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    Astro's Playroom – All Puzzle Pieces and Artefact's in GPU Jungle

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    Astro's Playroom Collectible Guide. This is all the puzzle pieces and artifacts in the GPU Jungle hub world and all 4 areas in GPU Jungle. 0:00 Renderforest 3:00 ...


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    Comment (24)

    1. Can someone please tell me HOW to grab the knob that keeps disappearing I need to grab it to go up to find the first artefact 🙁 it says in instruction to press R2 and I do but it still does not grab it

    2. I love this level……from the little song, to the lush verdancy.
      I think my favourites in order are….
      1) GPU Jungle
      2) Cooling Springs
      3) SSD Speedway
      4) Memory Meadows

      The levels so remind me of Sonic on the Sega Master System ☺️

    3. Just subscribed. Thanks for helping me get three platinum trophies. I have now fully completed the new Spider-Man game, Bugsnax, and Astro’s Playroom.


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