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    Astro's Playroom – All Puzzle Pieces and Artefact's in Memory Meadows

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    Astro's Playroom Collectible Guide. This is all the puzzle pieces and artifacts in the CPU Plaza hub world and all 4 areas in Cooling Springs. 0:00 Gusty Gateway ...


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    1. Also if anyone is wondering if the collectables are in order for the artifacts yes they are. There are 2 in each section(exception for the final on each final stage) and if you collected one, you press start and see the first faded icon is filled in your good. If not you know you missed the first.

    2. Ps1 start up will always be the best, I was 12 when It came out and my dad bought me and my sister a ps1 for christmas as it launched in December as I remember, also remember the tv advert for it in the uk with the damn kids playing with a stick and then their dad comes in with ps1. Lol how far we've come. Great video as always cheers for the trophy guide it helped alot of time saving.


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