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    SearchThisVideo: ASTRO'S PLAYROOM PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – MY FIRST PLAYSTATION 5 GAME

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    today is a very very special day i'm

    about to play

    the ps5 for the first time live in this


    we're playing astros playroom completely

    pre-installed on every ps5 sold

    worldwide so you guys can play when you

    happen to get the system

    i'm doing a full walkthrough on this

    game there's a bunch of easter eggs

    and i've got a little camera down here

    showing you guys the new dual sense


    the haptic feedback the adaptive

    triggers i'm going to try and

    demonstrate that

    in this camera view down here it won't

    be on all the time but um yeah

    let's jump in i'm so so excited let's

    let's begin

    astros playroom normally i started in

    the game

    but obviously being a new console and

    see how quick it loads stuff like that

    oh i'm so hyped i'm so excited

    there he is little astro


    playstation studios

    does it begin oh oh let's throw it

    straight away

    that was weird

    yeah already perhaps feedback

    basically that playroom it was all

    going from left to right and i sort of

    felt in the controller very weird

    very weird very weird indeed

    uh this experience was created to show

    the cool tricks possible with your dual

    sense wireless controller

    ready to join astro for an adventure

    inside your ps5

    and let's dive in yeah also by the way i

    appreciate the love

    all the likes and stuff i appreciate

    obviously this was gifted by

    playstation's console

    and the game i guess uh ooh

    ooh memory cards ps1 ps2

    my favorite console ps3 the fat one

    vr of course

    already this feels like completely

    oh well oh well

    i'm guessing you guys can probably hear

    that adapter triggers

    oh my god i'm going to show you guys

    already it doesn't let me go all the way


    it's sort of it's sort of not let me

    press it anymore

    okay that's cool


    interesting all right next

    touchpad of course the touchpad is back

    oh there you go

    better than ever hopefully next

    motion sensor there we go

    that's back as well from the last

    controller that is

    weird it feels like there's some

    astros inside my controller right now

    it's odd

    it's so odd and so cool

    microphone hello how are you doing

    everybody it's got a built-in microphone

    uh just in the front there

    also move on there as well let's go

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    i'm gonna set my aircon off you could

    probably hear in the background

    here's five



    we actually the i must admit the

    controller is very noisy

    it's very noisy whoa hello astro

    how's it going


    it's a very noisy controller i can feel

    every footstep

    no every little every time that foot

    lands on the ground

    i feel it left right left right left

    right that is weird

    um also you can completely turn it off

    if you want to you can turn it down as


    in terms of how intense it is it's

    currently on strong so it's

    yeah pretty crazy do we have it yep

    nice and easy playstation coins as well

    i am fanboying right now officially

    i'll try and break the glass okay got it

    we go one switch

    it's a very noisy control it's pretty

    quiet to demonstrate i guess in a video

    you can probably hear a bit in the

    microphone i guess

    it's weird it's so weird okay this

    might be a massive selling point for the


    this is oh that feels so good

    it actually feels like i'm putting a

    rope back oh

    what is going on


    it's a computer fan i guess it has to

    fan inside the ps5



    oh the ps1 what a classic oh so many

    memories on that system

    buster move was my first game don't ask

    cpu plaza so the map we can open up here

    ah okay so we're sort of in the main

    sort of hub area i guess

    all these different worlds we need to go

    to is that a finale

    network speed run i guess we can pull

    these out right

    yes this is some sort of

    battery what i do with this battery i

    don't know

    look at that beautiful ps1 can i go in


    apparently yes we can it's so pretty

    the controller

    oh is so cute the little vr systems on

    i've not hooked up my vr yet um i will

    probably do that at some point

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    game looks really pretty as well for a

    free game

    on a system damn

    get out the way astros this that's

    something i'm guessing

    oh what is this

    it's got 13 coins


    so i don't have enough coins do i that's

    the issue so it's literally

    not letting me press it okay we don't

    have enough coins i got it i call it

    oh there we go a few more coins now

    yeah the controller's really noisy

    it's very noisy do you have enough now

    yeah there we go what do we get

    oh one down lots more to go so i'm

    guessing we want to

    get all of those at some point

    do you do another one we can


    what is it what does it do

    just got a question mark on it

    new artifacts like gps

    oh gps on the psp i remember that

    i was so hyped for that i don't know why

    yay playstation

    follow me there's so many easter eggs in

    this it's incredible

    for a playstation fan oh little astro

    statue thing lovely

    all right let's get out of here thank


    oh oh so opened up a little bit so this

    room eventually just

    opens up once you get all the coins in

    the world

    2004 psp i was so excited for a portable

    playstation i was

    yeah oh man this may bring back also a

    lot of memories as well

    a lot of memories


    all right where are we going honestly

    don't know where to start

    also it seems like i control my my

    camera's going to run out of battery

    um i apologize for that hopefully you

    got a slight demonstration of

    some of the abilities of this controller


    what's this oh where does this go

    i like to hover here

    ready to play go to shashima so standard

    in the background as well

    love it have noticed uh the download do

    some a bit quicker

    which is uh which is nice actually i've

    seen it with both consoles actually

    both next-gen systems seem to download a

    little bit quicker

    so if you have if you have the internet

    speed you may see a slight increase

    there i'm not quite sure

    oh no no i got it all again no

    i can't seem to get that piece i've now

    fallen a couple of times and i can't get

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00


    we can always come back later it's fine

    don't need to do

    all now it's all good there was another

    direction so i'm going to try and go

    that way

    see if we can find anything

    yeah i couldn't get that piece i just

    couldn't get it


    there we go what's this pull it out

    jumpity jump another switch


    oh i was thinking is that how we get the

    piece maybe that is how we get the piece

    we hover from here oh

    there's a zipline in the game no

    i love that it's such a pretty game

    so pretty obviously i'm put in 4k as


    oh the coin so yeah make sure you

    put the resolution up if you're watching

    youtube videos

    on your desktop and stuff definitely do


    that textured wall in the background

    it's just a playstation love letter

    isn't it it really is



    there we go i got it i know what i'm

    doing it's actually um

    more difficult than i imagined i mean i


    woken up really early to record this

    maybe that's why i don't know

    all the coins i could ever want even i

    miss one

    oh we're gonna have a piece yay

    another piece of the puzzle can i drop

    down from here this is pretty high

    oh i'm gonna try

    and it's man i cannot just describe

    how good the vibration haptic feedback

    is in this game

    it is incredible

    i just can't reach that it's annoying me

    now a stupid piece

    right where do we go first

    calling springs yeah sounds good let's

    do it

    that's how you teleport into the world

    look at that

    nice yeah it's incredible

    absolutely incredible apparently this

    game has a lot of easter eggs so look

    out for the easter eggs let me know in

    the comments if i miss any

    i'm sure i will actually feels like i'm

    on holiday going down a slide oh my god

    incredible all the astros

    you're so cute oh you're evil dude

    you're attacking me

    it's a bit evil yeah look over here

    first one i've seen it already

    boy look

    it's got a wall oh what gang that was


    i think hopefully it was my favorite

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    game of the ps4 generation

    i think yeah


    there's so many easter eggs

    it's relentless i'm going to miss so

    many because i'm i've got a terrible


    that looks a bit spiky

    leave me alone it's all in the mind

    is it oh

    the first juice shock is it first dual


    dual shock free i guess it isn't the

    first dual shot

    it's the pierce free one

    see i'm terrible despite being a place

    with some fanboy

    i should i should have known that

    the first drill shock is grey idiot

    okay oh oh i just goes back what

    that's not the plan go away it just

    seems to reform

    beautiful what happened to you

    you idiot i guess there's so light

    they just fly leave me alone

    i plan to not die in this first episode

    that's that's my goal right now

    oh i'm sick oh

    why did i say that well how do don't

    take this guy out then

    so he jumps at me

    i can't get behind him

    there we go get him yeah there we go i

    got you this time


    who's done that who's buried their dads

    under the sand

    we all have can i can i use these then


    yep i thought they were more like

    batteries for

    secret areas but i guess not oh

    i just did that i thought we were bad

    now actually

    that was someone's beautiful sand class

    and i just ruined it

    there's so many places to get these


    yes i can confirm i'll be doing a full

    playthrough of the game

    over the coming days so look out for

    that they collect the the piece

    i hope i

    i assumed

    where should we go over here and we

    actually got a head into those

    cooling fans which i'm actually quite

    excited for

    also i do not want to die right now

    because i've i've done well to get here

    i don't know what is that pull it pull


    yeah i got ya grabbed it the last second

    nicely done there scott

    oh i've got one more little area to do

    and then we're good

    honestly even the sands you can feel in

    the controller

    is mad

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00


    oh it happens in like football as well

    like the curse of the commentator

    as soon as you say something the

    opposite happens

    decision again why do i say stuff

    what is wrong with me today absolute


    and it is moving quite a bit

    funny eventually


    what's that oh an artifact oh the first

    camera is that the first camera i think

    so yeah the eye toyota

    the other camera there's like no toy it


    there are some cool little games on


    i love the easter eggs i'm trying to get

    a few people

    screaming at me because my memory is

    horrific but believe me i owned all of


    believe me it's a long time ago okay oh


    that was incredible

    that was truly incredible never felt

    anything like that ever

    in a video game it felt like i was

    actually getting battered by wind

    that's what it felt like

    yeah my camera's about to run out of

    juice no

    i'll see you soon camera people


    oh can i go in there oh okay zip it up

    with the touchpad

    what is going on here let's press the



    motion right yeah whoa that's crazy

    so i'm using motion and the triggers and

    they're like vibrating like

    crazy feels like i'm like slamming a

    spring down

    and it pops back up


    motion controllers as well lots of


    i love how playstation has pressed it

    right down

    oh look at that what's the jump i love


    they try to innovate improve it feels

    like a nectarine controller


    very impressive

    even if i'm really bad at this ah

    oh i'm sorry i'm so sorry

    all right there's a checkpoint right


    little tiny jumps and then power it up

    you see it charged up actually

    can i go this way is there some secrets

    yes yeah i want to get every

    puzzle piece i might try and do a video

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    on it at some point

    so you guys can get all the trophies

    in the game of course

    another puzzle piece oh look at that


    can i get up there that's really higher

    maybe from here

    can you hear the controller please

    get onto this and then there we go i did


    i did it yeah even the glass the

    controller just shakes

    it's a lot of tension there so i'm not

    sure you guys can see that oh no it's

    fine our battery don't worry

    as soon as i said that there's a little

    bit of tension oh i missed some stuff


    i do hate that sometimes when you're

    playing a game and you realize you've

    missed something

    and there's no going back such a

    horrible feeling

    dude raider on the ps4 ps3

    nice good taste oh no

    i got that i'm charged up

    hopefully i can make the jump oh

    that was closer and there might be a



    checkered flags

    that was fun that was very fun back to

    cooling springs though

    it is incredibly hard to whoa

    chill man chill are you in a box

    solids is that solid state

    well it's solid snake love it love it

    love it love it love it that was so fun

    i just realized

    when he popped out i that's beautiful

    a complete love letter to every classic

    in the ps playstation europe basically

    it's cold icy and cold

    look where we are

    let's go

    hey guys how's it going you look very


    this is an easter egg but i don't know

    what it is

    i'm sure you guys will let me know just

    scream in the comments

    see you please don't scream yes good

    spot scott

    good spot

    oh they should give out twins come here

    give me coins

    i'm sorry about hitting you but knees


    and as many coins as possible i'm

    guessing i don't i don't

    lose the points right let me be a little

    bit paranoid

    i used to yeah that was perfect a nice

    little platform

    i could land on

    oh that was close

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    very close i'm guessing you can probably

    still hear the controller a little bit

    in the background

    i know i can and i've got headphones on


    what's a big it's a big fish

    ah the move remote yeah

    yeah i remember that

    we don't say anymore it's it's


    i remember buying one i never used it in

    the end a bit of a waste


    there we go oh it's clear now

    does this come back though oh and i got

    a battery

    i will use this thank you very much or

    that little spin

    switch right take a shot over there


    oh little triangle cycle x

    i swear if you say cross just don't

    don't don't stop it please stop

    you're right there you're loving that

    snowman aren't you

    doing a good old rub

    okay yeah that's the third game isn't it


    ps3 on charlie what a franchise that is

    we we're going to get another one surely

    doing the

    uh ps5 era surely i hope

    i pray

    made by the main team

    these guys i'm getting into it now

    getting used to the controls obviously

    it's completely new control a completely

    new system

    i'm not gonna just jump in and be like


    it's gonna take a little bit of time the

    enemies aren't actually too bad

    oh moving keep moving

    all this breaks

    missed the coin of course i did

    does that mean there's a checkpoint now

    i believe it is yeah



    pull it i grabbed you at the last second

    idiot idiot oh


    okay i'm doing downloads in the

    background as well as you guys can see

    right we go again little friend

    oh that was close lucky the electricity

    only lasts

    maybe a very split second so we're good

    i've got a blow to the controller

    there we go i literally just did that

    oh that was marvelous that was beautiful

    yeah that's blue into a

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    i don't controller oh no oh i did not

    know i was supposed to do that

    right now i'm ready i know what to do

    all right

    i'm no fool oh you see the piece of the


    yeah i call it i'll call it guess when

    we jump

    on to the sides here

    hey guys how's it going look how tiny

    that little

    iceberg i was on just gets it's scared

    scarily small

    okay i'm gonna go in there just yet a

    few things over here

    is that resident evil 2 i love it

    although what is this yeah definitely

    there's a zombie that is

    i love this i love it so much

    so many easter eggs back in mr spring

    there we go

    anything this way i can't go backwards

    okay enough

    actually can i go backwards

    oh this thing here what

    okay all right so back here first and


    boom there's a puzzle piece

    beautiful yeah i'm guessing all the


    just feel like i've got my first trophy

    in this video as well good point my

    first ps5 trophy


    ah there was no idea i had no idea what

    was going on there

    never been particularly um good with a

    motion control before so i need to turn

    up my game i guess a little bit

    oh that's close nope

    power up and again

    where do we go now smash through this

    window i guess

    there was a piece back there ah

    it was a checkpoint there i don't know

    if i can go back though


    i officially cannot go back okay there's

    a piece up there i know it

    i'll come back i'll come back this is

    definitely more of a

    this is my first ever experience in the

    ps5 whoa

    saw a video there's a lot of glass


    i actually feel like properly invested

    in trying to get all the pieces all

    the puzzle pieces because i want to see

    the final piece of art

    i really do

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


    beautifully done

    what do those balls do i have no idea

    they're just there to smash and i love



    what do these beach balls do

    oh i get on that oh nicely done there


    ah why did i no

    so close

    is anything over here i'm pretty sure

    the other way is the right way

    oh oh something gold

    another artifact maybe

    oh this small little

    disc you have to put in the psp the

    classic psp

    locker memories

    i feel so old playing this it's


    pretty high up oh just back on there

    oh nicely done checkpoint as well

    beautiful it may look easy but after

    using the motion makes it a little bit

    more tricky

    another checkpoint beautiful

    trimming those hedges in the background

    oh so just keep rotating




    such a cool little game the fact this is

    completely free as well

    on your playstation 5 ready to go

    oh that final jump

    hell yeah beautiful oh that sound as


    oh i'm fanboying right now

    oh that was beautiful i'm in love

    oh is that a bit of um

    ah ah what is it

    that's really annoying me now that that


    ah gives you a p i completely forgot the

    name now


    subbary names ps3

    i controversial i loved this system

    i really did a little trophy

    zoom in as well that is so detailed

    i think it's quite a pretty system


    i know it's quite expensive i get it but

    overall i think it's a pretty good

    system in the end and you can play your

    old ps2 games on it as well

    if you bought the the launch system

    i liked that still still a lot of

    systems in the end

    just took a bit of time

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    another piece of the puzzle

    oh starting to come together already

    very nice i've got a lot to do though

    a lot of pieces to it will be done i


    should we try and do one more area i

    wonder if it lets me know

    how many pieces i've missed that'd be

    really useful i'm sure i'm sure it does

    oh press


    you're so cool new speed run challenges

    are now available


    right i reckon we should go to

    gpu jungle

    get it done

    oh wow

    okay this is a different vibe

    never seen this before until today

    how's everybody doing t-rex over there


    checkpoint already nice i'd like to see

    getting quite a few coins actually i can

    probably actually spend those what's

    this this has to be an easter egg

    what is it uh monster hunter

    of course look at that oh i love it

    love it love it love it a game i wish i


    i know the recent one days i really wish

    i played it

    it's not such a good game but i just i

    was a bit late

    what do you guys feel me oh horizon

    zero dawn what a gang that was i want to

    say i've seen a crash one

    what's where's that i've gotta find that

    oh my god there's so many easter eggs


    you guys are filming the t-rex as you do


    there you go let's come back

    i'm sorry i tried to help

    oh he's blowing it

    there we go i don't know if this is the

    right way however this is like a secret


    i'm just in a secret area

    a new artifact the move controller is it

    the first one

    might be i don't know they all look

    exactly the same

    you can always tell by the uh the usb


    uh do it to flow on that

    no they try embarrassingly oh

    look at the light it falls just right my

    shadows they please beneath the trees

    but none of these things happen for free

    it's basically the jeep a message from

    the gpu very very cool

    i love that thank you gpu i appreciate

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00


    more than you will ever know but i want

    to go and find that crash

    easter egg just over there i must find


    i must almost miss that crash bandicoot

    for christ's sake

    there's a mars and some

    warmer fruit i said apples


    all right i think we're done here guys

    that was a lot of easter eggs a lot to

    take in

    i loved it i need one coin come on game

    don't be this tight


    should know this easter


    i egg know what it is let me know guys

    in the comments

    how do i get to these coins down here oh

    i can get them nice using my thrusters

    boost boost okay this i'm not sure about


    uh okay from behind there we go okay

    press square okay oh we power up there

    we go

    oh wow

    okay that was cool i almost missed these

    things i'm gonna get these

    collectibles have a look around take my


    ah why haven't that hat that sword

    ah flood ball yep got it

    it's like a little quiz

    it's what game is this against so many

    easter eggs


    so many easter eggs

    behind this wall okay

    i don't to what's the what's the right

    way right now

    i'm guessing okay up here first

    up these lily pads

    funky music oh one of these again i know

    it's just like a plan get these extra


    oh a little piece of the puzzle

    i hope you can get

    yeah i'm actually surprised how invested

    i am to get these little collectibles

    i really want to get all of them and i

    want to get a platinum trophy on this


    if it has it at least i just realized

    that these are triggers

    beautiful absolutely beautiful


    enjoying the music it's funky no it's

    one of those games where i'm like do i

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    do i go this way

    which way do i go



    i don't want this one

    i don't know this one i don't know it oh


    so we can smash these there's coins

    behind them

    it does look very very risky so i

    might resist for now

    because i'm scared basically yeah i'm


    let's go this way we lose it playing oh

    that's kind of scary that's what this

    little puzzle piece thank you

    that was terrifying see that cam

    oh one sec

    can i use on this yeah it didn't work


    and now i need to jump into them

    doing that

    oh okay i'm doing that now there's a

    puzzle piece



    trying to figure out what this is what

    am i actually in right now

    i don't know i'm gonna get so many

    comments then

    you missed this easter egg you missed

    this you missed that

    i missed a lot believe me



    what's happening here oh that's nathan

    drake again surely


    nathan drake it's

    an incredible set of games

    probably bring a battery over here

    maybe get those coins


    i watched just went mental

    oh no i've seen this uh

    just keep moving don't stop don't



    uh locko rocco again i don't know

    i'm not sure man i'm so bad that these

    guesting games

    spears little creature thingies

    wish it almost i wish i could like

    prompt it to tell me what it is

    so there's like licensing issues with


    i recognize like the drawing style but

    i can't

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    this is a deadly gpu jungle

    pull it police tail there we

    over go uh

    oh ah okay i've seen it

    sneaky very sneaky it's one of those

    games that you've got loads of little

    secret areas to explore and find

    something like that you never wondered

    why i catch your eye is because you


    all the choices i took i spend all of my


    all my time deceiving and misleading

    i like to surprise with my virtual lives

    i love some of that that's so good it's

    like a love letter to also the

    sort developers as well for their hard


    on this game so we take it for granted

    don't we

    the amount of time someone has spent


    just in this room here adding all the

    details and graphics and

    we completely take it

    we really do is there something over


    oh i just seen that over there it stays


    i got it i got it he's gone he's got a

    little cap on he's getting chased by

    holds of zombies

    of course his day's gone of course

    which now runs at 60fps on the ps5

    so good back in the spring again bring

    your spring spring

    hold on what no take that back it's

    somewhere else

    we've got a new ability i gotta use a

    little bit of motion as well

    got it yeah it feels like

    i'm actually climbing right now i'm

    actually moving the controller

    left to right interesting we got

    checkpoint right ow i hurt my bottom

    first again yeah weird

    that's so cool it's being one of those

    things that are normally quite hard to


    to have that feeling of climbing in like

    in a video game

    obviously had a few vr attempts

    but yeah this is uh oh that's weird

    that's very very weird can i grab that

    oh no look what i found

    can i grab onto that

    i want to grab onto it

    trying to grab onto the other side there

    we go

    that side yeah

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    yeah all those moms used to like pretend


    playing a video game by moving the

    controller now you can do that

    you do it all you want it makes complete

    sense now

    i'm the muffin if i'm walked in now i

    probably would look a little bit stupid


    i'm climbing okay feels cool

    i'll get a boost oh whoa whoa

    that is incredible this one over here

    is how do i get i can go across nice

    puzzle piece for the win


    i feel like a monkey

    puzzle piece again i will grab you


    i think i see the finish line guys

    we made it we made it we made it

    right guys so we're going to pause it

    there hope you guys enjoyed this episode

    my first

    ever ps5 experience this is a complete

    love letter to the ps5

    as well as shown off the brand new dual

    sense and the ps5 console

    in one game i really enjoyed it so many

    easter eggs which i probably missed i


    um i've got a terrible memory and i

    don't recognize stuff i guess

    i think i recognized a few i'm sure some

    of you guys are screaming

    in agony as you see these epic easter

    eggs and i don't remember

    okay we will experience life differently

    there we go

    oh he's got psp out nice anyway see you

    guys soon leave a like on the video

    thanks to playstation again who sent me

    the ps5

    early so show you guys this content and


    Astro's Playroom PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro Thanks to PlayStation 5 for the early access ▻ Subscribe NOW - https://goo.gl/MWAMai ▻ BECOME ...


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    1. This haptic controller stuff is all cool and all, but I really think that kind of stuff is far, far better suited to the kinds of controllers you'd be using with VR, and obviously when actually playing in VR too. Here it's one of those things that probably does add to the game, but also feels a bit gimmicky too and might even get a bit annoying over time. In VR it would simply make things even more convincing and immersive. Basically, I want stuff like this in more VR controllers.


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