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SearchThisVideo: Assassins Creed Valhalla’s DLC – WRATH OF THE DRUIDS Part 1 Walkthrough (AC Valhalla DLC Gameplay)!

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battle brothers welcome back to
assassin's creed
valhalla the first big dlc has
just been released for the game it's
wrath of the durads and we're going to
be doing a full playthrough but
if you actually drop a like on this
video and leave a comment below
i'll be selecting someone from the
comment section to give away a copy of
this dlc
too let's begin so to start this quest
we need to come here on the map to
now as many of you know i've already

played through the entirety of
assassin's creed valhalla's
main quest line but if you've just got
the game and you want to start the dlc
you can download it it's its own
separate storyline that you can enjoy
separately so don't worry it's going to
be level to your character's level as
even if you're like level 400 like me so
here we are in raven's thought it seems
like our friend
a trader wants to meet us at the docks
let's go and have a chat with her
python things have not gone as planned

hi term hello there
perhaps you can aid me in locating
she hasn't shown your purpose i have
brought a sampling of
goods from ireland that is if i can
bring my ships to dark azar
i see you've met avor wolfkist ah
so you are avor in fact
i bring you a message from ireland i

know no one in ireland
the letter is from dublin's king sadly i
seem to have misplaced it
the king of dublin why would such a one
right to me
he wishes to expand trade to england
the purpose of my bringing goods here
is from the east but lives in ireland
now but it matters of trade azar your
should petition ranvi he claims to know
he asked me to accompany you on the trip
there i know no king

and i'm certainly not about to journey
to ireland
but first azar you must build a trading
in fact where is your trade ship oh
yes an unfortunate incident
most concerning trading rivals have
blocked the river and thus my goods a
blocked river hurts all ravens thorpe
stay i will put things right as you see
evor is a person of action find me later
when the river is safely clear of course

my friend
i thank you avor i will find the king's
letter in the meantime
you keep insisting that i know an irish
it is a fantasy dlc just stands there
either says no
that sends me letters from ireland
disgusting i did not know
any irishman i'm actually half irish
myself so i'm
rather excited to explore islands
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trying this out right now with my link
so i think we're going to need to fast
travel up
to the north the eastern river is
blocked let's go ahead and fast travel
here and unblock
that you know i'm coming back to this
game for the first time after quite a
jesus i'm sorry battle brother after
quite a while of not playing and ubisoft
seems to have added tons of free content
to the game there seems to be a lot more
stuff to do in fact okay so this looks
like our blockage in the river

here's the blockade to be cleared
i'm tempted to go in guns blazing maybe
we should be
a little bit more careful
take out the watchman over there first i
battle brother get wrecked
you know i did miss assassin's creed
it's just such a fun game to play
it's not particularly like other
assassin's creed games per se but
as a as a game it's just a great game

which i really enjoy especially because
my favorite period of history
stealthily breaks wooden wall nobody
notice this
oh yes looking out towards the sea are
yeah wreck some good guy evil man just
helping out the local traders
this is definitely a new structure it's
not been here before

kind of cool that we don't go straight
to island though for this dlc there's a
whole new map to explore which i'm very
excited for
i really enjoyed the part in the main
quest line when you went to finland that
was like a pleasant surprise
hey there's not many watchmen here is
there just seems to be the men
below deck let's go and cause some chaos
and we'll take this guy out first i
i'm not powerful enough there we go now
he's staggered
oh is that an axe jesus bro battle

what a true legend i'm going to blow up
heart for some chaos
and then we'll go oh no i didn't want to
take the ladder shoot
who's that british lady i can hear
oh hello i'm coming i'm coming down for
you battle brothers
my god the scream's been bring back such

positive memories of this game
come at me battle oh i didn't need to
get the parry down again
it's been a while you can take me after
you just saw your friend get destroyed
i think or not
i just love playing biking absolute

destruction set everything on fire it's
very good fun
more explosive
i may be on fire after that
okay so oh hello there a sneaky boy i
oh mate i gotta use the uh ballista oh i
love this

what do we want to destroy i can see
a target over there
that i miss this thing is
rapid fire look at that
now we've sabotaged it great okay now we
need to cross the river
it seems like there's actually some
treasure on this there
let's quickly go and grab this
carry on

another structure destroyed and there's
another one over here
we actually had someone who was from um
fire department come to our school once
and they were like this is what you do

if you're on fire
okay hope that never happens thankfully
it hasn't yet
but i'll let you know when it comes in
handy what was it they told us to do
stop get on the ground and roll but
there was like some kind of funny
little uh abbreviation of it they told
shoot this guy on the back imagine
taking an arrow to the arm like that

oh my god look is that his arm
holy wait there's this game has photo
mode doesn't it
that severed arm saving that one for
i'm gonna send that to my worst enemy
let's take care of these supplies

he can't do anything
let's go and scout the area see if we
can find anything else to destroy
something in there oh it's just a pot of

like that a true battle brother
skull crusher hey we'll see about that
come at me i challenge you to a jewel
oh my god i missed it
i have to torch the roof that's what it
wants me to do
you might find him if you look close to

my friends
all right let's travel back to raven's
fault and report in on what we've done
all right we're back from ravensthorpe
and it looks like there is a new
shack in my village there's gonna be a
town soon if we're not careful
hello there bazaar the river's clear
save our view bodies and sticks your
goods will get through
your reputation comes honestly then

i am not sure about the name wolf kissed
the scar in my neck
ah my viking name would then be azar
one eye thank you one eye
my men will help construct your trade
post then i am twice dated to you
if ever you change your mind about
i will be found in the trade post once
oh i found your letter here
i knew there was a catch you got me

more silver please then you can unlock
the dlc
building complete irish outpost
foreigners oh
and king of dublin they're not
never would have guessed let's have a
read of this lesser
so this letter is from dublin's glorious
barrett who is apparently our cousin
hello cousin aval
i hope this surprise is a pleasant one
it has been many years since we passed

word has reached me that we are both on
the same side of the north sea
i am certain that you are busy but could
we have a reunion
in addition to the joy of a reunion you
could advance
trade for your band of norse azar is
expanding dublin's markets
do come i look forward to the pleasure
of your arrival
all right we've got to go and meet the
king i expect a big feast
go and have a chat with azar

aver are you prepared to go to ireland
yo you did not tell me the king was my
cousin it was most amusing this way was
it not
a little mystery i prefer to know what
is what
but it was a pleasant surprise he's
eager to see you
shall we set sail battle brother
i would like to go to ireland to start
the dlc i would like to see this land
and my cousin bharath bharath

there we go
mate we're gonna get there in five
minutes look at the pace on them
jesus they're off
and they just took out that bird sitting
on the water as well
bless him i'm excited for this dlc
oh my god it's sailing through valheim
dude this is a spooky ship
i love this loading screen this must be
the loading screen between two
islands then we're actually taking
members of our crew as well that we've

collected throughout the dlc
we literally got every single
collectible member so far
and i'm sure this dlc in ireland
wrath of the drawers is going to have
some more important choices
for us to make new theme track
wrath of endurance i can see a long
house being built on the hill
there's even an obelisk behind my head
ireland a patchwork of petty kings

jostling for hills and pastures and
green green glenns
my adopted isle
dude i love these like cinematic
entrances into new areas
azar how is it that bharath as north as
ice is king of dublin
dublin is a viking city a war
but in fact merchants and beggars come

all parts to parade in its muddy streets
ought to think of bharath as king of the
city it perhaps sounds grander than it
ireland has many many things they litter
the countryside
and but its throne is not secure flan
calls the tune who's he soon to be
crowned high king of all ireland
flan distrusts vikings though he needs
bharath will find a way as a boy
he wasn't much of a fighter but somehow

always came out all right
saying is true certainly he is loved by
his people
dude it looks huge let's have a look on
the map before we oh we can't look in
the map yet
i'm excited to explore though
this playthrough is going to have a
focus on the main quest but i'm going to
do additional videos with all the cool
loot and stuff you can find
and collectible weapons

gotta repair that man can't have that
your crew can find lodging here come let
us find buddhist

avor blood of my blood look at
you you have on thrusters cheekbones
and you the seven-year-old lives in you
it has been a long stretch since we
pelted old ganfred with apple cores
he never forgave us that and sicker than
the clan how goes with all
there's much to tell you bharath let me
breathe your irish air
thank you for keeping my ports from

being set ablaze in my absence
my ports yes old man
i can rule my city even without you here
evor you arrive in good time i'm hosting
a feast in honor of my son seyfrith
he is 17 today a 17 year old son
and rather a difficult boy at that come
there's much to show on the way to my
a kingship a sun and a castle
truly you have a fine life barrier

it is a wooden house finely crafted to
be sure but
in shiraz it would be home to a middling
rug merchant
lead me to your rock merchants i can see
the sexual tension
he's pissed that his nerves man
just look at her darks any babe of a
but the biggest port in all ireland you
cannot appreciate
irish air without enduring the stench of

dogs it is upon the strength of this
sport i plan to secure my kingship
assad told me that your throne may not
be entirely steady
king flan needs some persuading us all
dublin's vast trade web will bring
wealth to all ireland
if lawn can be made to see that my
kingship and that of my children's
will be safe i cannot guarantee your
throne but
a vast trading web is within my power
no one else i trust my commerce to old

you let him call you that i call him
worse than us
i still owe you a horn a veil good
this place is awesome this is where i
leave you don't miss the banquet
i'll be there shortly
what are you doing this is your alchemy
shot interesting
i'm back here later i'm sure

this is my cousin evil show him the bow
i had to make for him
looks sick this is for me the
craftsmanship is beautiful
the best work give her a try hit the
targets before the sand runs out
think you can get them all mate
i don't make empty boasts i just want to
get a feel for how the bow handles
that's sure watch my arrows fly

i certainly will go
mate this bow looks terrible compared to
my other one
damn good shot
i hate this type of bow how many shots
do they take to die
very nice bow thank you boris steps off
the boat after a long sea voyage and
shoots like a master i want to put it in

the bin later
but when you're not looking let's
actually have a look where's this bow
he's giving me it looks
i mean look at my current bow i mean
that looks nuts right but like
what is this norse gale bow superior
light bow
always in your arrows when hitting weak
points oh okay that's actually pretty
75 70 yeah no no that's actually quite
good you could stack poison like
mad with that really easy to hit weak
points as well because it's like a rapid
firing bow
not bad i'll take it i'll take it

we need to upgrade it though because it
looks terrible looks like you're done
wait is that the house of god hi
christ's own church ireland is mostly
christian now
and so disgusting many norse chew the
you make a peace oh god sam i myself
have a place in christ's house
as i do in the house of thor so long as
a god has my back
he has my altar you can't worship the
old gods
and the new gods i've built this city up

from rubble
20 years ago us vikings were beaten the
irish took revenge and sacked dublin
assad told me that it's a viking city
norse founded it and i nursed it back to
when i became king i was king of a mud
i mean it looks incredible now so you've
done a good job man
i'm impressed
you're this guy who are you come away

i missed how good this game looks upper
heads my home
my only regret is that my mother and my
wife aren't here to greet you
they've gone on pilgrimage to the
mountains just now the waters there
improve mother's health i am left to
discipline my wayward son
and to host a banquet which should be
already underway
the hell of a longhouse looks very
similar to mine
you copied me up barriers

for dear sorry what oh is that gaelic
people just here we are please go enjoy
yourself i
must have a word with my son come meet
him before the night's out
hey you're boris cousin the grand dude
isn't it
who are you drunk man hi enjoying
it's great crack it's a fine thing to
celebrate future king

is he a worthy king i'm curious how do
you feel bharath has done his king
oh he's done a lovely job he has likes
to throw feasts
invites us common folk more hosts than
king perhaps but he's a fine man and the
city has never been busier
what's dublin like can i ask what is
your life like in this city
well there's a fair amount of work isn't
there hauling crates shoveling muck
i'm a tanner myself long days stripping

hides and dousing them in cow piss
you can probably smell the stench i can
why do they even allow you to enjoy the
feast friend you as well
oh wow look at these look at this dancer
i was not sure if i would see you here
why is that
i thought you would rather shake stock

if you're worse than placidly observe
catawalling vikings
and you you would rather spend time
with this gossiping auntie
i'm making the rounds you're a great
i know i know a few people here and of
them i know you are the one who is
always ready with a sweet anecdote
i do have some information you may find
siegfried's stomach doesn't agree with
had an accident about it last week the

embarrassing bed-changing kind
he shat himself mortifying for a lot of
age the kind of thing that would
devastate him in front of his comrades
if one needed ammunition thank you asar
your company is always enlightening
i expect my son to act like the future

king not roll in the muck so flan will
take you on as his farting court jester
think with your head and not your arse
flan can assure my throne which will one
be yours that makes you the ass
avor my son sigfrith
i'm sorry i i must clear my head could
speak to the boy

hello just stand there silently
show some respect i'm gonna say a lot of

coming from that mouth where it is you
have trouble controlling it out the
other end too
oh yeah we're getting a bro steady on

there kid
gonna beat the crap out of my cousin's
son as soon as i meet him
come on then you flailing child getting
behind him
finish him kill him okay he's he's dead
he's done
i guess i owe you thanks for not beating

me bloody
i'm not here to quarrel with you sick
frith i love viking culture
speaks so highly of you i wanted to see
if you lived up to the stories
does anyone
is bar a good king barrett is buried a
good king
you should see norway a visit to norway
might do a young wicking guy like you
some good
i'd love to go with da maybe the
homeland would kindle his warrior spirit

give dublin a fair and fearsome king
well said is barrett a good king you
aren't happy with how your father rules
darth has the makings of a fine king but
he chooses to play the anxious merchant
hmm i've lost track of your father any
idea where he might be
he wanted to clear his head that means
he's visiting grandfather's grave
da has a chat with him almost every day

can commune with the dead no
his conversations are all one-sided
the grave sits at the top of the hill
i'll find him
thank you siegfried which hill there
were like three
girls there teach me how to hit like
that sometimes
i'll show you my plow sword why does he
see you smiling proper weird
that was really creepy what the

don't smile at me like that i
all right directly to the hill
let us explore ireland
oh don't snore

where is this i had to get off my horse
this is the grave site that eh
give me those rations
quite nice that you didn't have to ride
your horse through the grave site
would have been a little bit
okay i think our friend's on top of this
hill here

let me sneak up behind him bardeth
why so uneasy
a king must forever be on guard when i'm
upset or uncertain i come here to seek
my father's spirit
i didn't even ask after him somehow i
knew he'd
some years ago he was destined to die in

and he did he sits without him now
my family owes yours a solemn debt that
winter your family came to stay with us
i remember your birth screaming like a
the plague here no one would take us in
no one but your mother and father
i owe your family my life and what a
life we had
i found memories of you and i slipping

out to hunt
in dead of night stars in the sky
moonlight and snow
already like this character they're
really good at story building with this
game instantly forming a connection with
a character
and that's how i got that scar
i don't feel that what about the one on
your cheek
this a caution from the gods about my
come if we tell all our stories we'll be

here a week
do you see something my imagination
drawn amok
but let us away that was creepy air what
the hell was that
awesome oh it's like a
skin change animal hey
don't get distracted funny how just the
slightest noise sets a fellow on edge
i thought yeah i could sleep a week

not as far as the old days there when we
searched the night in hopes of catching
a will of the wisp
did we catch one i have a memory of
catching one
dude this view and raining an island is
literally like that is my experience or
island just
literally a week of rain it looked
exactly like this
oh man this is so accurate i really want
to go back to ireland at some point
i got some relatives you own a pub there

which is always a good thing
get over here son here's my spear
oh yes
have some norway spirits

oh not the sheep pound i feel bad for
taking this
irish war look at me
oh no
who were they my ascension to the throne
has not been without contest
the previous king's son thorstein is
you told me nothing of this you are my
guest i'm not going to burden you with
petty concerns
petty concerns i now know why you've
been anxious all evening

i this worrying he's never been so bold
he sees you as a usurper to his throne
but he doesn't seem to want to take it
he contents himself by stealing and
smuggling with his band of ruffians
it's petty viking raiding but it puts me
in a bad light with flaw
that's certain hmm
keep a sharp watch freaking drove the
streets tonight
you can be sure of me my king i hope we

get like an irish pet
woofer as a follower
what you know i am always the last to
leave a party
what is wrong we were ambushed by
thorstein's men
rivals i was not made aware of small

wonder king flan does not embrace you
about it
you cannot keep control of the vikings
in your own city
thorstein makes me look like more of an
arse than i do on my own
i see it is the high king's disfavor
that makes this shameful
my cousin i will take care of thorstein
no i do not want to drag you into the
sorry mess
perhaps he'll accept silver to lie low
for a week or two
then he'll be back and back again

i can remove this blood once and for all
avor this is not your fight for
any and all of your god's sakes buddhist
let avor help you
as of this moment bharath my arm is
whatever is needed to bring flown smile
upon you i will do
evil i have never been so happy
your family saved mine those years ago a
fitting reply would be to secure your
i will start with thorstein it happens

that siegfried
may know something he once ran with
thorstein's gang
sadly true seek him tomorrow in the
after a night of carousing he likes to
recuperate there
we will begin to forge a bond with high
king flan
on rice of sun on rise of sun
so epic set the time for a good story so
far but i want to see
what these juried people wants and what
what the conflict here is
must be a reason for their upset

they seem to live in the old ways but
that said six leaders
would be at the marketplace i need to
learn about thorstein
all right let's go and find this man
links wait what i get a cat how do i use
right i don't know how you activate it
but i have a links now apparently
i don't know what relevance it has

morning secret aver
it was a rough night i drank too much
and i am
desperate to calm my belly i cannot help
your belly but
could you tell me what you know of this
man thorstein
ah i told you i tried to join his gang
thorstein is a real weakner like you but
louder you weren't allowed to join too
young and gangly

amar wouldn't even show me where his
hideout is tell me a bit about this
amman like surreal the way kittens like
spend her time getting tiddly on the
docks chatting up passersby
i will speak to her perhaps thorstein
will regret not letting you in his gang
listen to me if you're smart you won't
cross amma
she's a vicious fighter a fighter
let's fight that's like that's that's
uh we got a fighter now if there's an

where is she the docs
all right let's have a look at the local
area and then
now we'll look on the map and see what
we can find and how big
this map of the island actually is it
huge from what we can see here
crazy big
so this is where we are so we are
currently in

oh what's this a trade post i've not
actually seen this mechanic before
um and lambay abbey which um is a
raidable location which we'll probably
do at some point we have the whole of
island here
i wonder what this like some of these
bits are like obviously taken out
so this is the city of dublin we're
gonna go down to the docks here
let's hop into oh my god mate that's a
fought him and just father christmas

that's that's where santa lives i
thought he was in the north pole
find me alright here we are at the docks
let's see if we can find
our friend i wonder if he's
likely to be a man should we just go up
behind one and assassinate him
i can't okay let's just talk soon what
are you drinking friend
the finest ale in town i like fine
things so you

have my attention what are you doing
here darling
looking for good drink and good company
you've stumbled into the right air house
excellent ail and better conversation
yale leads to chatting leads to
well who knows let's find out
ival what a legend oh it's been a while
since i've done this there we go
what do i press again
okay oh no i'm already chugging

score easy easy
easy yes come on
oh yeah look at that
a machine you're kissing a flagstone
great insult we're on a head though
we got this i always like these mini
the fact they added them to the game

oh i forgot about that mechanic no
i forgot that you have to like move
backwards and forwards
it's first free isn't it so i think
we've got this
easy easy
a natural drunk oh no
don't let her beat you either

yes as a victory we don't need to sleep
with her
is that all you can do oh you are a
you are a compelling woman what is it
you do
you may have heard of thorstein i'm one
of his most trusted friends
i have heard of him very impressive that
he trusts you
he's like a brother to me i'm not very
bright brother
he entrusted me with a key to his secret

he has a layer i would very much like to
see that
over in dupke landing sorry
thor stain we get all pouty but perhaps
you'd like to join me for a meal
i rather join you for something else
i can't wait to find out what that is
but hold that thoughts i don't feel well
i best move about a bit
need to cloak myself here i need to get

that key from her
the two guards just walking into each
other oh god
i can't even walk in a straight line
oh my god this is great we have to like
go after them but oh
no oh don't mind me
brother i can't believe we have to do
this mission completely smashed this is
great what a fantastic idea
oh my god can i take these guys out

without knowing that
oh no what the hell
oh my god i can't even move i can't
dodge your block
okay there we go oh god oh my god
they're not messing around

mine now to find thorstein's hideout
look at this guy keeps doing rolly
pollies and stuff
oh man he looks so cool
how about that boom
oh my god his arm came on
jesus watch out my friend you'll hurt

gotta kill both of these vikings
i can't remember what that ability was
oh hello jesus one of my battle brothers
is joining in
finish him brother

oh yeah there we go god damn
oh damn yeah put your hood back up like
nothing happened just carry on as normal
right we got the key she's revealed to
us the location we need to go to
so this is fantastic for us my friends
oh okay is this the hideout i see

we can actually level up our character
as well so let's quickly do that
now we've unlocked a extended skill tree
with some rather ridiculous perks for
intense rage ignore interrupts when
performing your next offhand parry or
special attack
this effect recharges after a few
seconds i mean that's pretty damn
broken to be honest so i'm definitely
gonna aim to get that
next and we've also got a new perk down
the south
here some extra things assassin carry

rb to automatically carry a body after
assassinations kind of useless in my
most of the time you can speed boost
your boat now
which is nice you can also um
your raven gathers loot from targets
killed with ranged attacks that looks
pretty sick
pretty handy it just makes the game
easier to play in that sense uh you can
get your arrows back
eye of the north prevent flinching from
hits while aiming your bow
that is insanely good it makes combat

pretty easy
but hey why not um arrow looter
easier chance to loot those arrows from
long chick brace you can brace your long
ship which
is cool because that was in siege
battles already ivor now has a higher
chance of looting food from dead bodies
like rations and stuff
cold rage ignore hit interrupts while
performing successive regular melee
again super powerful probably get that
second it'd be cool to get some
more um

oh i forgot
one second i knocked again
now i just want to check on the map
where this location is it's literally
right in front of me
good good good good i think i'm
invisible again so this is perfect
oh hello doesn't actually know where i

angie oh maybe
oh my god i'm so powerful
beautiful look at that who are you mate
come at me
oh he just walked into the same spot and

got a headshot in the exact same way
i love not being stealthy in this game
it's so fun
it doesn't punish you too this is the
layer i'm spoke of
you got the key now imagine just
offering to sleep with someone and just
it's disgusting oh look at these rats
battle brother take him out

you know how she is swimming nail
now she's gotten worse than ever

maybe a bitter
i want to get an assassin i think
that'll be fun oh someone's coming over
let's wait for him
okay he's still he's sitting on the
throne so we're actually not gonna be
able to assassinate him very easily
and i call this guy over

perfect oh my god
that didn't even hit her
how did i do that what happened
i am confused
apparently i can't hit her in the head
okay let's go around
i've got a stealth mission this i must
be an assassin

oh beautiful for that now i've got you
thirsty my friend
doesn't know i'm here yeah oh okay
support me
let's go let's do this
oh my god it's been destroyed
oh it's taken about
who are you how did you get in here

we are playing on hard you made a
mistake when you came for barefoot
oh gods you plan to kill me
give my head to whatever irish master
you and boris serve
i serve no irish master bull scat
if you had any norse loyalty you'd be
like me
running the god eaters from the island
the king of dublin should look out for
not try to make nice with those
who killed our forebears

join me i could use someone with real
and the silver is good be silent and i
might show you mercy
whimpers he knows we're not going to
show him any mercy
oh look there was a little stealth
entryway just here
well i completely missed that one that
was very helpful this area
well i don't think i can do much about
being seen right now

luckily everybody's dead so you can
probably just walk out the front
entrance here
excuse me mice thank you
look at all these birds my god
all right so we've got to take his body
all the way back to the key
i mean i thought the guy was gonna have
a secret hideout but his hideout was
very obvious hey there buddy don't mind
me i've just got your

your commander it's okay i'm just taking
him to the to the to the long house yeah
that's fine right
cool nice one brother what a legend just
letting me go like that
all right we're almost there my friends
if you're enjoying the video so far by
the way
do drop a like on it and you can
subscribe with the bell icon if you want
notifications of when each
episode comes out i would like to do a
full playthrough of this dlc
because i really did enjoy the main
storyline of the game
here we go

common refuse delivered to your judgment
king body
thorstein author of the plot to waylay
me and my cousin
well you know how it is bardish a fellow
needs some silver
a king could fetch dublin's treasury in
although i'm not certain you'd bring in
quite so much
say so about it and i will cut out his
insulin tongue
on your feet thorstein you bloody my

it is a weighty decision i would have my
closest friend advise me
avor how shall i deal with this ruffian
a dignified execution a brutal death
a display of cruelty a brutal death
or execute him sure you're a good king
that would actually make sense
but i display accuracy would be would be
funny maybe

don't judge me that sounded horrendous
yeah execution
all must see that you are a just
resolute king
a stately and dignified execution is
called for
well said avor
i want no blood feud lasting generations
you are not worth the bother dublin
confiscates your land and silver
i banish you forevermore be gone by
why do they always ask my opinion

best to you king i've better places to
be than
dublin father why choose weakness
give every enemy a length of rope soon
they will carry your noose
peace flan sinner will soon rule all
ireland flan cinna has the power to make
or undo my kingship and that of my son
he is the center of all but flan
distrusts me he does not believe i'm

truly christian
by showing christian mercy i begin to
change his mind
you are more shrewd than i took you for
maybe thorstein's release is worth a
kingdom but will mercy be enough
that is why i must build trade flan will
see that the strength of dublin's ports
is the strength of ireland show him the
power of that trait cousin
obtain some rare item from afar some
spies or gem
or weapon and gift it to him at the

it will represent dublin's reach and
help secure my crown
flan will hear of your christian mercy
i will speak to a sire about a gift meet
me before the coronation
we will go together
very well that was interesting actually
because what he actually said made a lot
of sense
more so than listening to us would he
clearly wanted to hear what we had to
say which

i respect new quest we are now on
chapter 3 to help obtain
an exotic gift for flan's coronation
ivor sets
to secure his new trading post for azar
all right we are in the marketplace
about to reach the shop so let's have a
little chat
look at those mammoth tasks she's been
to skyrim
my god avor welcome to my
shop i came to ask a favor
it is pleasant to strengthen friendships

what do you seek barded wishes to show
flan the value of duplin's trade
could we obtain a gift from a distant
this is the very problem vexing me you
see i have
acquired land in rathdown previously
owned by thorstein in fact
but the land has gone to thorn and dog
smugglers as well
once cleared its trading route will
serve our hearts desire in this case

my heart desires an exotic gift which
would be
a spice merchant i know covets pelts of
fine fur
wrathdown has an abundance it is a
perfect match
spice is a gift fit for a king thank you
it is north of here you go clear it of
smugglers while i sit on my ass
no need for thanks
the most honest quest in assassin's
creed valhalla

that's your journey there that's
literally what is this lady mining for
what the hello
this is like digging up the town
i've got a nutter where's my viking
so we have to travel from our viking
ship all the way over here
to wrath down uh so we gotta go out to
sea again which is gonna be quite
you know the nice thing about having a
new map to explore is that everything's

new you've gotta like
actually walk to it instead of fast
traveling all the time which i actually
kind of like
is it a no fast travel play for scouting
months and really enjoyed that
all right battle brothers let us take
the next uh season of last kingdom is
coming out relatively soon i'm very
excited for that because it's
it's to do with the history of england
just before
when assassin's creed is based so if
you're interested in that i'd recommend
giving that series a watch more

sales exhale ram the fishing boat
driving speed yes
kill him kill him oh my god
he actually survived respect we'll leave
him alive
oh my god is that rainbow what
an irish pot of gold is that the end of
it do you think
imagine oh my god if there's actually an
easter egg of the irish pot of gold
i would be so happy i feel like there

won't be but
i want that to be that would be such a
great opportunity
it's so cool
we've got some new irish songs as well
which is kind of nice
i've yet to actually meet anyone with an
irish accent though i'm kind of
surprised they haven't
hired anyone with irish accents
i wish not all right i think we're just
gonna land here and then we will carry
up the beach i'll just crash the boat

into the beach
no i don't want to go okay that's fine
yeah great
boss oh my god the horse swam out of the
water amazing
they've added some uh crazy new things
you can buy in the shop and
like some of them are kind of like space
looking horses and
crazy demon wolves made out of metal

i kind of don't like that stuff it looks
amazing don't get me wrong but i kind of
want to be immersed in this
incredible immersive world that they've
made about
vikings i don't want like a space horse
um i mean i think it looks great don't
get me wrong and it's cool like in
multiplayer games maybe but
i actually prefer the immersion or all
the effort that the designers have gone
to already making like
these the armors that exist in the
current game so i do i do prefer the
lore friendly stuff in this case

let me know what you guys think about
that in the comment section i mean some
people love that stuff
smugglers assa needs them cleared away
okay should we do it should we do a
stealth mission stealth mission battle
is it or ah hello there
oh no no let me let me come up to the
wall here can i assassinate him
there we go surprise

have a quick scan okay i can see another
guy over there let's take him out
oh yeah get rekt's up
okay okay we got we got this
we're gonna take this guy out first
because he can't see
anyone else he's gonna be like what was
that must have been the wind and then
axe to the back
oh my god he tried to run but he didn't
stand a chance
that was beautiful i couldn't have done

any better myself
so what's this then oh one sec do i
claim it
wrath down trade post this trade post
stored and
shipped furs and dried cloth from our
best trappers and weavers
there are some holes to patch and
repairs but the textiles will cover the
world okay great
what what is this deed to wrath down oh
so i can build here i don't know what
these trade bows do but it seems to be a
new mechanic in the game

i don't know what this is gonna give me
are you avar over here
okay irish jackson fantastic you're one
of assad's men
i am azar tells me you two are
interested in furs to trade for a gift
it will show king flaun the reach have
bought it straight
we'll get the furs you need how can i
help with trade post supplies
we'll build up the post for better and
faster trade

where would i get these supplies
monasteries are a good place
they'll have what you need how do you
help us all
i'm curious how you and assa work
together i gather pelts
treat them and send the four to dublin
as our trades them across the seas
we want to build up the post both to
send bundles of force to
czar more often and to store more to
are there any trading posts ireland must
have many trading posts
it does each post trades specific goods

here we gather fours but elsewhere all
manner of things
ah where are the scumadilla thank you
goodbye avar so currently it has
plus one furs per minute supply depot
storehouse and work man's cottage
i don't know what i can do with these
furs yet but there is a treasure chest
that i know what i can do with that
there we go
all right so to upgrade this place we
need to go in raid

lambay abbey which is a location i
actually quite like to visit in roland
there's a really cool place off the east
coast east coast of england called
which is actually in last kingdom as
it's at the start of the book series
indeed and also it's a very cool place
it's got a castle on an island
and when the sea the tide goes out you
can walk to it
when the tide goes in it's like uh an
boat around the castle which is pretty
sick and i love those natural defenses

sail out all right let's go
it's also home to bambara castle which
is one of the coolest castles ever
almost impenetrable fortress
looks rather beautiful but a tiny little
monastery to be sure
doesn't make you wonder how they even
built a place like this i mean
i'm assuming it's completely built of
oh that's a smokehouse not an obelisk i
was thinking olisk would be a little bit
out of place here

when we were playing playing earlier
well let's go ahead and rage then
let's go and pillage the village
leave none alive kill all of the monks
kill those worshipers of gods absolute
savages that we are
oh didn't take you oh my god there's a
guard don't worry battle brothers i've

oh my god
look at that get rekts off give me your
so i assume these raids in ireland uh
reward different loot
compared to the other settlements
oh my god we went through him oh look
so this is one of the loot chests we'll

see what it gives us
come on battle brother help me push this
over i am a weak
viking trade post supplies yeah okay so
actually gives us
unique resources go out there brother
what are you waiting for
oh my god
surprise the overseer i'm a madman

let me add him let's raid the church
this is where the real loot will be
anyone in here no everyone's run away
over here making a quick escape
he saw me come in he was like nope i
mean none of that get me out of here
more trade post supplies fantastic
there's also an ability book of
knowledge here
which i'm not actually gonna pick up yet
because i'm gonna do a separate video

about if you guys know it's there
look at these monks fleeing for their
get the other bits of loot over here
it is i ivor the killer of men
fear me
hey they're hiding their treasure in
wooden huts with no defenses
help me out here island is right for
you're right battle brother you're gonna
help me out seem to be struggling down

having a struggle
that can i help him give me a hand
okay an able battle brother has come in
to aid me
oh oh there we go we got it we got him
out of my way there's more treasure to
be had here oh what's this
what's inside

oh some glutes some leather
and fabric
more loots more leaks give it to me
give me a hand with this come here
battle maiden
yeah let's get out of here
my god are you okay woman have supplies
to build something
jesus christ she's got she's a nuts as
she is

all right well now we can fast travel
off the island
go back down to wrath down our trade
should we build something yes my friend
we should bloody well build something
go ahead and uh build the storehouse
now we can store extra pelts
oh wow look at that

amazing well done we'll send the forest
to dublin
azar will help you find more posts to
capture goodbye friend
well i'm battle brother i can upgrade
this one
oh 220 got him
what about this 70 supply depot
oh the supply depot doesn't seem to be
that good it just gives you extra arrows
rations like i don't know if that gives
permanent ones where i can just resupply
here the workman cottage

lets people rest and refresh without
needing to go home for those who have
when built the cottage increased the
production so we kind of want the
worksman cottage because that's going to
be a lot more effective
right then let's fast travel back to
dublin and speak to asar
battle sister i am back the first have
arrived from ruston
we can now trade for flan's gift come
check the storage
all right show me your wares women oh
this is the storage okay
get to loot your stuff you have nothing

in here
a lie azar you have your trade post
in fact i have heard from the trader
we have furs enough for flan's gift here
my friend
make the trade oh
okay acquired taste i know a merchant
with exotic spices fit for a high king
five okay so if i give you five of those
we get that as a reward i wonder what

other unique mechanics we can unlock
behind the system spices that cannot be
obtained anywhere else
i will see them delivered for the
coronation flan will certainly grasp the
strength of dublin's trade
speaking of avor there are abandoned
trade posts across ireland
you're suggesting i claim them to
increase dublin's reach
we will gain access to goods we could
not otherwise obtain
there is great bounty to be had i will
look for opportunities

meanwhile i'll find baleth you'll be
pleased to hear
flan's gift all right now if we speak to
azar we've got the overseas
trading a new mechanic added to this dlc
for assassin's creed valhalla
and as you can see if i get 20 pieces of
which i can collect on a daily basis one
per minute i believe is produced so we
can literally just go afk and farm them
quite quickly or upgrade them and farm
them even faster
but what's interesting is we actually

get pieces of armor
for improving our trading posts and
trading in these different materials
the iberon armor i believe that's called
vibrant armour set
increased attack after a dodge
increase to melee damage and evasion
that's really good so we've got one
piece there
that we have for 20 and it also upgrades
the prestige of the trading network
i don't really know what that means but
it says it allows us to trade with

additional distant empires
so we may see like you know other
assassins creed game armor
added to the game that you can get
through this system they might re-add
like you know
armor from odyssey which is across the
world or from the greek islands
you know it will be interesting to see
what they add with this system
but as you can see this one takes some
and some cloth so we need to unlock all
of the trade posts you probably want to
do this really early on
in order to actually unlock all the new

armor types here
and we've also got the braces um
and the helmets down here which requires
30 silk
uh and the boots as well and the
cloth armor and a weapon temporarily
increased critical chance after a dodge
that's really nice as well
it's a new dagger they sort of have
swords in the game do they or did they
add them i don't know i've not played
for a while
but this is a cool mechanic i like this
another excuse to play daily

all right so the next part of the story
is flan over island which is
chapter one time has come to install the
new high king of ireland
i've almost rejoined barrett and attend
the ceremony at tara
now i'm gonna actually stop the episode
here and next episode we're going to do
that whole
chapter storyline in one go since it's
like the main
storyline of dublin and we can control
i'll link that next episode
down below in the description for you
guys to watch make sure you subscribe
with the bell icon if you want youtube

to update you when each episode comes
otherwise just come back and check the
channel drop a like if you enjoyed the
video and i will see you in the next one
have a great day and goodbye

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  1. I really love your gameplay. I've left other gameplay videos to watch yours battle brother. I have only one issue that is quality. The other channels upload higher resolution which is pretty to watch. It would be great if you could do that too!

  2. You can't even think up writing this mundane…"He's from the East, but lives in Ireland now". Somehow the trade ship is captured yet this man magically appears on the dock. Three sentences of dialogue and now you're off the fight the would-be ship thieves because "He's a man of ACTION!" Geez, You have to try hard to come up with shit this bland. This has been the issue with the last several installments of AC series. The writing is wholly predictable when its not it's just plain stupid. Ubisoft has ran this series into the ground. They wrap a fancy wrapper around grindy & repetitive mechanics which are old before you even try them. They're very good at delivering the least amount of product in order to garner the largest amount of profit. They have it to down to a science.


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