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SearchThisVideo: ASTRO'S PLAYROOM ENDING PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5

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so guys we've done the four main areas

they're all done but i believe maybe

another level's opened up the cpu plaza

there was a noise that was coming from

the plaza so we're gonna go in

investigate this might be the last

episode but i

100 guarantee i'll come back show you

guys all the artifacts in the game

that is going to go down i promise 100

uh i'll see this playstation was

provided by playstation

by sony i'm playing it a little bit

early of course


i didn't want to miss anything so hence

we've started in the the main menus the


i'll say super quick anyway it takes

seconds to jump into the game

see so we heard a noise coming from here

oh oh oh

what is that looks like another level

yay i'm so happy

okay that's cool all right i'm happy


ah so i believe i don't think these

stairs were here before


right i'm pretty sure yeah there was no

stairs there

and now there is oh

does it open up let me in

question lev what is going to go down


what this is the start right

the ps1 what

what is this ken's memory card

demo one please work

yes can you play it

no surely not

you interact with it

ah it might work ken don't lose your

memory card believe me it hurts

so much

what is going on this is so weird

this is 100 the final level

do not fall off now

these are all those memory cards lost it

just disappeared

we found them


oh oh my god no it's the tech demo it's

the dyno tech demo

that's what's trying to defeat it

it's got some like retro ps1 graphics as


this is incredible i am

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00



i will do better i will be better

oh that's close

pretty good


oh that was good


always been upgraded




come when do i do damage back

good how many enemies do you want

loads of times

what's that cut

yes oh this is the trophy to attack him

dinosaur t-rex


one eye gun

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


that was insane

did that actually just happen what if

that's the end where we're gonna do


some more time traveling


and it might be the end that was

epic so well done

what a game what a game i don't know

what to do in terms of thumbnails for

this game

for this uh particular boss so i don't

want to ruin it

i don't know what i'm going to do i'm


be careful i think that's quite a cool

experience especially if you are a ps1

fan to see that t-rex again in a game

was quite mind-blowing to be honest it

was incredible

not quite over yet though try and ignore

the credits

trying to get attacked can i swipe

things like oh

damn it

that's really annoying now got a bunch


free coins i can do it again


we're just trying to avoid them whoa

that was unnecessary



i saw that your name is like in the game

as well like the players actually

hitting on it


special effects

environmental artist whoever works in

this game

incredibly talented bosses

love them there's a trophy for getting

all the credits



let me come back


so many coins


director and producer thanks for playing

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

all the coins i should get me a few of


slot machine thingies is that it it's


the game is done


i love that maybe we can skip this bit


skip it oh

one more thing we're not done yet

what's this okay this is something

really cool again i'm not sure

my head can take it

okay pulse 3d world i don't

have these yet no that's the um that's

the new ones yeah

that's the new headset i don't have that


i don't have it so if it's showing off

that i don't i can't do it

i don't know i don't know what's going

to happen but still

another artifact found

perhaps we're gonna unlock the ps5 that

would make sense

yeah it's the ps5 it's the ps5

yes it's every artifact relating to the

ps5 so far

i'm sure there'll be more in the future

i don't know what game is going to be


there's a game associated with said


it'll be funny to have a little easter

eggs already the dual sense controller

boy using it already


so this must be the console right

grab it boom

ps5 ps5


i got a gold for that

that was um yeah that was really nice

that was really well done

a really cool ending as well not a long

game of course it's just a free

it's a free game with your ps5 uh

there's still stuff to do though i've

still got a load of trophies to unlock

and there is the ps5 in the middle where

it belongs

now officially the main man the big boy


it's nice it's time to fill up in here i

just seen that the vr hate that

that the vr hanging up the uh aim


probably the best thing for its manner

get out of the way

stupid controller


let's open it up give me some good ones

i love it i'll take it i'll take it as

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

well i'll take that one

it can't be many more in there there's

another artifact

oh the ps3 slim uh i did own this only

recently actually

fairly recently uh i was gonna do some


oh the ps no

that's just yeah it's like a uh yeah so

the disc trail was on top wasn't it

just slide that pierce free bit across

quite a few ps3 systems you can get

so yes i will come back i will check out

all the artifacts

i promise i'm gonna get them all and get

every puzzle piece

i will complete this room um look out

for that

video soon and uh yeah hey guys watching

hope you guys enjoyed the series look

it's so

full in here now and by the way every

item in here you can interact with so

you can turn it on you can hear it

boot up

you can hear it just about the music i

try to turn the music off

the game music so i could actually

listen to audio in games or

effects and stuff but i couldn't find an

option for that

because you hear every system boot up

and it's really good

train you can hear it

ps3 oh what a system

they've never really screwed up have

they playstation

you gotta give it some even if you are

like an xbox nintendo fanboy

they've never released a bad system

i guess the psp might count as a bad

sister but you know what i mean

main console they've all been good

they've all been

absolute classic incredible games

they are here as well just don't quite

understand why they've done that

never quite got that you guys guess i'll

click it

back in the fall

yeah such a nice little game to play

highly recommend it if you get a ps5 of


thank you guys for watching i will see

you guys soon


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  1. I have all the atrefacts but after you finish the first dinosaur then the one with the fire one I can’t do it and I want the ps5 then I have alll the atrefacts but not all the puzzles


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