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hello everyone welcome back to gene gamer we are back in astros play

playstation 5 room in what i think will be the last

gameplay that says it is that noise comes from below and follow these an eye is worth

We only have to complete apart from all the collectibles and all that

come down here there is no face to these that if I remember correctly in the

first example and not only if it was quite friendly it was not here as

greeting us I imagine there will be one

ladder that I had not seen until now but this is expected all this time and

I have not thrown

to see the coins there I think the other side and

as well

and up there there are many things that have happened from this environment



look at a little secret

a little thick

mother we got to place it well

Well, if I went back to fixed, I fell, I was back

you look

there are two ways

ok here is already settled

a lot [Music]

for all

and we throw

continue climb 1

[Music] is that cool today we are arriving

above all

today noon



maybe the paths I almost fell I would have bundled for myself

yes I think we'll go here first no

up I know

because it did not arrive gold

it doesn't come anymore I don't know if I can I can't go up there

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we wait for you right


you come

how cool

if I fall

ok we are not going to throw away the emotion of getting to where before

[Music] from there we might get there


there is almost nothing happens ahead let's go down

let's see how

we got to investigate everything around here

coins and a little more to good and tomás there is no pit

and we will have to come back here we don't have to do anything

ok questions

my time machine we traveled to 1994 playstation 1 release


look here it is

and what game is one

to close the first thing now

You can't give it, you have to go with the lightning here

wow, that's the sound I had on tour of the album

we have one

a black disk as we see them

this city does not dry well then I will fall

[Music] good

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

checkpoint is all a bit empty

someone comes the t-rex where I get

ah it's worth being to the standard technical demo player

woof woof woof

at the moment I can only dodge


and I didn't realize that I had a shock wave

we do not seem here again


vejjajiva we started like

well start over

is that you can not jump when the shock wave goes

now we understand what

in the eye

ay ay ay ay right here summoned now

[Music and

toy ay

for the crazy

there I burned

now let's do it

if it takes a long time, start hitting vowel




on the side with the rice

it turns out more enemies

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

i am the end

and now when it comes but also loaded

it is very difficult for me to fall




[Music] dance dance

Oh God



run run jump but no more the alligator

the senate is latent in the gp

worth our coordinates





but I couldn't go on from there

we have to start

for me the most difficult is the last attack you have

of the rolls


in the other one

fast [Music]

and you have

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

and not dance



but no good we give life freedom



not complicated



super effective music

for me fast

to see being a lot good good they will give me an oyster shelf

and well I follow wines

and something

there it takes you have to get on




in the end


you have to pull his tongue


and music]

today at the end how cool

al tinah shoals you have to follow these people very closely

there the yellow what they gave small coins

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

get it solvable


the cool ways of god

to see the credits

I do not remember what game but the king passed me

some doctors broke their credits like this

well little bit clear one of those two

we will not go



There is [ __ ] I forgot and it reappears what is low


/ kill him [Music]

no good yes



many times to the sea [Applause]


this knowing

and it's over now the credits appear so we

we jump

in case you know a little stroke level

today is quite good to do a technical demo as they are talking about the

game goes to 3 easy hours without doing all

some helmets the likes of

[Music] can't turn

not only four true


Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00


I love the sound on this as well as freaky metallic crystals

the hd camera scored these are the ones from play 5

I never had the bulls of these 24 can be much more had all

peripherals that have come out by moving a

blueberry prop

the bracket appeared

it is a complo to load send the command

post [Applause]

[Music] [Applause]

and here we will play 5 of course

so many

voicing a euro grade trophy play huts no limits sony's new motto

for playstation symptoms we noticed

well an extra not a little simple but

not bad and we show up again here in the center

of ap 5 with his command with his helmets and his camera lack of support to load the

controls that fear has come out now but they do it against main artifacts

precision but I had a search it does not end here you can find all the asphalt

of course I can

a and what we are going to do is redeem

all the dough I have let's open my mind

and the pasta we have flies out is a slight other

day but it seems the ico true it seems the letters of the ico I know what I dedicate with

photo text

let's go freezing things

[Music] other missing 4

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


[Music] or the psp go gets to have I am the only one

sony console that did not have or had the psp and then the ps vita

it opens it closes that cool [Music]

another little ball father



we are going to open everything to achieve a more interesting

[Music] other puzzles

baratta this hard is they get harder [Music]

a new artifact the playstation 3 slim what was more elegant was the app 4 100


to the upl and 3 like the original current god

this new comes to see and I wanted to have my hands




these are public complaints, I have better if they can be repeated

[Music] for those products and in a lot

[Music] sling manjón's playstation la ps one

opens and closes prostitution in an environment of

little things




with play 1

now we see

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

this country is loving inhabit [Music]

little by little

the attack is worthless



We are running out of money [Music]

new artifact what is what is this type gps tractor for psp no

you don't even know that the wave existed

How curious


The camera hit this first that they took out of the

psp camera

I didn't have it either

to another party were some strange things adapted from

rr for apple and two games if he did not get to see but not to use curious


the [Music] unit

having run out of money p esp microphone must spend houses

and I knew that aguayo existed

and I won't have any more money right [Music]

Ok, well, I would only have the time trials, look look look look

look how he will always do everything wow


over there

filling up give the game another spin to get

all the puzzle pieces we have left you

and the cons revealed and all that to get platinum so good

guys I think I liked it if it was like this

I encourage you from those of unai that you help us a lot and see you in the next


Hoy os traigo el último gameplay en español de Astro´s Playroom en el que acompañaremos a nuestro divertido protagonista Astro bot a su aventura final.


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  1. oleeee, dios que juegazo. para mi la verdadera sorpresa de este año. Una pena que sea una demo corta. pero daría para mucho un juego completo de Astro. que te ha parecido???


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