just mosey on out the front
do a little bit attack oh i guess i you
know what
oh my god
nice let's go
hey i'm gonna tell you right now there's
lock on okay the combat is very smooth

it's definitely a step up from odyssey i
didn't know how they were gonna do it
and i like that there's a lock on that's
one thing i
kind of some games just don't have it i
don't know why they don't but
i obviously missed i don't know why i
even shot him i'm right here i could
have just attacked
it's gonna take some getting used to the
dodge being square is a little weird but
you know i'll take it heavy attack

oh yeah if you missed those
game man it plays really well
i kind of want to try something really
quick though hold on
i don't know why i always go to the map
in the world and all this stuff first
let's try doing both weapons
let's do this i don't know how this is
going to work but

so you kind of oh yeah that's kind of
cool man
try to drip the fool
that's it's different it's definitely
you you can't hit both at once enough

yeah like two weapons i might change
that actually because it's it's a little
weird maybe i don't have the best stuff
equipped for it just yet but
rather have a shield and that granted
i'll probably wind up using like a bow
build in this game if there is such a
because that was so good in odyssey
until they nerfed himself
creature long ship i mean
i don't mind staying here for a minute
we can hang out
get some more health here i'll i'll top

off of my health and i'll go
i just want to see if there's anything
else in here that i could actually
but i guess maybe it's not
more of an objective type thing
you know it feels like oh hold on
well buddy
yeah i really have a shield it
definitely just feels a lot better
all right we're good on that

all right guys sorry for the weird cut i
actually had to stop for a second
uh i was i actually swapped back the
shield to the other side
dual wielding is not for me i feel like
what we got here
revive all right
there you go buddy there you go
all right uh we got one more person over
here let me go rescue them
i don't want to leave anybody behind
especially in the prologue because i
feel like
there's probably going to be like a

million different endings in this game
and i don't want to have like
the worst one
initial thoughts on this game though
story is really really good it's the
prologue i think i'm more interested
right now
potentially seeing once the map kind of
opens up
because it's going to be linear for a
while i have a feeling i'm trying to
leave anybody behind so i think we're
all right let's get out of here

grab your horse the whale road leaves us
gods it's about time stop yapping and
start growing
yeah open cell let's get it
ask for a song i think not buddy but
you're trying to
remove me from the internet i don't
think so
yeah okay i just feel like they
took what odyssey did right hold on
anything to say for the mess you led us

we suffered no losses in this fight and
the men who
humiliated us are dead what is there to
oh something like i was stupid selfish
reckless stretch your wings sooner
i'm guessing it automatically follows
that blue line right there
oh something like i was stupid selfish
oh something like i was stupid selfish

reckless blind bone-headed and i smell
like blood and [ __ ]
i like my version better evil look
someone is setting up an outpost on that
island cut this meant
knowing that any piece of open land like
let's do it man we're gonna do our first
let's get this all right here we go

it's kind of cool if you have like a
team with you
i mean you had that moment before okay
restricted area
i mean i hang back for a minute
he gets the kill

gotta figure out how to break a shield
actually hold on
yeah i love that
all right so far so good watch for my
not sure what you quite get for doing a
raid in this game but
we're gonna find out

sometimes i don't feel like i have to
lock on really to get some kind of
good damage oh we got a chest right here
hold on please be some good
wealth collected nice you know i can see
okay raid completed that was easy oh we
got another person over here though hold
jobs not finished

that was sick hold on oh
my goodness
okay i thought i'd keep going right i
was wrong
come on buddy
yo that was clean let's see what we got
really quick we got a uh

a new weapon but i don't know
let's compare it uh it's definitely
increase stun after a heavy hit up to 10
so the speed is lots it's only a little
bit slower not a lot slow well 13 that's
i mean that's a good like fourth
36 would have been a fourth off so it's
a little more than a fourth okay
crit uh i guess i don't know what pre
is i know what credit chance credit

damage is normally
the weights it's gonna be way more stuns
gonna be better so it's a harder hitting
axe i'll use it
all right we're good let me get some
some help i guess
a little bit there all right we're good
that was nice i don't i want to make
sure i actually got everything we got
the chest right there
everybody else is alive i don't see any

exclamation points like a revive
type thing so i'm gonna head back and
think we're good
i i don't know what it is i feel like
i'm really wanting to
play this game like all the way with a
a collection purpose almost i want i
like collecting things in these games
now i did the same thing for uh
now we're going backwards now right i'm

gonna go this way
hold on let me see let me open cell
really quick
if you follow coast i wonder it just
like it just kind of does it for you
i'll just do that i can kind of chill
so you can raid randomly and stronger
than before
no surprise there this war has spun on
for three generations
i hardly expect him to relent your

hatred for that man burns bright wolf
i could warm my balls on it would you
not prefer a pair of steel skinned
just take care abort such hatred can
make you careless
what he did to your father he did to all
of us
you are not in this fight alone
i would like the answer to this game a
lot one thing i've seen about ubisoft
is they know how to do an intro for a

game i feel like
watchdogs legion had a really strong
intro a lot of their games recently have
as well
this one's no different i felt like
everything i've seen up to now like this
is all brand new i've seen
footage at some point in the game i've
seen footage but i don't know we're not
there yet so obviously the first almost
hour is new for setting out against his
wishes of course he will
is that not something you worry over i
worry only that our king will not
see that i am right until it's too late
what about sigurd what would he say if

sigurd were here
he would be sitting beside you wiping
the blood from his axe
and smiling into the breeze
i want that's a synchronization point
hold on let me see because if it is i
might actually hop off and uh
put it on the map really quick uh
not synchronized there was one back
there i could have done
can i place this and see like where that
is exactly
oh it's right up there let's oh let me

control this i want to go up here
on the open water the chill the mist
the rolling waves it gives a feeling of
and then to look around and see the
rising fjords and glinting snow
i think by the gods the world is a place
of wonder
see there the vaulted shoulder bones of
the bobbing seasons sprains
the soaring clouds fashioned for stout

warrior folk
by the all father and his kin for all
this we must give thanks
there you go again putting feeling into
words that none here can match
try a verse yourself poems are not
fun fact this moment reminds me of death
some of the longest parts of that game
that game was so good story-wise though
with that gameplay you'd be stuck in the
snow for like an hour you're like oh my

but yeah the snow parts in that game
were or something else
i wanted to put this on the map because
i'm a huge fan of fast traveling in
if i can games like watchdogs recently
they had them everywhere this game you
got to earn them
so i gotta go through these type of
things and uh
get everything uh that's
that's high up man hold on can i
actually get there like

all right i'm actually hold on i'm
actually curious if
can i even get to that right now i would
have to be able to right
i feel like the games any minute now
gonna tell me to turn back
like i'm not done with the objective but
this mission is just going somewhere
you're supposed to just sell sell home
uh what is this obsidian

there's no luna okay there we go
oh there's more here yo this it's all
over should i just collect this
a little patch right here nothing tells
me i'm going to need this in a little
like for upgrade materials maybe
i'm just going to take a wild guess
technically if i found anything that
actually needed this
maybe i could uh

this might be impossible hold on
i could technically like find a spot and
farm it you know
like you could fast travel back here
and just keep getting them over and over
unless it's a one and done on the map
we're almost there guys we almost made
it uh
can't go up the ice parts okay

we got two things there nice
gear upgrade sufficient crappy materials
upgraded gear piece i am not upgrading
anything yet
because i don't want to waste materials
all right secretization done let's get
that's a lot of fun man just fought that
like just to like put him on the map in
the first place
and then when you finally get up there
it's very rewarding i bet there's
another one on the other side right
there to the right
guarantee that's one thing is there's no

jumping down off this one i'm pretty
sure you can't
i've only had a wingsuit
all right going back down now
i feel like going down to be a lot
i say that but i'm also like scared of
my fallen die
oh okay we're good all right

i might start to stop my footage in a
minute just so i can uh
let's just take it easy brad i don't
like to record for more than an hour at
a time
and then essentially lose anything so i
may uh
you might see a cut here in a minute
yo getting down this is not gonna be

oh my god
all right i think after this we should
be good
this is like the longest part right here
okay i think we're good
oh that's kind of cool you can slide
down saves on so much time
hopefully they're still there oh for the
right where i left them

one set yeah they're right here uh let's
go this side
i had a lot of fun playing this game one
thing about these type of games since
they've kind of gone with the open world
aspect i mean assassin's creed used to
kind of be more
i guess linear back in the day but like
they've since they've gone this path
ever since uh or origins was i think the
first one
they've kind of done like this a few of
the other ones it was more story driven

uh but i like that they
i don't know it's like this works people
like this stuff and i think this is a
really cool story because it's like how
many times have you played a game about
vikings you know that has been
this open world-ish and everything try a
verse yourself
poems are not difficult if you give vent
to your feelings
i will feel my feelings as i always have

without words between them and me
all right open cell um actually give me
one second guys
alright guys sorry for the weird cut i
actually let it follow cell for a bit
and i just walked away for a minute
came back and we were so far away from
where we need to be look at this
we went all the way up here supposed to
be right down in here
i i literally probably could have walked
that would have taken a while actually
never mind
yeah i got an open cell now we're going

to be there in a minute but uh man thank
you guys for joining me on this i know
it's a long video but
hopefully it's worth it hopefully the uh
entertainment values there i like this
game a lot already i wonder how the
story is going to progress
i think we're going to get to a point
though where
there's got to be like hold on is that
like a raid area
i won't stop just every single spot but
i think i was supposed hold on let me
yeah we're going there okay we're good i

actually think when i went to that
synchronization point i was actually
past where i need to be
but it was worth it got to check that
have a little fun with the uh
exploration this game is
massive but i kind of wonder like
is it is it a game that's large
by scale in relation to like odyssey
because odyssey was
nuts i heard this map is like a lot
smaller but i don't know it doesn't feel
like it's much different
you know all right should be our turning

right up here on the left side
here's the one thing i'll say i'm
playing this on ps4
and when it gets updated the ps5 i just
wonder how much better it's actually
gonna look
because i tried it on pc for a bit i
mean i could have made the video on pc
as well but
i just wanted to try out the next-gen
games on next-gen when they do
get updated and everything so i want to
have all my stuff ready
i figured i would just start the series

on here okay if we're going the right
way let's see how much further we got
not too much further
a new fashion point has been added to
the world map okay
i mean that's what i got back over there
i'd imagine
it's exciting times man got a lot of
games coming out at once
about this misadventure only the truth
we attacked your best fortress killed

his men
and weakened his control of this land
will you mention the parts where you
lost your crew and were nearly sold as a
will that be part of your saga if
there's a skull who dares sing that
it'll be his last song
hopefully it gives me a docking option
because i'm going in full speed

oh we made it at least i guess we get
right here it's going to go to
either a cut scene or give us a new
option to dock there we go
so we made it home
honor bounds here we go
long mission well well the federal we
thought we had lost you avor
for good this time a warm welcome as

ranvi you look like red and [ __ ]
what happened nothing to crow about
except to say the men who delayed us are
and how are you well enough though i
have spent many times some days calming
the rages of our king
he is not happy with you i expected as
and what of siegert has he returned from
his race
my husband should be home today the last
we heard he was approaching stavanger
good to hear we have need of his courage

sigurd will not save you from his
father's wrath abor
you should know that by now did your
raid not go as planned
they rarely go as planned we killed many
of kyotvey's warriors
and there was this my father's axe among
the dead
ah after so many years
you should take it to gunar he will give
it back its edge
a good idea after i see our king
that i do not advise not yet he is

meeting with a messenger from the north
i can wait
a cloud hangs over you there's something
seeing my father's axe after 17 winters
it stirred something in me a feeling i
have not had since
since the day he was killed since the
day i got this
memories of past agonies of sadness and

i should speak with volker she could
help me make sense of my
my feelings take your time getting
settled i will see you at the longhouse
i think you have lost your edge avor
just like that axe
maybe gunnar can help you with both i
will let you know
all right so that was a very very good
nice little prologue type thing two
skill points all right let's check this

let me just let it all kind of play out
for a minute open the skill okay
all right node types spinning skill
points on nodes will improve
your fighting skills okay one have two
stat nodes improve base stats main
skills unlike fighting moves okay
so once passive traits which is stat
nodes and the other one is things you
can use in combat basically
uh global power equip nodes will
increase your power
higher your power the more prepared you
are for the challenges to come here's

something i'm a little worried about
right i want to finish this game not
but i want to play it a lot and not be
like stopping to grind
power level uh and odyssey there were a
few times where it kind of was like
if you want to continue the main story
you have to
spend a few hours doing side quests in
order to get back to the main story
i'm hoping this game doesn't do that but
i have a feeling it will
we'll see all right uh here
is kind of what i'm wondering range

damage i'm guessing this is attack
melee damage okay yeah but obviously we
should go with this but we should also
look at the main traits
oh that looks that's crazy so it's the
same as last time
and honestly you had the assassin which
is like stealth which is you know
obviously this one right here
and then i'm guessing the main perk is a
in combat see drop drawing the bow and
doing that in combat i don't know if i
could do that maybe not until i get more
skilled with it uh this is going to be

bo stun
finisher yo that's nice the boss man
that's that's
really good melee resistance i feel like
this column is just going to be really
strong at the start so i'm going to go
with this one
we got a couple of points we can spend
should i i kind of feel like i should do
one of each
maybe stealth damage wouldn't really
matter too much oh wow hold on wait wait
the raven

raven aligned gear okay that's not just
certain things you have range damage
let's get that one
your health increase okay well let's go
with this one then
and then we got way of the wolf
with the raven melee resistance
let's get this one i feel like that's
pretty strong so are the power right now
is five you can reset skills at any time
it looks like
inventory wise i don't think we have
anything new uh

i'm not gonna use upgrade materials just
yet gear upgrade
now quiver upgrade i'll do that stuff
early on if i can
save for this but it's wanting me to
upgrade this
but i just don't i'm gonna by the time i
upgrade this i'm gonna get something new
i know all these loot based games do all
i'm not gonna fall for the trap all
right family matters
uh let's see this is all chapter two so
just see suggested power

now it does say suggested so maybe
really doesn't matter
i returned with a boat and a full crew
that is worth more
can i interest you and what's the sky
ah yes
join me uh
sure let's do this then straighten to
the point
may the best hand win hey yo this is
about to be some kind of addiction
i have after this okay hold on

okay we got game rules first play to
reduce the health opponent to zero wins
each round has three phases the roll
phase players dice dice
faces various effects like attack
defense gain okay
the favor fit the god favor phase
let's just play
uh let's go tell
well i lost that one not a good start
the coin toss determines it all all

right the roll face
roll dice all right
all right tokens used to offer uh to
invoke god
so okay select to keep them or then or
then confirm
let's just see what happens when you
so what they're doing is

okay i'm rolling all of them again
so then i i select the ones i want to
actually keep so let's keep this one
this one that one that one and we'll
re-roll these
all right
i don't know if this is a good move or
resolution phase okay uh in this phase
the dice effects are resolved
and this order okay they're unblocked

damage and then that steals that
takes some getting used to i think i
just lost
big time yo this is kind of nice
i may not play a full game of this
because you you have to lose all the
the rocks or whatever so all right let
me forfeit this
i kind of can see where this is going
but i don't want to spend the next 30
minutes of the video
playing this i just wanted to see what
it was about i'll come back to it later
on though
uh let's do this family matters thing

featuring carl winslow
that's my wing talk to there uh let's go
up here
yeah i'll come back and talk to them
later i just want to
because i feel like we've only scratched
the surface at the beginning of this
i want to get a little ways into it
because i bet those two things are side
welcome back gunner
i have something here you might like to

thunderclap of four is that your
ex have not seen this beauty since well
for some time i forged this weapon don't
still looks good one of my finest i
it has a blended blade but it swings
can you sharpen it i can give it a
better edge and reinforce the handle
and as luck would have it i have warning

got left for the job
are you sure the fates have will it so
but in future bring your own methyl
i cannot forge them from empty air
all right enhanced gear let's see what
we got so we have to
part of the story it's funny i just
talked about not doing that yet
all right here we go enhance the quality
we get a new rune slide at least

that should do it anything else
uh i'm done here that is all for now
return anytime
okay my guess is you're supposed to just
speak to whoever hold on let's see
rune slots let me see what this is
really quick because i haven't

let's just upgrade it whatever i have
the materials
whatever man
okay now we got runes all right attack
plus two there we go plus 2.4
to be specific
i guess we're just supposed to speak to
everybody let me just speak hey
can you point me to some good hunting
grounds i could
but i don't want every iron foot with a

bow scaring away the game
bring me three dear antlers to prove
your skills
and i might just have a story for you a
worthy challenge
i'll see you soon
i'm gonna talk to everyone everyone that
i see
uh this is more i'm guessing if i speak
to him again it's just gonna open back
up the shop type thing
like you want to upgrade your stuff or
whatever can you do for me

yeah that's the same thing as last time
return anytime
all right let's get moving the main
person we're supposed to talk to is over
but the other characters i think you can
pretty much talk to everyone they'll
give you something most likely i'm gonna
guess uh
let's try this one out well look who it
practicing your wordplay elvis ah
aver the only mouth in midgard from

which i fear
mockery you told me the art of writing
poetry old friend
it is only natural that i surpass you
soon how about another lesson then
a quick flight right here right now what
do you say
fighting let's try flighting i
always put a few coins down as a wager
most of those who enjoy flighting have
an equal fondness for betting
but today will abstain let me begin

i'm ready inflating it's key to match
cadence and
rhyme it's as much about sound as it is
about time
so be careful in choosing the words that
you say
okay with your teachings i'm sure my
next chandra i'll slay
with your teachings i'm sure my next
channel i rhymed a little bit
no the rhyme is good but too many words
upsets the rhythm
now let us examine meaning in flighting

you'll need to be cutting and keen
it's about wielding wit more than
venting your spleen
if i tell you you're foolish and stupid
and dull
then i'll spin your face and bash your
i feel like this is the right one
and i will spit in your face and i will
bash in your skull
not bad not bad the rhyme is there the
sound is good
but consider that i said you were silly

and you told me you would kill me
at times it might be best to remain
on theme something to consider
last one so go then and conquer the
world with your wit
go be clever be quick show your spirit
and grit
i look eagerly forward to seeing how you
uh hold on
i think this one right here might be the

best because it stays on the
spirit type thing i will fight you with
flourish and best you with flair
perfect yes you could destroy me with
such a line
there's still much for you to learn
about flighting but
i'm confident you'll pick it up happy to
help you learn
if you'd like to come back again perhaps
i will
thank you alvis and the graphics in this
game are really really good
all right winning flighting duels
increases your okay

so we get the persuasion options from
here we go let's talk to them now i'll
talk to everybody eventually
they must be finished now if you have
any other business
it may be wise to do it now let him cool
i could speak to volcker first get this
weight off my mind
the king is not going anywhere
all right uh
plan is happy okay let me just talk

okay it's telling me right now so
complete the other quest
so if i go to my actual quest tab
it's saying to do this one
okay track quest reach the huts
how far away is that 528 do i actually
need anything for that
local ceo for council okay uh let's
check out the map

no that's actually oh you you know
what's funny
i could technically um
i wasn't gonna fast travel but i did go
up there
i wonder if i could
parts of me want to because i think i
can actually come back here yeah
let me just see how far away this is
really quick i am curious
because i feel like i gotta climb a
mountain anyways and i already did that
yo this game like the graphics the

loading screen like all this stuff just
looks really clean
they put a lot of effort into this i can
okay here's what i wanted to see it's
right there
i wish you could hop down and i feel
like this if it was like a diving point
that would be amazing
summoning mount i just missed what that
just said i'm sure you just it's like a
touchpad type thing where i summon the
i really feel bad for the horse in the
intro but i'm hoping that it was like
some parallel universe where
it didn't happen oh man this i don't

know if i like this
oh i don't know guys this i'm not gonna
hit all these
i don't i don't know if i like that
that is
i mean i upgraded it too that's what
kills me oh no i upgraded this one why
did i have that equipped hold on
there we go let me let me put this back
over there
i wish you would like auto select the uh
thing you just upgraded

all right
oh there we go okay hold on let's take
it easy
yo so a lot of games that have horses i
always get attached to the horse
you know go to tsushima read their
redemption i will i'll refuse to get
attacked again all right my heart always
gets broken
ever since shout out to colossus i

i don't know if i should go off the deep
end over here though hold on let's see
look out hold on look at this game
like the fact that everything you see
you can pretty much go go to i mean
as far as i know i'm not gonna say that
that's what it is but
let me hop down here
yeah this actually saved us a little bit
of time
this might be my longest part one ever
so thank you guys
i mean it'd be like i said it'd be cool
to see this thing break like 50 000
likes in the first 24 hours if you're

still watching this video at this point
i appreciate you being here with me uh i
put a lot of time and effort into this
channel and
just over the years have you guys
support me on each game it's been
amazing wouldn't trade it for anything
all right this should do it
you know it's crazy i was thinking about
the uh
when i re i think i remember when i
recorded assassin's creed 4

black flag at the pirate one uh man i
i spent like an hour on that intro and i
i used to overthink like everything
i feel like i've gotten a lot better you
wait i thought you got to there i
thought it was like a curtain at first
but it's a wood uh
boarded up door i guess all right here
we go

i need silence to hear the songs of
she gives praises and she is greeted
for your hearing i hearken ancient
ones great odin great freyja
i give you thanks for your gift of sator

she gives thanks and she is blessed
avor it has been some time
what brings you so far to see me i
i have come for your advice on a private
is your mother well her mind is a jumbo
she speaks to spirits

i fear her final winter has come but
she has me now
let her speak to your needs i
i have had a vision a powerful vision
it may have been my battle lost or a
delirium caused by the cold but
describe it for me after 17 years
i saw my father's axe again and when i
touched it
the vision came on fast there was a wolf

howling and fierce and then a figure
a gray beard in the cloak with a single
he bit me follow him ah the high one
he calls to you perhaps he means to
speak with you
deliver a message only through sator
will you see more clearly and unravel
the threats that sit tangled upon your

this will not take long
i'm gonna say what do you brew what are
you brewing
an elixir to loosen your hear and unwind
your thoughts
you will enter a waking sleep and
to the world of dreams it may confuse
or disorient you but you must take note

of all you see
if you seek true understanding

this reminds me of batman begins a
little bit for nothing vodka
felt nothing harvey

brother when did you arrive
yeah this is a pretty cool mission so
feels like we're gonna like conquer our
fear like our fears or whatever

i'm just amazed how good this game looks
unlike last gen console
right now it's kind of crazy i'm just
excited to see what it looks like
in like two weeks

i thought there would be a song playing
right right now
but i got that mug beauty
brother what is this
there was no other way javi
our fates are fixed

what is what has happened this was not
for you harvey

i am here
god i thought i what was that

tell me everything i
i was on a mountain in a violent
blizzard climbing toward the summit
following a wolf
uh yeah i mean the wolf beckoned me
i'm gonna say the first one i saw odin
and the nornir spinning the threats of
they were watching me

not watching they were showing you the
way forward
your life your path what lies before you
and where it ends
and the wolf was eager for my attention
as if it were
beckoning me to follow you are the wolf
fated to carry its mark for life
in this case it might represent your

or your fear
i saw the gates to odin's hall of slain
they opened for me shades of valhalla
for which you are destined
i do not know what else to say my
memories are faint
hazy did you reach the summit of this
i did yes sigurd was there

wounded in pain his fighting arm was
then the wolf reappeared the size of a
twisted and terrible it fixed its eyes
on me
and struck then i woke
the gods favor you evor they always have
you will have your glory and you will
earn your place in valhalla
but these portents carry a darker truth

the missing arm the trail of blood
the beast you will betray your brother
segurt that is the meaning of your
that cannot be right i would never
betray sigurd
he's my brother my family the northner
have spoken and this
is their message no this is wrong
or you misunderstand that cannot be
you will betray sigurd

odin fought against this fate it can be
very awesome mission i don't know what
was to be expected
there i will stop here though i didn't
want to make the first part too long let
me go and use my skill points as well
if you guys want this game like i mean
i'm talking several parts a day every
day till we finish it
uh definitely just destroy that like

button um you know it'd be
crazy to see it do really well in the
first like day but
it's kind of out of my hands once i hit
publish it's all up to you guys so
that's one thing about doing this that
has been a fun experience
oh yeah let me use my skill points i get
hey time this game's gonna get me
distracted first off we got
let's see we got trade goods yeah i need
to get rid of that stuff and a quest
three reindeer antlers to prove your
i'm not gonna go kill a bunch of
reindeer what's going on

no let's see uh god what i want to use
we have two points i mean eventually
stun would be good
i feel like that top column is so nice
but then i see stuff like evasion right
light attack damage that's going to be
really good
god i mean getting to this
raven aligned gear that's the only
problem it's not on
all gear but you have to use that to get
to the next
part of this so i'm going to go with the

top here
use on these two because then i think
the next one's going to be
heavy damage and then this little stomp
i really want to stop for some reason
the animation probably has it for me uh
all right guys
that'll do it for now thank you guys for
watching for my longer part ones when we
come back next time
it looks like we have as far as quests
we're gonna have the other one family
matters which
i wonder if we're supposed to just go
there and speak

to face a foster father's fury okay
we'll do that when we come back next
time though all right i love you guys
best of audience ever
stay classy

Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla) Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue and Campaign Mission 1 for Playstation 5 (PS5), Xbox ...


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  1. Appreciate all the support on this first video. I tried to make it one of my longest first videos ever. This game has been great so far and I hope with your support this one becomes a big series 😀

  2. Rockstar : spend five years to make a great game like Red Redemption 2 and GTA V
    Ubisoft : making a new game every year but the quality is the same as the garbage that no one like to play lol.

  3. I really don't get the haters on this game. It is an excellent game and incredibly fun. There is so much to do and see. Also, as a grown adult with two kids, and a full time job, I love just being able to just go riding around mindlessly collecting stuff.

  4. For the next Assassins Creed, they should either remaster some of the old ones (AC1, Black Flag) or make a modern one. Imagine it being in New York, or Los Angeles. I wonder how that would work, if it COULD work. But knowing AC, they’ll probably do something set in the Aztec/Inca Empire and call it, Assassins Creed, Anca. (Eagle)

  5. As the series goes, the combat gameplay becomes more unrealistic. Even the first AC has more realistic hand to hand battles than origins, odyssey and Valhalla.


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